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The Devil is at Your Door.. What Will You Do?

The devil is at your door.. What are you gonna do.

Main take away... You must be able to release those demons to convert food to your benefit.. Or else you will convert the food into gelatin and mush.

Your intestines, if you stretch them out, they are like core samples of geological or biophysical events.. The trauma at the time.. Type of food you ate at the time.. You can see when disease started. If you looked at your intestines as a core sample.

Your intestines are a timeline of when you experienced trauma and then re experienced it.

You literally must intend to want to survive.. And you must strategize your survival.

When I first did the j juice.. I realeased much excessive acid.. My ass was burning.. That's all the collagen that was converted to gelatin and then into acid.

Simply, eating all food is not enough if you're not converting that food to your benefit. You could be converting that food into acid destroying you .. Because you hold so many demons within.

Many of you do not understand where i'm coming from.. You're doing all the shortcuts . And you won't change the way you do shit. Even when i'm trying to tell you what you must do.. You think you can shortcut it .. How can you survive shortcuts. Obviously you can't.. Look at the medical and the holistic system.

You must release the demons in order to convert the food to your benefit .. That literally is a must. And it's not doing so much jay juice. There's a method in my book.. If you can't get with that.. Good luck to you. We thank you for your service.

The system is cleaning up the world.. The system wants a better type of person.. The system is tired of babysitting people..

The next book is called

The American (r)Evolution Relieve the Pressure

you will understand if you are American.... the amount of pressure we are under to perform, fit in and innovate. If we took a holiday for 30 days like in Europe, we would lose our jobs or be easily replaced.

The amount of service we do for our friends, family and jobs to the point of breakdown.. the pressure to succeed.. is killing us.. and yet we still embrace it..

Americans are under so much pressure to succeed we even contract disease and cancers in order to stay in the game..

The pressure to succeed in America is k!lling Americans and when we introduce taking a break to each other, we are called lazy, no good and stupid..

If you are American, you understand..

Americans are suffering under the weight of their own enslavement to succeed...


Europeans get 20 days paid Holiday.. 80% of Americans do not take some form of paid holiday at all. Fyi America is the last greatest experiment.. 1776 was not that long ago. And they had a plan for the future. Regardless if they have the plan back in 1500 or 1850 they are realizing the plan.

Who is they.. The architects of your society.. The collective who write the textbooks.. The collective who write the ISO policies. The collective who want to see humanity go in a very different direction.. The collective the body of people who are willing to give up their whole life towards a very specific goal.. Some of you are in those industries, and you don't even know the piece of the pie you are contributing to. It gave you a nice foundation. A nice living. Great friends and family and associations and accolades. It gave you some fame and fortune. And now.. The system does not need us like that any more..

Now we're in a great reset.. This is why these children don't stand a chance..

This is why kids are soft.. Why they feel entitled.. They were never prepared for the real world..

You had eighteen years to teach them.. Eighteen years.. What did you do with that time..

As much as I resented learning the hard way..

It continuously saves my ass. And I strategize my survival.. And no I don't need mommy and daddy to bail me out

You will eventually have to say No now or later..

You say no now.. They might be able to save themselves.. They will still hate you until they realize..

You say no to them later.. They won't be able to make it and they'll hate you..

And sometimes if you want to save your kid.. Don't save them.. Let them learn the hard lessons.. Because if they learned them now.. And you're around to kind of advise them.. But they still have to do on their own.. They might be able to survive..

But you do that later.. You play parent later on.. Forget it.. Now you're stuck supporting an adult child.. Or they don't survive.. Proof we're in a great reset.. You're not getting a candidate like obama or Keanu Reeves.. Eloquent.. Polished... Well liked..

This comment below was said by someone very intelligent.. And he's right.. If these are the choices.. You know we're in a great reset. You get a real estate magnet.. Who loves to fire people.. And you get someone who is potentially experiencing dementia.. How much proof do you need.

"So our choices for president will be an 80 year old demented criminal or a 79 year old wanna be crime boss? This is the best we can do?? Ummm

Weather underground.. Weather wars 1960s

Southern california are you ready for hurricane...

I told you guys.. We're not in kansas anymore.

I hope this is just a fluke.. But given what happened to maui hawaii.. Anything is fucking possible Just imagine, if I can inadvertently take on two aggressive disease demons in my body in 4 days and release them on the 4th day.. how many demons ALL OF YOU ARE HARBORING IN YOUR BODY MIND AND SPIRIT?? So I invented how to survive diseases and not die from them.. and it requires taking a break and eating food and releasing the way I have in my book

so what are you rushing around for??

are you in a race to pass away? a race to the bottom.. basically..

scale down so you don't have to work yourself to death.

the nwo already have the blue print for the next world.. so what are you rushing around for? This is why I know animals and humans are suffering.. Exponentially..

I experience this demon and I released it.. Many people cannot release that demon because they have too many layers of strata to get through..

Once you try to release that demon, you will have to deal with every other demon on the way to that demon.

That's why most americans.. all americans.. Need to learn when to quit.. Save yourself scale down..

It won't get any better..

Who gets it? More than 60 million Americans experience heartburn at least once a month. Some studies suggest that more than 15 million Americans experience heartburn symptoms each day. Still no heartburn..

I ate a bunch of food..

Yes I beat the demon..Yum Yesterday I was so scared.. I was gonna have to modify my eating habits.. Because I took on that heartburn disease so quickly.. And it was very aggressive.. It was like the acid faucet was turned on.. With no hope for relief..

When you're sitting in a condition for twenty four hours, not knowing when it will end.. It fucking changes you..

This is why I know my methodology is surefire...

It has continuously saved my ass the last three years.. Ever since covid nineteen..

I'm so happy I can still eat whatever I want.. With no fear of heartburn..

Remember it's not only your bones that have to be strong.. You need to have meat to your body.. Because you still have vital organs that must be able to handle stress.. Especially when the climate shifts.. You gotta have substance to your body..

You need the collagen You need the fat..

And above all else.. You must release those demons.. And sickness is paramount..

Every time I faced the sickness a new awareness. Some sickness was self induced.. Others I inadvertently took on because I overdid something..

How do I know my heart is strong, when I don't get a stress test at a doctor.. Because I can feel my heartbeat faster when the frequencies changed. I don't resist the environment.. The environment is that aggressive..

When storms are around my heart beats faster.... . Just make sure you have the adipose tissue..

Make sure you have enough fat..

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