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The Disease and Financial Bubbles Are Bursting Open

I dodged another disease bullet..

The last couple Weeks I have been assimilating to the environmental conditions. Fatigue hunger and mucus War ( Born on the 4th of July.) Finance Disease All DECEPTION Pain and trauma is a commodity to be traded on the open market with all the "solutions" It is a disease bubble which has been deregulated for centuries. ..Who regulates the disease market? The ones who are providing you the solutions. ❤️

Disease deregulation... medical/holistic capitalizing on human desires, trauma, complaints and ADDICTIONS de·reg·u·lation /dēˌreɡyəˈlāSH(ə)n/ noun the removal of regulations or restrictions, especially in a particular industry.

Energy conversion is what they diagnose. Without the energy no justification for diagnosis.. ALL SPECULATION Just like the financial crisis.. betting on the person buys the ratings as well as other people.. they buy all the inflated diagnosis and even expedite the growth and pain to keep inflating pices.. sell the disease and remedies..pills etc.. the patient sells their diseases to their friends and family to go get tested and ope, sure enough, you have life and growrh, buy the diagnosis and disease Doctors are like the rating agencies encouraging investment banks to bundle their opinions and sell the diseases.. big pharma are like mortgage brokers..

Doctors assess how much your body mind spirit and bank account is worth the bundled diagnosis they can sell to you so you keep investing in their credit default swaps and collateral debt obligations.. they keep their patients in debt credit default swap

Repackaging diseases To create a collateralized debt obligation (CDO), investment banks gather cash flow-generating assets—such as mortgages, bonds, and other types of debt—and repackage them into discrete classes,

❤️ climate change or global warming = Quantitative easing +/- feds raising interest rates or hyper inflation Is Quantitative Easing Printing Money?

Yes people can capitalize on the amount of energy in the environment.. But the bubble will burst.. Many people are too much in debt in their body to handle this kind of energy.

The movie with Tom Cruise, Born On The Fourth of July.. I've never seen this.. (netflix) When I was a kid, I wasn't supposed to see it.. But then again depopulation.. Is war.. All war is based on deception.. The system played both sides against each other.. The peaceful hippies at war with those who went to war.. You can see the irony in all of this.. We are all a child of war.. Today some people would still go to war if the government told them to do it.. Even after all of this history uncovering itself.. people will still die for their government.. You can still love your country.. And choose not to be a human sacrifice..

Patriotism does not mean you put yourself in harm's way... You defend yourself.. But if someone makes it into your home.. And causes issues like 9/11, should we not question how they got into your home to begin with. Forget retaliation.. Very sad.. I stay out of wars that do not involve me.. I can still love my country by taking care of myself in my country and following the laws.. I refuse to be battle cried into an activist war.. Because war is not healthy for children and all living things.. ⚡️

Right now.. History is repeating itself.. Peace out.. By the way.. There really is no one to blame for all of this. People have either died.. Plausible deniability.. Or they are your friends and family.. So who do people blame.. The person they dislike the most in politics.. They blamed the messenger.. Even though the message has been spread out over generations.. "It's not what your country can do for you.. It's what you can do for your country".. And everyone loves president kennedy.. Even though he delivered the speech or message that encouraged loyalty without thinking..

Who were his speech writers? That's war..❤️ It's being encouraged to go to war by the people you love.. Not by the people you hate.. Which is why you will never see me contribute to anyone's cancer or disease go fund me account.. I will not finance the wars against your life and body.. That's the job of your family and friends..😟🫣

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