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The Evolution and Dawn of Mankind Out of Africa to the New World - Back to Africa

From homo habilus Out of Africa north Africa herbivore and then omnivore...... To the six cradles of civilization, the bible Nephilim, and then all the religions of course migration happened..

To then all the racial wars.. Violence intolerance death and Destruction and disease..

1 person could be immortal if they were not taken out by natural predators. Like lions bears dragons volcanoes or nuclear war or live in a war torn nation.. If they were allowed to live a very long time and the climate changed or they moved different places and they weren't dying and reproducing.

They could be a Caucasian a mongoloid or negroid relative to the environment..

One person could be all three.. But they would have to be sick and not treat their disease and eat all food.. Native to that region.

The orchids and the local plant material during man's early herbivore years made humans smarter and evolutionary, and they never treated disease because they weren't intelligent enough to do that and cure themselves which is why you had so much evolution between the Hominids. Each evolution was based upon the more nutrition man gained from his eating habits of meat milk plants, et..

Then the evolution to the point of neanderthal..

Somehow the giant's or Nephilim evolved us into the six cradles of civilization..

And then we became too smart for our own good and treated disease to death.. To the point where yes, it made us smarter and sometimes more peaceful and intellectually capable.. But also intolerant non evolutionary and completely distracted.. always dying and reproducing..

But now you're seeing people regress back to the middle ages.. glamorizing being poor and farming..

Kids are so malnourished because they have been procreated and reproduced on such levels that they will have a hard time adapting to climate change .

And of course treating disease herbal remedies as well as pharmaceuticals has inhibited the evolution.. You might have very intellectual capable kids who won't survive their own childhood and programming..

Which is why be very careful worshipping very smart children out there because they will have a short Lifespan.. They realize their potential very early on and they'll have trouble adapting when the climate changes, yet again.

And you know the adults will exploit their children's talents until the child is used up and potentially not even make it to adulthood..

Which is why the system is going back to Africa because the west exhausted its own potential.. And people are resisting change and are treating their disease to death..

And so Africa is the future.. the system told you in 2020 with all the ri ots, etc..

Maybe some of you in the j world if you survive your own disease and lifestyle.. Might see the future..

And remember the reason why you have blonde hair and blue eyes is because someone from Africa evolved to the climate conditions needing to lighten their skin so they can take in the u v radiation and get their vitamin d..

Melanin or the absence of it is based upon adaptation.. And of course developing clones comes from dying and reproducing..

If one person is allowed to live longer than two or three hundred years you might see one person develop different skin colors and even phenotypical characteristics based upon where they move to and how long they stay and how much they assimilate to the general population of that area..

You were never allowed to see one person evolve and changed over three or four hundred years.. So people assume whence your black you stay black forever..

Not necessarily if you move to northern Europe. And you're allowed to get sick and you don't treat disease..

People assume because you're white you'll stay white forever..

Not if you moved to the equator and you get sick and don't treat disease.. And you eat all the food native to that region.. You could actually turn black over time and take on the phenotypical characteristics general in that area..

But you would have to be strong enough to survive and release those demons and assimilate and evolve and stop treating your damn disease and stop starving yourself and your children.

Most people would not be able to do that.. Some who are strong enough could survive climate change.. But they would have to be on their own away from their family and friends if they can even survive their own exorcism..

It was all the meat and the plants and the assimilation to the changing conditions without treating disease is what caused mankind to evolve from being an herbivore to an omnivore. And I can bet you the early hominids never treated their disease, which is why they were able to evolve to be modern human..

It's when humans became too smart they destroyed themselves by curing themselves to death.. And they became weaker and that's the west.. The Caucasians.. Even the mongoloids or asians..

And so now we're back to africa.. to start over again.. And africans are very smart and very hearty.. And extremely adaptable.. And they will still go through the same shit that we went through..

But they will learn from us.. What not to do.. And what to do to survive..

Some of you are being given a chance and you are resisting every ounce of evolution..

That is your own damn fault.

The West became too big for their britches. And now it's time for them to assimilate to evolution, even if they have to be forced to..

Africa is a continent.. one billion people.

and the system wants to scale down humanity to 500m...per the Georgia Guidestones

where will YOU be in all of this..?

by the way, we have parents throwing their girls back to the middle ages while embracing early man's diet of eating only fruits and veggies, but no meat, training her to be an organic farmer brood mare courtesan to be used and thrown away..

while the men are all about taking on the Disney archetype of Gaston.. women are to be seen not heard and only to be used as baby mothers.. i even see that in the African Culture women are to be used as baby makers,etc.. or courtesans..

come on.. where is the interest in learning and expanding beyond organic farming and toiling the fields screwing everything out of existence????

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