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The Evolution of Change Walking Away from the War Between the States of Existence of Life and Death

The Evolution of Change Walking Away from the War Between the States of Existence/Resistance Between the Living and Half Dead Resisting Life

Degree or Not Degree That is the Question

When the children of the 1960s went into education.. Getting their advanced degrees.. They were radicalized to do a specific job and to do certain research and development..

If the children of the parents of the 60s generation wanted the freedom to undo what their parents have done or carry their vision further..they had to educate themselves... If they didn't want to end up EXACTLY like their parents, they how to do something different..

They couldn't completely be brainwashed.. I mean we had to be brainwashed for a certain amount of time. Because you have to be aware, you are being programmed to get rid of the programming.. Biological and behavior programming is very hard to get rid of when you're NOT aware that's what it is..

And I am aware I am biologically and behaviorally programmed. And even though I kicked a lot of the glitches in the program. I still have the core program that will save my life.. Studying.. Research.. Trial and error.. And social independence..

I don't need the world to entertain me.. I study the world. I entertain them.. If they don't understand me from an academic point of view.

Because what was done must eventually be un done.. To allow for evolution..

The only way academia can when you work outside of academia.. And you're not subject to their limitations.. And peer reviews.. Because academics are like a family.. You go against the leader. You're excommunicated.. If you don't follow in lockstep, someone's taking your research. Taking away your funding.. Your lab.. Your interns.. Stripped of all of your access to biased resources.

That's why everything is public information on the internet.. It's time to veer away from peer review and peer limitations..

You work with facts and concepts.. To develop a thesis.. But you also must understand the difference between a fact opinion. And someone's perception and characterization. One must understand intention and outcome.. One must understand why the marketing of things are characterized the way they are.. The intended outcome.. What was being sold as the intended outcome..


traditional studying is not gonna cut it anymore.. Who's teaching you.. What's their agenda.. And what track are they on..

Do you really want to end up like your teacher.. But if you're a clone.. Of course you want to end up like your teacher..

So while formal degreed education is necessary for certain things.. Such as research and development... Using subjects.. Informal research is also necessary.. Someone must ask the hard questions.. why?

When a student finally surpasses their teacher.. And they don't want to end up like their teacher.. It's time to veer out on their own..

When you have extensive platform such as google.. You have enough rigid concepts to work with and still develop a thesis..

I use the work of phd graduates and research assistants.. ..Thank you for all the information. Thank you for compiling it. I've done my own research and development.. And now i'm using your information to build a thesis..

But what im doing does require someone to be raised by very educated people to even know how to do this..

If you've not been raised by very educated people.. Then you'll think there's only one way to get educated.. University.. And the only way to prove you've been educated is to get a degree..

Not necessarily..

Many movers and shakers did not finish their degree.. Because they learned enough to do things on their own..

And wealth is not a measure of a formal education with a degree.. Inventors don't always get a degree.. Because they are limited by the futsy systems of dinosaurs in their field.

Not everything that is evolutionary is going to make billions of dollars.. It just depends on what it is your providing to the world.. When you're not run by money and accountable to investors..

You have freedom. You're not a mercenary.. I will never be a mercenary.

An educated person.. Knows there's many ways to be educated.. Not just the formal ways..

They learned from people who are not educated.. They learn from their environment.. . They learn from trial and error.. They learned by listening to what people say and do not say..

What people do not say speaks louder than what people say..

silence around subjects matters can be deafening.

Educated people born from uneducated people are extremely radicalized for formal education.. Which is why immigration is so important for the architects of an advanced societies. Because first generation STUDENTS were the first generation to be given the privilege of information.. BOOM.

Of course they value their access and privilege to education.. They fought to get to america to become educated.. Whatever that means to them.

But they also won't question their professor.. They will follow the agenda..

First generation academics in america will not go outside the lines.. They have no basis to.. They came from nothing..

The system knows this..

People have two ways to be 1. They are a clone of the system and their parents.. DNA.. 2. Or they're evolutionary. Uracil in the RNA

I'm the uracil in the DNA of life.

Uracil in DNA, a major source of spontaneous mutations

I'm the evolution..

When war and intolerance and destructive macabre behaviors are bred into the population over thousands of years..

And it keeps getting reproduced in families.

The system has to do a control alt delete.

Time for a reset.

The system will force you to evolve.

Because they know they cannot force you to convert.

And when you choose not to change the way you see things. The way you react to things that are different.

The system is fucking smart..

We have so much history around the war for autonomy..

People will be free to enslave themselves.

If You can't fight for your own personal freedom..

Somebody will enslave you.

Live by the gu/n Die by the g/un

Live by the anti life/anti biotic herb_extract Die by them too

Live by surgery Die by surgery

Live by ontology Die by oncology

I just live and release.. I live to eat.. I eat to live..

I live to release.. I live to retain..

No attack

I live.. I let live..

I suffer through my own evolution.

And I come out just fine.

So the radical left of domestic terrorism.. Is no different than those who support the second amendment..

Live by the gu/n Die by the gu/n

Where is the difference between the two..

I am really excited I cannot wait to read that book.. Because I want to know where this violence came from.. I want to know where intolerant came from.

It came from resisting intolerance.. Resisting different..

Mutually Assured destruction..

I guess bloodshed had to happen..

When someone is mean to you and they corner you.. You have to come out swinging.. And defend yourself..

When's the right time to walk away..

How do you know you haven't been gaslighted..

Does developing loyalty and patriotism make blind followers.. Does asking for blind allegiance put peoples in harm's way.

Have people been gaslit in the past..

When one person is gas lighted.. And you see them destroyed.. Another person responds..

Then you have war..

What if everyone is a lesson of what not to do or what to do.. Based upon your belief system..

What if we didn't have to convert people..

Did the system force the black people to rise up and commit violence to be heard..

When people are set up to fight and go to blows with each other..

Both have to recognize they are being set up to fail..

Both have to walk away.. And not participate..

It's when you respond.. You enter into the war..

But if you enter into a war. You better win..

Choose your battles.. choose your battles wisely..

When I walk away from the medical holistic energy healing world of politics, religion in science dogmas.. Because hindsight is twenty twenty..

I remember the sixties..

Georgia Guidestones

Intolerance comes from intolerance.. Somebody is always waging war on life

When you have so many people.. war always will be somewhere in the future.

Less people.. Less reasons to declare war on someone

Less dying.. Less reproducing.. less competition and war..

When resistance is futile.. When resistance is war..

Resisting pain inflammation and disease means you are declaring war on your body..

You have not learned how to walk away and release the war from your body..

You have waged war and kept the war going destroying your whole family. Because you're too proud to walk away from the war.

That's why resistance is futile.. That's why resistance is for the ignorant..

They don't know what they're doing..

That's why I walk away..

That's why I also don't have animals.. Because you are forced to wage war against your animal.. You are forced to destroy your animal.. Because they cannot handle anymore surgeries antibiotics and grenades you kept lobbing at them throughout their whole life.

When people breed so many people and animals.. Then it becomes a war between the dead and the living..

I walk away.. I stay alive. And I don't purposely put myself in the position to destroy anything.. I do not enslave animals or people..

Slavery was started in the 16th century..

It ends now for me..

Prairie fire Is the foundation I will be coming from in my next book.

Because that's the foundation from where I came from.. Violence and resistance for and against the war.. All war.. I came from war..

I waged war.. I'm ending the war..

The war is done for me.. I walked away from the medical holistic energy, healing world religion, and politics science world. Because they wage war on your body, mind and spirit.

And then you become a casualty of war in the morgue ..

All resistance is war.. There is no winning when people are at war and resisting..

If the system wanted to destroy you.. You would not be here..

The fact you are here means they are giving you a chance to save your own life.. If you have the tolerance and the evolution to take in different information than you're used to.

Why would America get involved in another country's civil war..

Aside from the obvious that it was a major depopulation agenda distraction.. The situation produced change and focusing on intolerance and racism.. But of course who teaches intolerance and racism.. Go all the way back to the middle ages.. Because those ideologies get carried down from generation to generation.

It's hard to take out the old country from people when they colonize a new land mixing diverse people together..

And so all the social upheaval in China or Vietnam and even in America was the perfect place to start a third world war when you think about it.. so many countries during that time we're going through their own civil war..

social constructs changing..

dissidents becoming doctors..

And now we have weather wars.. information wars.

Georgia Guidestones..

The future navy map of the world..


Spain was the most powerful back in the 1500... And they were the ones that started slavery and colonialism. Then the British Empire.

America was taught by the british empire.. And then all the world wars brought everyone together.. The united nations.. But before that the league of nations.. Then you had nato..

And so what does it all come down to.. Resistance is for the ignorant

Develop an alternative argument to support your thesis. And I challenge you not to use fear as a go to.

Or walk away...

How can I promote an argument around the world of immortality and facing pain without using fear as a tool..

Today, after releasing my demons going through seven years of pain and suffering on and off..

I feel amazing.. My immune system is open.. And I am evolutionary.. And I can learn very quickly.. And I am excited about the world I live in..

Remember the medical holistic system is part of the revolutionaries against what the system developed in the last two hundred and forty seven years..

The medical holistic system is correcting itself.. They developed "monsters" and they're taking the monsters out with antibiotics herbs extracts and surgeries.. And people are voluntarily doing that.. And the abx are sold by their friends and family mothers and fathers.. And people promote oncology..

People are radicalized against the life in their body..

That's the revolution.. The revolution against life..

On top of the revolution against intolerance..

When people cannot handle life.. They become intolerant to anything that is new or new growth and maturity..

They become radicalized..

No different than the children of the 1960s become radicalized based upon what they were told to be radicalized against. And when you teach people racism and incorporate colonialism and discrimination and violence.. People fight back.. Then you can't tell the difference between the enemy and the good guy.. It becomes all out chaos and war..

And then children, the next generation in the nineteen eighties and nineties.. They became radicalized against evolution..

And now you see antibiotics natural or synthetic all over the world.. And you see the rise of cancer and oncology... starvation and cannabis..

It's very easy to radicalize people against people based on the kind of story you tell and how you develop the arguments..

The jay world we don't radicalize anyone against anything.. This is your personal journey..

This is your personal revolution and evolution.. And it has nothing to do with any one else.. You and only you will save yourself..

You and only you will destroy yourself.. You and only you have put blocks against any kind of evolution..

Because in the age of information ignorance is a fucking choice.

We do not radicalize anyone against anyone.. We present information..

Give people the choices..

And we don't force convert anything..

And we use our Facebook account as a platform.. And we don't tolerate anyone challenging us.. Because they have their own platform they can work from.

And we live and let live.

That's the evolution of the nineteen sixties..

That's the new world..

That's what I contributed to humanity..

If you have a problem with me..

It looks like you are and were radicalized against me..

Intolerance is taught.. You didn't come by my information organically.. You were told to hate me.. You were told to resist me.. You were told salt was poison.. You were told symptoms were bad.. You were told so many fucking things.. And you were told all food was poison..

You were told water was poison.. You were told air was poison.. And you were told not to trust your government.. you were told fda was bullshit..

You were told to resist everything that is change.. You were told a cashless society is the mark of the beast satanic society..

Just like a child. See monkey do..

The system radicalized you.. Against life..

No different than the SDS..

And it bit them in the ass.. They had to redirect their revolution.. It could not be violent anymore.. Some of them qent to prison for a long time.

It had to be non violent and had to be intellectually capable.. And you had to develop your own argument..

But if you couldn't develop your own argument.. Based in science and physics..

Then the only thing you knew how to do is resist..

That's the go to for anyone who doesn't understand how shit works.

They resist .

That's an ignorant man's way of responding to things they don't understand.

I will not resist you.. I will walk the fuck away from you and block the fuck out of you.

And if you resist the government.. They will just laugh at you.. And use the law against you.

Resistance is for the ignorant..

When you think about getting to the root of imperialism.. It happened in the 1500s.. Force converting people does not work..

Non violent intellectual capability and giving out all the information for people to make choices for themselves will get to the root of all issues..

Violent radicalism regardless if its left or right does not work..

It makes those who are resisting the radicals more entrenched in their ideals.. Don't engage in war.. Walk away from intolerance and resistance..

Because no matter how much someone resist you you'll resist them.. And then it's mutually assured destruction..

That's what happened back in the nineteen sixties.. Many people died.. January six it happened as well.. Resistance is futile and it's deadly.. You can't force convert people..

You will be presented with information and you will make your own choices.. Every argument is viable.. If you understand physics and science and biology and social constructs..

I am my mother's child.. But I will not force convert anyone. I will not resist anyone.. I walk away from the war.. I will not be radicalized against anyone or anything.. I promote life.. I promote releasing demons not attacking them or destroying them or bullying them..

I promote tolerance.. Diversity.. And question everything..

And I promote evolution which means you can change your mind from 3 years ago 5 years ago or 25 years ago.

You don't have to stay in the social construct physical construct and religious construct forced on you as a child.

You are allowed to change your mind and change your position... And change your body-mind and spirit and identify with anything you want. So as long as you're not harmful to yourself and other people.

If you need to define the word harm talk to your doctor and law enforcement.. Anything FDA approved is not harmful for the intention..

All reactions: 2John Oakes and Terrence Ashley

The blame game.. They were all once children.. Told stories.. Experienced discrimination..

Somebody taught somebody racism..

The British empire..

Does it matter who's fault.. No now we must impose evolution or else people will destroy themselves and each other through intolerance..

The SDS was radicalized by someone wanting them to blame american imperialism..

No different than the youth today radicalized to do domestic terrorism..

History repeats..

Because you did not come to know anything until someone told you what to think and feel.. What to rise up against..

Grass roots does not mean its organic.. It just means it's a minority opinion a seed dropped by summon with an intention..

What it comes down to.. Unlearn what you have learned.. And be open to evolution..

If not.. You will resist yourself to death..

It looks like doctor phil has aired somewhere in the country..

Here we go.. We have the trolls rolling in..

And I will block every single one of you. And you can go down with the ship..

But I will keep my page open for those who are intelligently curious..

And when they come rolling in... All the bullies out there... All the skeptics who like to attack things that are new and different

All the intolerant people.. With major aggressive health issues..

That's why we are in a great reset...

America has developed so many monsters in our society.. And they are the ones that cannot handle change.. They are the ones that shit on evolution..

They are the ones that purposely attack their own bodies and children's bodies with antibiotics..

If they think i'm the monster.. They should look at the insurance premiums they have paid to the insurance companies to take away life from their bodies, minds, and spirits of their families for years.

They are looking at themselves..

Now you see why only fans originated in england..

The british made americans to be the world's play things.. And scape goat.

American girls you better wake up.. You have been used as a tool.. So has the boys and the men..

America is only 247 yo

We were taught colonialism by the british..

Americans have been used as scapegoats

It's not american imperialism..

It's british imperialism

I won't let america take the fall..

I played my role well..

But I will not self hate.

The future is coming in fast!! She's fucking right on.

Prepare for so many changes..

Please watch my last video.. Don't assume the change they were introducing 5 10 years ago is not actually in the process to happen this year or next year. Or by 2030..

Because it is happening.. The rise of the storm chasers.. Should be a major clue..

world/usa imperialism

What if the architects of the NWO version of dismantling the world down to a NWO developed into a War against American Imperialism as our troops have been used to be the world's policemen..

what if they made Americans into imperialists and then punished them for carrying out the agenda only to be used against Americans..when the system needed to change using America as scapegoats?

No different than programming your women to Madonna/whores and punishing her for being one or the other or both when it is convenient..

is the usa used as a scapegoat, to blame for world domination, today? ie Lahaina hi

when you stop resisting, your ability to prognosticate and survive the changes will increase greatly..

some of you must physically move because you are on the ocean or very near the ocean.. or ON an island which could be inundated by tsunamis, etc..

now you know the flash mob thievery is part of the takedown of the consumerist society reliant on fendi bags and designer clothing.. per prairie fire... d o m e s t ic t error

san franciso, new York la

the children of the weather underground have been activated ever since 2020..

I am taking my part of carrying out change in an anomalous direction.. conservative and liberals alike deserve the chance to survive all of this.. if you can get out of your own way

if they can evolve..

see... non discriminatory..

the J world has never discriminated against anyone..

I do not support ignorance, antibiotics, surgeries or violence against a person, place thing or microbe..

i walk away and release my demons..

remember, you cannot eat money, cash, and gold/silver/metals

what happens when your organic garden is under 9 feet of water??

please do not assume your gardens will save you.. the system knows exactly what you will turn to when in resistance..

resistance is futile.. know when to evolve, change and accept change when it happens..

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