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The Flirt Variant Sneak Attack Holy oh my God

The Flirt Variant Sneak Attack Holy oh my God

When your body is forced to fight back because all the conditions are right. You better hope you survive even your own defense systems. Because they will be put to the test.

I had a strong enough defense system to survive even the sneezing that was so astronomical worse than I've ever dealt with before. Some people die mid sneeze. That's called died suddenly.

And I had no choice in the matter as far as sneezing because it was an attack like no other.

Lately I've been watching ghost shows and ghosts caught on camera because I know people are fighting demons. I know exactly what's going on and so innately my immune system knows it's fighting off the literal demons that are out there. People don't want to see their symptoms as fighting demons but the dead and the living are in a war right now. I hope you survive the war

So I Googled the flirt variant covid-19 virus and the symptoms were like any other cold and flu spring allergy symptoms that most people are accustomed to and potentially even expect around certain times of the season.

And even I expected a certain amount of symptoms during the spring summer surge because we're heading into another atmosphere and plants are blooming and all of that and so I kind of expected allergies because I had issues with it in California when I was a kid and some of the symptoms subsided once I moved away. I mean I still did experience some symptoms within the last 13 years give or take since being here.

But nothing prepared me for this weekend and this would have been the time that I would have died because my body was trying to release something so aggressive that I know that if I hadn't done what I done the last 3 years even more so the last seven years I probably would have died yesterday or even this weekend.

I mean I'm seeing every single time a point where I could have died because the symptoms were so severe and fighting back was so astronomical. And I'll tell you everything I did would trigger aggressive aggressive sneezing attack that if I had a weak blood vessels I would have popped a blood vessel in my head. I really would have had an aneurysm or potentially even a stroke this weekend if I had not conditioned myself to cough sneeze and blow my nose and Hawk up loogies at every chance I get.

Just being on that water which was relatively fine the last few years but for some reason all the conditions were right and I had a high fever and it was hot and I also was dealing with a metastasizing variant that was not going to let up until I did something completely different. Well what was that difference. That was to not only get off the water but I had to sit at home and sneeze it out and sneeze it out and sneeze it out and sneeze it out. Fits of sneezing like mini strokes or carpet bombing. That's literally what it was like it was carpet bombing. My immune system was carpet bombing the f*** out of me. And I had to fight back and release those demons and release and release and release

It was pure hell. And I was so stuffed up. That I even felt like nothing I did the last few years helped anything because my body was so stuffed up my upper immune system my nose area was so stuffed up. Even eating was not easy. It would give me a little bit of relief and then I would get stuffed up again. Then I'd have to sneeze out so much stuff and then my nose was burning my eyes were watering everything was just horrific.

I finally had to crawl off to bed and I was getting hives I was itching and I needed to sleep and I was sleeping yesterday most the day and eating and pooping a lot.

Even my husband was wondering if I was going to survive because it was that bad and he never heard me go through those symptoms like I did.

When my husband is wondering if I'm going to survive and given I made it look so easy the last 3 years I was even concerned for myself.

It's really bad out there holy s*** it's really bad out there.

I mean if you're going to fight back you better have every single bit of substance to your heart your lungs your brain your blood vessels because you're going to need it when something gets a hold of you and it is so aggressive and it carpet bombs a f*** out of you and it's forcing you to sneeze so much so much. People die suddenly because they can't fight back because they don't have the conditioning to fight back when the immune system is forced to trigger the way it was like I felt this last weekend. I had no choice in the matter it's either survive immune system activation or f****** die from it

yeah.. the children, the sick and the elderly might be a bit more clairvoyant and can see the dead and also be antagonized by the dead influential "ghosts" per se..

and some people think they are talking to the living, but they are actually talking to the dead.. The only way you would know if you were talking to the dead is if someone reviewed camera footage and the observer could not see who the person was speaking to..

which is why it is SO paramount for people to be extremely strong in body mind or spirit because the living and the dead look for the weakest links in the chain of humanity..

I don't see orbs anymore on Facebook live shooting past my head even during these tumultuous aggressive times..

Orbs on your camera when you do Facebook live tells you what kind of spirits are looking for a way in and that's the dead looking to take over the living.

And when does the spirits do get in, they take up residence and that's also called cancer disease and chronic illness and even spiritual possession if the spirits are that aggressive and deadly..

And during climate change the thin veil between the living and the dead becomes even thinner.. and so not only are you defending yourself against the living but also the dead world and that's stranger things.

I've seen some s*** I felt some s*** I know what I'm talking about is to be true..

The proof is out there some people are in denial because they have to be under the influence they can't handle the pain and suffering and the torture and so they have to be completely dead asleep at night under the influence and that's why people smoke pot because the spirits and the dreams torture them at night and I get it

My world is a type of exorcism it literally is. I've seen too much I felt too much. I would never go back ever to being completely possessed by the antibodies that serve to try to destroy me and torture me.

That's why I don't hang out with too many people. People's demons are on the move and it's not their fault

it's just it is what it is..

I'll still hang out occasionally but I know how influential this environment is and it's deadly to a lot of people

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