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The Four Humors (Acids) Balancing Alkaline_Great Reset

Correction: In the video I said it was too much ventilation. That's not correct.. Below is the correct description.

Hypoventilation is breathing that is too shallow or too slow to meet the needs of the body. If a person hypoventilates, the body's carbon dioxide level rises. This causes a buildup of acid and too little oxygen in the blood. A person with hypoventilation might feel sleepy.

Main take away.. When you eat mostly alkaline and hardly acidic. Skinny skinny skinny skinny skinny.. Too skinny..

My husband eats mostly acidic hardly any alkaline.. And he's built like a brick shit house

Reset your system.. And balance out mostly acidic with some alkaline so you can survive this environment.. And symptoms are the indicators when you've gone too far.. And then your body is either developing more hormones . And then you have to balance it out with food.. Or your body needs to release..

But if you don't reset your system.. It's like a teacher trying to write directions on a board. With so much writing, you can't tell the difference between you and all the other gobbledygook.

The system is wearing down people's resistance with stressful weather.. That is how they will force you to submit..

That is what's literally going on.. you won't submit.. they will force you to submit.. through climate change...

when you have NO electricity and under water... you will submit.. When you are stuck with some aggressive disease, you will submit. When you are surrounded by wild fires, you will submit..

this is why you must strategize your survival.. you can't fight the weather and what it does to your internal and external infrastructure.. You must strategize..

trial by fire, wind, rain and air..

and the system knows how weak children are right now..

if you are in LA, get out and go to higher ground.. why risk it??? you have kids..

I hope that hurricane fizzles out.. but again, you can't live on hope.. if nothing happens, you practiced your exit strategy.. do it now, practice your exit strategy while your neighbors are oblivious..

beat the traffic.. because it sucks to be stuck in traffic at the 11th hour..look at what happened in Lahaina, Maui.. LA is so populous..

i could NOT tell you where to go because the hurricane is said to cover all of So Cal all the way up to Fresno..

And you see what's feeding that storm..

When there's chaos.. When there is weather chaos.. Infrastructure breaks down.. Looting.. So much stuff.. I would figure out and plan your exit strategy out of l a county. Out of the san fernando valley. And I couldn't tell you where to go. Head on a swivel Canadian wildfires

You gotta have your head on a swivel.. You can't afford to mourn too long from the last devastation..

Because you could be up next.. You and your town could be devastated next..

Don't give way your money to everyone trying to save people who are already suffering.. You need to save yourself save your money..

Because you could end up in a car going three hundred miles north to get out of the path of a storm. And you need money to do that. And you need money to move..

Everyone was given a warning of climate change .

Now you got to save yourself.

.. And places are asking for so much help and donations.. You have you to think about.. The system wants YOU to ALL feel sorry for everybody in devastated areas.

And then you can't move yourself ..

When you give way your money to somebody else.. You have nothing for yourself to help you get out of harm's way. Or help you move away.

Don't get caught up with the bleeding hearts . They will save you to death and as well as themselves..

Because they will milk you dry.. And they will milk themselves dry.

They have to deal with their situation.. The government must help them.. And the people around them must help them.

If those WHO can afford to give away MONEY, fine.. But are you oprah winfrey.. Does everybody get a car.. Come on.. You're not fucking rich. Don't pretend to be like oprah winfrey or jeff bezos

But when you know you are on limited funds.. You cannot spread yourself so thin..

More disasters are coming.. Don't become bankrupt from disasters..

You have your family to think about.. You're not a philanthropist..

I'm not trying to tell you what to do.. But I see the agenda.. And I see the intention..

I have to physically stop myself from trying to save the world. Believe me, if the government wanted to save the people in desperation, they wouldn't have done whatever to begin with. We are in the hunger games.. And weather warfare.

May the strongest human survive.. And do whatever you can to help people around you.. If you can.. Sometimes it's not possible.. And sometimes saving people could be given them a warning that something is coming their way.

Give people a chance to help themselves..

But don't sacrifice yourself for anybody.. Save yourself for everybody.. When you save yourself you save the world.. Now I understand all the hype around alkaline water and people avoiding acids Total marketing gimmick..

Excess acidity forces the body to borrow minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium from vital organs, bones, and teeth to buffer …

If the body becomes too alkaline, it increases carbon dioxide in the lungs through hypoventilation, or decreased breathing. The body can also increase or decrease bicarbonate levels in the blood by increasing or decreasing breathing rate. The kidneys work to increase the elimination of bicarbonate through urine.

When holistic people get all crazy about acid.. Staying away from meat and milk and cheese and eggs and all that.. And then drinking a shit ton of alkaline water.. They are fucking up their biochemistry..

You must have a balance.. What's the alkaline balance I use.. Cabbage.. I don't go crazy on vegetables..

When people are full of shit.. And you have to release that crap systematically.. They are very acidic ..

That's why before you get all crazy about balancing your acids and alkaline. You must release that demon.. Or plural.. Demons..

Or else you're working from a tainted background.

And all the detoxes and laxatives and everything else fuck up your system even more..

There is a literal organic way to release the demons.. And it's not glamorous... It's in my book.

The hard lesson I learned.. Jello is very acidic.. I overdid it.. Because jello is amino acids.. It's not bad.. But everything in moderation..

I should have done a ton of cabbage with that jello..

These are the lessons you learn.. Not because some holistic naturopathic told me. I didn't learn it from reading somebody else's situation.. I personally experienced the situation.. And I saw how my biochemistry responded.. And personal lessons are the hardest to learn but the easiest to remember. You will never forget the pain.

I hope you all learn hard lessons so you remember.. I hope you don't take anyone's word for anything.. You research what makes up acids and alkaline.. Release your own demons..

Eat every single food out there.. And cabbage is the best as far as an alkaline vegetable

The aging process.. The person is either too alkaline or too acidic..

And of course they are starving..

Just so you know spicy food is very ACIDIC.. Which is why when you rely predominate on spicy food you will age faster.. Because the acids are eating up everything on the inside and you are under pressure.. Melting everything off your bones.. And people use homeopathic remedies.. As well as so many aggressive spices.. ginger tumeric cayenne pepper.. curries..

Jalapeno.. That's why people in the holistic world are falling apart.. They are so full of acid.. Because of all the remedies.. And then they only eat salad..

And there is nothing to them. And if there is something to them it's all gelatin and bone

Cannabis also produces a lot of acid..

In summary, these many investigations indicated that capitate-stalked trichomes are the most biosynthetically active in Cannabis, producing acidic cannabinoids with their concentration increasing during the female plant flowering period.

Study of Acid Group of Homeopathic Remedies - Nov 19, 2019 — Homeopathic remedies derived from the mineral kingdom are Fluoric acid, muriatic acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, etc. Those ...

Now you see hollywood.. Now you see how drugs shapes a person's character and emotion.

I'm phlegmatic.. With touches of the other humors..

The programming of people.. Through the acids.

Bile acids are steroid acids found predominantly in the bile of mammals and other vertebrates. Diverse bile acids are synthesized in the liver. Bile acids are conjugated with taurine or glycine residues to give anions called bile salts. Primary bile acids are those synthesized by the liver.

Greek physician Hippocrates (ca. 460 BCE–370 BCE) is often credited with developing the theory of the four humors—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm—and their influence on the body and its emotions.




phleg·mat·ic Now I know why I can tell when someone does/does not releases their prior programming.. You can hear in their tone on Facebook and see it in their face..

Which tells me, it will be very difficult for many people to actually save themselves. They are too attached to their current programming right now.

The programming of people runs extremely deep and after years and years of reinforcing the predominant humor at the surface, many people are so attached to their suffering in the excessive humors running them.

I know for a fact, it is very difficult to penetrate them with new information because they see nothing wrong with their current personality. Nothing is inherently wrong, but they are suffering, resisting and dying some day..

And they hope they survive their own natural causes. However, there's no intention on their end t9 actually survive, only hope..

They hope the hospital system or some herbalist down the street can save them from the suffering, which means they intend to pass away hoping it will be painfree..

Because you can also see them praying for somebody to save them..

When people don't have intention to survive.. They stay stuck in the swirling humors of suffering begging for a way out..

Clasping their hands together.. And then overtime they become bitter.. They become that old person down the street you don't ever cross. The person turned into a cliche.

When people have no intention to survive, they are looking for someone to give them the answer.. With no intention of finding answers on their own..

They can't even suffer to live.. They beg to suffer to pass away. You can see it in their intention. No drive to learn new information. Always asking somebody what to do.. Always asking somebody for advice.. And always needing to gather..

That was bred into us way back from the 1960s cult revolution.. Extreme activism.. And excessive suffering.. And always clasping your hands in prayer for someone to save you. You give yourself away when you use that emoji of clasping your hand.. It's not high five.. Though it could be taken as high five..

You are showing your weaknesses..

What if looking for a saviour never had to be? What if you could save yourself? But on that token, you would have to admit. Nobody else has power over you. And you're not giving away your power to anyone else.

So where does that leave religion and spirituality? When you finally realize you have all the power. .. There goes your religion there goes your spirituality . There goes your excuses that it's somebody else's fault.. Or giving credit to somebody else all the time..

What if you can release the excessive programming given to you at birth and then you program yourself with complete control over your programming?

However, you would have to admit your lifestyle and belief system is/was also a programming from someone else who sought to control your body, your mind, and your spirit, and your bank account.

How many of you are willing to admit you have been programming by someone else. How many of you are willing to admit right now you have NO free will, really, when you think about it?

How many of you are willing to question the roles you are in right now??

This is why we're in a great reset.. This is why california is going to get fucked up by this hurricane.. California has so many people programmed through the humors.. And there's so much suffering in california.

That's why the tropical system came from the southern waters to north.. Not only because the warm waters fed the energy to the hurricane.. But Los Angeles is the epicenter of all the humors..

..And every single one of you identify with somebody in Hollywood. Because hollywood identifies with every single one of you..

That is Hollywood... That's hero worship.. That's politics.. That's religion.. That is science dogmas.

That's why the 1960s were so poignant..

Now you get to see the stars who were once rising falling from grace.. Because those humors war_wore off.

That's why there's so much suffering in the future for children. Because their parents modeled their children after somebody in Hollywood...

Parents right now are suffering from all the humors... If they can't release their excessive humors their children stand no chance..

That's why it's so important to understand what's going on..

And if you are bitter.. Angry.. Crotchety and maybe elderly.. You are predominantly choleric..

Activists are crotchety and bitter.. With a touch of melancholy.. Because they are suffering.. Very rarely are they happy.. Unless they see their grand kids which brings up the oxytocin and a dopamine effect.... And then when the grand kids leave or the animal dies. they're back to being crochety and bitter.. Until they replace that animal or find more kids to hang out with.

Which is why animals and children are like a drug for people who can't develop their own balance.. Now you see why there are so many predators in our society. Hooked on the human humors.

Which is why I don't have any children or animals... Because I know how seductive the hormones and humors are in children and animals..

I will not be controlled by anyone.

I will pay my taxes, follow the laws.. And have a complete control over my bio chemistry....

Now you know my way of releasing the demons is the only fucking way.. Because your shit has been programmed.. And the only way you're going to release yourself from the torture, is if you understand my information.. If not, you will compound your issues with everything everyone recommends to you through your attempts to balance your biochemistry.. But you have no idea you're working from a very tainted background of trauma and excessive humors..

Remember Robin Williams.. Comedic sanguine humor.. And then the opposite of sanguine is darkness.. And then suicide..

That's why people are suffering fighting the darkness. Because they are so lopsided.. And they can't even recognize that..

When you are stuck in your shit.. You can't see the light outside.. You're in the darkness.. And that to you is normal until it isn't... Until you can't take it anymore..

And then you beg for someone to save you..

But you can only save yourself.

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