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The Future for Humans is to be Clean and Sober 100%

IT is so funny to watch everyone, now.. lol playing their part..

i just have to laugh because the rabbit hole of indignation and activism is complete and utter comedy.. I would be crying for the women and children if the script wasn't written so cleverly.

The future for humans is to be clean and sober 100%

Otherwise you're projecting what you've done to yourself and everyone else around you and you're telling on yourself

Stranger Than Fiction told you what the system is doing and that's why Netflix is so amazing because you'll never know if that situation was contrived or organic whatever that crime situation was

What you resist will persist and that includes disease and politics religion and science even people.

And so when you resist disease it will keep persisting and persisting until it destroys you and you destroy yourself

That's why I walked away from society so I don't have to resist someone else's microbial advances as well as their physical advances with love and hate and trying to find the meaning behind people's behaviors..

So I can avoid kissing the ring or rejecting the ring or even playing that game with the ring the one ring that rules them all..

I like observing Society from far away and identifying the patterns and reporting on them and you guys do whatever you want to do I don't care..

But I will say this I am not surprised that they don't know who the hacker was as far as Ashley Madison. I know that was government. How do I know because somebody has to regulate Society.

Somebody has to call out the hypocrites out there who claim to be all pious and religious and do gooding with a dark side.

What's in the dark comes to light that's why I live out loud. The system wants you to live out loud because people behave better when they know they're being watched..

To all the self-proclaimed assholes.. who advocate violence against women and themselves: yeah I'm talking to you

some people don't give a s*** and they wear everything on their sleeve so you know what kind of person you're dealing with and then you can't blame them when they f*** you up.. so you can watch the assholes on Facebook talk their smack and then they're telling you that's what they'll do to you if given the chance

And let me assure you the system is watching every single f****** thing you do and they know what you believe they know who you're in contact with and they watch every moment and movement especially if you've proven to be a resistor.

Even the mousey Lambs out there who don't know what the hell's going on they're being watched too and some people are used as examples and expendable to the system to teach other people lesson.

Watching women who actually have no clue how s*** works and they're like wide-eyed and innocent loving god, like in that netflix doc Ashley Madison and that girl was just like oh I'm going to be the perfect wife and the perfect person

 oh my God you can just see how easily she was snowed.. the system got to both of them and thank God because they both were nauseating.

I'm sorry but people like that nauseate the f*** out of me because they are trying to make you think they're better because they believe in God and Jesus and religion and all that and they have a dark side

And that dark side came out and she was devastated because she chose to be the perfect wife

Girls who are completely oblivious to how s*** Works annoy the f*** out of me because they become a walking Target.

I don't even call them women because they're girls raising other girls who keep themselves so innocent and oblivious and then they become taken and destroyed by people with nefarious intentions

Walking targets and victims and people who think that being chaste and so perfect according to society also become the devil in the purple dress and they have two faces to them. Just like some of these men who claim to be so pious..

And it's not surprising it's in the religious community as well as Middle America And even in the coast because you have The Young Urban professionals who think that they are immune to the horrors of the other side of the railroad tracks

I call them Stepford Wives.. and of course they looked apart and they try to act so Pious but you know there's a dark side it's just a matter of time if it comes out if they become famous

The system developed stories even real life stories away from the fables and you won't know if it's contrived or organic and you'll never f****** know so you have to watch yourself and watch your children or you will be used as an example and some of you are being used as an example you don't even f****** know it.

Some people are stars in their own crime dramas because they succumb to all of The Temptations..

the freemasons regulate the ignorance in our society..

in the age of information, ignorance is a choice.. if you choose to be ignorant, more power to the freemasons to "regulate" you..

I am done with the anti-freemason rhetoric

The Freemasons gave you an amazing Society and you're the one that chooses to destroy yourself And blame them

And you're also promoting herbs and extracts to your fellow man taking away their pain and suffering

 that's Freemason Behavior if I've ever seen it

And so if you're dont agree with their regulation then stop trying to take away pain and surfing from your fellow man

 Because that's not for you to do

Keeping people ignorant and educated is Freemason Behavior. And if you're keeping people ignorant then you're also taking part so shut up with the antifreemason b*******

And taking away people's pain and suffering through your recommendations is trying to keep people ignorant

And if you promote ignorance then you can't blame the system for trying to destroy you because you have just destroyed yourself and everyone around you..

I don't promote the light or the darkness

 you guys will decide how you want to destroy yourself or keep yourself alive

Sexual Abuse has always been condoned in the family and the doctors' office.. but.. you would NEVER say it was "sexual abuse" only a doctor looking for "diseases".. oh ok. yikes

But it comes down to is all of you are luciferian or satanic and you can choose whatever

But you don't have any room to condemn anyone about what they have done as horrible as it was because it's worse when you've done things the government allows that you wouldn't allow someone if the government didn't allow it

Which says you've always trusted the government

 so shut up and walk away from the b******* or be part of it

Because the government says it's okay to spread your legs to strangers doesn't mean it was right even in the doctor's office..

So let's be consistent if you truly think the system is wrong. And again all the anti-government people need to shut up because you've always supported the medical and the holistic system committing transgressions against your immune system and you've trafficked your daughters and sons into being destructive to themselves and to you and society and to their own children

If you're so upset at Authority.. you are authority to your children you need to be upset at yourself

THOSE of you "exposing" king Charles III.. yeah.. ok, the past, the present and the future is grim for all the wide eyed lambs who choose to stay ignorant using your kids a leverage, etc..

but I can assure you, you also have skeletons in your closet and that is what the system banks on until YOU all wise up and realize what systems of human sacrifice you practice in your politics, religions and science dogmas..

some of you hate king Charles and jimmy Savile but have committed your kids into the medical surgical system to be cut into.. and "abused" legally by the system.. or take drugs/cannabis, etc..

And then having to be invaded with gynecological examinations because you have no idea how to take care of yourself. Which means you can't even take care of your kids so they have to get invaded gynecologically

That ought to make you wince


And then trafficking your girls on the internet by exposing them to all the different predators and selling them as if they were chattel on the market.. selling them into the slavery of being somebody's side piece or sex piece or something of that nature..

I don't think you have any room to condemn the royal family when you have also committed those transgressions against yourself and your children and your grandchildren

Yeah virtue signaling is pretty apparent on the internet..

I will never lose respect for you

I will just point out where you're inconsistent.

 I'm not trying to manipulate you into doing anything

 I could give a f***

But it's very interesting when you have Clarity of mine and are sober

Our children have been trafficked by their parents and the system and maybe if you stop doing that the system will stop doing it

Beauty does come from trauma and the system knows how to develop beautiful people from trauma but you don't have the license to do that but you can't condemn the system for what you've done already to yourself and what you're committing your girls into

And so if you have anything to say about the system you better look in your own f****** backyard

Now you know why the system has such concerns for women because of what their own mothers have put them through trafficking them to other people

Or sic their sons onto the nearest "innocent lamb"

I guess she willl have to learn the hard way

I hope she survives the lessons out there and I hope she doesn't die in the process trying to survive her husband or lover or boyfriend

And vice versa I hope the men survive the deadly predatory women out there

Raising your girls to be stepford wives is going to work against you..

Acting like you're a Stepford Wife is destroying your own gender. Pretending you're not a Stepford Wife but you act like one because you're trying to look the part is disingenuous and hypocritical

You have turned yourself into not only a sex slave but you're showing women are only good for is to be a sex slave and a domestic servant.. and if she has an education that is even better because she becomes even more marketable

Oh that's right you're a single "independent" woman who relies on her children and friends and family to keep her afloat

And you have a bevy of lovers that you keep to yourself because somebody has to get you off.. how many single independent mothers have that situation going on but they claim they are so Pious chaste..

So what's left for women.. I don't know I can't wait to see it.

I hope you have the freedom to recreate yourself not become a clone of everyone around you

Stepford wife

in British English


informal, derogatory

a married woman who submits to her husband's will and is preoccupied by domestic concerns and her own domestic appearance

The Stepford wives do only what their husbands want.

before you condemn anyone person, place or thing about what people do to defend themselves or preempt, you better go waaaay back into your files of search engines, emails and clandestine actions you thought were "secret" to you and remember, the system can leverage your hypocrisy along with your nauseating wide eyed oh i am so innocent routine and use YOU AS AN EXAMPLE.

remember, the system is always watching everything you do.

that is why i stay away from the wars of resistance and idealogy.. ALL OF US HAVE BEEN LEVERAGED OR could be leveraged, esp when they know your weaknesses..

you thought your vpn or incognito "protected" you.. wait until you come out publicly with your assumptions about the war or you falling for temptations..

you will get the govt smackdown on you.. lol

help the govt destroy yourself and family and they will leave you alone.. or help people "help themselves" using science, not assumptions, and they will leave you alone..

I'm always in defense of myself and I don't condemn anyone defending themselves. Just make sure you're defending yourself and not somebody else.

Then ask the question why are you defending yourself because who is attacking you.. did you let them in your house in your body in your mind and your spirit.. and so if I've allowed people in my body Mind and Spirit there's no room to complain but I'll still defend myself. But I condemn no one out there for what they have to do to defend themselves because I don't know the full story.

But I will notice what people do to put themselves in positions to always be in defense and suffer and die from defending themselves thus turning to offense and predatory behaviors..

I even noticed what I do which is why I stay on my own. And I don't message people and I don't get into conflicts with people. I avoid the situation.

But I will take notice of what people say and do and report on it without confronting them. Just social commentary about the world out there

Religious resistance is no different than actually having a religion of resistance which means there's nothing to resist just walk away..

If you don't believe in a religion just walk away from spirituality and everything

So that way you don't inadvertently replace one thing with another

What if all the crazy sexual predation is what made women beautiful and maybe a little f***** up and Men beautiful and a little bit f***** up..

Then we developed very intelligent beautiful women and men who weren't f***** up and predatory and we have a beautiful human race

But we have to get rid of the f***** up people through climate change and then Only the Strong would survive and hopefully many of them were beautiful and balanced and peaceful without rest in peace

What if the only way to develop a beautiful human race was to go through the Hell in the beginning and then all the cream would rise to the top and then people could choose to be the cream or choose to sink to the bottom

The reason why I say this is because a lot of women in Hollywood have gone through so much Hell and sexual predation and it made them very beautiful.. and so probably why Jimmy Savile and Epstein were what they were and then why Hollywood is what it is and so there will be populations that will go through whatever they go through and be beautiful and then the other part of the population who have no idea what's going on will want to try to be like them and they could never be because they weren't groomed to be..

And to be beautiful and balanced you'd have to go through the pain and suffering of balancing your own hormones without turning to intermediaries and drugs and diets and you'd have to really build up a tolerance to morph while you're still alive


WHEN you must be around people or must have pets all the time, you are looking to get high off their hormones/energy and escape the misery, called your life..

my husband is my drug and I am very careful how much of him I take in, etc.. And vice versa..

My husband is a powerful drug..

so.. now you see why groupthink is deadly.. you are getting high off of whatever energy they offer to you..

drug addicts need ANIMALS family, friends, politics, religion and science to stay distracted.. or they withhold air, food and water from themselves so they feel nothing..


sobriety is the new world..

drugs used to be the "genius" until we went overboard

sobriety will be the new genius..

And I will tell you sobriety is brutal if you're not prepared to support sobriety correctly and feed it..

But I will never go back to the drug world or the alcohol world.. And I will enjoy animals in the wild not hold them captive for my own enjoyment

Once you survive sobriety you'll never want to be drugged again by anyone or anything


weinstein, Epstein, cosby, r. kelly, allegedy pdiddy, brand, etc used people as muses to leverage their own position and the people to gain artistic ability and market share..

Taylor Swift uses her relationships and failed boy/girl relationships to develop her songs and inspirations

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