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The Future of Males in our Society_Very grim

Right now women are faced with 3 choices 1.Baby mama baby maker/Somebody's sexual plaything 2. Death angel 3. Or they saved themselves.. They don't try to save anyone.. Because we know the road to hell is paved by good intentions.. And taking away people's pain you are taking away their life.

And so the religious people and the atheists are two sides of the same coin, developing very rigid and traditional roles.. The spiritual people the occultist are also following in lockstep with the religious right.

And your children will be sacrificed to the system.. And to the family.. Because you mom never knew any better.. You were slave you became a slave. Through your offspring.

Women you have a choice.. You have a third choice..

Men will be faced with three ways to be from the choices of their mother..

1. Prickish arrogant alpha male.. Who has no respect for women.. Who uses women.. No respect for himself or anyone around him.. And extremely sexual to the point of harming other people to get what he wants..

2. Subservient male who is a mama's boy. Who only listens to his mother. And that's it, and even his wife does not hold any kind of influence in his life. And a combination of both being an alpha male who is subservient to his mother.. Treating his wife and his women like shit.. .as he only worships his mother.. mommy dearest

“Mother dearest” was a popular expression from about 1840 to 1930.

3. Or a male who finally releases those demons and saves himself, not following those outcomes because of how his mother raised him or did not raise him..

Right now males are being phased out.. Because they can't evolve and the women in their life and the men in their life refuse to let them evolve.

I've dealt with so many men who told me very violent words.. And I didn't even bring up the male position.. I just introduced change..

And boy, were they ready to string me up. Calling me a witch bitch..cabbitch because the females around them radicalized them..

That's how influential women are.. Because they trained people to use them and make them destroyers of evolution

Future thinking.. Imagine your sixteen year old at your age suffering or not even existing.. Think about that gen x and millennials .

Will your kids be lucky enough to see the age you are right now.. And if they're lucky enough are they going to be suffering astronomically from predisposed issues. Future thinking was never really built into the population..

Maybe it's time to build in future thinking. Men never had to evolve because they were given their position.. They were given the power.. They were given the wealth.. Assuming their body mind and spirit could handle the stress of blue collar and white collar work..

And the mother's will destroy her sons.. Because she will keep him traditional.. She won't let him go outside the lines . Her politics her religion and her science won't let her.

She will cater to her son.. And he will feel entitled..

And you know many mothers are like that.. They worship their sons. And their sons don't survive .. Or they get bitten by the sex demon and they're gone.. They have to raise a family and are slave to everything.. And then they fall apart.. And they feel depressed because they are trapped....

And when men are trapped... They leave or they do drugs and alcohol..

It's the women.. Who have the power to destroy or set free without rest in peace.. It's the mothers..

Now observe the men out there.. No observe their arrogance . Their arrogance was developed by the mother.. Because she catered to his every need.. He never did any wrong.. And so his arrogance bleeds over into his sons and daughters..

That's what we're trying to breed out of the population.

The Arrogance.. Entitlement.. Intolerance..

How many men will hate me for saying this..

That's my point.

I am already expecting women not to like me for saying these things.. Because for centuries you've been given power and told you did no wrong.. And so in turn you do the same thing to your kids..

The system is holding you accountable.. You get to see what you developed in your family..

You get to watch how intolerant your child is to the environment as well as to diversity..

You were given that power to destroy.. So that's why i'm not impressed with your grandchildren and children...

Because what are you developing.. What are you instilling into your child.. What are you instillling into that family unit..

Anybody can make a baby who has the parts and are relatively fertile..

Very rarely, does somebody raise a child who can survive the conditions and are tolerant of the world they live in.. And I mean that spiritually I mean that in body and in mind..

What are you forcing the world to tolerate and deal with..

What kind of archaic traditions are you forcing the world to deal with in your child and family.. g flip and Chrishelle now you see where the system is going and the roles of women are changing to stay the same.. eye candy, performer, etc.. ie sex slave If women do not fight for their own life, they will fight to take down all life..

When I literally am up against that..

I leave the war..

I'll drop pamphlets..

But I will not spend the time fighting to save you.. I've already saved myself..

But you deserve another choice in the matter..

That's my duty to women and men..

that is the role the system forced you into. And when womben are taking antibiotics and surgeries .. Pills powders and supplements..

They are teaching the men and the women and their children how to disrespect their body mind and spirit.. And to also disrespect their own family.

And women are teaching the world how to disrespect her body, mind, spirit, and family. She is teaching the world how she wants to be treated by her example.. She is teaching disrespect to her body mind and spirit..

And then justify it..

Women hold all the power..

Just watch the women on your facebook...

I don't care how influential their man is..

It's the women.. Remember the women raise the boys.. The men who disrespect women raising the boys were raised by women who allowed herself to be disrespected by the men in her life.

Women you need to do better.. Alpha males watch out.. high testosterone can cause more damage to the male. But the way he releases to temper his testosterone also needs to change..

While alpha males can be extremely attractive.. They are very hard to control.. Alpha males are extremely intelligent highly manipulative.. And usually get their way if a female does not know her own boundaries..

Alpha males look for the weakness in women.. But on the other side of it, he also gets played by the powerful women who are powerful destroyers.. She will find his weakness and she will capitalize on it.. And destroy herself and him and her own family.. And he will cow tow to her.. Because she will use her sexual abilities to keep him in line.. Alpha males have relatively hot women.. To keep them under the spell.. And in turn she allows him to rule everything.. She has trained him to destroy her.

Most men in the US and Europe could be infertile by 2045 and 2060, according to a new study

In fact, if the data on sperm counts is extrapolated to its logical conclusion, men will have little or no reproductive capacity from 2060 onwards. The most rational explanation for the decline in male reproductive health is the changes in the environment. Current research suggests that the male fetus is particularly susceptible to exposure to pollutants and so changes that occur early in fetal life can have a very significant effect on the adult.

The results were as clear as they were surprising.

Module 52 So there is an actual biological reason why most men don't look at my information.. Why only a few men can consider this information. It's not because they're female.. It's not because there are less of a man.. Because they have the ability to reason that they must evolve to survive. They can't allow certain genes to stop them from releasing.. They must have the ability to deal with transcription.. And learn new things.. From a biological and socio economical sense..

Training your boys to be alpha males you will develop destruction in their future.. But it doesn't mean to become a beta male soy boy..

It just means they must learn how to intellectually and intelligently evolve.. Assuming the mother and the father allow that to happen..

Elevated Testosterone Kills Nerve Cells - ScienceDaily

Herbalists with natural and synthetic antibiotics using the heavy spices and supplements will develop neurological issues in their family if not already in their boys as they are susceptible and they could be developing future autistic offspring.. or future men with neurological issues..

And if that mother encourages her son to go get married and have a child.. She will find a woman of her son's stature with the same belief systems and the pandora's box becomes opened.. Now it'll be a crap shoot what that child will end up to be.. And in this day and age it's not promising..

When you really think about it, it's the mothers who develop autism in their children in the remedies herbalists world.. In the antibiotics world.. I mean every therapy out there is a factor.. Because these therapies develop antibodies.. But so do the herbalists out there.. And there really is no regulation on herbs against disease, especially if the mother does not know what she's doing. And even if she does know what she is doing, she will still blame somebody else. They always do.. The system gave them a platform to blame.. So they never have to take accountability for their part in the aggressive depopulation agenda.. The irony is the activist women out there are against everything out there except for their own methodologies.. They can't even exam their own methodologies as a major factor in why their children are ending up very weak and intolerant.. And why children die suddenly..

Maybe it's all the ivermectin you recommended to that mother.. Maybe it was the starvation diet you recommended to your friend.. Maybe it was all the heavy spices you promoted as a natural remedy against the evolution, the life in your body..

The irony is.. The alternative health and wellness market have compounded the issues already developed in the allopathic world.. And of course, the alternative health and wellness world don't like to feel the pain of release.. And so they harbor so many demons inside, and their children are full of demons and torturous disease.. Which keep getting compounded every single time their disease gets treated with something every time their child is starved of the necessary nutrients to give them the ability to trigger their immune system..

And in the meantime their children are being eaten alive from the inside out.. That's the oroboros. In order to develop properly, the brain requires the intricate interconnection of genetic factors and pre-and postnatal environmental events. The gut–brain axis has recently raised considerable interest for its involvement in regulating the development and functioning of the brain.

Vasectomy leading to future dementia.. And of course no evolution..

Which is right on point, why mostly it's women who consider my information and men just dabble with it.

There are rare occurrences which a man will actually introduce and understand my information.. Right now, there are 2 men in the J world out of 300 million people in the United States who might actually understand where I'm coming from. Maybe they have less damage to their body mind and spirit as far as the medical holistic system. When you have less damage it's not as painful to evolve.. Because when you cognitively understand.. You will have a better chance translating your intellectual ability to your body and your spirit..

And many wives are jealous of other women and will not allow their man to listen to my information.. She has to be the god.. To her husband and her children and everyone in her world.. She's the queen bee.. If she perceives anyone to destroy her family her unit, she must be the one to do it, not anyone else.. She must be the one to introduce change.. She does not allow outsiders to come in at all.. And I don't blame her..

I just hope she is intellectually intelligent enough to save herself.. And that in turn potentially even give her family half a chance.. But if her husband is very influential.. She's second fiddle.. She won't introduce any kind of change.. Because her husband rules the roost.. And she allows him to.. When women don't take a stand for their own identity.. They will allow their husband and man to destroy her.. And he will allow her to destroy herself.. And the rest of the family.. Systematically.. Through fda approved protocols.

Why are men having to disfigure themselves.. Because they have urgent sexual needs.. And their wives have urgent sexual needs.. And when you have urgent sexual needs, you will disfigure yourself to stop Pregnancy..

Researchers reported an association between vasectomy and primary progressive aphasia (PPA—a rare variety of frontotemporal dementia) in a 2006 manuscript in Cognitive Behavioral Neurology detailing a case–control study that compared 47 men with the disease to 57 controls.1 The rate of vasectomy in PPA patients was 40% (19/47) vs. 16% (9/57) in normal controls. This difference met statistical significance (P=0.02). The study also found that there was a younger age of PPA onset for patients who had undergone vasectomy (58.8 vs. 62.9 years; P=0.03). And that's why men are being phased out in the future.. Because they are phasing themselves out..

They choose not to evolve.. And their wives and daughters support non evolution in their parents and husbands and brothers..

And in turn, the female will have a better chance of surviving and the males will die off.. Or become vegetables.. With major neurological conditions.

The indicators are there.. It's happening.. It's been happening.. The hybridization of diversified phenotypical characteristics come from the diversity in the population.. nature and nurture develop all types of phenotypical characteristics..

How did we get big burly men.. We also know geological location and survival mechanisms develop certain characteristics that are distributed into the population.. And then fertility treatments and lab experiments developing the perfect male relative to the intention..

On the other hand you get the perfect female.. She has specific characteristics that are extremely attractive to the sexual population.. And so those characteristics are bred into the population for a very specific reason..

That's why there are so many hot women out there.. That's why men don't even have to get married nowadays.. They can just stay single and screw everything until they die..

But, there's something to be said for a mature relationship which is also being phased out..

The men and women in our society are degrading neurologically.. And so holding on to mature relationships are very difficult.. If at all possible.. Many people stay together because of the kids until they can't any more.. Once the kids are gone if they even survive raising the kids together. People split up..

Because the kids sort of kept them together..

As far as the slave trade.. The white and black slave trade.. And world war two.. The Na zi human experiments.

All the different slave trades gave the powers that be a plethora of DNA to use and work from..

Once you can acknowledge you have been part of a vast experiment.. Your lifestyle your belief systems everything you've come to know ARE IN QUESTION..

Maybe you can reprogram yourself with whatever gifts that were given to you and what you choose to take on through your mind and in your environment. If you have that ability that genetic ability to evolve..

And they're saying most men have the genetic inability to evolve.. For many different reasons.. Nature and nurture..

But I will say if there are some men in the population who can evolve, potentially even consider my information.. Without wholly rejecting it.. Men might have a chance to evolve.. Assuming they get away from the deadly destroyers in their world..

But again, it's who the men respect the most, and who the men listen to the most will determine their survivability..

And it's not always his wife.. It could be the women in the system.. Who collectively promote a belief system..

In many cases the wives have no voice in her man's world.. It could be other men's wives who believe in the collective belief systems their man follows.

Who the man listens to will determine his survivability.. If he can get out of his own way..

Quite interesting the dynamics out there..

What is a hybrid phenotype? The cross between two different homozygous lines produces an F1 hybrid that is heterozygous; having two alleles, one contributed by each parent and typically one is dominant and the other recessive. Typically, the F1 generation is also phenotypically homogeneous, producing offspring that are all similar to each other.

When you develop therapies to destroy microbes.. Especially in the immunology department.. That department is a reflection of the population who wants to destroy microbes by any means necessary..

Using microbes to destroy microbes.. Is like pitting one gang against the other.. Mutually assured destruction..

But that's not any different than what the herbalists do out there pitting microbes against microbes..

If there weren't herbalist out there.. trying to quell disease and destroy life.. You wouldn't have immunologists to develop Pacman or Asteroids or Centipede type video game methodology of destroying a person's ability to evolve.. No different than laser weapons in the doctor's office or the military..

You asked for this type of therapy.. In a lab or in a garden..

When people stop destroying life and they gently and even emphatically release life out of their body. They have a chance to mature their parent cells. Not keep developing juvenile cells who are chaotic and extremely aggressive.. Just like the children who have no parental regulation..

Like lord of the flies.. children raising children.

Doctor fauci is not the problem. Bill gates was never the problem..

Both men were used as a tool as a scape goat.. Because mothers out there could not take personal responsibility for the destruction of their own children. When you're giving children elderberry syrup.. You might as well give a nod to the immunology department.. Developing synthetic protection..

Wearing a mask is not an issue unless you already have a problem with release.. But then taking on ALL the therapies you still have a problem with release. Or you wouldn't be using any therapy at all if you understood how to release literally organically.. It's in my book..

Blaming a mask or a therapy for your inability to release and evolve.. It's no different than a person blaming a spoon for their obesity.. It's not the spoons fault It's not even the foods fault..

It's the person's lack of evolution and release process.

Traditionalist will be the death of their culture. Even if it's just themselves..

That's the common theme in all cancer disease and chronic illness and auto immune disorders..

That person has been conditioned to weaken their immune system from working the way it's supposed to.

Because they are part of collective lab experiment.. Even in the holistic world..

That's why children will have an issue with surviving in the new world.. The parents are collectively weakening their own children's immune system.

I think kids are great.. But they are also in for some fucking suffering. As the climate keeps becoming more aggressive.. Their immune system will force itself to work.. And when the immune system finally works the way it's supposed to.. Not only is it painful.. But many people don't survive their own immune system trying to work the way it's supposed to after so many years of their immune system being atrophied by the medical holistic system.. It's been a collective effort to take down humans.. It's been a collective effort to take down humans to their knees.

Begging for their life back..

As much as I like children and I like hanging out with him.. I know what they're in for.. And that's hard to watch. Just like you guys watching me deal with my animal.. When I was trying to save her.. By not treating her which could then cause more suffering.

When you watched me with my animal it's like me watching you with your children..

That's what it's like to watch deficient things try to survive. It's fucking hell.

This is why mom's must try to discourage their children from having children.. It's already hell for the parents.. Because of predisposed issues passed down.. Imagine what it's like for the grandchildren trying to survive an aggressive environment with deficiencies..

Now watch your Facebook..

Suffering.. Astronomical suffering. Hidden by fake smiles.. And toxic positivity. Wear blue Constructive interference happens when two waves overlap in such a way that they combine to create a larger wave. Destructive interference happens when two waves overlap in such a way that they cancel each other out.Apr 3, 2016

Read the youtube description that copper turns blue when it oxidizes and that is why the roofs are blue and escaped the dews..

International deployment to fight the fire wars People are flown in from all over the world to fight these fires.. Can you imagine the suffering from breathing in all the smoke and potentially even dying..

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