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The Game

Have you not figured it out. You're in another puzzle ..

The question is.. Will you survive it


Conundrums are puzzles to be put together figured out and discovered how the end result became to be.. It's working backwards from the outcome to the intention..

Sometimes you can't prove intention until you see the same outcomes happen with different intentions..

It's a brain teaser using real people.. Real situations.

Your whole world is a huge one huge brain teaser.. You see so many people trying to solve the intricasies of life and how to survive the riddle of the life they live..

Some people think they have it all figured out because they happen to fall within the social acceptable parameters of survival.. They think because they beat the odds.. They did it without help so to speak.. What they haven't figured how it is .. Whatever achievements you think you've made were only good for what the system needed from you..

And now your time is up unless you can beat the odds yet again and figure out the intentions to the system that is NOT readily obvious .

The game has changed ..

the riddle again needs to be solved in your own world..

You're in another puzzle ..

And it's not what you think.. The old ways the old world is going down the drain..

 If you want to beat the odds.. It is an extremely painful venture..

However if you want to leave this world to "pain free".. The system will give you almost everything you could possibly want. They will give you pleasure.. They'll give you paradise. They'll give you skinny body. Justification to starve yourself. Spirituality. Beautiful clothes. All the drugs and alcohol you could possibly want. All the friends and family to surround you.

Until the seasons change.

When the seasons change.. Mother nature takes her due.. The devil takes her due.

All of what you have came at a price. Beauty . Pleasure.. Paradise.. Financial success. Came at the price of your life


A riddle

A riddle whose answer involves a pun. For example, "What's the difference between a jeweler and a jailer? One sells watches and the other watches cells".

A problem

An intricate and difficult problem. For example, "He is faced with the conundrum of trying to find a job without having experience".

A question

A question or problem that has only a conjectural answer. For example, "Life is a conundrum" suggests that life is puzzling, confusing, or full of complexities.


This video is yet another riddle.. Right on the heels of the super bowl.

I don't even need to prove the riddle . I Already know the riddle..

I fucking lived it..

I understand why people need to go and explain all the connections made.

I know the games that are being played..

You get the luxury to disbelieve everything..

You get the luxury to think everything is organic..

When you realize nothing is really organic really..

You stop feeding into the bullshit.. You stop claiming you have it figured out as far as success , fame and fortune and beauty..

Because that was just one game.. And the system gave you all of the materials for that game to be won..

Be careful claiming victory..

What exactly do you think your victorious in..?

I saved myself.. It was fucking painful.. And knowing what I know doesn't make me a winner.. It makes me sad for many people.

Because you can't solve or correct the problem.. Only in yourself. And that doesn't offer people alot of hope because they're looking for something they can do easily.

Saving yourself is not easy.

You also have to admit everything you have done to yourself. And then look at every single side of the story out there without claiming an enemy.

You'll understand why people do what they do. But you can't fault them for it.

All of us have been held over a barrel.

It's time .. To correct yourself

And IF saving yourself means dying in your programming, beautiful and gorgeous. And no one knows the wiser of anything.. Your kids are gorgeous and allegedly successful..

More power to you..

That's what the system wanted you to adopt so your kids don't know anything better.. And they will follow you.. Follow your traditions.. Your dreams.. Until the seasons change..

But I had to figure out some stuff.. Like seriously I had to figure out some stuff..

No matter how much you want to blow up someone's world..

It's not yours to blow up..

No matter how much you want your friends and family to wake up to whatever it is you think they need to be awake to.

It's not your world to blow up for them.

No matter how tempting it is to blow up people's world..

It's not your responsibility to blow up other people's world..

That's the hardest fucking lesson ever.

Reactivism is torturing yourself thinking you have the power to blow up the world.. No.. you are just an ass when you troll other people trying to wake them up.

That's why I stay in my facebook and I block certain people.. I'm not making it easy to blow up their fucking world.. No matter how much I want to give my side

It doesn't even matter anymore..

There's only one person in my past that if they asked me questions I will give them the answer. The most honest answer.. That's it..

One person. And I doubt that person will ask me any questions because it's too late. It doesn't even matter..

So if you've paid attention to all of my posts the last week or so.. The last month..

Maybe you might solve that riddle.. If you understand it is ALL about sexuality and programming. Then spirituality and religion with politics and the scientific protocols sustaining that product.. of family and aggressive sexuality..

I'm afraid of americans.. I'm afraid of the world.. David bowie knew.. He fucking knew..

Why we have a billion hot chicks and sexually charged people. Why people are in excruciating pain right now. Chasing pleasure..



Save yourself.


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