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The gifts the curses the spells.. all get passed down to your offspring..

The gifts the curses the spells.. all get passed down to your offspring..

You want to give Your kids a chance.. Change way you do things mom and dad..

Children take cues from their parents..

The only way the kids have a future if the parents changed the way they do things.. If not your kids are like your pets.

they're only here temporarily to give you social capital.. To feed you.. Until you starve yourself to death.. And then they will soon follow thereafter.. That includes your grandchildren.

Just look around you.. If you haven't changed grandma or parents.. What chance do your children have . Bone breakage at any age is a sign that your body is deteriorating the infrastructure is going downhill. When kids are breaking bones like grandma and grandpa.. You see them deteriorating faster in this environment. They will have a hard time navigating and Converting energy.. Prior to 2 weeks ago I can bet you when I was really sick and I didn't go on Facebook live in here but maybe in the kitchen and I'm moving around you couldn't see any orbs around me because i was moving around...

When I was really sick I never went on Facebook live. I came back on when I felt relatively better.. And I had a hard time eating.. It was difficult to eat food while being sick..

Now, When I am sick going through an energy conversion I don't even feel like i'm sick..

The difference between me and most people.. when it comes to being sick from an energy conversion.. I get extremely hungry and I eat and I sleep..

When you get sick in the matrix.. You stop eating and you barely drink you barely eat.. And so you starve and starve and starve until nothing's left..

Eating is only painful to those who are already at deficits sick or not.. I was sick the last two weeks when I felt like I was drunk.. But guess what I was energetic I was eating and I took naps when I needed to and I wasn't under mental fog.. I was on every single day..

Those of you who have been sick you stop eating . That's why you are deteriorating.. That's why your children will deteriorate.

You are teaching starvation to your children.. Because you mom and dad are starving to death.. The aging process is starvation.. Slow starvation.. But it will be fast for some people.. Those little orbs are like little fairies and demons angels and demons.. Casting spells giving gifts. applying curses.

Obesity emaciation pain.. Those are the gifts the curse and the spells those little orbs of energy cast on your body as they make their way in.. You must have a very strong immune system to repel the curses and to gently apply the gifts and to assimilate to the spells..

When the weather changes or the frequency shifts.. When the weather gets hotter or colder.. Every single pain in your body are those angels and demons waking up.. And you won't tell the difference between them because remember you have been told that pain is bad.. And so you're told to cure it.. You're told to surgically take it out.. You're told to anesthetize it.. And you're told to transplant it with somebody else's curses gifts and spells..

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