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The Grand Unified Theory_G.U.T. Theory

The Grand Unified Theory

Everything is connected..

The system turned everyone into a hitler or a charles manson through love and hate and remedies..

That's why it's cleaning itself up.

When you radicalize people to target a person place specifically.. You act like charles manson radicalizing people to destroy other people.. Charles manson didn't do a lot of that killing..

He had his women to do that for him.. His women were brainwashed.. And they were deadly..

I had every right to be fearful of the minions of these charles manson's out there on youtube and facebook.. Because I remember the nineteen sixties and that was born in nineteen seventy four.

I know how idiotic people can be when they're radicalized.. That fucking radicalized.

How many of you are radicalizing people against a person place or thing acting like charles manson..

I was not the aggressor back in twenty seventeen. I was protesting those who were charles manson radicalizing their minions to come after me and stalk me like a two bit predator..

If that's what you're doing.. If you're radicalizing people against a person place or thing or idea.. You have been charles mansonified.

If you're making money off of destroying somebody who was never convicted in a court of law.. You're like a charles manson..

Charles Manson was the charismatic radicalizing his minions to destroy people through mlms. And even hate and love..

That's why the nineteen sixties was everything..

They turned many of us into predators against our family and friends and society.

If you're preaching about love and hate to your downline.. How is that any different than charles manson.

If you're all about victimizing women by trying to get them in bed and snow them and lie to them.. How is that different than charles manson..

If you're so legalistic in your religion.. How are you any different than charles manson.

If you're trying to save people by selling them remedies supplements and surgeries and drugs and alcohol and crazy amounts of sex..

How are you not any different than charles manson..?

He was the epitome of a cult LEADER all of you have been modeled after..

That's how integral the nineteen sixties was..

Turned everyone into hitler charles manson who loves people to death.. Wanting to save them..

How many cult leaders are so gorgeous you can't resist them..

How many of you have not changed since two thousand twelve.

sirens this morning....many sirens this morning.. more "angels" getting their wings, so to speak..

Some people will only stay with you for 60-80 years and if they choose to go, you let them go.. and save yourself.. what most people do is fight to keep other people around and destroy themselves in the process resisting the intentions of their loved ones.. which is how families and friends self annihilate ..

The GUT or Grand Unified Theory is basically merging together all that was disconnected.. Merging together fiction and non fiction and finally everything become ONE..

Politics, Religion and Science becomes the same story and you can choose to hold on to the past and die with the past and be the human sacrifice or fight to live and forge into the future making up, positive/negative, which is ONE..

NEO..relative equilibrium

No matter who lives or dies the dead and the living are still part of the whole..

You just choose where you want to end up...

You can dress up the afterlife any way you want to.. You already see what's going on in this life. You can make it as ugly or as beautiful as you want. It's a known factor.

When you're dead, do you have that latitude to make the dead world as beautiful as the alive world.. Because again people develop their own world they live in..

But when you are dead do you get that latitude..?

It is a major unknown.. Death is a major unknown .

But if you don't want to think about that , then you do everything you can and to enjoy the life you have until you die suddenly if you get the luxury of not feeling any pain..

That's why the system does what it does. Because suffering is not acceptable in this society, ever unless you choose to suffer without anyone putting their hands on you.

And if they put their hands-on you and make you suffer. There are many reasons why such as the surgery system and the medical holistic system..

I want to live so I will suffer through my own predisposed issues.. And make my world beautiful.

And I will not hold anyone back from escaping to the after life. Because the suffering is too much..

I understand..

Normal: mortal

Abnormal: Immortal

Hayflick limit or Hayflick's phenomena is defined as the number of times a normal cell population divides before entering the senescence phase. Macfarlane Burnet coined the term “c limit” in 1974.

if you have "abnormal"/immortal cell replication, it is your time to evolve.. if you choose to resist evolution, death from natural causes is expected, inevitably..

hayflick discovered humans could be immortal given normal cells are your "first lives" in this world, and you could have a "second" life if you understood how to support evolution.

Walking pneumonia.. Mycoplasma is like your understudy, letting you know it's time to evolve to a second lifetime.

Mycoplasma pneumonia are the new immortal germline cells.. And if you want to live a second life.. You have to learn how to assimilate to that beast and kick out what the body is trying to push out..

And what you call demon and beasts is all relative to how you want to characterize any kind of struggle.. But you're still left with what you're supposed to be left with if you're still alive.. People die longer.. Because their first life is deteriorating so aggressively.

You must learn how to straddle both worlds and eventually step into the new world..

And you can call your old world demons. You can call your old self demons.. And then get to know your new self..

You are not a demon until you pass away.. Stepping to the other side.. And that's why people see ghosts and some people also call them demons. They're recognizing the old world trying to take over the new world. And the ghosts/demons don't have the strength to possess what isn't theirs.

People give themselves back to the old world.. They choose to pass away.. They were told they must pass away. Through all the unconditional love and religion.

And that's why love and hate are 2 sides to the same coin because people destroy each other and themselves through love and hate.. And intolerance is part of the love and hate mentality.

People think if they love something enough they could wear it down and make it theirs .. People think if they hate something enough they can wear it down and make it theirs.

It's all about possession and ownership when you love and hate people ... That's why you have all the religions politics and scientific dogmas.. And why people chase relationships.. They want to own something or be owned..

Grey's Anatomy was showing us how the system wore you down through love hate operations religion and relationships and gurus.. They also showed you how quick it is a person can become incoherent.. They went to that hospital for reason , and then everything happened at that hospital that would have happened at home..

The demons are your old self that you resist trying to kick out.. It's your body deteriorating . Trying to take down as many people as possible through your dogmatic principles..

That's why I don't get involved with people's politics religions or science dogmas.. I have no reason to self medicate myself because i've already released the dying part of myself..

I have no interest to keep the dying part of myself in my body , mind or spirit.

When people can't let go, they die..

When you can't let go a friend's and family you died with them..

When people can't let go of the past they die with the past.

Grand unified theory..

Everything is connected

Fiction is nonfiction

Non fiction is fiction

Choose your own adventure..

You can live in your fiction world and choose what is fiction..

You can live in your nonfiction world.. And choose what you think is non fiction.

And the kicker is.. And the freedom is..

You get to choose. And when you choose you can't bitch about the outcomes..

Ha boom.

Predictive programming

We are living grey's anatomy

A kid walks in with a mother accusing him of being on drugs because of certain behavioral changes..

He tests negative..

All of a sudden he blurts out something crazy.. And now he's in a life or death situation needing to be operated on..

Another patient walks in with hiccups.. And dies..

It's like i'm watching the stories in the died sudden groups, while watching grey's anatomy..

Is it a coincidence because of acting and 40 min storylines, and you have to put all situations together even if it doesn't seem like they should be put together..

There is nothing coincidental..

My perspective

What if they were trying to warn us that this is what's going to happen in the future...

You are coherent one day and incoherent the next moment.

You were bred for a certain kind of world..

Some might survive the transition others will not survive the transition.

Holy shit.

Binge watching some of these NETFLIX series that were on PRIME TIME terrestrial TV twenty years ago, is like aggressive particle acceleration and you see the points they are trying to make much faster and you're also seeing the eery similarities in the storylines and what is going on in real life..

Now you can't tell the difference between TV and true life because they have finally became one..

Actors are not reptiles.. Some don't even know that they were used as a tool.. Used as a representation of the current world and the future..

Some of the writers were exposed to some of the esoteric knowledge and wrote about it.

And now you can't tell the difference between your friends and family and the actors on TV because they are the same people.

Everyone is playing a part with the script they were given ever since day one..

You are in greys anatomy right now.

Yeah right now it's crazy.. The energy is insane.. This is why you don't want to mix with too much diverse company. People are unhinged for whatever reason.. And they're highly triggered.

This is in north canton.. An economically desirable area.. But mental illness does not discriminate. And everyone is packing heat.. I'm glad i'm able to pack heat , but I only use it to defend myself my home..

I would never want to be caught at home with no protection.

So I just stay out of the public for the most part.. i shop only early in the morning when everyone is sleeping.. Or my husband and I shop together..

This world is not the same..

We judge people because we recognize danger within ourselves and within them..

Judgment means we recognize danger somewhere and we don't know where to place it..

It's hard to place the danger with ourselves. Because we think we're doing the right thing..

But when you say you don't judge people and then you judge people who judge, you are judging them..

You recognize there's danger somewhere and it's within you if you can see it..

I don't want to love people.. I don't want them to love me.

Then you turn into a cult leader..

That's when you're so fixated on validation that you'll sacrifice your body mind and spirit and your first born to be validated by the world..

And when people love you they will also destroy you with their love..

The road to hell and death is paved by good intentions..

And by unconditional love..

The road to hell is paved by unconditional love..

And I've had so much unconditional love from sooo many people. And yes right now we're all in hell. Because of all the good intentions.. Remember the medical and the holistic system is a good intention paved by unconditional love that is causing the hell we're all in right now.

Peace out.

I hope you survive the hell you're in..

Remember friends and family provide you unconditional love.. Or they wouldn't be your friend and family..

And people are suffering astronomically from that unconditional love..

And yet they can't leave it. They need more of it.. They can't get enough..

That's the greed of our society manifesting in biological outcomes..

2030 = 5


5 books of moses..


how many of you are cycling through your lifelines so fast??

Will gen x live to see deuteronomy..

Much less every other generation out there burning through their lifeline so fast..

6 years Of hell..

I hope you set yourself up for it to survive. I hope you are setting your kids up for surviving this..

Six years of pure hell.

Literal pure health/hell

This climate change global warming is the hell we're going into and in..

At least now you have a target date.. You must survive the next six years without suffering from some the major condition..

Six years people.

The book of Deuteronomy is a significant text in Jewish theology. It is a farewell message from Moses to the Israelites, reminding them of the mistakes of the previous generation. Deuteronomy is a reiteration of Jewish laws set out in earlier books of the Torah. It is primarily concerned with monotheism, or the worship of a single deity

People project what they worship.. If they think they are many gods they will worship many gods.. If they think they are one god they will worship that one god..

Whatever you worship is what you project is also the most important and influential, to you and every other convert you have behind you..

And if they think whoever it is they worship died for their sins , then they will die for AND from other people's sins..

That's why religion can be so dangerous.. Who AND what are you worshipping..

But that's also balancing forces of people taking themselves out voluntarily..

You chose to believe what you believe

you'll end up wherever you end up..

Whatever it is you believe you'll end up..

Try not to get caught in the crossfire of people releasing their demons because they will be formidable..

Remember how aggressive I was the last seven years..

The system knew how deadly the purge process was. And that's why you have stay home stay safe, delivery services and also therapies in case you needed that support..

This is just the beginning..

You saw preview the last three years..

It's only going to get worse.

Change doesn't happen instantaneously.. Some people don't survive changes.. But if you have body to you and you can handle pain and suffering.. and you support your body correctly.. Whatever that means..

I wanna give you hope you can survive this process..

And it's a layer by layer process.

If you still think I am stupid.. fine..

it is YOUR funeral

The Grand Unified Theory... everything is connected.. From the Macro to the micro... and the micro to the macro...

the j world.. everything starts and ends with your GUT or grand unified theory (too much gut or not enough = died suddenly)

learn how to balance the microbes in your gut... only you know what diseases you foster and love to hate and hate to love..

you can splinter off your intelligence with children, but will they survive? Will you survive???

If you have NOT figured out everything is connected, your blinders will destroy you..

Your resistance and following people places and things so blindly will destroy you.

His goal was to describe all physical phenomena—from the smallest subatomic particles to the entire universe—under the umbrella of a "Grand Unified Theory." He never succeeded. But Einstein's dream did not die with him; the quest for the Grand Unified Theory is one of the hottest topics pursued in physics today.


you still think I am stupid.. fine..

it is YOUR funeral

as the environment speeds up, so will all lifelines be sped up and used up in both animals/children

milk, meat, cheese, carbs, gluten, fruits, veggies, sugar, salt , etc is necessary to gain more lifelines or end up a statue, never evolving and be destroyed by the elements like abandoned buildings destroyed by the elements..

Now you know why children animals and the elderly and the compromised will be sacrificed first because they don't have as many lifelines as middle aged people who aren't fighting too much disease.

Too many people are allergic to food and are in deficit with certain lifestyles that are speeding up the use of their lifelines..

Now we just watch them supernova on facebook..

As the environment speeds up the war drums are accelerating.. Just watch your activist out there trying to ram their remedies and belief systems down your throat.. Watch all the salesman keep trying gain so much customer share..

Watch even the religious people ram the bible and all the scripture down your throat.. I don't care what religion you practice when that is part of your repertoire..

Sped up..

Or you're watching love gurus ram their love down your throat..

Welcome to the nineteen sixties all over facebook..

The grand unified theory..

Indeed. You see what people were trained to do and were programmed to do on an exponential scale..

You're also watching people release their trauma and you support them by staying out of their drama..

Keep being THE representation you can survive all the trauma..

Reality is the ultimate bible..

You're watching everything happen simultaneously..

Keep your head on a swivel and watch the weather..

It's only going to get worse..

rh negs = skinnier (relative)/brains work faster because of the kinetic energy because of the antigen programming (genius levels)

ab a b skinnier brains work even faster because of the antigen programming (genius levels of existence)

however, when so much kinetic energy is in the body in such a highly accelerated environment, those blood types do supernova faster as they try to keep up with the speed of their atmosphere..

which is why pot was used to self medicate to slow down the brain...

I am a blood type o+ which means I keep taking on the information and antigen in the environment, developing antibodies for protection via the food supply and I also MUST release demons so I do not become as big as a house.. and yet still keep intelligence and intellectual capability..

it is a daily process in this environment because of how caffeinated this world is.. I NEVER EVER EVER STARVE MYSELF, WHICH IS WHAT MANY blood type Os do when they see themselves gaining weight extremely fast.. not only are they weakening their blood vessels, but also their vital organs..

my method in my book takes the pressure off the heart and blood vessels and intestine so YOU do not have to strain so hard releasing demons and YOU are not curing the demons in the body with the J juice..

ALLLL FOOD is necessary, esp in this highly highly aggressive environment and feeling the body release via lymph nodes, poop, pee, sweat without forcing the body to do that via intentional catalysts like holistic/allopathic protocols...

and I never ever starve the demons within, i feed them and release them and feel them being released "organically"...

blood type Os will take on many demons via the diverse company they keep.. and blood type rh negs and ab a and b will be deleted faster if they do not learn how to manage the antigen in their blood because that energy is using up their life lines..


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