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The Grass Is Not Always Greener Over There

If someone is actively trying to destroy your bread and butter.. they are NOT YOUR people.... at all!!!!!

That goes for me too.. holistic/allopathic vs the jworld (oil/water)

nowadays.. many many many people are reactive and they listen to rumors and react to them because someone else was in their ear...

if you are a destroyer of reputations and you propagate rumors to justify your choices, BYE..

COMPETITION out there is fierce and people are ruthless nowadays.. and many people cannot differentiate between rumors and facts because of health issues, etc...

be careful who you entertain and I would not believe what they say about a specific person or company...

this is why i do not "entertain" just anyone... it is phucked out there.


it is literally "crazy" out there... do your job, keep to yourself, do not attempt save anyone or put out signals you need saving... predators can sniff out suffering and they will exploit you for their personal gain so they feel comfortable with their extremely reactive choices...

it is ok NOT to be so social with people... people are changing.. and NOT for the better.. the old world is dying.. try not to be sucked into the whirlpool..

live your life/beliefs and let your life and daily/yearly/monthly outcomes be the evidence of why/why not it should be influential in the world..

your job is build evidence of why your lifestyle works for you and it is not your job to convert someone else.. because be/lie/f can be lie to a person who does not understand the full story or sequence of events.

But even then it's not my job to tell you not to convert people. So what's my message..

I see what you're doing.. You see what i'm doing..

Let the best man win.. Let the outcome exhibit our intention..

The grass is not always greener over there..

Maybe learn how to deal with the s*** you have versus try to find something better..

It's not better anywhere else when you keep bringing the same B******* to a different game.

I learned something today..

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