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The Great Purge is Here

April 8, 2024

The Great Purge is Here

Global Warming is Not a Hoax and Climate Change Effects Your Immune System

I have been saying this for some time now, but Climate Change and weather modifications all have to do with infrasound, frequency manipulation, ULF and alpha-numeric script like the politics, religion, and science which effect immunity at all levels. Extremely powerful tornadoes also influence cytokine storms in all people, large or small, in all blood types and all ethnicities and cultures.

Relative to your tolerance level to extreme conditions will be the difference whether or not you survive hurricane, tornadoes, lightning, flooding, earthquakes, hail and even aggressive cancer and diseases avert dying/died suddenly.

There are many ways to activate people's immune system through climate change, frequency and even internal alimentary canal manipulation. ULF, HAARP/CERN/Chemtrails/Contrails, up the nose antigen testing and injections have been the main ones that are visible and invisible. Once people had their immune system activated from one or more or all of the above, you hoped they had enough substance to handle immune system activation and did not die suddenly or contract a fast moving disease that put them on their ass for who knows how long. And you also hoped they survived all the treatments that go along with immune system activation.

What the system is doing now, was what we did in the Jilly Juice world and did not know it. We activated people's immune system that were asleep with the salt, probiotics and food, but we also slammed closed our immune system by pushing the genie back in the bottle. However, after a year or so, we stopped advocating using holistic remedies and eventually stopped using Jilly Juice and we embraced ALL FOOD.

We discovered the demons were in your shit and the angels were in all food and trolls were in the holistic allopathic remedies ready for more the rapie of the immune system. From my evolution, I have bypassed what could have been cancer, disease, chronic illness and even died suddenly. But, it was a brutal fight that some right now are not equipped to handle and so some are dying suddenly today or are suffering, right now actively trying to thin their blood with remedies and what have you.

Fast forward to today, Eclipse/Apocalypse Day. Did you know there is another way to activate a person's immune system without feeling pain right away? It is called the ocular immune system activation and why it is a delayed issue most families are NOT aware of is because there are no real sun/light/frequency pain receptors through the eyes. The issues around frequency vertigo or damage to the retina is it happens days later and you can blame faulty Eclipse glasses, the strobe light effect the weathermen warned us about 20 minutes before the Eclipse and after

and what if those strobe lights are happening 20 minutes before an after EACH state/country area experience it. 13 states times 40min/each state =520 minutes =8 and 2/3 hours. (13)

Can you imagine the delayed effect and flickering strobe light vertigo, etc. Accidents, heart attacks, strokes, seizures, died suddenly, and so many other issues. The clouds yesterday were so bright and reflective over here making it warmer and in some places, the cloud seeding of salt particles are making it colder in other areas.

This is why I am staying home, staying safe in my basement, covering up the windows facing the sun with towels and blankets and closing the blinds and I will NOT be viewing the eclipse or going outside at all. When and if the communication lines go down and the phones are off and the internet is dark, STAY IN SIDE AND DON'T LOOK UP.

STAY IN THE DARK, .. because right now, the light will destroy those who are immunocompromised, unaware and laughing at me.. If the light does not "destroy" one already, they will notice a deterioration in their health, eye sight and cognitive capabilities and then the system will declare another pandemic, and there you go..

join the masses at your own risk..

some of you cannot afford to. I already see one of my facebook friends in Oklahoma puking her brains out, with a massive headache.. She is a slight woman and such a sweety and I really know what she is feeling.

be warned, good luck today..

have a go bag ready and go down my timeline.. do the best you can.. but remember, when those ulf frequencies hit people they could collapse right where you are standing.. are you prepared to do chest compressions and pull them to safety??

The system told you

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