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The Great Purge is Upon Us


Main take away.

What brought you altogether will drive you apart..

That is frequency.. That's climate change.. And if you resist being driven apart , you will die suddenly. Why is that.. Resistance is futile.

You'll be so exhausted trying to release those demons and eat food you will just give up ..

That's what the system wants you to do.. They want you to give up.

If Someone Told You How You Were Going to Die, Would You Stop What You Were Doing and Change Your Behaviors?

When I first introduced the notion humans could potentially live indefinitely, I was told I was crazy. I don't blame anyone for thinking this, as we have accepted death, dying and suffering to die or die suddenly.

But what if we did not have to die? What if our very culture embedded the expectation and even the lifestyle to accept death and dying and even take away suffering to make the death easy and more accessible?

What if being given pleasure, paradise, money, wealth, fame and power kept us in that loop of continuing to buy into death, dying and suffering to die. Through that lifestyle, we brought in so many followers to accept and even covet the lifestyle of death and destruction through beauty, fame, fashion and surgery?

What if I told you how you were going to die and how many of your friends and family were going to die given their lifestyles and beliefs?

So here goes. Like Hansel and Gretel, humans all over the world are given pleasure, social capital, great food and fashion and money to lull them into a false sense of security and their hormones ATTRACTED like minds. Through that attraction was family, companies, inventions, empires and addictions. Over time, the constant sexual reproduction and microbial reproduction coupled with alchemy caused so much pain from all the plaque the immune system had to manage that the system found a way to keep people hooked on drugs/remedies to thin the blood thus taking away pain whilst still advocating family and friends and attraction while causing entropy simultaneously.

As the person felt more pain from the constant diversity, even food became intolerable. Children were born with food allergies, deficiencies and even neurological issues. So the, children grew up to be compartmentalized, radicalized, hive minded and even addicted to drug and remedies and cannabis due to all the pain and suffering.

Fast forward to present day and Climate Change, diversity in the population is malnutrition, sexual orientation, blood types, morbid abundance and wincing emaciation. On top of that, drug addiction, big families, alcoholics, constant dieters and political, and religious radicalization coupled with a few science dogmatic principles of resistance to whatever is "in", like Hansel and Gretel, getting "phat" from all the gingerbread and eating their fill thinking the Candy Canes and yummy food and paradise will last forever, did not realize the Witch or the System was setting them up for a GREAT FALL!!

Well, the unhappy ending to the story of Hansel and Gretel is the Witch was waiting for them to fall asleep with crumbs still on their face to finally throw them into the fire and eat them.

The unhappy ending to the story of humans all over the globe is their drug addiction, resistance to pain and suffering, their malnutrition and resistance to everything has made their blood vessels weaker thus when the Climate Changed causing growth and reproduction their blood vessels would break from too much resistance and not enough resistance, and they would bleed out, or they would die or suffer from heart attacks and strokes and treat themselves to death or suffer cancer, if they were lucky enough to survive diagnosis.

Grim, to the say the least. The humans did not know they were under vast amounts of experimentation and some areas received aggressive ULF frequencies because the general population in that area was super robust while other parts of the country received less aggressive ULF frequencies and so they were none the wiser. They thought through their "resistance" to the latest recommendation on the market, that they were home free. So those who felt "nothing" during these grand experiments thought whatever they did or did not do or doing is keeping them "safe", when in all actuality the system was setting them up for a major fall that some will not survive.

That is APRIL 8 and after, the rapture of ruptured blood vessels will be causing died suddenly, major nosebleeds, brain bleeds, and everything you can think of.

It is happening to kids in Texas, and probably other areas that some parents are hiding from other parents but you might see those symptoms in the Died Suddenly groups, but they blame the V a x, when in reality, they have been subjected to high ULF and did not realize it.

So, you know some of your friends and family died from ruptured blood vessels on compromised bodies and maybe people expected them to pass given their diagnosis, etc.

Once the ULF becomes even more "aggressive" more people who have weak blood vessels, afraid of food and deficiencies will die from a rupture, which is why those who are larger, if you can handle and survive heart attacks and strokes and relieve intestinal pressure, you might have a chance.

Those who are skinnier, you cannot make something out of nothing, you must find a way to gain more substance for the body to convert. Life must change for those who want to survive.

The system's frequencies brought many of you together from alpha-numeric script and invisible ULF, but now, they are punishing everyone with the frequencies and microbially driving everyone apart and if you resist, you will "die" suddenly from that resistance.

The Climate was how they controlled your lifestyle and expectations and beliefs. Once the system started changing the climate and you saw your friends and family drop like flies, that should have been an indicator to start paying attention..

Feeling nothing sets you up to walk into danger.. Feeling something and learning those lessons without remedying away disease might help you get out harm's way..

We are looking at the month of April to be a rupture/rapture and forced to fight newcomers who will "invade" unoccupied homes all over the usa in big cities, small towns and other areas and continents all over the globe, etc..

Which is why you stay home, if possible, do the best you can not to treat disease and start understanding how to pull those demons out of your lower immune system and STOP SAYING FOOD IS POISON MOMMY AND ME GROUPS!!!!


Just a reminder.. Your elderberry syrup you sold to so many people set them up to fail.

All those health remedies people sold to each other set each other up to fail..

Even the cannabis industry set everyone up to fail because their blood is thin.. Once you get off of cannabis, then your blood will get thicker.

But do your blood vessels have the capacity to deal with thick blood..

To get off those addictions you're going to have to suffer heart attacks and strokes.. And many people are not prepared for that.

So they're stuck..

That's why you have to relieve pressure in your intestines to give your blood vessels a chance and you have to eat food . And you can't use things/remedies to force your intestines open . Even jj won't be enough for some people..

Because salt is a cure and it will slam the doors of release closed trapping those demons within..

People must literally condition their lower immune system with their digits to relieve that pressure and give their blood vessels a second chance at life..

That's the world you came from ..

That's why I hated the holistic industry . You guys pissed me off when you kept selling each other remedies..

You set your friends up to fail . I tried to tell you.I tried to warn you .

You already know how I feel about the medical and surgical system.

But the energy healing health gurus were the worst..

Because you thought since it was "natural" it was better.. Natural just means it's packaged in a different way and in a different form of the same type of remedy with the same intention..

But you couldn't even hear that..

And now we're going to see some fucking bullshit in the future .

That's why i'm so sick over all this.. I tried to fucking warn you.

When you around so much diversity people can't handle the offspring and so they're forced to thin their blood so they're not in pain and suffering or developing symptoms of coughing and sneezing and blowing their nose .

That's the remedies market.. That's also why there's a surgical system . To cut out the offspring. Why people have babies.. Because they developed offspring.

That's why when my husband comes home, I have to cough sneeze and blow my nose and sometimes I get hives.. But even the last few days I had a few hives from the climate change..

But i'm willing to suffer for my husband.. Because we built this world together.. We built the world that we live in together and I am loyal.. And I can handle him.. He obviously can handle me..

But I can't handle too much more diversity.. I'm not willing to get sick for strangers or other people at this point

THOSE IN ohio.. you have two days until D-day.

And everywhere else.. There will be so many strangers who will be descending upon your town..

And what happens here will happen everywhere..

What happens during this path of totality will happen all over the world..

You better fucking wake up.

viruses: are diverse microbes with specialized contributions that are brought together by an "invisible force" and that invisible force is "dead" but only is "alive" when the frequencies in that energy influences certain bacteria to do what it is programmed to do, thus called a virus.

Frequencies are invisible called ultra low frequency.. They are also written in alpha numeric code..

And they will either drive people apart.

Or bring them together..

Right now the system is driving people apart.. Through frequency.. invisible and alpha numeric code..

That's called died suddenly and broken ruptured blood vessels..


I solved for x.

x=Invisible and visible alpha numeric frequencies with a particular programming..

That's right I am generation x..

You better believe it..

The system developed frequencies to bring you together prior to climate change through politics religion and science.. Of course pleasure and paradise and money and family and fame and fortune..

The system is intentionally driving you apart.. And if you resist it you'll die suddenly..

That's what's going on.. Next week is a mass ritual..

The system wants you to get together.. Because when they drive you apart you won't survive it.

Yeah , next week is going to be a shit show.. May the odds be in your favor..

Those of you in deficit looking at my information like its entertainment.. You had to change with me to potentially ensure your survival..

Relieving pressure from your intestine via my method outlined in my book and eating all food might give you a chance to repair and relieve pressure in your blood vessels..

your gut/intestine sets the tone for how flexible your blood vessels can be when introduced to invisible energy causing your heart and lungs to expand and contract and you did not even get up..

Your gut is the second brain.. It's what causing your cancer disease and diagnosible conditions. And the fact you're afraid to release the pressure out of your intestines using methods that will tax your immune system is why people won't survive climate change..

People hold those demons inside and expect to survive climate change..

No, you have to condition for climate change.. And it's not through exercise. You had to internally understand how to support heart palpitations and high blood pressure and low blood pressure..

You couldn't be on drugs or alcohol or cannabis..

Or medications..

They set you up to fail . You couldnt afforded to be discriminatory about food..

You needed to meet the milk the cheese , everything..

Blood vessels need aggressive amino acids. Blood vessels need fat.. And you have to release. But you can't force your body to release using remedies.. Not even jj..

You have to understand my methodology.. But people are squeamish.. And they have no capacity for pain and suffering..

Your gut is everything... It sets the tone..

And you have to cough sneeze and blow your nose.. And probably lessen the diversity around you via animals and other humans..

Medical Journals who advocate "exercise" in an highly accelerated environment do NOT factor in the highly accelerated environment and so exercise in a highly accelerated environment may also induce died suddenly.

No different than using vaccines in a highly accelerated environment. Before climate change, vaccines were not so activated, but in a highly accelerated environment all therapies and growth are activated and on turbo charge.

the thicker the blood, the more substance you have to survive aggressive environments, but you must support having thicker blood.

thin blooded people using blood thinners, cannabis and remedies and intolerant to air food and water, have weaker blood vessels, sometimes less body to them..

so, with that said, if you are smoking pot and you have more body to you, you might have a chance to survive, but, you might get a heart attack if you get off the pot, but if you survive it, you have a chance...

that is the risk one must take when getting off of blood thinners, cannabis and all remedies..

can you handle immune system activation???

sudden events can be survivable but, one must have a support system during that period of transition.

Sudden events are scary.. Just watch that episode on doctor phil..

But sudden events are necessary so you can condition for the next world you will survive hopefully.. But if you are elderly.. And you are skinny. You might not have a chance to survive a sudden event.

That's why you have to have some kind of weight to you to convert.. You have to have the strength to push through the thick blood with so much stuff and then also rebuild on the back end..

Which is probably why black people who are larger could probably handle transitioning off the pot versus skinny elderly asian caucasian person who's been on it for years and years and years.

Larger white people who are on the pot could potentially survive immune system activation... Once they transition off the pot..

Everything is a transition..

But you have to have so much food and substance to you to handle energy conversion..

You can't make something out of nothing.

It is the skinny skinny people who have nothing really to convert... Elderly elderly people have nothing to convert. Because their blood vessels are weak.. And I don't know how you can sacrifice so many blood vessels during a frequency change and still survive.

A skinny person would have to eat a bunch of food and feel bloated to push out the demon.. And you would have to feel pain and suffering of gaining that pressure.. You need money to make money skinny people.. In other words you need substance to convert substance..

You can't make something out of nothing.

It's those who have more weight to them and can handle gaining pressure and losing pressure simultaneously , who might have a chance if they can remove those demons within their colom without using aggressive means forcing the body to open.

Those who are larger have substance but you must learn how to convert that substance to your benefit.

It's not the exercise you need to lose the pressure of the weight..

You're just weakening your blood vessels over exerting them.. And with all the situations people are in, some die suddenly in the gym.. Or on the field.

People who are larger..

You have a bunch of s*** in your colon that's metasticizing causing situations.. Causing growth.. Aggressive opposing growth..

People who have cancer and disease and larger are full of nasty shit and they need to release it without forcing the body to release..

You gotta pull out those demons out of your ass literally..

Most won't do it.. Which is why most won't survive..

But I knew that's how exactly I saved myself.. I was not overly obese.. But that beast was kicking my ass.

I had to literally pull it out of my ass.. And it is a conditioning process..

That's why most people don't get this.. Larger or smaller or on some kind of drug use..

Your upper and lower immune system must speak to each other.. And right now people are literally corked up and blocked up . And they're doing work arounds that won't help them in the long run.

Those who are bigger you will only get bigger and bigger until you pop.. Unless you understand how to relieve the pressure.. And sometimes a heart attack or stroke might happen.. But if you survive it that's a lesson to you to relieve the pressure in your colon and cough and sneeze and blow your nose.

The lady on doctor phil was a larger woman.. And she survived whatever she thought she had.

Those who are skinnier you'll get skinnier and age faster and also pop.. If you don't die suddenly..

Next week..

So people who are bigger you might get a heart attack or a stroke and hopefully you survive it..

Those who are really skinny and smaller.. I hope you survive climate change.. I hope you can eat all food and release demons and still survive .

Next week. And assume no communication with the police or ambulance.

Just remember when you get a heart attack and stroke and you survive it.. Once everything goes back online.. You'll be faced with a choice.

Take heart medication and get those crazy ass operations..

Or change your lifestyle... And start pulling out that demon..

in flu ence

in flu enza

influential (frequencies)

High ULF frequency environment will "exercise" your internal immune system and the strong will survive and condition for the environment, while the weak will be "internally" exercised out of existence and suffer from turbo cancers as they keep resisting their internal immune from releasing demons while being told to go the gym and weaken their blood vessels under the guise the weight loss through the gym will "help" them..

the root of the problem is Mr. Hanky in South Park..

Low ULF frequency environment like 20 years ago everyone worshipped cut gym rats until the climate changed

and now they keep watching gym rats collapse on the floor, called DIED SUDDENLY.

We're watching hot moms die suddenly.. Because they're so skinny.. The climate changed. They couldn't handle it .. And some places get different ULF than others..

Just go to the died uddenly groups.. You'll see a pattern..

That's why i'm scared for so many of you.. Because you're under a false sense of security..

You think you are special and immune..

It's only going to get worse.


1= ULF influencing that one particle

2= ULF influencing and attracting two particles

the magic is the invisible ultra low frequency

The Rapture is Ruptured Blood Vessels from Intestinal Pressure

Or a group that gets the invisible ultra low frequency as opposed to other areas that do not..

A control group is a group in an experiment that does not receive the treatment being tested. The control group is used as a benchmark to compare the results of the experimental group, which is the group that receives the treatment.

National Cancer Institute

I'm not saying all people on the spectrum and narrow/neuro divergent people have an issue with intolerance and lack of boundaries

But i've noticed a pattern..

I've noticed there certain personality types that might have a type of narrow/neuro divergence influence that cannot accept any other storyline other than what they were told..

The inability to accept another storyline.. The inability to think outside of their very specific impenetrable programming.. Some have a gift of activism with issues with another thought process and they are articulate..

Others may be stuck in a very specific dogmatic principle such as politics religion or science dogmatic principles..

The issues with certain autistic and neuro divergent behaviors and states of existence is the intolerance and also over stepping boundaries.. Though some learn how to use their facebook as a platform but some cannot help but overstep..

And that's a dangerous place to be in. And you can't tell someone who is on the spectrum to keep their thoughts to themselves off of your facebook . Especially if they think they have license to, because they think they're specific belief is absolutely correct..

That's the dangers of being on the spectrum . How do you control your urge not to be right in other people's world?

How do you control the urge not to be such an activist to the point where you make a problem and something out of nothing by targeting someone.

That's the issue with neurological disorders coupled with behaviors.

And if you think my information is based upon being on the spectrum or autistic.. Using both sides of your brain is not a disorder.

If intelligence and not over stepping boundaries and intellectual capability is a disorder to someone else, we came from a fucked up world..

We normalized lack of intelligence and narrow mindedness for a reason. We normalized compartmentalization.. And we normalized intolerance.. And it shows.

Maybe using both sides of your brain is not a disorder.

Kids are already experiencing blood vessels bursting during the new atmosphere.. You have to respond to them correctly.. Or your kid doesn't survive.

This person is in texas.

I used to have so many bloody noses as a kid.. And I had a few of them the last few years..

Not anymore.. I had to eat so much to make sure I reinforce my blood vessels to handle the barometric pressure changes.. And they are aggressive..

Medicine and herbal remedies thins the blood.. So if the kids are malnourished with weak blood vessels , they will bleed out.. They need the meat the milk the cheese everything.. They need to sleep. And they need a lot of food and they cannot afford to be food intolerant. Children need milk.. They need meat.. They need sugar.. They need gluten carbohydrates.. They cannot afford to have these mothers who are starving them.

I'm not saying mothers are.. But I think a lot of mothers don't understand the importance of food.. Not to give in to a child's intolerance. But to overcome them.. Because that child does not know any better. And some of these mothers are in mommy and me groups that say food is poison.. Only eat organic.. So these kids are starving.. Because their parents are political.

I'm proud of this mother. She had to see it. And you can't force people to eat until they actually understand why they're eating and what they're eating for. You're eating for survival.

You're eating to convert that food into blood vessels that can handle exponential growth and release and retention..

You can't afford to give remedies to your kid and anyone else really in this environment.. It's going to become more aggressive.

People with weak blood vessels will hemorrhage to death in a highly aggressive environment..

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