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The Greed of Agreement is the Demons of Belief

The Greed of Agreement is the Demons of Belief

The demons of agreement.. Addiction to validation.. If you're not repelling people.. You are attracting parasitic energy is that will feed off you. And you'll give up your body mind and spirit to the nearest feeder..

The art of repelling means that you can still put your information out there. But people don't feed off you and you don't let them suck you dry. Because people will suck you dry if you let them. Especially when you are so addicted to agreement.

The power of my world is the discernment to know when to listen to your peers and when to listen to government..

 If you listen to your peers one hundred percent you'll end up in the morgue.

If you listen to your government one hundred percent, you will end up in the morgue..

So what's left..

Ah your ability to discern what people's intentions are . And if you don't have that discernment, you'll end up in the morgue, because you will follow your peers over the cliff.. And allow your government to destroy you through fda approved protocols..

That's why it's important to have a brain.. Not just a vessel in a body to sell to everybody.

And nobody cares what you eat how you eat . Only you care ..

Most people don't even care what I eat or how I eat.. I eat everything ..

That is fda approved for consumption.

Angels and demons..

Antigen and antibody..

As above so below

I do not post anything around angelology because you are the angel, sometimes run by demons... Do you have discernment to know the difference?

angels do not destroy people, demons do.. sometimes people's demons turn them into trolls, demons and even serial killers..

people pass away from their demons, not their angels, who tried to warn them, but the demons destroyed their ability to detect danger for what it really is.. which is why many humans are flying blind.. and then the demons destroy them..

I have a feeling that's the upside down in stranger things is a place which houses the demons to go after the children..

Chief jim hopper lost his own child to cancer because the demons pulled his child into the upside down.

Joyce Byers is desperately trying to pull her child from the upside down..

Wills friends are desperate to find will and save him from the upside down..

Hawkins scientist and eleven both developed the upside down to play with the upside down inhabitants and bring the underworld into the waking world.. Eleven was used to contact the aggressive demons bringing them into the waking world.. Like the large hadron collider.. Changing the atmosphere to be more favorable for the dead and waking world to be aware of each other..

Making the thin layer between the dead world so accessible that they both cross boundaries..

The dead and the alive are fighting each other..


Is how the system will get you.

People who collect objects because they have money to spend, people who collect people, people who collect baubles and so much life experience especially in this environment, will be subject to taking care of so many things that takes away from their own life force.. Their own immune system will be overridden by demons. Because the angels are overwhelmed by your need to collect everything.. Your need to have so much all at once..

You saw what happened in the eighties.. Gordon gecko greed good wall street..

Right now greed is sucking the life out of people..

The greed of agreement..

Which is why I purposely repel everybody.. As soon as you all agree with me.. There goes society.

Maybe that needs to happen.

IF YOU CAN learn.. you have the ability to kick out the demons in the body, but those with inability to learn will eventually be overridden with demons munching on their angels.. Even their own children.. Beause I see mothers out there making sure their children never learn anything new.. In the process of starving them of gluten and milk and meat and cheese.

IMO everyone is born an angel, but the demons or sins of the father/mother do overshadow the "angels" and the system cultivates the demons using them for the community until your angel breaks free and starts taming the demons within and disengaging from the demons out there... addictions, hate, intolerance, etc.

You will find someone will have a hard time learning, thus making their demons inside stronger and more formidable until the govt or community standards of the platform steps in and regulates..

You are right. Social media is a conditioning process and the system is attempting to purge out the demons from you by regulating your hate speech, misinformation and aggressive qualities..

The key to everything is your ability or inability to learn new concepts. Even if they're not new, they are new to you.

They test children to see how well they can learn new concepts.. Adults have a harder time because they become more cemented in their beliefs, that learning anything new is almost impossible.

Belief is what gets in the way of learning and that's when people destroy themselves. And each other and their own families..

Beliefs is a demon in of itself.

And adults are plagued with beliefs or demons, and so the system will try to teach your children and use the adults until they self implode..

Adults you have a chance to redirect.. But if you're so laden with beliefs and demons.. You will destroy yourself because the system won't let you destroy others unless it's through fda approved protocols.

And adults are still children in this society because they were taught a certain way.. And they stayed with those beliefs from childhood and kept with the same skills.. Until they start realizing they are not alone in their body.

The demon is moving.. And devouring them.

And that's why adults are resisting the government.. They're resisting the demon within projecting and transferring onto the government and each other..

You didn't know that belief was ingrained in you so you never knew your power..

That's the devil of religion and politics and some aspects of science..

You were programmed and you didn't even know it and resisted knowing it..

You're not organic.. You never were.

But the real problem is.. Who and what do you listen to. I'm not narcisstic to think you should listen to me..

So here's my advice..

Listen to everything and make your own choices..

Nobody is wrong and nobody is right.. You have to make choices for yourself.. And do you know children don't have any choices out there.. You hope children survive their own family..

And in my opinion.. The more agreement you get from everyone. Look where society is going

Is that where you want to end up..

But if you can't handle a little resistance from your friends and family and society. It's better that you listen to the government.. And to leave as peacefully as possible.. You don't have to announce your departure.

IMO do not get fooled into worshipping angels and deities..

you are the angel.. save yourself from the internal demons.. and they are formidable..

The demons and the angels were always inside of you .. But the system programmed you to be completely unaware of your power.. always looking outside for absolution or blaming..

And then you put yourself in harm's way of other people's demons, claiming to be the angel.

And when you're by yourself most of the time.. You'll be in touch with your angels..

Otherwise you will playing with everyone else's demons as well as your own..

That's why all the confusion..

And if you can't be by yourself.. Other people's demons will destroy you.

Please do not confuse being by yourself as a meditative type of situation.. Those are the demons trying to distract you..

I sit with the pain and suffering.. And I listen to the messages in my dreams.. And I eat all food.. And hell is very stinky and messy..

You must have the stomach to release those demons.

Agreement is the greed that keeps you in

aggressive aggressive destruction..

The more you crave agreement, the more destructive you will be to yourself and your family..

And when you have been raised on agreement.. That's an addiction a demon hard to kick..

men: consume and conquer, consume and conquer

women, you have a better chance to survive if you do not become conquered and consumed by the family, friends and even each other..

You will find the women/girls are the feast and cannon fodder for the family until she is all used up, ie human sacrifice..

but, she must give her permission.... some women do not even know what they are giving permission to and what they are up against.. they are being consumed and conquered by everyone, if she lets them..

The Circle of Life.. now watch people with their big families.. you see who is getting eaten alive.. the smaller, the skinnier and the sickliest..

Which is why I control how much my husband consumes me on so many different levels..

Men will consume women to death.. Watch out women. Watch out men because women will consume you to death..

Which is why you want to steer your daughters away from marriage and relationships if possible.. Because she will get consumed to death in this environment.. She doesn't know what she's in for..

I know what she's in for because I have seen it and experienced it.. But kids today don't know what they're in for following the old traditions..

if there are people in your town who eat meat, milk, cheese, eggs and are BIG AND BEEFY AND STRONG, if you are a vegetarian weighing next to nothing, you are food for them in body, mind and spirit..

just like deer hunted by the predators...

vegetarians get eaten alive by the meat eaters...

the circle of life..

Which is why I had no patience and have no patience for vegetarians or vegans anywhere on my facebook.. I don't want to eat them alive and I don't want them to starve me.

eat to survive the strongest and burliest human in your community..

I have to eat meat milk and cheese to survive my husband who eats meat milk and cheese

and when I left that showroom full of Cleveland bown fans who were big and beefy men full of testosterone, guess what I had to eat for dinner to feed their microbes I breathed in? i ate so much venison, and meat loaf and potatoes so i could feed the demons and release them..

skinny women and men are getting eaten alive by the larger more adaptable humans..

it does not pay to be skinny, sexual and starving.. you will be eaten alive by your family and friends..


look at those in sexual relationships.. the skinnier one is being eaten alive by the bigger one..

every rose has its thorn/microbes attacking you..

the most beautiful face may also be the deadliest experience

I put stock in brain power not beauty..

I put stock in clear communication not aggressive emotional reactions..

Learning how to communicate is just as important as what you communicate..

Give people enough rope.. They will do it to themselves.

And you learn how to give people rope.. Then they can be an example on your page of what not to do as they are exempliifying undesirable behaviors..

That's why january six was so obvious.. The system gave them enough rope.

People showed their intentions They became prosecutable.

When people stop resisting, they will see the truth so as long as they understand what they need to resist and what they need to stop resisting..

And if you don't have the clarity of thought or the discernment, you will resist the things that will save you and allow the devil into your living room.

beauty is more than skin deep, it is also like an oleander, beautiful on the outside, but extremely poisonous on the inside..

Oleander (Nerium oleander) is a common ornamental evergreen shrub. It is used as a freeway median divider in warmer states, such as California. This plant is extremely toxic, and a single leaf may kill an adult.

and when men are so eager to conquer and consume, they ingest a beautiful flower and end up at the bottom of the ocean.. The iliad and the odyssey..

some women know how weak some men are and some women even conquer men and consume him... like a black widow

which is why I do NOT spend more money than I must to survive.. and i do not literally suck the life out of my husband..

smh.. i want to keep him around.. not use him up and throw him away..

I want him to keep me around so he does not use me up and throw me away..

Which is also why I cook for my husband.. And I make sure he eats everything.. And he makes sure I have the meat and the milk and the cheese to survive..

We are in survival mode now all of us are..

It's not the outsiders you need to pay attention to.. It's the people right next to you. Will you survive your family and friends.

medical/holistic/eastern/western health modalities=snake charming.

All food is what gives you intelligence and potentially intellectual capability..

The myth that the flat stomach is desirable is based upon sexuality and destruction..

The myth that skinny girls are healthier is what made you buy into your own destruction..

Women need fat and they need so much food as well as release.. You can't have too much fat.. And you can't have too little fat..

But right now women are starving themselves because they cannot manage their intelligence.. So they dumb themselves down through starvation.. All doctor approved.. Even the men.

And that's why people have a hard time learning sitting in the destruction of belief..

And you can't tell them anything you can't even get through to them. You can't penetrate that wall of belief.. Because they surround themselves by people who are also in the same boat..

Anorexia turned into a religion of sexuality.. And then the men reinforce those beliefs..

The system figured out how to get people to self destruct.. The system fed into people's intolerance to pain and suffering.. So they told them to stay away from food little by little as the body is canniblizing itself starving to death..

And people are proud of it.. They post all over their Facebook they are starving themselves of meat milk cheese eggs and everything..

And this is huge in the religious community.. Their own peers are starving themselves and each other.

That's how you take down people.. Through their family and friends and social constructs.. And then you give them all the pleasure and paradise and money. So they never move and change..

Spoiled adults and spoiled children are self destructive.. And sometimes they do attack others and the system will regulate..

They gave you choices.. You chose to take pleasure and paradise..

There's a price to pay.

 Even aerial in the little mermaid had to pay the price.. When you make deals with the devil eventually you will have to pay your dues

I don't write this to change you.. I write this for the younger people who are watching my information and their own parents and family..

Because some parents and adults are too far gone. Now you're just going to be an example of what not to do.

But again, these children are up against their own family and friends, resisting their ability to change..

So many seeds can be planted but which ones will you cultivate and germinate..

That's your choice.. These kids deserve choices. And they don't get many choices.. Because parents are so influential and I understand there are predators out there. But if parents don't have discernment on what to protect their children from.

They will resist evolution and invite the devil into their own living room.

I see many parents do that.. These kids don't have a chance.. Some kids don't have a chance.

I hope there are some kids that have actually amazing parents who give them choices.. And hold them accountable when they fuck up

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