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  • Jillian Epperly

The Heir and the "Spare"

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The Heir and the "Spare"...

You see the great press Prince William and Princess Katherine get from their unforgiving media, and then you see what kind of press the spare or Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan get...

the heir and the spare... infinite sacred geometry. It is all relative.

Your children/ and disease are the "spare" parts you attack, take out or energize out of existence using direct energy weapons like energy frequencies to destroy the cancer cells, your body's ability to evolve.

I mean it is great to have beautiful able children, but if you do not become whole again, MOM/DAD, what chance do your spare parts have??

They will be used as someone's else's spare parts, etc...

organ donation/transplants are a huge money maker

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