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The High Frequencies Will Influence Your Medication/Alcohol and Drugs

Look, i dont really care if you are on herbs, extracts, tinctures, alcohol, prescription, OTC DRUGS, uppers or downers..

Ya'll are humans in a changing environment far more influential than you care to realize..

I'm just offering a friendly warning..and i am very sensitive to the environment given I am uncured.. i also record my experiences UNCURED and not staged at all.. raw, reality..

Some of you had to change to stronger therapies over the last 3 years because the environment outside influenced your immune system/internal environment extremely aggressively...

Remember perception is reality.. If i'm too negative for you please block and delete me..

In THIS ENVIRONMENT, a night on the town like before covid, will be a whole lot more than you will expect.. probably why OD'ing on drugs nowadays are more prevalent.. a little goes a long way.. intellectually your average dosages are "normal" to you but in this highly accelerated environment, physically, your body is more sensitive..

You must understand particle acceleration.. aka climate change

Yesterday.. the frequencies opened up my hormones so i was feeling energetic, impatient, hungry, tired, lol.. if i was to take a sip of ANY alcohol.. gone..

When it storms now, people will be extremely reactive.. and diseases will be developing.. pain astronomical..

Those who want to feel hormonal releases from drugs/alcohol/sex it wont take much to release hormones and be under the influence, and those who are trying to stop the pain might be switching to stronger therapies and medicines...yikes.. oh boy.

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