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The Holistic World of Herbs/Essential Oils and Tinctures are Highly Unregulated for a Reason

Main take away.. The system is not going to question the holistic world of herbs and extracts.. Unless they receive a lot of complaints.. Because that's the major depopulation agenda.. Unregulated herbs and tinctures sold to people who don't know any better..

Nobody is questioning the holistic world.. Nobody is questioning the parents.. And their shortcuts that will cause the suffering in their kids in the long run.. Except for me..

Parents aren't even questioning each other except in the anti v world.. How convenient they give you an argument..

Parents using shortcuts and the medical SURGICAL holistic energy healing world will cause major deficiencies in the long run for their children later on..

When that child finally has a choice to become whole again.. When they're an adult or eighteen.. They will have a lot to come back from. Because parents never took the time to understand what they were doing to their kids.

Children having children makes for a very aggressive society.. That's why the georgia guidestone says guiding reproduction carefully..

If parents don't suffer making their kids whole again during their children's childhood . What kind of future did you set up for your children?..

Why even have kids If that's your argument.. If your argument your kid will deal with it later.

That's why the system is doing a great reset.. That's most parents mentality.. Shortcuts today and the kid suffers later on as an adult just like the parents.. The only time the pattern can break is if that whole genetic line is gone..

It doesn't have to be that way, but the suffering is astronomical... Just look around you..

..So let me make it clear. Yes parents.. You have the fucking responsibility.. Your kid has an argument.. You didn't do your job correctly. That's why they are astronomically suffering under the influence... Because you made the choices ..Around their health. And we know health influences everything..

Now that parents know.. You have no excuse.. ignorance is not an excuse anymore

Parenting is so much more than dressing your kid up in cute clothes.

..Ask all the suffering adults. They can tell you their parents made choices around their body that they had no control over.. And it colored their future..

It will be up to the parents to save their own children.. And asking the hospital system to assist them in that.. Not their holistic friends..


What do your grand kids have to look forward to if somebody doesn't break the pattern two reasons why people have food allergies with symptoms: 1. the food was used as medicine in a therapy or oncology and the body sees it as the enemy and builds up defenses (THE HOLISTIC WORLD USING FOOD TINCTURES AND ONCOLOGY ARE THE CULPRIT. STAY AWAY FROM HERBALISTS AND HOLISTIC PEOPLE and of course, avoid oncology, if possible..but life would need to change in order to do that.. are you ready to will be forced to, but are you willing to survive the change and NOT end up in hospice..?)

2. the food has so much nutrition that the nutritionally deficient person So the person's body finally has the arsenal to push out the demons the person held inside.

Watch mothers take food away from their children.. Because they can't handle evolution.. Watch mothers allow their kids to be very picky eaters.


THE FOOD was used as a weapon against the person thus developing slow starvation.. that is why holistic mommy and me groups are the depopulation agenda..

these "momma bears" all about "protecting" children and animals are destroying children and animals.. They're coming after me because i say humans need more minerals or ELECTROLYTES in their diet.. They need more sodium..

And mothers are attacking me. And plying their kids with herbs and extracts. And say food is poison. And giving them sugar free everything.. Salt free everything.. Gluten free everything.. And they also say milk is poison.. Oh that's a kicker.. Their kids bone are so porous. Their kids are falling apart. At the hands of the mothers.

And they wonder why their children are breaking bones and not developing correctly.. With behavior problems. Yeah you're starving your fucking kid..

You can't make this s*** up...

Look at the holistic food stores and all the m l m people selling people tinctures.. You want to see what's in essential oils..

All the chemicals you're afraid of. That's the irony.

When you take orange proteins and mix it with aggressive highly volatile ingredients suck as what is in orange essential oil, you have weaponized oranges against the person: And you can't eat it..

The main chemical constituents of Orange Oil are: Limonene, Monoterpene Hydrocarbons (β- Myrcene and α-Pinene), Alcohols (Citronellol, Geraniol, and Linalool), and Aldehydes (Neral). LIMONENE is believed to exhibit the following activity: Anti-oxidant. Stimulant.

and people think vacc ines are poison..

Look at what they use on their skin against the life in their body and look at what they burn or use as an "air cleaner"..


it is ironic (LITERALLY IRONIC)

The use of natural and synthetic antibiotics are the culprit of Cancer disease chronic illness auto immune disorders and starvation and bone breaks..

And of course the aging out process.. And all the diseases that lead up to hospice.. That's why all the suffering in the world..

You were used as an experiment as a tool. And you wouldn't change when you were told this.

And people will still resist my information . And they will say i'm the enemy..

I'm nowhere near your children or you. And you have the power to block and delete me..

Some of you are matriarchs.. Your grandma.. And you are destroying your daughters and grandchildren.. Because you refused to evolve grandma. That's your own fucking fault..

You're the one that brought yourself to the medical holistic energy healing world... You caused this to yourself.. Despite all the new information you still decided to do the same thing. Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result..

That's why we're in a large-scale down... People refuse to consider evolutionary information . And they're all about relying on their friends and family to get them by. Until their friends and family are all gone from cancer and disease and died suddenly..

again, using your garden as a "natural remedy" will make you and your child allergic to their environment.. thus starving and died suddenly..

the art of war.. when the enemy makes you think they are "far away".. the "enemy" is actually right near you.. and they could be your best friend, local herbalist, or licensed health professional..

you are in a war, and YOU think the enemy is out there.. but you pay the enemy to destroy you or you employ your garden to destroy you using herbal antibiotics.. IN a slower frequency environment, alcohol, drugs, sex and music sped up people's immune systems and HORMONES and not only aged people quicker but also triggered all the diagnosable conditions..

but they never really made the correlation except correlating the alchohol or drugs more than music and sex..

However, the upside, the music industry and art industry was booming.. The downside, so was the cancer and therapy industry..

I understand innovation and creativity is developed from being under the influence and violent situations and trauma, but at what cost and will that method of violence, drugs and alcohol cause major serial killers in the future.. i guess we are finding out..

in a high frequency in environment, all the alcohol, drugs, sex and music will realize people's intentions quicker.. self medicating comes from all the addictions.. this is also why overdoses are more frequent now in a high frequency environment. Holistic people.. I'm sorry if my information ruins your business..

But what's more important.. Money.. Or not contributing to the suffering in the world..

That's your answer.. Whatever you choose..

But what i'm doing is what you have done to the mainstream medical system for fucking centuries..

Maybe stand in my shoes for a minute.. And realize.. I'm not the enemy... You were never the enemy either when you questioned the pharmaceutical tactics.... But you turned into what you resisted for years.

The money you make off your friends and family will not bring them back..

You all have a choice..

If you choose the money is more important.. Then you are a part of the problem..

Stop blaming the medical industry.. Because you are right up there with them .

What you resist will persist.. And you will turn into the very thing you resisted..

Some of you are in the holistic system and you're on my facebook..

You will have to face that demon of what you contributed to.. I'm not the judge jury or executioner..

You will have to face your own demon... I hope you live through it..

And then you will be the best spokesperson because you lived that life.. And you saw it for what it was.. Assuming you will face your own demons..

Supplements, herbalists, essential oil salesman and energy healing people.. Are no different than the pharmacist.. Two sides of the same coin..

What you resist will always persist..

You have the power to choose.. I hope you choose wisely.. Then you realized there's no enemy..

You were the enemy.. To yourself.. All of you who think there's enemy out there.. You've always been the enemy to yourself..

Throughout the ages.. The costumes might change.. But the intentions are always the same.. When do you think food is poison because it's been genetically modified.. But you are plying your kids with essential oils and supplements.. And taking food away from them..

Who's the real culprit.. It's the mother and the father..

These parents embrace inhaling and even using essential oils with so many aggressive elements in the food supply such as oranges and walnuts.. And they don't even blink twice. And they buy diffusers with so much food laced with aggressive elements

And then their kid has food allergies..

And then think genetically modified food is poison..

That's why we're in a great reset.. Deadly suffering is when there is no hope for relief.. And no one told you how to deal with suffering productively and effectively.. And there was no role model in your life to show you.. And then you keep traumatizing your body over and over again. Because you kept hoping every single trauma will end the suffering.. I mean eventually it does.. That's called the morgue.. But in the process somebody selling you another dream.. That is the Medical holistic industry and energy healing world.. This is the old world..

This is the new world..

Productive suffering is knowing how to respond to it. And you know relief is in the future.. How do you know.. Because you understand physics biology and chemistry.. And you have the ability to evolve.. Very warm weather especially in florida will wake up the beasts that were once asleep.. Pandora's box has been opened..

Leprosy could be endemic in Central Florida, CDC says. What to know about the disease. BY SARA MONIUSZKO

JULY 31, 2023 / 12:18 PM / CBS NEWS

Someone says the truth is silent and lies are loud..

Conversely lies can be silent, and everybody's truth is loud

Every single platitude can be reversed.. History always repeats when people rely on dying and reproducing with short memories.. And long family lines..

Instead of the vietnam war we are protesting and resisting.. It is climate change people are protesting and resisting those who are aware.. And you could be protesting people contributing to it. Thinking that your friends using too much water.. Or you'd be protesting your government causing the climate change.. No matter what people are protesting regardless if you think it's at fault.. Indicators.. Twenty five year old are dying today.. And they probably were very traditional..

This serves as a warning parents.. Regardless of how or why.. Traditions are going to be people's nemesis.. The highly intelligent friendly peaceful capybara dont HUNT other animals.. There are the most friendliest.. Very social creatures who accept almost everyone..

Humans don't have to become herbivores but we don't need to hunt anymore.. We have the technology to develop what we need to survive..

I would love to allow everyone in my world... But many people are very predatory in very different ways..

The world must change before we do anything pure of heart like the capybara animal kingdom.. And we don't have to die.. Death is life's faraday cage..

People protect their life with death..

That is the holistic medical energy healing surgical world.. Resistance = offspring East meets west Resist Out pops a kid or new id3a

Dreams of developing my own jump school.. flying off a building and doing tricks in the air with no parachute..

Always calling out to a person named jacoba..

all the different flying and landing firmly on my feet was always in the forest around tall trees..

When I was younger. I used to flap my arms and rise higher and higher in the sky. In my dreams..

Now I can fly off buildings and land after doing a bunch of tricks.

look up what flying means in dreams

look up Jacoba

google the word supplant

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