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The House Always Wins and Gambling Your Life Away Will Make it Harder to Live Through Retirement

Main takeaway.. The medical holistic energy healing world.. The work world is huge house of gambling.. My advice if you can.. Quit while you're ahead.. Because the house always wins and people gamble everything away and they go bankrupt.. That's called hospice.. That's called the morgue..I quit the system a long time ago and went to a different direction.. Some of you can quit certain things so you don't tax yourself to death...But if you don't quit while you're ahead.. You will bankrupt your body your mind your spirit and your whole genetic line. The house always wins and people are literally gambling their life away . They are gambling their childrens lives away.. And they are gambling their pets lives...away..

When you gamble you will never fucking win.. The house will always win. That's also wall street‼️Everything is great with friends until your friends pass away.. Because you never showed change.. If you want to live indefinitely.. Maybe it's time to release your friends.. Or get different friends in a different way.. And if you can't handle change.. You will justify dying with your friends.. But that's not a universal reality. That's just your reality.. You don't have to die in retirement.. Use that time to get your life back..❤️

Milk is probiotic. Honey is antibiotic

When you go to the land of milk and honey.. You go to the land of balance..This is the first time in weeks.. I didn't buy nine dollars of whipping cream..I have macaroni cheese and I have milk.. Cereal and ice cream.Ham and pork chops.. Pasta and fruit..I don't even need that much coffee anymore.. I definitely bought a lot of purified water..I think my body finally caught up to what I needed to for this last energy conversion..I'm still recovering from the last frequency change catching up..

But I definitely feel better..And it's still pretty hot outside..I'm staying in air conditioning..💧🌹Note: When your immune system finally comes online.. When it senses a disturbance in the force.. Your body will tell you to pack on the pounds.. Because you will need all of those resources at your disposal.. And you will have to go through pain.. Release.. Retention.. And sleep..That's the new world right now.. If you want to live through the transition..🙂I honestly think. The turn up of the frequencies every year fast forward the aging process making you realize your predisposed issue sooner versus later..If you don't respond correctly to the predisposed issues coming up sooner.. You die sooner..Which is why this year is eighty percent better than last year when it comes to how my body responds to the new frequency shift..I might be slower moving and out of breath this July/Aug But last year I couldn't get out of bed.. Last year I could barely eat.. Last year I couldn't even see through the headache..This year it was relatively better.. Actually this last week is feeling like I did last year but so much better.. Yeah the headache.. But I got rid of it very quickly.. Yes i'm Slower moving... But vastly better than last year..This is improvement... Even if it doesn't feel like it is.. But I have a lot to release.. That little hump on the back of my neck is really interesting. .. I'm still able to move.. But I do feel stiffer and heavier but not so much..This is what it's like to change while you're still alive and conscious.. I mean biophysically change... Observing current metamorphosis..What I feel right now is almost the same as I felt exactly last year but to a lesser degree.

What brings me joy.. I'm alive.. And I can handle conscious evolution..😀Likewise, urticaria can be associated with malignant neoplasms such as lymphoma, leukemia and ovarian carcinoma[28].Side of my left thighNight hives everywhere, from all the residual sulfa antibiotics..Here are a few of the most common causes: Some food (especially peanuts, eggs, nuts and shellfish) Medications, such as antibiotics (especially penicillin and sulfa), aspirin and ibuprofen. Insect stings or bites


Any allergies coming up now are the colony forming units waking up during frequency shifts.. esp around july 4 WEEKEND🤩When you think about all humans are vampires.. But some humans or vampires are very uncivilized.. And their children are out of control.. And so you see the correlation between all the vampire movies and the current great reset..That's why we're moving to lab developed meat.. You can call it mystery meat.. But everything in biodiversity breaks down into proteins and elements and can convert to whatever programming you hold within.. It's only the names of the meat is what people have an issue with..Dna is just a programming.. What makes up dna everybody holds.. Everything in the universe is. what dna holds. The only thing different is the programming in the dna..A chicken has a different programming. But everything in the chicken a human has as well.. We just convert the chickens programming into human programming.. And we replenish our own life..Every living thing has fatty acid.. Amino acids.. Prohormones.. And minerals.. The only differences dna programming..That's it..😈

Deepfakes and religious worshipAliens or...Just stay calm..Let's just hope they don't direct those lasers in your area..Unless you know people personally, impossible to trust, and so, the information must stand by itself... the person must be separate from the info..And you must understand both sides of all arguments.. It's not the people you need to be listening to.. Are you intellectual enough to understand all sides of an argument and a concept.. If you're not you will be easily influenced by the most charismatic person.. Who doesn't give a crap about whether you live or die just your money.. If you can't save yourself.. No real person or fake person will be able to save you anyways.. They will be just a distraction..Essentially.. If you can't trust yourself.. And you have to give yourself away to somebody else.. It won't matter what you do.. Now you have to be the smartest person in the room.. You have to understand all sides of an argument.. And then choose life or death.. Death is beautiful.. Life can be very aggressively ugly.. Because you came in at a deficit. Life is not easy for people in deficit.The desire to live.. Is to own your own truth.. And get away from the masses.. It's easy to die in groups.. It's very difficult to live alone.. And that means getting away from politics all religions and science dogmas.. Because death is written in the scriptures.. It is written in all spirituality.. Death is written in politics and science dogmas..Life is a minority..

With all these deepfakes.. You will have to question everything given to you by everybody..Question your politicians.. Question your religious leaders past and present.. Question even the science dogmas out there..Question any kind of alien invasion.. Question even wartime scenarios..Question your own triggers..Release your demons so you don't become so reactive..The system is going to trigger people.. Who have so many demons..In my opinion.. No matter what happens.. If it's not at your front door.. Stay home.. Stay safe..Question everything.. Run in very small circles if that..Because even your small circles can trigger you into action.. Action you may regret later..

Trust the fda.. Trust the e p a.. Trust the usda.. They will keep you relatively safe.. And then you have a responsibility to release your demons and build up your substance..Everything else.. Is just a story.. Avoid to voluntarily take yourself out..Stay in the game.. Don't get triggered..🌹Climate change is here.. they told us

Violent colonial patriarchal past

i seriously think some of the subject matter nbc universal posts, tests the intelligence level of their audience..You can tell all the intolerant people... They are the ones that insult strangerz... They don't even consider friendly warnings from strangers..And they love to flourish in ignorance.. When people are proud to blind their eyes to another argument in physics.. You can't say they weren't warned.. Like it's gonna matter anyways.. Most people will not evolve.. That's just more proof..The system is doing what it needs to do..Feel free to see people's responses to information they are not familiar with. I posted the thread that I was responding to. You can see I was not insulting.. I was intellectual and I posted links to give people an idea of where i'm coming from. And I was the adult in the situation..Now you see why we're in a great reset.. People like that.. Will destroy anything that moves that looks different.. That says something different.. That's how low humanity has become.. look at people responding, like 2bit bullies in the school yard, at new information.. Or information that conflicts with their belief system..Now you get it.. Look in the Mirror humans.. It's not a great reflection..Everything makes sense now..I did say somebody potentially lives under a rock Because they don't think the earth is heating up.. Um.. I'm sitting in over a hundred degrees last five days.. The earth might be cooling in some part of the hemisphere because that's the opposite.. But the northern hemisphere is burning up.. Some people do live under a rock And they don't pay attention to their own climate because they could be under the influence And so they can't feel anything.That's why i'm sober.. So I can listen to indicators.. I can feel the frequency shifting.

❤️🌹Some people talk about joy.. Some people talk about problems or what they think are problems.. Everyone holds a place in your life... Everybody is valuable to your own balance..Instead of asking people to talk about joys.. Why don't you represent what you think the world should be..And be the balance.. when people talk about stuff opposite of me.. I balanced it out.. So that way i'm not making them wrong.. I am just the force that balances out every equation.. And then someone else will counter balance it..That's physics.. And you don't force convert anyone..You become the balance that you want to see in the world..There you go... Personal accountability..What is the definition of an addiction?Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.When you say somebody is addicted to talking about whatever issues they have in their life.. You are making assumption it is bad for them.. You are imposing your way onto somebody else because of your own shortcomings. And you're saying they have no control over their speech..When people want to talk about their issues.. It is not for you to say it's an addiction to talk about their own issues.. Maybe they have no other outlet and facebook is the only place. And so instead of forcing everyone to be joyful, because you have to be joyful because you have your own issues.. Why don't you be what you want everyone else to be..The only addictions that I talk about on facebook.. Is drug addiction.. Alcohol addiction.. And sex addiction..There is no such thing as food addiction or talking about yourself addiction. You need food.. And you need to talk..That is not an addiction..So stop projecting.. If you don't want to face your problems.. Get off facebook because you will see a mirror..And some people don't like the reflection..

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