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The Human Race is Like Living in Boot Camp Right Now, it is Hell Week

The human race is like living in boot camp right now.

And it's hellweek.

The system is breaking you down to build you back up.. Some of you won't get up .

This is the time that when you have major differences go in your own corner.

I come from science. If you come from spirituality and religion that's fine keep it on your own page.. I'm done arguing politics and religion with people.. I'm done with people trying to dispute and ram their beliefs down my throat and they cross boundaries

I'm also done arguing spirituality... If you are spiritual and religious keep it on your page.. Everything can get enhanced. And the system is building back better .

And tornadoes can come out of nowhere especially when you have the backdrop of heat.. When extreme hot and cold collide together you get tornadoes..

If you think that's god.. Let me tell you the story of the wizard of oz

If you can't handle air food and water and sugar.. I understand you're in pain.. You're suffering . I'm so sorry . Thank you for your service.

At this point if you have anything opposite of what i'm saying .. Keep it on your own page..

Right now you're in a war.. The most influential will try to take over somebody else.. You can't be on an offense.

You must be the strongest defender ever. Defend yourself.. Stay in your world

If you go on somebody else's page keep everything as neutral as you can.. Or agree with them.

That's my advice to you especially in my world.. I don't have the patience for people anymore..

There's too much I must take care of..

I am right now biologically building back better.. And it's fucking brutal.. I don't need your headaches.

G5/Northern Lights is like a boob job.

Yes boobs exists but scientists figured out how to enhance them and make them look any way you want them to look, and fake boobs might look cute for a minute, until they start torturing you because immune system activation.

sirens nonstop this morning.

My arms were hurting since the g five NORTHERN LIGHTS

Right now everything with such beauty will be ugly..

Other people will have issues..

But I totally feel exhausted after this weekend.. Not because I did so much.. The environment was so activated..

Smart dust

Yes, there is such a thing as nano dust, which is a term used to describe solid dust particles that are smaller than 100 nanometers. Nano particles have different properties than larger dust particles, especially those smaller than 10 nanometers. They can be found in cosmic environments and have been detected in the interplanetary medium using in-situ instruments.

International Space Science Institute

Nano dust in the solar system - International Space Science Institute

Topic: A large fraction of the heavy chemical elements in different cosmic environments is contained in small solid dust particles, among them particles with sizes smaller than about 100 nm are loosely referred to as nano particles. The properties of nano particles are different from those of larger solid dust particles and this is especially so for particles smaller than a few 10 nm. Aside from the detection by astronomical observations, nano dust is recently detected with some in-situ instruments in the interplanetary medium.

Nano dust nanoparticles are also used in chemical and mechanical engineering because of their superior thermal characteristics. Nanofluids are a source of effective heat and have many applications in scientific and technological processes.

Nano dust may also refer to smart dust, which is a wireless sensor that is about the size of a grain of rice. Smart dust is made up of multiple microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that are 20 micrometers to 1 millimeter in size. These MEMS are also known as motes and are equipped with sensors, cameras, and other communication mechanisms. Smart dust can measure temperature, light, sound, air pressure, and humidity, and can also detect movement. It sends data about its surroundings to a larger system for storage and analysis using IoT technology.

The term "smart dust" was coined in 1997 by Kristofer Pister of the University of California, Berkeley to describe his wireless array of sensor nodes. The concepts for smart dust originated from a workshop at RAND in 1992 and a series of DARPA ISAT studies in the mid-1990s.

Generative AI is experimental.

Is smart dust a real thing?

What is an example of smart dust?

What are the problems with smart dust?

Ask a follow up...

Believe me i've been criticized and it made me stronger. The unexamined life is not worth living.

Just do it on your own page.. Don't get in people's faces.


As Above

So Below

You have the religion and the allegory.. Giving you the story..

And then you have scientists


As Above

SO Below

This is just a sign of how dark things are going to become.. I feel it in my arms..

Prepare yourself.. The system is telling you.. Everybody is warning you.

We had the eclipse last month.

We have beautiful northern lights and tornadoes and a new pandemic on the horizon..

You're getting the duality.

That could be anyone.. People think trump is bringing them down.. But trump is ten thousand miles away.

People bring themselves down.. Then they blame somebody else.

If you think anyone is bringing you down.. Maybe you should stop hanging out with the friends you hang out with.. If it's your coworkers... Take it to human resources.. Nobody is above or below anyone.. You put yourself above or below other people.

You choose to entertain what is distressing.. Like fearporn. Like cutters.. They cut themselves to feel something.. And then they hate someone out there for giving them pain.. But they entertain pain and suffering.. But they also hate it at the same time..

And then they look for an enemy..

If you don't like people hurting other people why don't you stop hurting yourself to begin in with..

And then let the justice system deal with those who intentionally hurt others..

People intentionally hurt themselves and then they're out for blood..

Ghosting people is self preservation..

Some people hold on so tight.You have no choice but to leave without saying anything

I love it how people don't understand why people just leave them.. You made it hard to be with them.. You made it hard to leave..

So they left you because that was your intention.. And then you blame them for leaving you.

I don't think humans were meant to be that connected to each other.. It becomes a fight to the death.

Inevitably somebody needs to change and they're not allowed to. So they have to just leave.. They were never given the space to change.. And if they did change people would resist it which caused them to change even more until they die..

If you can get away from your mom emotionally and even physically.. You might find freedom..

She did her job.. Whatever it was..

Now it is your turn.. Give her a chance to save herself. If she can't save herself or take care of herself.. Be the one to survive her.. Don't end up like her..

Don't make your kids take care of you..

It doesn't have to be the circle of death.. Or even the circle of life..

Break the circle..

Survive the old world.

If you are afraid to speak out you live in a dangerous society.

That's why it's important to be on your own.. So you can be free.

The more you speak your mind, people will kill you with kindness, love you to death, or hate you with a passion.

If you're not afraid to speak on your facebook or in your circle of friends and family... You're catering to their interest..

When you're in mixed company people can't speak their mind.. And sometimes it translates to the facebook as well.. Those are the invisible bars.. People are dying in jail.

If you share controversial information then you have developed a path for your own freedom..

But there is still a long way to go.. It just depends on what you're sharing..

Because you might have to change your mind or find a way to say things diplomatically but still get your point across.. And then can also be equally discriminatory against everything.. It just depends on what subject matter you are referencing..

Some people call me rude.. I'm just releasing demons.. And repelling them at the same time.

This is the time to survive everything around you..

I can play the game properly.. It is duality. You must learn how to play both sides of the fence and know when to discern when it's appropriate to be rude and silent..

Evolution to live isn't playing the same game of old world.. Let everyone know your thoughts... And be polite to their face..

So you have the freedom to think and people know what you're thinkand they can still believe there's another side to you that's also worth understanding.

Because you're more than just what you put out there and the face you put out there.. I think most people are a lot deeper than they give themselves credit for..

The freedom to think and to let people know your thoughts is a privilege bestowed upon those with a mind like an open parachute.

What if you were honest with everybody without discriminating against one person or five..

The more I speak out the more i'm afraid of the world out there..

That says a lot about the world I live in..

Because every time i spoke out somebody had to knock me down..

So then I played the game and played it safe and stayed silent..

Now the more I speak.. The more i'm actually in fear of most of you..

That's how I want to be in this world.. Because that's the reality of the world i live in..

Then I'm a lot more careful and discerning who I invite in my world..

Not everybody knows I have a facebook... Sometimes it's better that way..

So if you're afraid to speak your mind.. You live in a dangerous world. A very dangerous world.

Again the more I share my mind.. The more I am afraid of all of you.. I could be projecting..

Absolutely.. I know the dangerous side of people.. Not that I was ever dangerous persay.. But I've experienced people who have extreme exorbitant intolerance.

Some people think they're awareness was when the world began..

Some people's world began ten thousand years ago..

Some people's world began yesterday..

could scenarios happen and mankind makes them worse, even "organically" or synthetically?

No matter what humans can evolve any problem or solution into whatever they want to be relative to the intention .

And there's never any way to know one hundred percent if it was the chicken or the egg.

And so if you believe what happened way back when and you don't believe what's going on today?What's the difference...

What is the difference believing something ten thousand years ago or believing something today.

So keep an open mind..

If you want me to believe your story that happened six thousand years ago.

Then give me the same respect and believe what i'm telling you today..

And if you believe neither or believe both .

Then develop your own world.. Independent of both belief systems..

And then you are proof humans don't have to play the wars..

They can develop their own downline.

But what makes you think your story is better than mine.. What makes myself think my story is better than yours..

So, develop your own story.. Instead of regurgitating somebody else's.

And then you will have a downline of diversity and tolerance and you'll save yourself and allow people to do themselves in.. You never can save anyone else from themselves.

Or stronger people..

You've always had to save yourself.. And that was all relative to the story you believed at the moment.

lol people buy pain and suffering/tattoos, operations, piercings. Or they are cutters and they cut themselves for free.. But they pay in the long run.

lol you can read my info for free if you think I am horrible causing you pain/suffering.

You can't sell pain to people.. They have to choose to want to deal with it and face it.

Soif you hate me , it's because you chose to hate me and read my information. And then you blame me for what you've chosen to do..

Kind of like what you do with the government..

Believe me if I was in your shoes I would hate me too.. Because I was there too.

I was hating anyone who thought differently .

Or I would love them to death and kill them with kindness..

And I couldn't wait to gossip about them. And I couldn't wait to bully them.. Or be viciously intellectual..

And then psychologically slam them.

Oh yeah , it takes one to no one..

That's why I stayed unto myself... Because a lot of people are what I used to be..

And some of them are very dangerous.

When you know yourself, you'll know the world and you'll protect yourself.. Because the world trained you to be exactly the way you are

lol growing an organic garden is like developing children in your own image..

something to eat.. Something to consume.

Right now people hate buying food from the government so they grow their own..

When people can't feed themselves , they grow their own food..

And they call it healing.

Don't hate me.

I'm just on a roll right now.

Only I will never be loved like george carlin..

That's probably a good thing..

But you've got to see the synchronicity of it all..

It was planned that way..

I'm glad all of you are kind of clones to each other if you don't take me personally..

You can gather together and say there's something wrong with jillian.. You can diagnose me.. I don't blame you laugh out loud ..

oh gosh.. oh boy.

The sun's poles are about to flip.

Happy Snake Eating its Tail Day!

if you say "people don't abandon their friends, lol, they abandon the people they use"

let me give you the other side..

the left your ass because you used them and they needed to get out and you guilt tripping people to stay with you is why they left your ass to begin with..

how many people are guilted into destruction?

how many daughters/sons guilt their mothers into a relationship and how many mothers guilt their children into staying?

that is the ouroboros..

the snake eating its tail.

When you have NO freedom to save yourself because of the guilt trips from EVERYONE WHO NEEDS YOUR BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, people become the human sacrifice with their own blessing..

that is the slavery system.

i see the bitterness in people who think they should have been raised by someone else.. and they will NEVER get over it.. and they will pass that trauma onto their offspring and be EVERYTHING THEIR "PARENTS" WEREN'T..

THE kids are done.. cooked.

the parents are forced to consume their children..

you are living the allegory.. and you can deny it.. but the fact you are worshipping your kids/parents says it all without even saying it..

the religion of family..

the very notion of family is no boundaries and entitlement and guilt.

And I know I will be hated for this information because of how much people worship their family . That's their religion. Their parents died for them.. Their parents are dying for them.

People who worship someone who died for them won't ever change.

That's why religion is what it is.. It is the built in self destruct..

I have no power over your religion.. Especially when your worship people who are dying for you or who died for you..

So if you released yourself from your family.. You're halfway there..

But if you have a lot of friends you just walked back into the same situation..

Then religion and politics and science steps in and tries to be your parents.. And the you worship somebody else and die for somebody else..

Until you live for yourself.

That's the depopulation agenda.

It permeates everything.


The emerald city.

Look at the color scheme




noun: red shift

the displacement of spectral lines toward longer wavelengths (the red end of the spectrum) in radiation from distant galaxies and celestial objects.

Yes, mixing red and blue creates purple. The shade of purple depends on how much red and blue is added. More red will create a redder purple, while more blue will create a bluer purple.

THE OUROBOROS is the snake eating its tail or parent/child relationships consuming each other until all out annihilation.

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