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The Illusion of Choice Strikes Again

he illusion of choice strikes again

Allegorical equilibrium is also death

That's why you saw the black and white checkerboard in all the different movies and yes in Freemasonry..

That was representation of Luciferians and satanism.

The black represented Satanism and the white represented luciferian and both of those dualities actually are destructive as people go to each end of the extremes

No matter which side you went to you would always be practicing death and destruction so that's why you have to walk away from both

If it's even possible for you..

If you want to save yourself you must walk away from society who worships luciferianism and Satanism and call it whatever religion they have

They both represent death and destruction through the dark and the light

I knew no matter where people went they would always be practicing something that was deadly

Because people can't change and let me tell you I thought they could but I think most people have zero ability to change anything they're doing

It's f****** scary..

I'm sorry I thought many of you could change but I guess I was wrong..

Good luck in surviving all this b*******..

I'm just glad I have the proof now..

You can choose your own adventure

I knew there was an answer to all of this paradox.. the dualities deceive you into thinking you must be one side or the other or balancing both..

When you balance death with death you get death..

That was the deception

You never really had a choice no different than politics and religions.. they just give you what you thought they represented..

The illusion of choice strikes again..

The only real choice you have is to walk away from almost everything you thought you knew.. and deal with the pain and suffering..

If that's not the choice for you then what is the f*** are you fighting for.. what the hell are you resisting..

You already chose.. You're just fighting for your way of leaving this Earth..

Most of the people in the jilly juice world don't even get this..

Most of you are too far gone..

You know I tried my best..

But I finally brought it down to physics and allegory and science..

Even the allegory was equilibrium. Equilibrium is death

The irony is a lot of the truth people are Christians who are revealing how controlled everything is to the point where they even reveal how even their own religion controls them..

calling everything in the past and the present into question..

inevitably calling religion into question..

Every religion..

When you expose the truth about all the different gadgets the system can control the universe with and even our thoughts and even what we see and think and hear..

Everything we see and even studied when it comes to religion and stories will be called into question..

I mean everything..

But all the different religions can't afford to be silent.. They have to speak out.. They have to fight against the anti christ.. But with that fight.. They expose the whole system for what it is..

That's fucking brilliant.

We chose to believe whatever we believed... And then we chose to disbelieve what we were told to believe.. By exposing the system..

I must hand to them again.. The system used everyone to expose how contrived everything is..

People will still sit on the fence of organic versus synthetic..

Eventually they will realize everything is organic or everything is synyhetic

Or else if it becomes to religion when you choose a side..

And then you get another stupid war of whose who think they are more correct than somebody else.

Then you get those that force convert people.. Those who hunt people who think differently..

In our current society today..

You're not supposed to say anything against the mainstream.

Or the homogenized thought process..

One day the system will prove you everything through science.. So you're not stuck in stupid belief.. to the point of killing for your belief system or dying for your belief system..

Because beliefs are fucking deadly..

You must be able to prove how to live and STAY ALIVE and prove what causes death..

Belief is what causes wars..

Belief is what decimates family genetic lines..

Yeah we're entering into the one world religion..

I know people don't want to die.. I also know it's too late for a lot of people.. But it's not too late for others..

It's brutal surviving something such as this.. But the old world was about dying and killing for your beliefs.. The old world was about torturing people through proxies.. The old world is brutal..

I don't know what capacity you have to change..

But at this point.. They're really is nothing to lose.. You haven't lost yourself.. Yet.. And you can't save anyone else..

So there really is nothing to lose... Strategize your survival

I f l science said.. Don't be caught out there.

The ultraviolet light during the day and at night are aggressive and they tell you these solar storm radiation are going to be even more so..

That's always been the pandemic.

Maybe that was the arc of the covenant's ability was to produce ultraviolet radiation and it was beautiful. And it made people see things.. Probably even produced fire.

You don't even know what happened six thousand years ago ten thousand years ago .

The high energy along with studying made people extremely smart.

Maybe even one person very smart.

Imhotep 2700 BC

Moses 1391-1592 BC APPROX

Jesus 4 or 6 BC

Mohammed 570 CE

Gates 1975 AD

You could say they were the chosen ones to develop so much knowledge and lead people into the next evolution..

Now the system could do that with so many people. Turn so many people into little profits/prophets and geniuses.

That's why smart people are a dime a dozen .. But what makes you exceptional..?

And to be liked does not make you exceptional. Popularity is DEADLY, NOW.

It's not difficult following the crowd and not risking anything and being very good at whatever you were trained in

What's difficult is going against the crowd and developing your own path without joining a gang And becoming a cutter


UV Rays

All that purple you see, during the northern lights. I don't think you should be celebrating how beautiful it is. I mean I guess it is.. But there's also an ugliness about it when you know what it does..

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be dangerous to humans in large amounts because it can damage DNA in skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer. UV radiation can also suppress the immune system, which can increase the risk of cancer and reactivate viruses.

Purple and violet light have shorter wavelengths than other colors of light, and ultraviolet has even shorter waves than violet does; so ultraviolet is sort of "purpler-than-purple" light or "beyond violet" light. Ultraviolet radiation lies between visible light and X-rays along the electromagnetic spectrum.

› atmosphere

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation - UCAR Center for Science Education

If they tell you you can see the Northern Lights at night all over the world then you know the day is going to be aggressive.

Ultraviolet light is everywhere and even at night

Don't let the color purple pull you into thinking everything is safe because it is ultraviolet

Ultraviolet radiation is NOT VERY SAFE AT ALL


I knew the solar eclipse was the harbinger of Doom

And I knew nothing good came out of it and I knew ultraviolet lights were going to be even more so and people were staring at the sun

So I stayed inside and blacked out my windows

I had the science but I didn't have it so obvious because I needed something else to give you as an example

Seeing the Northern Lights is believing once you understand there's a lot of deadliness under so much Beauty

Which is why Hollywood is what it is

You have the Beautiful People seducing you into destruction

Could you be well balanced and beautiful without destroying people..

That's the new world..

Right now all of you sun worshipers and Sun gazers are going to be frying your brains out.

and all of the storm chasers will be exposed to high amounts of energy just like the Northern Light chasers trying to get the best photo.. those photons are coming at you causing accelerated ENTROPY.

Self Harm to Heal to be the Rescuer of Animals/Humans/Children

The Messiah Complex

is the new religion while under the influence and being radiated at the same time chasing pleasure, avoiding pain and blaming a person, place or thing for their own self harm..

Owning humans, animals, children.. modern day slavery..

People fly their Cutters also known as colors..

What a way to go..

"Do as thou wilt"

Crowley would be extremely proud of EVERYONE

I see people who claim they can save people under the influence of whisky.. using religion... wow.

the messiah complex is what develops cults, cult leaders and those who abuse their power like queen bees/kings bees and those who claim they can take away your pain and make you feel good.. soooooo goooooddd..

ack.. public masturbation is what many people advocate.. ok.

Crowley advocated sex magic using drugs, herbs and psychedelics and family to justify everything..

that was the 1960s..

that was the Christian revival, the porn revolution, the sexual revolution and the drug revolution and of course, all the pot or marijuana and the new age movement.

Then children become the new commodity.. how many little geniuses can we produce today? or how many hot chicks and men can we develop this generation?

self harm to heal to feel good and staying addicted to pleasure and paradise and "rescuing" everything..

harm to heal and save or rescue from oneself..

taking a human dog/kid to a surgeon to be harmed and then "heal".. with antibiotics, etc..

the religion of harm, heal, pleasure, paradise, "genius", and then death..

the old world is falling away..

but you watch others become their own satan and saviour and find followers to be their own satan and saviour until it become one big orgy of pleasure and pain and healing to live.. lol

and then die..

Sobriety and eating ALL FOOD is the new fountain of youth..

you don't need "drugs" anymore for artistic inspiration, just breathe in a crowded room and stop treating diseases, and pull out the excessive "demons" and you will get "genius" relative to what you focus your mind onto..

the people are the drugs.

People did so many drugs ever since the 1800s, they become what others get high off of, or get "healed" with or pleasure from, and so the sober people will become the "geniuses" and potentially physically immortal while other people drug themselves and their children out of existence..

sobriety is the new genius drug, if you can handle the pain..and the food.

Poles flipped

If this is your purview, you are worshipping Aleister Crowley

I dont want to hear any religious person call anyone satanic when you are getting cut into to heal with DRUGS

He said,

"Suppose I take all these pains to stop drugs and then get cancer or something right away, what a fool I shall feel!"

I said

people take drugs to take away the pain thus causing their own cancer.. or died suddenly

but CROWLEY flipped nature and said taking drugs takes away cancer and the pain..

ummm.. NOT SO MUCH.


The health and wellness system is based on crowley

Aleister Crowley admired Pfizer/Parke Davis


Mommy and me groups replicate the labs in their kitchen developing herbal drugs using probiotics, fruit and heavy metals


Certainly the reader will mourn the passing of the helpful American pharmacist, which Crowley describes during his trip across the U.S. in 1919:

My first stop was Detroit, where Parke-Davis were charming and showed me over their wonderful chemical works. They had installed countless and ingenious devices for conducting the processes involved in manufacture by machinery. Many of these produced effects of exquisite beauty of a land till then dreamed of in my philosophy. A great mass of pills in a highly polished and rapidly revolving receiver was infinitely fascinating to watch. The spheres tumbled over each other with a rhythmical rise and fall in a rhythm which sang to the soul. They were kind enough to interest themselves in my researches in Anhalonium lewinii [peyote] and made me some special preparations on the lines indicated by my experience which proved greatly superior to previous preparations.

oh boy.

humans were never meant to own a person, place, thing or animal.

the fact we did and do that was to justify our own slavery into a system of innovation and then blame the govt

and now, the system does NOT need the "slave" anymore, so the system will increase the need to cut out the suffering in your body, mind, spirit, family, friends, in politics, religion and science..




When you set your dependents free in the most legal way and you only have you and an equal partner to take care of..

you have just freed yourself from slavery...

now.. how will you survive your freedom..

sometimes one freedom turns into another slavery if you do not find ways to survive your freedom, indefinitely..

Preachers preach for or against Satanism, and do self harm to feel good and "heal"..

harming to heal to feel good and bad by controlling one's hormones through proxies might be construed as "Satanic"..

Why do people disable their immune system and call it "healing"???

inverted.. inversion might be construed as "satanic"..

Preachers preach for or against Satanism, and do self harm to feel good and "heal"..

harming to heal to feel good and bad by controlling one's hormones through proxies might be construed as "Satanic"..

Why do people disable their immune system and call it "healing"???

inverted.. inversion might be construed as "satanic"..

to make yourself a "godhead" might be construed as "satanic", but then, there might be different degrees of self awareness to develop self as the creator of themself.. or destroyer of oneself..

do we even put the word "satanic" or do we recognize to what degree we embrace the concepts we exemplify?

We go too far on each end the concepts lose balance..

Maybe Satanism means out of balance.. dark

Luciferian, lack of balance light.

"Satanists" practice dark magic by disabling/blocking their immune system of the light of energy and life, thus descending themselves into the darkness of ignorance, pleasure and paradise

"Luciferians" burn themselves up in the light of knowledge and awareness until they super nova into a ball of light and activism aka rupture/rapture like a volcano

both are deadly to self

Two very extremes of energy mgmt


I am neither luciferian or satanic

i left society.

You guys can duke it out

I can sit in the light of knowlege and in the darkness away from excessive solar radiation..

And i feed the energy and sleep to repair.

I do not chase ignorance or light

No pride in ignorance or knowledge..

Survive what you need to know..

Pride is one of the 7 Deadly Sins..

Once you achieve, the system will change.. again


Drug/Sex Addled Aleister Crowley, Anton La Vey, Occult Law of Reversal, Luciferian, Satanism, G5/G6 UV, Fractions in Families, Religiosify Death and Destruction

I would say Aleister Crowley is luciferian and Anton LaVey is satanic

Right now everyone is practicing one or both of these religions covered up in whatever spirituality they claim they practice.

That's why I walked away from society.. Because both of them end up in destructive death and violence

And then say I'm the monster.. people project their b******* on to me so I just walked away from society..

I'm literally done with the old world.. and it sucks watching it burn..

No matter how "good" the intentions were and are of all religions and spiritual beliefs, anytime one chooses to separate the world between what is "right" and what is "wrong", then we teeter on messiah/god complexes who also feel we must "execute" people in body, mind, spirit.

Granted, life must be regulated, or else suffer all out extinction, and there is such a thing as "right" and "wrong" based upon a "civilized" society, with an under belly. But who makes those decisions?

I will give you the answer. You are given a choice based upon what you choose to believe and ultimately, your government governs what is appropriate for the needs of society at the time, and systems change.

Life is PRECIOUS!! But what kind of life do we want to cultivate in a diverse society and why are we cultivating that life? If you were to take everything down to its most simplest denominator, even when it comes to information, would you want to be governed by ignorant, intolerant, despotic, violent, sexually depraved, drug ridden, and inarticulate leaders who kick down the doors and destroy anyone who looks and acts a certain way?

Hell no!!

You want leaders who get changed out every so often who try to keep the balance who also need to regulate humans and must be both the good guy and bad guy and how do people reconcile with that?

If you are ignorant of all arguments and choose to be ignorant of the other arguments and eschew information based in science and physics, you will be believe all the stories about what life should be and how one should die and that is fine!! You chose to believe that and so the system will grant your every wish.

If you are choosing to cultivate your brain with more information as well as entertain the other arguments and self reflect what misery you have contributed to the world, then you will choose whatever is appropriate for you.

You are the "angels" who choose to be "devilish" in your pursuits

and with your lack of balance, the system will keep you addicted to your "devilish" pursuits until you decide something different.

If you choose starvation, drugs, big families, alchohol, lots of destructive sex, violence, lack of change, and chasing beauty, pleasure, paradise, the system will overwhelm you with whatever you want until you destroy yourself.

Then all the activists who think the system is "killing" them would have actually chosen to destroy themselves called self harm addicted to "healing" and pleasure and do themselves in, surrounded by friends and family.

If you want to know who the devils are, they are the ones who choose to be the devil to themselves and then project looking for the devil, always bringing the devil into whatever "games" they play..

Once you know this, you then start cutting down a lot of public exposure as people "hunt" for the devils and some people get triggered by who they think the "devil" is and if you are caught alone in public, gosh help you..

Anton La Vey and Aleister Crowley are the most baser levels of the human condition there was and many people do worship aspects of them and their teachings because there is magic in the occult, but there is also self harm to heal and then all out destruction..

The UV rays, even at night just bring up what you already hold within and so if you want to manage the devil within so it does not outright destroy you, find ways to control the release and retention comfortable for you and survive the "devil in the purple dress"...

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