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The Internet Is Permanent and Journalists are Vampires in Regards to the J World

Beautiful young girls going to college will be tempted to use only fans for just a minute to make extra money because they were groomed by their parents to use their body to get ahead..

Sexual Creator sites, is like a j edgar hoover and an epstein through artificial intelligence.. Sexual blackmail that could come back later and bite you i* t** a**..

Nothing ever gets permanently deleted on the internet.. Mothers/Fathers you better warn your beautiful daughters that nothing is ever private on the internet. Even a TEMP subscription account to creative sexual online sites and the temptation to make a shit ton of money off their body just to get by during their semester to keep up with the people around them..

Once you become a stripper and once you use sex sites you have become leveraged

Now you must fly under the radar.. And there goes lucrative positions in the future..

Because once that comes out.. People don't recover public embarrassment

And if you become counter culture that's how the system will use that to keep you quiet..

And I can assure you there are many young girls out there who are doing just that.. There's already statistics proven.. Wait till they get into a lucrative position and try to make a difference.. And go against the grain..

Wait till they become influencer on youtube..

And they p*** somebody off..

That will come out..!!! I can promise you because I understand history..!!! I was sweating last night And I was blowing my nose really hard on both sides. I couldn't sleep. Finally when I released All that mucus in my nose., I was able to sleep Yesterday's energy.. Definitely spilling over today.. Two forty a m

Blowing my nose a lot.. Always a good sign the body is working the way it's supposed to..

Energy conversion at night.. Extremely necessary..

If the body doesn't release demons it will hold on to them and this is why so many things get a control for people..

Remember j edgar hoover and epstein.. Wire tapping, Video surveillance, Sexual black mail..

You think anything you do on the internet will be private.. Think again.. That will be used against you.. When it's convenient.. When you start coming up in the world and you go against some powerful people.. There could be a data breach.. And all of your account activity will be out for somebody on the darkweb.. Then on the regular web..

Wake the f******..

Only fans The future Even if you pay for your kids college..

We have so much competition in this global society.. When they can't get the job they want.. And they have been groomed for beauty in high school and junior high..

What's there for them.. You'll see.. If You don't find a middle ground somewhere being so smart will turn you extremely ignorant at some point..

Don't let the extremes of one end let the other and take over..

This is why people are conspiracy theorist..

This is why people distrust the media..

This is why people have to know how to read their gut and understand people's intentions..

This is why people cannot be so naive..

This is also why people call you crazy.. Because you've had an experience they haven't had.. And they will never understand where you are coming from until they go through it themselves..

Which is why.. Those who understand you are the people you entertain and hold close.. Because they can find things in their world to identify with and sit in your shoes.. They get it.. They don't have to experience everything you did and they still understand..

Those that don't imagine sitting in your shoes.. Will assume their world is everybody's world..

Do people think I don't know what it's like to be a parent.. It doesn't matter because I was a dog owner. A type of parent baving to make the hard choices..

When I took on someone else's problem.. I had zero control over the situation..

I wouldn't do it again...

Too many people have little regard for life and they just breed life with absolutely no intention to Keep it alive indefinitely and it is disposable..

Because the system forces you to make life disposable until you take care of yourself..

This system forces you to be a savior or a satan.. And that's a losing venture..

I also would not want to be a parent in this society..

And so yeah..

I just blocked a journalist.. And I don't care if you're good at telling stories..

Because at this point.. You're not going to tell the story to make the world a better place..

Claiming on your resume or biz account you are "trying" to make the world a better place makes you a cliche..

The fact you're owned by advertisers and corporate media says exactly the opposite..

You will tell stories to sensationalize anything you want.. So you can get hits and clicks and readership..

But jillian if you keep doing this how are you going to get your story out..

I tell my story everyday..

Time will tell.. If the media wants to get it or they want to spin it..

Right now the media is looking for the lowest hanging fruit..

It's too soon to slam me or support me in the media..

It's only been seven years and then I evolved about two years ago from my original information..

I don't want anyone sniffing around me thinking they are going to scoop something..

Because at this point.. time is on our side

Journalists are f****** vultures right now..

But I will not be their low hanging fruit..

Again even if they do a story.. All they're doing is just piggybacking off of buzzfeed newsweek and daily mail..

Completely unoriginal...

Again, JOURNALISTS, it is too soon to slam me or support me, at this point..

You don't know enough to understand where i'm coming from.. And I don't think you care to, given your "education AND background" ..

Or shall I say YOUR biased education and YOUR biased background..

salivating at the thought to hang somebody

PLUS Your station director won't allow you to support me and neither will your advertisers..

And that's your bread and butter.. DUH You are slave to your advertisers and your boss..

You could give a s*** about your readers.. And you're not trying to make the world a better place..

You are kept by the system.. And hungry for money and fame..

I'm not AS NAIVE AS you think I am..

And I doubt you will risk your career for me.. Especially if you worked so hard to get where you are today. You won't just throw it away on the jIlly juice world..

Buzz off..

We have plenty of time..

But why convict them.. Because when I see THEM coming through under the profile of a "journalist" with the TV station advertised like a tattoo on the forehead.. (transparent)

You're not coming from the standpoint of an individual understanding another individual.

Your job.. What you think is your status because you're a journalist is what is going to drive your intentions..

Transparent yet again..

You're not slick.. And you're not investigative..

You're like a f****** ambulance chaser.. I'm not the one..

That's f****** transparent, yet again..

Why do I sound so bitter and angry.. I'm really not..

But journalists.. Don't care about due process or the justice system. When they get a scoop on a story they know is going to sensationalize the world..

They will immediately convict a person with the way they use their words..

Yeah you can be a journalist reporting traffic issues fires and court cases..

Investigative Journalists.. Looking to make a name for themselves..

Will sacrifice anyone to get ahead..

All they have to do is paint an emotional picture.. And capitalize on people's suffering...

And find every way to lay blame out there..

And they will use one sided arguments and appeal to the uneducated the ignorant and the highly triggered..

That's why many journalists are low hanging fruit and they appeal to low hanging fruit..

And when you look at these journalists as gods..

They know who their audiences are..

The journalists are just like their audience..

Birds of a feather flock together..

Just remember.. The system can change if it wants to.. The people in the system can also change if they want to..

There is no crime in questioning the system as it stands right now..

Because you choose to participate in it or not..

If I have not been convicted of a CRIME in a court of law..

And i'm abiding by all the rules and laws in my society.

Purposely coming after me.. Could break your career..

Because you will be an accomplice to the system that is in destruction right now..

Scaring people away from food..

And you are not making the world a better place..

If anything you're doing exactly the opposite..

Figure out which side of history you want to be on..

Right now in this environment.. If anyone doing an expose on the jilly juice world.. Will have nefarious intentions.. Especially, if you are established in your career.. Part of a mainstream outlet..

Indy people have not completely extricated themselves from the conspiracy world.. So they will use my information as an addendum to their agenda..

Finding someone completely unbiased away from the conspiracy world and mainstream media will be virtually impossible..

Everything will be speculation and hearsay..

It's too soon for anything..

I just can't wait until i'm over fifty..

If you don't learn how to speak for yourself and become an advocate for yourself someone else will speak for you and write for you and tell your story and f*** it up for their payday

That's why you learn how to speak and write for yourself and not for somebody else.. Because inevitably somebody else will write and speak for you.. And possess you.. Like a demon

In my world.. I have come to find out that no one can really tell my story like me..

There are stories that reporters do because they can identify at empathize with the victims.. Because it's pretty black and white.. Crimes were/were not committed, but "justice" is relative..

The victims don't think that the justice serve was the justice deserved..

In a lot of cases no crimes were committed but the reporter was just looking for a payday and to bleed the "victims or the perceived victims" dry. While sucking the life out of the person they were writing about..

Which is why it's very difficult to trust reporters because they will filter their story through their own trauma and intolerances and lack of experience.. And then fill in all the gaps with their made up world.. Thus turning your story into a grocery store rag..

In my world no crimes were ever committed.. And i'm questioning the whole f****** system..

Nobody can tell my story because most people are already invested in the system as it stands..

So then I have to learn how to tell my story.. And develop immunological defenses against the demons out there who are looking to possess me and my story..

Not going to f****** happen.

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