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The Inverse Square Law is Happening Right Now and You Have Choices

You are being given a choice now. Whatever happens to you, it was always your choice.. However, psychological manipulations were and are in play.


I see parallels but watch my video because I explain what is going on below.

If you want change, it must be done through the system following all the laws and guidelines. You can change the system but it must be done intellectually NOT like a caveman.

1. weather underground 1963_federal building b ombings_weathermen_very little casualties done by someone else.

weather aboveground 2023 (2020 riots) _businesses at night (very little casualties) and they were not targeting the neighborhoods_climate change/high heat/storms. Any death now in the system of remedies, cures and lifestyles is voluntary. Ignorance is a choice in the age of information.

Main take away.. If you want to change the medical system.. You must change it from within..

What is the depopulation agenda: The sun the amplified sun will destroy those who don't change their lifestyle.. Oh yeah you can do whatever the fuck you want.. But if you don't change.. The sun will destroy you. And so will the climate change of the weather if you don't listen to indicators.

Remember in this climate change the sun is amplified.. Aggressively amplified..

In this environment.. The inverse square law says.. Those who are closest to the source point of radiation.. Which means those who stay outside most of the day in a very aggressive daily environment..

Will be affected by the radiation the most. Versus those that stay indoors during the day and only go out at night, but not to party. But to walk around walk their dog.. But if you're in the ghetto I would suggest not doing that..

Long story short.. The sun has been amplified.. People will be cured to death by the sun.. Because they don't know how to change the way they do things.. The world has changed..

Those who stay outside during the day and don't curb their outdoor activities.. They would be like a vampire.. Destroyed by the sunlight.. Because the sun now has been amplified by CERN and all the chemtrails

Watch Twilight... If you can't modify your movements.. You will be taken out by the sun..

Over time.. The sun will suck the life out of you and your children.. Because the atmosphere has been amplified.

The environment will destroy very resistant unevolutionary people..

Those that live in the west coast.. Calif, Nevada Arizona Tx.. Aggressive heat.. Will destroy you. You have to modify your movement.. If not.. Good luck.

Watch the twilight series again.. They represent humans.. If you can buy the vampire diaries.. You will see the allegory is the truth in humanity..

too many antibiotics/natural or "synthetic" on a probiotic/you develops juvenile/immature cells that will be either stuck in the body causing sperm/eggs and sexuality or turn into cancer.

positive times a negative = offspring..

3 types of offspring: 1. You can be the offspring and you save yourself 2. Cancer and chronic illness can be the offspring torturing you causing sexual reproduction 3. Child Remember, people have traumatic biological memories which need to be released and rebuilt.. It is NOT enough to brainwash people into beliefs to justify more trauma or keep going back for more herbs and drugs and surgeries.

Look at the nursing homes.. that is proof of all the biological trauma under the influence..

Please go back to the medical system and petition the NHS and the AMA to develop another model..

yoga and meditation is NOT helping your race and culture.. Some of you are the orchestra on the titanic.. You're keeping everyone calm with pretty words and pretty pictures, while the system destroys the weak..

The system thanks you're for your service..

Good luck because most of you will need it.. You really think your pretty words and pretty pictures are helping your friends and family.. Nope.. But yeah you are definitely distracting them from the reality..

How about them apples.. We all know beauty is a destra/uction.. i know all the people who are the orchestra on the titanic..

they live and subsist and die on social platitudes, the ultimate cliches..

What is a social platitude? Google it. If you are paying insurance premiums.. And you're seeing a doctor.. You are an insider.. You have the power to change the system if you understand the questions to ask..

Assuming you see anything wrong with the system..

I'm an outsider of the medical system so I can't change it..

I can do it on my own.. What is it.. Survive climate change and I can handle the pain and i'm not afraid of symptoms..

Some of you can't do it on your own... And you know it.. And you understand my information..

You are in an amazing position to change the fucking world..

You pay thousands and thousands of dollars for someone to take away your life.. Maybe.. That money can go to adding to your life not subtracting it..

You have the power to ask them for a life giving clinic.. Not The maternity ward

I'm talking about getting somebody off the palliative care hospice train.. Get over all their food allergies.. Their issues against genetically modified.. And ask in the system to teach you how to clear out your alimentary canal without taking away your life force..

Some of you need help learning how to blow your nose and sneezing and pooping.. Without relying on Coffee enemas or salt enemas..

The nurses could teach you how to manipulate your own internal system to release those poop demons.. They do it all the time in the nursing homes for those who are totally compromised and can't push out their own shit..

You need to ask the system to help you stay alive.. And not end up dying suddenly or in hospice.. I've done my part.. It's now your turn.. My next book won't be for awhile.. We need to see and watch how everything plays out..

But you now have a seed.. You have a workable solution..

Your work is cut out for you.. It'll be interesting to watch those on the inside.. Resist their own system.. And so they are developing their own path to hospice..

We will see those on the outside of the system resisting what's on the inside.. And they are developing their own path to hospice..

Those on the inside who learned how to assimilate and play the game.. They could change things..

Those on the outside who learned how to assimilate and play the game.. Could change things..

Resistance has always been futile.. Activism was always a ploy to weaken the targeted individuals..

Now you see how the game is played.. Develop your voice.. Here is a great example of someone articulating their perception of a song sung by jason aldean. I can see why people are reacting to his song.

He has a perception about a culture.. And I won't lie that violence isn't always the answer.. But remember.. Racism was always about violence against people who were different..

And so this is what happens.. We don't want to declare war on anyone because war will be declared back..

Remember.. We're in a great reset.. According to the architects.. The system must be destroyed to then be rebuilt in a different way..

People don't want to change. And so the system forces change. And some people/cultures were used as a tool for change. No matter what change is here..

This young lady is very articulate. And anyone who's different to someone can stand in her shoes.. Because once you leave your homogenize zone.. You will be different to someone else.. Once you say something different than what your friends and family say.. You will be different to them.. People destroyed what they don't understand..

So here's the jason aldean video that she's reacting to.. You can develop your own thoughts thoughts about both arguments..

Let's cut to the chase. Jason Aldean did not post any representation of the january six riots.. We had a system everyone accepted.. Until recently.. And people decided to overthrow the system.. You're not supposed to do that..

Plus.. How do you know that votes weren't counted properly even twenty years ago..

It was only recently that someone claimed the votes were altered or something else.. Remember al gore claiming the election was stolen by george bush.. Remember the hanging chads..

If the media doesn't suggest it.. People don't react.. Everything is great until someone says it's not..

change happens with due process.. But you don't overthrow your government..

I do like this song.. I also understand everyone's reaction to it.. It hits from whatever side of the argument you stand on.. The song speaks of patriotism, anti violence, racism (riots), though I didn't see anywhere he covered January 6.. Because that was also a riot against the police.. And against the government.. The american government.. That was left out..

So you have to understand why people react this way because the aldean was not equally exposing both sides.. he only focused on the earlier riots in 2020

Remember creativity comes from controversy.. but don't ever turn to violence against anyone.. Develop your argument.. Develop a song The Norovirus is going around. The frequencies are up.. And people are vomiting or having extreme amounts of diarrhea.. And they're also experiencing headaches..

I have a headache ever so often no big deal.. I don't have any stomach issues.. If I did they were very minor in the middle of the night.. And I released that demon.. Yup I had a headache.. Then I had to release those Little fucker demons..

Headache is all gone.. But if you have a headache up there.. You have shit down there.. If you have a stomach ache your body is trying to push it out.. You must help it..

Yeah it's insane out there..

Pain is the body telling you it's trying to release enemies in your body..

You have to set them free..

You cannot medicate them away because they will become so big.. They would look like radioactive monsters from chernobyl.. I will say this.. If an artist covers/pisses off everybody equally..

You wouldn't have such a split.. There's a reason why people take a side...

Better to get fifty percent of the vote.. supporters, buyers

Then get none of the vote..

That's politics.. That's an artist playing politics.. And getting market share..

Excellent work. That's how he makes this money.

You do not make money pleasing everyone or pissing everyone off.. Because youll becomes a one hit wonder.. Or no one likes you..

When you really want to change the world.. You piss everybody off EQUALLY.. .. That's how you make change.. Once people get over being mad.. And realize you're still talking.. They eventually listen and figure out why the fuck they got mad to begin with. Another person's truth HURTS..

Then they can make an educated choice..

Are people pleasers good in sales? You'd think making everyone around you happy would be a good thing. But in reality, people pleasing behavior in sales is often disastrous'd%20think%20making%20everyone,in%20sales%20is%20often%20disastrous We told you.. You have a chance in the first world.. Just dodge those tornadoes.. And floods.. And fires.. And civil unrest..

But you have a better chance than most.. But that's relative to where you are.. Radiation comes in so many different forms.. Climate change is an increase in the radioactive frequency.. Storms are stronger.. and the barometric pressure is aggressive..

Which is why those you are all about the day.. Playing everywhere all day long.. And then party at night..

Decrease in longevity..

Those who stay out of the sun for the most part during this time.. Those who don't go out at night to go party.. But they but they stay indoors most of the time.. Could potentially live through all this bullshit.. And they have relatively o k climate control.. And they don't attack their symptoms..

The world is changing because they are radiating out everyone who doesn't want to change.. Now you see what's climate change is.. The building up at the storms is the sickness.. The final release the rain the storms the tornadoes.. Not only will some people die from them, but they will die from the release process in their own body..

My body is finally calmed down and it's not feeling so bloated.. It's cooler outside.. The environment is relatively stable.. The pressure building the last few weeks to these storms were very catastrophic. To not only the land but also to some of the people..

Now I know what to expect.. Every time the pressure builds and the gradient goes up.. It will be hell.. But there will be a release.. And you just have to survive it.. Next week it's going to get even hotter.. It's going to be cool this weekend.. But the pressure next week is going to be more so..

This is the climate change.. Just try not to treat any feelings of disease.. Feed it released the demons.. just find a way to manage it without destroying yourself in the process..

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