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The J world is all about a call to action without violence..

the J world is all about a call to action without violence..

NO more marches and caveman bullshit..

An intellectual call to action...

main take away.. If you've asked your doctors and nurses to give your life back.. By helping you wean yourself back onto all of the food supply, And they refused to help you and they keep passing the buck, We need an Erin Brockovich to take on not only the whole system the medical system. But also the holistic world.. Because they are also doing harm to people..

Look at the NICU And look at the nursing homes..

The nursery and the nursing homes are two sides of the same coin..

And then look at people's Facebook.. Completely fucking oblivious.. But again you can't make people convert to life.. So those that want their life and they are refused help to get their life back in the medical system, they deserves a case.

And oh my god that's David and Goliath..

You see I can't do it.. Because I'm not sick.. I'm not in the medical system. And I can do shit on my own. However, it is only fair I charge a consulting fee, lol, for my time to outline and explain the JJ world process.

So somebody needs to set a precedent. That's your job in the j world. If you really understand. Some of you are a full of shit..literally

And you are in the medical system and you understand my protocol. But you won't take a stand for your family. I see it all over my facebook.. So many people in the j world gone right back into the system as if the j world never existed in their lives.. They are giving their friends money for another cure for another fucking disease.. That's how oblivious most people in the j world who were in it are.. They really could give a shit about change.. Everything is trendy to them.. Until it's not.. Their poor kids.

Giving birth to yourself is the inversion of giving birth to a baby..

Now you want to survive.. So you're releasing all the juvenile cells so it doesn't turn into sexual reproduction.. Human farming..

That's the j world.. You giving birth to yourself.. Everyday.. If not those juvenile cells will turn into cancer disease and then sexual reproduction..

All disease cancer death= refeeding syndrome

All the different names for the diseases are relative to what part of the body is affected by starvation..

I narrowed everything down by reverse engineering the whole system..

You're welcome.

The hunger games.. Was never about the government starving you..

It was how many games people played withholding food from themselves and their loved ones through the medical holistic energy healing world..

The irony is.. Those who have been trained to speak and write very well. Do not talk about questioning the medical holistic energy healing world.

It will take those in the j world who are not degreed.. Who are questioning the medical holistic energy healing spiritual world.. To learn how to speak and to write.

We have allowed highly degreed academics to destroy your friends and your family. Because they understand how to persuade people into destroying themselves. Through oncology, herbs extracts and detoxes and food mitigation.

Those who really understand the j world... Maybe it's time to learn how to speak and write.. And compete with academics.. Who think they are god.

Maybe questioning their version of abiding by the Hippocratic oath needs to be questioned.

Oncology surgeries anesthesia Drug abuse Starvation.. Is doing harm to people.. You are violating your Hippocratic oath.

Anesthesiologists are the loophole when it comes to doing no harm to people.. Because they are DOING HARM TO PEOPLE..

Putting somebody under so somebody can go and butcher them doesn't make it okay which is why they get paid the BIG BUCKS!! you are the loophole.

I understand emergency situation such as triage.. like pulling bumpers out of people's asses in accidents.

But encouraging people to get operations and voluntary operations is doing harm to people..

Wake the fuck up humans..

Ask the doctors and the nurses to give your life back and refeed you. Stop the starvation..

Overcome all food allergies even salt allergies.. And finally dismantle the holistic system. Finally dismantle all the ideas food is poison.

You owe it to the people doctors.. Give people their life back if they ask for it.. Don't make them file a lawsuit against you and the system..

But you know people will be forced to do that at some point.. Because doctors are not prepared to question their own methods.. And you know the holistic system is destroying people.

These poor humans.. I feel sorry for you guys if you don't get this.

And so only the strong will survive the suffering and the stress of getting their life back..

Through all of the food supply.. Not the bullshit organic.. But everything even genetically modified..

You saw that I suffered for 7 years. Evolving not only myself but the system.. And giving you guys YOUR power back by holding the system accountable.. How many thousands of dollars have you paid to the insurance company.. How much is your deductible. What are you paying these fucking doctors and nurses for.

Some of you your children will be the absolution. They won't survive the environment. Because mama you can barely survive

you are still traumatized.. And it shows.. Look at her Facebook .

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