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The J world it's about the long game not the short game..

You are with people not because you need them because you want them..

Why do you want them.. It's because you think you need them..

Why do you think you need them..

The jay world it's about the long game not the short game.. The old world was about the short game..

the immediate results.. Were the outcome of those results your intention.. Or was the marketing so strategic that you bought somebody else's product and outcome... And are you now regretting your decision.. When you are told all the operations on surgeries will make your life easier When in actuality it's became harder..

You don't do the jay world so you can be on health insurance.. You do the j world because you're tired of the health industry..

You are in the jay world You're tired of being sold A dream..

Now you're ready to face your demons..

When you play the long game you will see the results over time..

You can get away with the shortcuts for a sort of amount of time.. Over time.. All deception is revealed..

High risk low risk Long game Short game

Almost 50

Remember every day every year every month you have a chance to either.. Build yourself up or take yourself down..

In this society it will take a while for people to understand your lifestyle is the difference between youth and vitality and what is socially acceptable because of plastic surgery and botox..

When i'm seventy or sixty and I still look like this on some level.. It will mean more..

Time has a habit of exposing all deception..

The meaning of marriage friends and family politics religion and science dogma groups=

When the pain and the suffering of either supporting the intent of someone rebuilding themselves or helping them out the door is far more worth it over somebody else.. We are either allowing people to destroy us or we are saving ourselves..

Whenever we depend upon somebody else it's never to save us... That is key to understand.. Your friends and family and associations are not keeping you alive.. Remember that..

That's the meaning of social network circles.. And it doesn't even matter if you like them or hate them..

Everyone will use everyone elses energy or knowledge of people's existence to destroy themselves or keep themselves alive..

The dead can't save you neither can the alive.

If you're in an accident and you're unconscious.. And you're still alive.. Nobody saved you.. If you can't move, somebody helping you move to a safer place isn't saving your life.. You were already alive.. There is no guarantee you would have died.. Getting treatment isn't life saving.. You're already alive..

Heart attacks... Near drowning deaths.. Doing c p r.. Somebody did "save you".. But maybe you were supposed to pass away.. But by the grace of god they gave you a second chance..

When we put other people in the position to save us we were already self destructive.. Did they really save us or did they save themselves from seeing so much pain as suffering of your death.. Or did they give you segments of their life.. Breathing their own life into you..

You can avoid someone and still help them survive or destroy them.. When you actively avoid people you still acknowledge their existence.. That energy can still be converted.. Based upon the intent of the energy converter.. If you allow other people to convert you then you've lost the power your own power..

A person will either keep themselves alive or destroy themselves..

When you learn how to convert the power people give you regardless of their intent. You have the power all the power in the world..

Some people just allow other people to keep converting their energy into their image.. That's where you get the clone reference from..

That's when you know you've allowed too many influential people into your world.. That's why I walked away from society.. i still participate but i'm very careful with how people influence my energy..

Which is why I walked away from the medical and the holistic energy healing people.. Which is why I walked away from activism.. Which is why I do not run any groups.. Which is why I don't answer so many questions.. Which is why I just put my information out there and I let it marinate..

Energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted..

So j world keep living do what you do. Let time expose everything of your lifestyle and belief system..

If you know how to evolve to a very aggressive environment it won't be difficult to look like you're adapting to your environment ...

I don't have health insurance and I do not participate in botox or plastic surgery.. And I do not go see any kind of energy healing person. Because they will suck the life out of you if you let them..

Obviously I don't run in crazy a** crowds who suck the life out of you.. If I ever occasionally do some really socially acceptable stuff out there... I will also balance it out with recalibration and release.. And no it's not doing the j juice to detox.. That's the wrong way..

If you have to detox.. You have an ongoing issue..

Every day you have a choice to balance.. Or become extremely unbalanced balance..

So right now in your thirties and forties even fifties.. It won't make a difference as far as selfies but you're keeping track of your image each year..

It's when you're are in your sixties and seventies is what will reveal your lifestyle..

This is a marathon this is not a sprint..

Plastic surgery and botox and filters on social media can only go so far..

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