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The J world will be the ONLY way humans can survive and potentially live indefinitely..

The J world will be the ONLY way humans can survive and potentially live indefinitely.. NOT the j juice..

Nobody else is doing what the Jworld is doing.. in my book..

i am serious..

You know why i'm so comfortable saying this.. Because nobody is understanding their alimentary canal like the j world..

Nobody is.. I understand how deadly spicy food is.. I understand what made the appalachian people so fucking strong.. It was the food.

I understand the indicators when the body needs help releasing demons . Using my digits..

Nobody is doing that out there..

Nobody wants to face their own fucking demons . Everybody wants to anesthetize themselves . Be under the influence of alcohol and drugs because they can't handle the suffering of releasing the demons. So many people are getting trauma to their body..

And so many people are worshipping the sun right now in this aggressive environment..

That's how I know the jworld is the only way to survive..

Because most people cannot handle evolution.. They will walk into the light.. And then it'll become dark.. why women are internally stronger.. they either push out demons or push out children.. lol one of the same.. hahah Luciferian = so much info, people have a hard time processing so they super nova, or self implode..

Too much light, people become sparkly and pixelate and die suddenly.. Nothing in the vaccines or chemtrails are POISON.

what is the issue? It is the activation of the vaccines and the chemtrails from particle acceleration or global warming or climate change is what people are having an issue with.

the high high heat and the aggressive storms activated by HAARP/CERN activating all the vaccines and chemtrails and you must release the demons out of your body and take on ALL FOOD, GMO TOO, AND repair the damage and replace the energy that was used..

stay away from spicy food and drink milk/cream and eat all all Appalachian food..

pain is the body releasing damage.. and mothers right now feel they are not equipped to deal with painful evolution so they compromise their kids' immune systems with natural or synthetic antibiotics or starve their kids by taking food away from them.. Told you.. Particle acceleration.. Causes heat.. Heat causes volatility in your water in your body.. Your body will start breaking apart and replicate.. That's why you have to eat all food..

Stay out of the sun for the most part if you can.. Because the sun will kick your ass along with particle acceleration..

Mothers.. Grandmothers... Now that you know this if you even want to understand this.. All food is the answer... Stay away from the remedies market.. Stay away from the doctors and the nurses if you can.. Because your kids life depends on this.. They need all the fucking food..

If they get a reaction from foods because their body is trying to release the damage from predisposed issues.. . That's their immune system, and you're disabling it by starving it and using remedies on it..

The food is not poisoned, they have a lot of damage within from genetic predisposed issues.. Don't let people scare you away from food because of their politics.. Selling you a fucking remedy..

The highest temperature recorded by a manmade device was achieved in a particle accelerator. In 2012, Brookhaven National Laboratory's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider achieved a Guinness World Record for producing the world's hottest manmade temperature, a blazing 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit.Apr 15, 2014,blazing%207.2%20trillion%20degrees%20Fahrenheit

Ten things you might not know about particle accelerators

All these patents.. Everything works together

Chemtrails? Don't "believe in them"...? Here's a little news for you...not only are they real, but they've been doing it for over 50 years!! And it's a proven fact...even if you don't like it. Even if you can't see it in the skies, every day, all over the earth as most of us do. IF GRANDMA cannot save her family, she must save herself..

if mother cannot save her kids, she must save her self

if fathers cannot save their family, they must save themselves..

you get the pattern here..

you cannot save other people, animals or children..

you must save yourself and hope those who watch you can save themselves, too.. If you plan to still die anyways, what's the point in wearing EMF PROTECTION

When people go out in a very harsh accelerated environment wearing EMF protection clothing...

What is silver a good conductor of? Silver: The single most conductive metal, silver conducts heat and electricity efficiently thanks to its unique crystal structure and single valence electron.

Since the beginning of the universe, the sun has sent out waves that create EMFs, or radiation. At the same time the sun sends out EMFs, we can see its energy radiating out. This is visible light.Jul 8, 2021 › health EMF Exposure: Danger Levels, Symptoms, Protection, and More

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