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The JJ World Prepares People for the Transition to the New World

The Battle: Everyone is dealing with some kind of battle inside.. Just within the last week I was actually fighting demons when I was unconscious sleeping.. They were extremely active.. And to some people it could have heart attack or a stroke.. And if you don't wake up it means you died.. When you're in a battle and you wake up.. You just won the battle..

You see you don't know what happens to people when they die on their sleep. What kind of battle were they fighting.. And when they don't wake up they lost the battle.. So when you're in a battle and you wake up and you remember that battle.. You just won the battle..

People fight battles out there on the street in the medical system.. And they have mercenaries that fight battles for them.. But eventually even the mercenaries can't save them.. Eventually you can have to face those battles alone.. And if you're not equipped to deal with the battle of your body your mind and your spirit.. You won't wake up..

Everything is about the art of telling a story...

How will you use the story.. Who are the elements in the story.. What is the objective..

Why tell the story..

How will you develop the characters in the story of you.. What will you do with the characters.. How do you develop yourself as the character of the story..

Are you always on the outside looking in.. Or are you in the inside looking out.. You can develop stories to understand all sides of an issue.. It doesn't mean it's fact.. But you're willing to explore the unexplored..

That's problem solving strategy thinking..

It's like solving for x...

Right now the world the conspiracy world is basically algebra..

Solve for x..

If you have to work backwards work backwards.. If you have to work from the side the right the left and center..

Do what You have to do to solve the problem to solve the equation.. Even if it's just the equation for you..

Everything i'm doing is preparing myself for now in the future.. I am developing different strategies to think.. So when I am ready, I will be able to use my skills and abilities that I have developed the last twenty years and then some.. Eventually I'll take classes and get certifications..

This is my second chance at life..

The last fifty years was giving myself to the system.. To study to document to make fun of.. Make other people money..

It's my turn in the future.. At this point if you want to breed I don't care what you identify with..

Breeders aren't only for the heteros..

Are you going to breed balanced Human beings.. Non violent and logically intellectual with the balance of both right and left brain..

I choose not to breed..

I'll leave that all up to you all.. And the government..

Uterine transplants will be of the future.. If you can get breast implants and penis enlargements.. Someone born without a uterus could probably get a uterus transplant..

I mean why discriminate.. Everyone's comfortable with stem cell transplants.. And implants.. Stents screws and mesh.. And all types of surgeries..

If you're all about organic and natural..

Get away from both the holistic and the surgical system and the medical system..

Don't be speaking out of both sides your mouth..

Or be a hypocrite and understand both sides of the story..

Live and let live.. At this point I don't even care.. Why the system wants to reproduce carefully... parents aren't equipped to deal with demons.. Sometimes they make the demon stronger... And then they turn in to serial killers.. Or bullies..

Reels: Facebook Reels of a child destroying a classroom This is what the teachers are dealing with.. You could NOT have pay me enough.. I was a nanny back in the nineties.. But the kids were relatively very well behaved..

Nowadays I wouldn't be a nanny... I give props to anyone who has the patience for this..

People say this child needs love.. I'm sure this child is very well loved.. Loved so much that she's allowed to act this way.. Oh well..

You see you can love someone too much.. And when you don't give them boundaries.. This is what happens.. The consequences repercussions.. And i'm sure there's also biochemical deficiencies.. Causing this anxiety.. Kids are supposed to act out on some level.. But where do we draw the line.. Where do people draw the line.. Do you give them a punching bag.. Do you give them a screaming room..

You can't put them in the empty room because that would he looked at as abusive..

You can't force them to sit down..

Corporal punishment should only be used when there is other training involved and that should be done by behavior modificationists.. Not a lay person.. Because then that child will turn violent later on..

So what are people to do nowadays with kids who are out of control..

They have to sit and watch it and let it happen.. Let the system deal with them as they get older..

And you hope they survive their young adulthood..

That's what we have developed..

Good luck world

I'm glad I went through that training as a child.. It was f****** h***.. But as i'm fifty years old.. I'm thankful for it..

I have the tools to survive this f***** u* world we live in.. And it's too bad we have to survive this world.. But you can't control your neighbors.. S*** your government cant even control everyone.. So they have to control the environment.. Exercise the parts of the brain you want to use the most now and in the future.

Just because i'm right doesn't mean that you're wrong.. It just means that i'm allowed to live in the world that I want to live in.. And you're allowed to live in the world you want to live in..

And we both can still respect boundaries..

If life happens to change it doesn't mean that i'm wrong.. It just means that life changes..

Your mind can change all the time..

Who am I to teach anyone anything.. Who am i to say that what you believe is wrong right or indifferent..

That's why I stay on my facebook.. Nobody can accuse me of trying to convert them and make them wrong..

I speak generally about people but I don't insult them.. But I will use general terms like religion.. Politics.. And science.. If those terms are offensive.. Then you don't consider yourself an individual...

That's not my problem

If you can't separate yourself from your politics your religion and your science.. Then you have an identity crisis problem.. Everyone will insult you..

Which means that.. You will be expending so much energy trying to convert people.. Instead of staying in your own world..

what is the system developing:

1. pretty/cute fragile children (must be in a bubble or wither away) breeders/influencers 2. hard fighting children who are physically tough but not mentally tough (picking fights with people/bullies in our society) (antibodies) 3. academic children (programmers) 4. the saviors........(love antibodies) (the politics/religion/science dogmatic people)

and then combos of all 4 types..

just look at your facebook.. look at yourself..

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