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The JWorld is Bypassing the Hayflick Limit With Food

The j world of immortality is bypassing the Hayflick limit with food, not drugs or remedies by NOT using food/herbs as medicine.. In climate change, people's Hayflick limit will be realized sooner because of their lifestyle and belief system.. That's called died suddenly or diagnosable conditions.. But no matter what you blame the immune system activation on it would have happened at some point.. It was only a matter of time. Because you never understood this.. Now you know.. Immortality is all relative then you have to peel back the layers.. But there are always problems to solve.. How much time do you have to solve the problems within.. If you're even aware.. The medical industry tries to buy you time based upon you realizing the Hayflick limit.. It doesn't always work out the way people expect.. Because people are starving.. The holistic industry attempts to make you leaving this world realizing the Hayflick limit, relatively palatable.. Until you end up in hospice.. But you will see people point out and hunt for the enemy.. While looking for a savior.. And they always point out strangers.. Because it's their friends who they want to keep around when they're on their way out the door.. That's called scape goating.. Which is why we live in a conundrum and in an upside down world.. Which is why I stand alone.. With mostly just my husband.. And his world.. And my research.. As far as 911. It would have happened anyways.. Because people are way too radicalized especially when they are deteriorating.. So they let it happen so you know how bad humans can be when given the chance.. When you're too protected you don't realize the danger of what you're in.. We have many people out who are overly protected until they realize the world is not what they think.. You don't like diversity out there so you stay in your little homogenized world... The climate will change and force you to assimilate to a diverse world out there.. Just like Facebook.. And you had to see it on Facebook.. In a controlled circumstance.. You're being given a choice.. Choose wisely for yourself.. The food didn't give you cancer.. Your belief system gave you cancer.. The enemy is not in the food.. You are your own worst enemy.. 💦 I will say when you release the demons.. And you go through the pain of the sickness you're supposed to go through if you think you can survive it.. And you have an enormous support system relative to your conditions.. Absorbing information and developing conclusions to open problems will become so much easier.. The science of problem solving is all relative to the proportional amount of problems one must solve within a specific period time while simultaneously accessing resources to support that energy.. In a closed system, you have a certain amount of time to solve that problem before that problem becomes out of control.. In an open system, you have a certain amount of time to solve the problem before that problem becomes out of control.. How many resources must you burn in order to solve a problem? And do you have enough resources? People will find that when they are starving. They don't have enough resources to solve their own problems in body mind and spirit.. Essentially they ran out of gas.. Senescence caught up with them.. They didn't realize they had to bypass the Hayflick limit.. And they had to start eating.. And they had to stop suppressing their own immune system. They were their own worst enemy when they could have been their own best friend.. 💦 THE SYSTEM KNEW those full of love and hate will be easy to pick off.. too involved in their own emotions, ignoring science and/or a victims of how science influenced their emotions.. and that is why you see the racism and all the isms in our society.. radicalized emotions become dangerous weapons to themselves and those who they target.. the science of storytelling...and those stories are all over Facebook, YouTube, and all the activism groups. You are part of the war once you partake in pointing the fingers or in complete denial.. which is why i defend myself in body, mind, spirit and I eat, rest, poop and fill my mind with knowledge NOT emotions.. the science of immortality came from releasing the jail of emotions and hormones programmed into me ever since childhood..

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