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The Left Breed Courtesans and the Right Breed Broodmares Who is Protecting these Children ?

My world is a strategy of walking away from all the bullshit to save yourself.. and if you are in partnership, you could strategize giving your partner time off to save themselves and also pay the bills, only the basics.. not the extras..

And it's also observing how people sacrifice their body mind and spirit to their friends and family.. It's very expensive to have a family a social circle and a friend base.. People literally pay with their life..

How do you walk AWAY from the deadly relationships of friends and family and social circles..

How do you survive your children who are actually trying to destroy you..

Observation around Sexualizing your daughters and sons to be a slave to somebody else. The left breeds courtesans, And the right breeds brood mares

You both enslave women and men..

Neither is better than the other..

And the intent is not to survive your lifestyle..

I was the monkey wrench in that bullshit situation..

By the way.. My family is so self sufficient.. They don't bug me for money entertainment or anything else.. I have the freedom to invent myself..

It is so nice when you don't have to answer to people who are so needy.. Wanting everything from you.. Remember it's not just having boundaries and disciplining your children.. Because they will rebel.. It's also the kind of violence they're exposed to in the movies and video games.. Some people are cultivating little serial killers. And so you'd be very careful disciplining a child with issues that you have no idea have..

That's why you don't want to recommend your children having children.. Because you could be imprisoning your children with your grandchildren..

And people get destroyed by family..

I remember being a kid.. And I knew how to manipulate the "good" parent to get what I wanted..

And I knew how to be sneaky to get what I wanted..

I understand humans and children better than most people because I remember everything.. And I don't deny it..

And when you have one parent who has boundaries and the other one that doesn't.. Or not a lot..

You know how to work the system.. And the more the one parent comes down harder. If that kid survives the discipline.. That kid will become even more strategic.. Potentially even cunning.. But if visual violence and other things are introduced to that child.. Then you get serial killers.. Rapist et cetera..

That's why you want at least one parent or both parents setting so many boundaries.. Without beating you into submission..

But if grandma is always around spoiling the children..

She will ruin her grandchildren.

And many grandparents ruin their families.

And so if you walked away as a grandparent, because your kid was being an asshole..

That was probably the best thing you ever did.. That kid will still blame you.. Sorry.. The kid fucked up their own child. You weren't around to fuck up that grandchild.. They can't blame you.... But you know they will.. Children always blame somebody else.. Now look at all the activists.. Blaming everyone for their own bullshit..

You live in a society full of children. Who are having children.. Fucking up their own kids

I knew my grandmother.. She bought me books and that was pretty much it or a subscription to jack and jill. A kid's magazine..

But she never spoiled me.

My mother wouldn't let my aunt or my grandmother or anyone spoil us..

That's how you fuck up children..

This information wouldn't matter 60 years ago.. Everybody was spoiling everybody buying all the bullshit addicted to whatever.. Domestic violence racism and brutality and violence was in different places. Of course there was no immortality or potential immortality.. Maybe people were living longer lives eighty ninety.. Okay..

Fast forward to twenty twenty three..

People's lives are being cut short.. Children are cannibalizing everything around them.. Even their own parents.

You want to save yourself..

My information and the WEF are trying to save the planet and people. All of humanity..

But now you have to come to terms with how you fucked up yourself and your family..

And that would require you looking within.. And hearing a different perspective..

And if you want to save yourself..

You might have to walk away from a lot of bullshit.

Everything right now is synchronistic..

People like me are all over the world.. But people like me are hated by people like some of you..

Like children being told you cant have that toy.. And that kid throws a tantrum.. And beats their own parents into submission..

Now look at your facebook.. The people beating each other into submission.. As well as their own family and friends.. Knowledge and respectability goes a long way..

The j world is about developing so much knowledge and cultivating one's respectability for now and the future.

And if mistakes have been made in this lifetime you have the time to rectify..

You have the time to reinvent yourself..

And do something for society.. Atone for the sins of the past..

Forge into the future..

Because no one was ever perfect in this lifetime..

But you have time to explore what you need to..

And the jay world is an excellent platform for that..

Let me tell you.. Once you go through the process

You might have a lot to say.. That's why the world is down sizing.. We have generations who want what their parents had but don't want to work for it.. And if they do want to work for it they are ALSO enslaving everybody else around them to support their lifestyle..

And if you choose to have children you support your children.. Babysit your own children.. If you are in a split home.. Obviously you take turns..

Kids don't know the value of a dollar. Because grandparents are always stepping in and filling in the holes.. So these kids automatically think everything should be given to them. And if somebody has money they have a right to somebody else's money.. When you watch your parent struggle.. Or when your parents don't give you everything..You respect the value of a dollar..!!!

And you stretch that fucking dollar..

But no, MANY kids think everything is disposable nowadays..

And they have a basement full of toys they played with only once. And disposable pets, as well..

Everything is disposable to so many children today.. Because parents think of themselves as disposable.. grandparents think of themselves as disposable. So what do you think your children and grandchildren are going to think of themselves and the world.


What do you think you are breeding into this world. People who will use others for their own gain and enslave them.

Seventy three years ago there was a one breadwinner.. Because people were not spending so much on bullshit.. One parent was at home.. Watching over the children..

My husband could support a family of 3 or 4.. On his income.. And he doesn't have to work so hard.. He could work half time and still make our bills, but we don't need the bullshit of children and a bustling lifestyle..

And he works hard enough so I want him to have the things he wants.. And I have the things that I want..

And just because somebody has money doesn't mean you have the right to it..!!

Just because you know someone that makes money and works hard for it doesn't mean you as an outsider has a right to it..

So if you only want to work four hours A day.. You live in a tiny home.. You're not jet setting everywhere.. You're not buying designer clothes and bullshit items like fendi bags.. And going out to eat all the time and drinking.. partying all the time.. Maybe you only have one car.. And you don't have addictions..

And I like that lifestyle.. It's simpler no drama.. Everybody wins

And guess what I have peace and quiet and I can learn.. No destractions.. No drama.. Nothing..

I did a great reset on my body.. Exactly the way the system wants for the world..

It's fucking worth it.

What sad is.. We have millennials who both have to work.. They have kids.. And they still need help from mommy and daddy..

That's what's so sad about millennials and gen z..

They have no respect for the value of a dollar.. And they still cant afford to eat. .

That's what's sad.

And they will say it on their facebook.. Food is too expensive..

Maybe your lifestyle is too fucking expensive..

And never be a borrower or a lender be.. Because the vultures will come knocking..

And they can smell a sucker.. A mile away..

A sucker is born every minute..

People like me don't have a lot of friends...

I wonder why..

Most people on my facebook won't be around in the long run anyways.. And if you don't like what i'm saying it doesn't even matter..

Might as well get everything out.. Say what you mean and mean what you say.. Change the world change yourself.. Accelerated atmosphere affects everyone regardless of therapy statuses..

I get hives but they're gone overnight if not an hour later..

People are responding to all of their evolution completely wrong and it will compound the issue.. And they will lose their memory even more so. Yup However if you have a very aggressive lifestyle.. You are slave to your life.. It is possible to simplify.. And still have an amazing life.. I was thinking about situations that could come up which MAY not BE anticipated in any family or a relationship..

If it takes two people to support a family..

You might be living WAY above your means..

If it takes two people to support a couple and their lifestyle and household..

You might be living WAAAY above your means..

Especially if you want to give somebody the latitude to take a break..

Especially if roles NEED to reverse..

If it takes two people to support grown children.. Your kids are taking advantage of you.. And they could give a shit if they bleed you dry..

They are waiting for the inheritance.. You know how I know this.. Tell them they're cut out of the the will and you're giving away all your assets to charity.. Watch them basically disown you.. You won't hear from them.. Kids only love you for how much you give them.. They don't love you for you.. They love you for all the shit you gave them.. And give them.. And what they will inherit when you die..

Or your kids are using you right now.. Prove me wrong.. Could either of you live without each other.. Don't answer that

I already know the answer.

And if they have life insurance on you.. You better ask why.. They're waiting for you to die.

And in divorce relationships.. One or both parents will try to buy their childs love.. And when that child bleeds them dry..

One parent says no more youre cut off.. The other parent keeps giving the kid money and guess who that kid is hanging out with.. The one who keeps giving them money..

That's vampirism.. That parent is using their child.. And that child is using their parent

There's no respect.. It's what have you done for me lately..

The smart parent cut that kid loose a long time ago..

Let your x and your kid bleed each other dry..

That spouse developed a monster.. And you might have contributed to it..

But the smart parent walks the fuck away.. And sometimes it's not worth looking back.. That kid has been ruined.. Ruined by the other parent and even you.. But you acknowledge your part in it and you walk away..

Because you know your grandchildren will be cursed with that same situation..

The apple never falls far from the tree.

That's why my world is so important.. When you say you want to live and they support you in life.. That's the kind of kid you want around.. They will be there while you get your life back. So that way you can be on your own.. And if roles need to reverse you go through that process.. And help them get their life back.. No parties no addictions only the basics..

To me that's how family should be.. Not waiting for someone to die And use them up..

The strategy of a married couple being able to take turns saving themselves.. My situation my husband would have to live my lifestyle.. And he would have to give up everything except for netflix, a computer and food and shelter..

I would only support the necessities and the time for him to get his life back..

And then when we both get our life back.. Then we can figure out the next situation..

But I kind of figured that out.. When two people must work in order support their lifestyle.. They are living way beyond their means.. And if they have to support their grown children.. Their children Are taking advantage of them..

The trappings of wealth when you both must work your ass off to support all your friends and family and lifestyle.. You're a slave to the life you have and you will die for your beliefs and people do die for their life..

And so the rule of thumb in the j world.. If you cannot support the life you have under one breadd winner.. You will set yourself up to fail..

You as the person at home want to pick up where your husband or wife left off..

And so you never over extend yourself.. You never set yourself up to fail..

And you want to always have a cushion and room.. People say you could do that by saving money..

How much money are you going to save, for a what if.?

Many people don't think that way.. And even if they do save money.. How much money do you think is enough to save to get your life back..??

It might take you five years.. To get your life back.. Do you think you have 5 years of savings to make up for what would have lost in income, if you had to be down..??

If a couple decided one person would work while the other person got their life back.. Everything would be scaled down, as if that person who's working was single..

And you wouldn't be supporting any in laws or friends or anything like that.. No pets.. no anything.. No alcoholism and no drug addiction.. Only the necessities until you weaned yourself off of all the addictions..

No, crazy parties not even really too much of a social life except for the person who's working.. And then the other person would join in occasionally..

That's why I am the way I am.. I'm not the eighties.. There is no supersize me.

I don't want the mcmansion.. And I don't need all the luxurious bullshit..

I want to give myself and my husband room to change if we need to..

I could give a f*** trying to keep up with any one in my neighborhood. Or out there for that matter..

I don't want other people's lives.. I have no jealousy for other people's bullshit and all of their trappings of wealth. Because they are suffering trapped in that lifestyle and they pretend they are not.. That's why people are suffering and under the influence..

They're fucking trapped.

When people are trapped they hate anyone who has freedom.. And so they find ways to enslave you..

That's why you must be So much more adaptable than everyone around you.. And that also means lessen the influences around you.. Because people will trap you into their lifestyle.. And now you're hooked..

And when you're trapped in somebody else's world.. That's the most miserable thing you will ever ever experience..

Then you become a slave.. And you constantly kiss the ring..

I see many women AND MEN out there kissing the ring of their inlaws..

And yeah they're forced to raise the children..

And people will die for their life..

It is what it is..

But those of you in the j world... You have strategy.. You can strategize your survival..

It doesn't take much to live..

But that would require down sizing.

It really is possible.. So you might say you're staying away from those who do you wrong.. But when you surround yourself with people, you might be doing those people wrong..

of course you would never see it.. Cause you're too busy accusing others of doing you wrong..

See how that shit works.. You're no better than those who you accuse..

Until you could be on your own two feet by yourself.. The people that have done you wrong. You will do to others until you can be on your own..

So be careful of who you accuse doing something to you and who you say you're staying away from.

Cause maybe everyone around you should be staying away from you..

If you say your mother abused you.. Until you can be by yourself.. And separate yourself from other people.. And constantly question your motives and even how you do things.. You could be abusing others.. That's been proven.. That is called transference.. And people respond to what they perceive is a reality.. Inevitably someone will exemplify characteristics of people in your past. Especially your children.. or authority..

Transference is when someone redirects their feelings about one person onto someone else. During a therapy session, it usually refers to a person transferring their feelings about someone else onto their therapist. Countertransference is when a therapist transfers feelings onto the patient.Jul 19, 2023

That's why I just hang out with my husband..

Because we're in a committed relationship of survival.. And I purposely don't have Children or a lot of friends.

So that way i'm not projecting.. Or transferring anything..

My husband's strong enough for me and i'm strong enough for him.. And we both speak up for what we need to convey..

And if you have been wronged by somebody in authority as a child.. Do you really think you escaped that curse when you have children and grandchildren.

That's when you really need to check yourself.. And they stop accusing others of what they've done to you. Because now you're showing what you're doing to others under you.

You haven't healed yet. And you won't..

And so trauma victims have children to pass on their hurt And abuse..

So again be careful what you post on facebook.. We could be questioning what you're doing with your children.

No you haven't healed.. And you won't for a long ass while if you even survive your lifestyle. And hopefully you get counseling for your trauma. Everyone who has children and who have been married and divorced have dealt with some trauma in their life..

That's the very nature of family

it's built from war and drama.

So none of you should be casting blame on the other parent.. Both of you are at fault..

And you as a grandmother with trauma blaming your own mother..

What are you doing to your own children and grandchildren..

That's the question..

Can you even face that question.. Did you really heal Or did you pass on the curse..

Just like in the horror movies when the demon jumps from person to person.

That's the allegory.. Allegorically demons jump from generation to generation and people to people.. But it's stronger from generation to generation. I can be around people who have been traumatized but the demon won't take over.. Unless I allow it to..

But offspring have no choice.. The demon was bred within them. Do they have the capacity to release the demons.. Will you allow your children to release their own Demons..

Or will you allow those demons to cannibilize your offspring..

Oh my gosh..

And so it's lucrative to question your motives.. Always give people choices.. Never impose your viewpoint on your family.. Lead by example..

End the accusations..

The buck stops here..

President Truman had a no-nonsense approach to decision making. The sign, “The Buck Stops Here” on his desk reflected his belief that he was ultimately responsible for the actions of his administration. oo, i have hives on my belly/front yessss. itchy and energetic and wow.. full of ideas.. Growth and development.. And tomorrow i will release the demons..

frequencies changed... yay, no pain and i feel so energetic.. and the sun is shining.. 52 degrees outside..

time to eat!! have a good day.. That's why you want your girls/boys to love education.. But if s/he has been sexualized so much.. Education will be out the window.. And s/he will worship that (wo)man until s/he uses her/him UP..

And if s/he survives him.. You hope s/he doesn't make the same mistake.

And that goes for the nonbinaries as well..

If s/he survives his/her wife.. You hope s/he doesn't turn into a player..

That's how (wo) men have been bred to be.. Players and p/matriarchs..

And women were bred to be slaves and Baby mothers..

And, if s/he's lucky, an education.. And desire and ability to learn.. If they can release their Own demons..

But even then, if they are believing they should die some day.

. S/he will not survive either.

Now you know.

So what are you teaching your girls now.. What are you teaching your boys now.. No your religion AND your politics are not any better than somebody else's.

You all ARE just the same. If not worse because you think your religion and politics are better than the other.

You both are equally destructive to your own family. It will be very interesting watching the transition of our society..

You can't say somebody didn't tell you because I did..

the Abrahamic religions coupled with paganism and spiritualism is all about dying for one's belief until they start understanding what it means to live..

even all the other patriarchal religions out there in asia, etc.. sw/se

i cracked the code .. i broke the spell.. for me..

it took a minute to figure it out.. now watch the segment of dr phil and me.. I came from the same standpoint as everybody in the left wing AND the right wing world.. Who all believe in gender sexuality. Sexualizing everything.. Even developing children through that. And you could be using a surrogate mother enslaving her to have your child..

So these left-wing people who took offense to what I was saying also enslave women and men. Forcing people to have children through traditions and social constructs.. But are they really forced or are they choosing.. Are they really choosing.. Or are they responding to what is acceptable in their society in order to be a functioning member of society.. How much money are you dangling in front of that surrogate mother..

How much pressure are these women putting on their daughters to have big families in both the left wing and right wing world..

How much programming have your children undergone? Forced them to get married in order to survive.. Because if they don't what will they do. Force to prostitute themselves. Forced to be a human guinea pig. Forced to sell their blood. Forced to be a sugar baby.. A prostitute. Force to have a family To please the boyfriend or husband. Or forced to please the wife and the inlaws.. You know these inlaws also put so much pressure.. On everyone.

Because then even SINGLE WOMEN, if they get a degree and work fifty hours sixty hours eighty hours a week, ARE STUCK . Then they're lonely. Married to their job. Their friends dangle relationships and fun.. And they live in a world where being single is not okay.. Then they have to go join groups and things.. And work themselves to death. Or they think having a child even adopting one will fulfill them.. And they sacrifice themselves

Some women have major p m s.. And they can't compete like that.. And so they're forced to get married.. And go through the war.

No you didn't give these girls any choices.. You force them into slavery.

And so no I did not deserve to be attacked ..

Forcing me to put a diversity sign. Of WHICH I still stand by because I can't make anyone believe what I believe..

Do WHATEVER you want so as long as it's legal

Back in 2018, the system purposely mischaracterized my thought process around fertility/gender ..

But we had to explore the basics. Before we introduced artificial wombs in the future.

So we're not sacrificing our girls and putting them through brutal sexuality and birthing processes.. And so they're not stuck at home.. A slave to something.

But the women in these situations will not think of themselves as slaves.. Because remember they are not suppose to think that way. Their family will frown on them.. And she could be excommunicated.. And she needs them for survival..

And so she might die in that enslavement.. I hope she saves herself

but i tackled some pretty heavy subject matters because it was a war forced on me.. and now.. you have the choice to see it.. if you are not so clouded with the politics around sex and gender and family social constructs..

phucking phenominal.

Those who are free are hated by those who are not.. That's why I have a lot of hate towards me..

Freedom requires responsibility.

And there are men in patriarchal countries that will hate me.. They already expressed it in some of these african posts out there in other countries..

They think i'm a feminist.. Their power of enslaving the woman in their house is being challenged..

And they express it..

My information is dangerous to those who literally enslave the women in their house.. Because they will lose control..

And that man in that country who responded to my comment with some pretty brutal language around lesbianism, loneliness and feminism. And made some really fucked up assumptions about me and america.

And some of those men reside here in america..

That's why it's so dangerous for the woman out there.. That's why it's dangerous for girls out there..

That's why we're trying to implement western influence because some men are brutal to women. And even some women are brutal to other women

It's time to evolve from six thousand years ago.

That's why I fear for the children.. Their parents will enslave them.. That's why I feel for the girls.. Their parents will groom them to be that kind of a slave.. To somebody.. And they will be lost and even brutalized.. Forced to have children.

And be told to like it.. And then die when all the conditions are right..

If they even survive their childhood..

Remember I didn't do this to you.. I'm not the enemy.. I'm just giving you a heads up why the system is doing what it's doing.

You had the luxury not to see how brutal it gets behind closed doors..

It's brutal behind close doors.. It's brutal in some countries..

That's why the system wants western influence everywhere.

Because even some women are brutal to their own sons and daughters.. Just like some men..

And that's both the left wing liberals and the right wing republicans.. Sexualizing everything. Forcing their own blood to sacrifice themselves after suffering from brutality of their significant other..

That's why I stay by myself.. And I become the best human I can be.. AND people will die for the life they have now..

They refuse to change or reconsider their lifestyle and belief systems..

That's why you can't get involved in trying to save people.. Because they will pull you down with them and blame you when it's convenient.

I know from experience Everything is about strategy.. Everything is.

how does a single person save themselves releasing the demons and still make money without having to take on a significant other who could influence them into the mainstream programming?

expect to get sick.. find a job you can work at home or work part time, and rent a room and/or cut down expenses except food and sacrifice all the parties and traveling and just work and be sick, eat food, release the demons, write and develop a future plan.. You would seriously have to be so forward thinking that your intention to get off drugs, alcohol and chasing tail would finally realize itself..

realize saving oneself will be hard by yourself, and it would be nice to have help from someone else, but that is NOT guaranteed.. and young single people do not have lots of money unless they inherited a lump sum from a dead relative and they could afford to rent a room, or buy a small house and set their life up to support their life process without buying into all the distractions, etc..

and imagine what your friends and family would think when you choose not to hang out with them, and you choose to stay by yourself.. they come knocking on your door and force you to take part in their drugs, parties and family gatherings.. you almost do not want anyone but one or two people on the same page in your life and the rest must go..

or they would be diagnosing you with depression, mental illness, part of a cult.. ahahah the system pulled out all the stops BECAUSE THE SYSTEM DOES NOT WANT YOU TO CHANGE.. lol your friends and family will ensure it, esp if they are so deep into the death culture and they themselves cannot release themselves from that enslavement.. misery loves company.. the system only wants those who are stronger and more adaptable who can also walk away from aggressive influences, and many are too weak to walk away from the addictions of family and friends..

who is ready for that??? hahah most are NOT.. they will think you joined a cult and then report you to welfare agencies esp if you are sick, etc..

this is why i do not talk to anyone via phone, pm, email or even hang out.. i post this info for the world.. so that way NO ONE CAN BLAME ME FOR THEIR MISERABLE LIFE LOL if they choose to face the demons...

i do not need family members accusing me of influencing their family and being their cult leader.. yeah NO!!

the fact people blame me for their family's position in life says THEY ARE THE CULT LEADERS afraid of LOSING CONTROL OVER THEIR CULT MEMBERS their mom, dad sister or brother sons and daughters.. yup the cult leaders of matriarchs and patriarchs enslave their own family..

SO I STAY BY MYSELF.. for good reason..i will not be blamed for anything..

but i just represent. that is it.

in a perfect world: if I was a trust fund baby single understanding my info, that is what I would do.. I would expect to be sick and if i knew temporarily I might lost certain mobility, I would also make sure I let someone who I trust, know, what I am doing so if I needed the help to get my life back for a short amount of time, I would have someone available to help me get through that temp phase in my life giving process..

some people will have heart attacks, strokes, blindness, deafness, paralysis, etc as part of their process and they might need help regaining their humanity back through food/release but also help from trusted people.. and then when they need to do the same thing release their demons, you help them cook, clean, etc.. until they get their life back.. some people will stay under a doctors care forever...

but not everyone is cursed with medicine/remedy dependency..

hindsight is 20/20 for me given i was not that damaged from the system.. but everyone will have to analyze their situation and figure it out for themselves..

you saw the last 3 years of me married to a very able bodied male who supported me financially through that process..

physically, i had to do it on my own..

if he (jason/my hubby) wanted to do what i am doing, he would have to live ON almost nothing and stay home and release the demons and I would work to pay for the necessary bills and yeah, NO fishing, or hanging out with people doing parties.. one would seriously need to stay home, eat food, pull out the shitty programming and rest for more than a few years.. once we both released our demons, then, we could get our old life back and also survive the climate change..

couples can do that for each other, if they understood.. but you would have to scale down your lifestyle and how many people wont do that for themselves or their hubby/wives..

now it is slavery for people until they die suddenly..

there is a way for married people to save themselves.. but they would have to work together or one person would have to strategize their survival and survive their spouse, literally

could people with grown children do what I am doing.. if you can survive your kids fears and issues...

your grown children would have to be on board and give their parents space and understanding..

and how many grown children taking care of their parents are willing to allow their parents survive..

not when they have an inheritance awaiting them.. what about 16 year old kids helping mom or dad.. probably not. as they feel entitled to take from mom and dad until their parents are so depleted..

yeah.. good luck elvis presley to mick jagger to Sebastian bach the 80s glam rock from the rubber legs to the skinny groin grabbing dances to the boy bands and girl bands..

and now extreme estrogenic women in Hollywood and the music industry dotted with those with both masculine/feminine traits..

hormone level distribution changed over the years

when hormones even out.. potential immortality..but that can ONLY happen when you survive your childhood.. because children are forced under extremely aggressive sexual programming ON either end and it will be a question if they survive their programming regardless..

the adults have a chance to save themselves from the aggressive hormonal programming but it will be the kids who will struggle surviving their family, friends, and ENVIRONMENT..


kids have NO choice in anything, really.. their peers, parents peers, and society will force that child into a sexual programming..

assuming they survive and not die suddenly

but parent say, " but I am not forcing my kids to do anything"... your religion, your politics, your science lifestyle is giving your kids NO choice in the matter.. not only did you program them into your lifestyle, but you also elicit mercenaries into your world.. peer groups, strangers, friends, family, holistic people, your own lack of diversity and learning..

so what is a parent to do when they have heavily programmed their child into extreme sexual social constructs?

parents must be the representative of change.. that is the ONLY way their kids stand a 50% chance of survival....

that's it.. if parents do not change, children have NO chance.. esp minors..

adult children might have a chance.. but minor children are the slaves the sex slaves of their family as they are getting groomed to be a wife/mothers, husband and significant other to a roid filled or sexual female demon who cannibalize that child turned adult..

now look at 20/25/29 year old pregnant or married or in relationship type women.. you see what they were groomed for..

the war has begun..

you hope both your sons and daughters survive the hormonal wars of biological and social constructs..

you really hope.. but you know the stats on the died suddenlies.. just read the obituaries and look at the died suddenly groups..

it is very scary out there and all of us are examples of what to expect in the future..

which is why you want to encourage your daughters and sons to love learning.. and NOT want to be married or pursue motherhood because it is so dangerous out there..

learning everything is something you will never regret, never fear and never get too much of..

imagine have a daughter or son so smart they do not need a man or women to fulfill them..

omg.. learning is the freedom.. but fighting the demons of sexuality.. omg.. omg..

it is a deadly war of mutually assured destruction..

i know all of your suffering.. i was there too.

and if you feel you cannot learn or your children cannot learn, then they will be either a science project or a slave to someone else's sexual desires and be brutalized by science and sexually programmed people.. it will be justified in the religions, politics and science.. for absolution.. then people become human sacrifices and "married" to the "devil" of social constructs..

the bride of chucky...

yall need to eat all food so the body can balance the hormones.. MILLLLK FOR WOMEN SO THEY CAN BALANCE TO STAY IMMMORTAL AND RELEASE THE DEMONS

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