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The Level of Intense Sexuality is Based Upon Levels of Senescence Regardless of Orientation

"Hi. I am interested in Jilly Juice because I have crippling arthritis in my lower limbs. For years I have only been able to manage the pain but nothing I have done has reversed the arthritis. My question is does it have to reverse my h0m0sexuality? I am b!sexual and don’t want to lose that part of my life".

I would not use j j's as a cure/remedy because you'll end up being temporarily cured in one sense, and bring about unexpected energy you may not be prepared for in another sense and then also the pain comes back but even more so. If you want to be cured, please see a doctor. If you need medication, please see a doctor.

If you want to stop pain, please see a doctor. I cannot advise anyone to take their pain away, at all, whatsoever, because there is NO guarantee the pain will stop and the medical system is equipped to attempt that process you hope you survive.

What do I recommend? EAT FOOD, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

You literally have to eat and release demons the way I've said that people have an issue with you have to pull out the programming.. Milk is your best friend and so is cream.. If you want to live and release those demons that are torturing you.. You can't be on diets.. You really have to get away from your friends who are in the holistic allopathic world recommending you everything under the sun.. They will make your shit literally more torturous..

I don't do this very often answering message request.. But I will do this because it is an appropriate question given all the crazy press the last seven years.. When you have excessive amounts of pain and you're under the influence you will be highly sexual regardless of Orientation.. Your body is in senescence deteriorating and it needs to drop children so people do get pregnant when they're under a deterioration process and or become extremely sexual..

And so when you finally start releasing those demons that cause the vast amounts of pain and torture and depression everything else.. Your intention is not to be cured.. You will find that those extreme feelings will lessen. But it won't be left altogether because you're still an evolutionary person regardless of orientation..

On another note as far as advancing humans and tolerance and diversity.. Having children does not necessarily have to come from a sperm and egg.. We have found science has developed people from two males and from two females based upon how they splice and dice proteins.. using immortal germ cells.

Remember Henrietta Lacks immortal germline cells.

These are the stem cells that can go on to form either eggs or sperm. If scientists can figure out how to turn a primordial germ cell that originated from the skin of a man into an egg, could it be fertilized with his partner’s sperm?

In my opinion I would not be using stem cells to try to beat cancer because if you don't have the infrastructure to release demons and take on substance and evolution, you'll just be torturing yourself.. People don't survive rounds and rounds a stem cell implants especially when it comes to disease and cancer while they're alive..

If anything it is their last torture of an oncological procedure.. It's probably not worth it except to science,

BUT not the person..

Yes you can birth new people with stem cells. But I would not try to integrate symptomatic humans with that and look at that as longevity and potentially pain free because it won't be..

The body will want to push out anything that is not assimilating with everything.. And pain comes with assimilation..

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