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The Magical Powers of Suffering Without Anyone Putting Their Hands On Another Person

The secret of my success. The secret of the system..

Can you handle the secret..

My strategy is a global strategy.. The new world strategy is a global strategy.

Programming people is a very targeted approach.

Deprogramming people through specific pain and suffering RELIEF is a very targeted approach.

Unless you understand the power of suffering with nobody putting their hands on you.. You will have to ask the system to attempt to give you some relief before you die. And that doesn't always work.. Sometimes the only peace people will get is when they are rest in peace. Even for the family. smart cities need whole people.. or else we will be reinventing the wheel..

We resolve, between now and 2030, to end poverty and hunger everywhere; to combat inequalities within and among countries; to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies; to protect human rights and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; and to ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources. We resolve also to create conditions for sustainable, inclusive and sustained economic growth, shared prosperity and decent work for all, taking into account different levels of national development and capacities.

In the Judeo Christian Society, the system wants you to suffer for the state to live indefinitely, not the individual.

The individual must choose to understand how to suffer to live by himself with minimal interference from the state if the strategy is NOT HERBS AND REMEDIES AND SURGERIES OR ABX..

IF, the individual cannot be without pain relief when he wants it, the individual must check themselves into the state so they can get the f d a approved antibiotic protocols. And suffer eventual death.. I will tell you this is the best answer yet that I have provided to someone with a question regarding a very targeted situation.

I develop global approaches to specific situations. And that includes dealing with bullies and lifestyles and belief systems. It's not the individual bully.. It's a systemic problem in the population.

You want to release the world of bullies and cancer..

You have to deal with all other issues in the world that contribute to it.

That's essentially what the j world is.. It's a global approach to the world's individual problems.. Greetings Ms. Epperly,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm **** and I'm writing to seek your advice on something important. I recently heard about Jilly Juice and its potential health benefits. Unfortunately, I've been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I'm wondering if you could share any insights on whether Jilly Juice might have a positive effect on my condition.

Your expertise would mean a lot to me, and I understand you have a busy schedule. Even a simple "yes" or "no" would be incredibly helpful.

You could make a real difference, Ms. Epperly. I sincerely hope you'll consider my request.

Thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,


My response:

That's a really hard question to answer. Because the j world is not just targeting a specific situation. If you want a specific target situation to be relieved of suffering, you have to ask your doctor. They have a very targeted approach..

My world it's a global approach to your body mind and spirit. It won't just have to release those demons in your colon causing you colon issues and cancer.. My method in my book tells you how to release those demons systematically.. But every other issue in your body mind and spirit will come to surface . Not only do you have to feed it all food.. But you also have to deal with every single issue you have.

You're not prepared for that until you read my book and understand you will have to deal with so much pain in suffering. Even with your colon issue.. I suggest to get my book read it.. talk to your doctor about facing the pain. He knows what you have to deal with. He or she knows how much pain you will be in. And some people are too far gone. They won't be able to handle the pain.. Because you also have to eat.. Rest.. It took me seven years to kick out all the different cancer triggers and demons.. Go to my website. Watch my videos on my facebook page.. Youtube. Read my book. I can't tell you if you should go with pain or not.

That's something you and your doctor have to discuss. Also your family because they will have to watch you suffer.. Many many people are not prepared to suffer to live.

That's all I could tell you. I don't have the answer for you. I have the answer for me .. You will have to determine if my answer is your answer as well.. Talk to your doctor.

Jillian Doing experimental treatments where the end result is you die either way by doing something or not doing something as far as treatment..

What if you ate all food, released demons and did not treat disease.. But you sat with it and you faced it.. And you suffered..

Think about the odds of living.. And not suffering so much in the future. Suffering, for Rosensweig, is a part of his Jewish theological structure of wholeness: Everything created has a double function: first, it is simply there, it has its own being, and its own purpose. But it is also there for the sake of something else, in the final analysis for the sake of everything else.

Balancing personal rights with social duties. The system knows how to get to people and end their suffering.. Just change the climate.. People will treat themselves to death.. Because they can't handle suffering.

That's the strategy of the new world order. Fucking brilliant The power of suffering is the superpower that system withheld from you.. They shielded you from that super power.. They trained your parents never to allow you to experience that superpower.. The system gave you everything so you never had to suffer.. Until they surprised you with a suffering and you weren't conditioned for it. That's why people die suddenly.. They weren't trained to suffer they weren't reinforced to suffer. Climate change triggers the suffering in people who are not prepared for that lifestyle.. And then they treat themselves the death to end their suffering.

Suffering is when you are emotionally, intellectually and physically attached to something.. And you can't bear to be apart from it..

And so you will find every way to stay attached..

And you will be in fear of losing it..

Suffering.. When you need approval and you never get it..

Suffering is needing validation and approval from peers. And the addiction to it..

Suffering is getting the approval from all of your friends and family and then forced to stay in that role or else suffer not getting approval..

Approval from anyone close to you is a death sentence on some level.. Because what kind of approval are you vying from people around you who think you should die someday...

Which is why being on one's own and developing one's on personality, and lifestyle and beliefs away from other people IS SO IMPORTANT.

Doing your job is one thing and not exploiting yourself. And not having someone take advantage of you is ANOTHER thing.

And working for someone else, there's a fine line between exploitation and taking care of yourself and knowing THE DIFFERENCE.

Sex work is exploitation I don't care how you fucking spin it. Posting bikinis all over facebook in youtube and anywhere else shows you're close to sex work..

I used to think flirting using sexuality was a way to do things to get a man or husband and while it does work and I will say it does work, That also can back fire.. Even if everybody does it.. It's very difficult to get a man if you don't show them what they're getting.. It's not realistic for men to be in arranged marriages..

So everyone has to do the trial run. It's expected.. And we all know it.. And when both sexes are looking for men and women, they pull out all the stops.. Even if some cultures marry off their virgin daughters, that daughter is now enslaved in a marriage to a man who she knows nothing about or even gives a shit about really.. And now she's property.. Until she runs away.. Assuming she survives that relationship and the in laws.. Because her in laws could destroy her for compromising the family name..

You know that happens in traditional cultures.

But then people develop an expectation around using sex as a tractor beam..

Which is why it's so important for a person to learn the hard way and know what the world is like out there without causing severe emotional distress about something she cant come back from. Like being an only fans creator.. Or your focus on men and your exes all of your facebook all the time..

And the internet is an amazing way to show people what happens when you end up going down a road.. Show your sixteen year old daughters.. The women all over your facebook showing their body parts and filters.. Talking about being a victim of single motherhood.. Be moaning the trauma of their ex. Show them what they could turn into if they don't stick to academics. And stick to respectable ways deploying oneself into the world.. Showing her she needs to release her demons because that's what she'll end up doing.. The demons of sexuality in women are so pervasive..

Mother's and fathers pimp out their daughters.. And you see it all over facebook..

And so learning the hard way when you have those demons within must be experienced and then released.

one must be suffering.. Suffering from bad choices.. Do they have what it takes to pull themselves out.. Do they know the resources available to them.. Maybe it's time they learn.. How to start from nothing..

When they're out in the gutter.. And they don't find a way to pull themselves up.. Did they ever have it in them anyways and would saving them make a difference.. Would saving a son or a daughter who is in jail out of jail make a difference in their world if they don't be the one to save themselves..?

How many men are suffering..

And they haven't released their demons of drug addiction and alcoholism.. On the verge of relapse or highly triggered from emotional relationships..

When I sat in a woman's shelter for a few months.. Because I needed to get out of a situation at nineteen years old.. I saw the women I would have been lumped into if I did not pull myself out..

I saw where my life could have gone if I didn't do something different..

I saw the future if I would have stayed around the women that I was hanging out with and living with in a womans shelter..

I saw the future.. It was ugly.. So I pulled myself out..

Even when I smoked so much pot and I thought it was an addict..

And so I went to narcotics anonymous and I was nothing like the people there.. Even at twenty years old, I was aware of addiction and how bad that road could be..Some people to say I overreacted.. I would rather overreact around addiction than dismiss it.. And now no addiction.. I don't smoke. I really don't drink alcohol.. It's too painful to release. And I don't do drugs. No pot. No reason to. No remedies. I enjoy food. I enjoy reading. I enjoy exploring the world of suffering..

And so when I was in the shelter i found a job.. Found a small apartment.. And then.. I showed that I could get myself out of a situation..

My mother visited me one day and came in and gave me a little bit of a springboard to go to school..

But I wasn't ready..

I had to go find another apartment again but this time with different people.. International people.. And then took all the different courses at landmark ed in Oakland, Ca.. Because I needed a different direction to go.. I had to be diverted..

And so I had to keep learning the hard way..

Using the government for a minute like I did in that shelter.. That fucking built character... That shows you that when the going gets tough you know how to save yourself.. You know how to use the resources..

You know that when you are down and out, and you need a little bit of a help but not rely on them forever, the government can help you out.. But you don't take advantage of the government...

And so suffering is a way to remember how never to get in that position ever again.. And if you can handle the suffering of life and bad choices.. And naive choices that put you in position of pain and suffering.. Emotional pain emotional suffering.. You know you can survive it.. You know you have what it takes..

That's why it's SO important to allow your children to suffer the ramifications of their actions.. Not to completely shelter them.. Because even then, back then, the world was a fucked up place I could have ended up in so many different areas but.. Strategy luck timing.. Suffering needed to happen..

And you know children from big families will never learn the art of suffering.. Until they leave their family.. Then they will have grown up and become the independent woman they say they are . Become the independent man they say they are..

When you finally leave your family behind.. You have become the independent person because now you will suffer for your choices and learn from them.. That's why I say holidays and traditions are guerilla warfare.. Your family will bring your right back to where you don't want to be.. They ambush you.. You forget what it was like.. Until you go back home.. Cause even the loving mothers can be so suffocating.. Once she gets her hooks into you.. Forget it.. Especially if you're weak.

Many women claim they are independent.. They are until the going gets tough.. Then they rely on the government.. And their friends and family.. Indefinitely..

And while I say it's okay to use government occasionally.. I refused to use people.. because you could be signing your soul away.. Your friends and family will hold that over your head forever.. And then you owe them. This is why I don't have close friends.. I'm not getting into that type of relationship.. Expectation.. Lifestyle.. And then being there for them.. And when you're not there for them they hold THAT over your head.. And then you become an indentured servant to all of their expectations.. Because to them that's what being a friend means to them.. You cater to them when they need you.. And people like that need you all the time.. And have no boundaries..

Nope. I want to find my equals.. WHO will never have to ask for help really.. And if they do it's from a government source.. Temporarily.. And learn the hard lessons.. So when you do hang out with people, they don't expect you to save them from everything.. Or watch them die..

When you're in a contractual relationship with a significant other you signed up for that..

But not with friends.. That's why it's so lucrative to have a lot of acquaintances.. You get the benefits and you don't get the downside.. You don't get caught up in drama.. And you don't have to watch them die.. Because that's the suffering.. Watching your friends die..

When you suffer so much, there will be a time. to save yourself from cancer disease AND chronic illness.. You know you have the conditioning..

Because suffering to live is fucking brutal.. But you have developed a survival instinct that even surviving your own immune system is also possible.

Through that suffering I knew I could survive sitting with mycoplasma, like lead in my joints for days before I pulled out that demon a year ago July.

That's the story that's my story..

That's why i'm able to do what i'm doing.

Because my mother made sure I got myself out of a situation FIRST before she gave me one more chance..

I mean, I knew she did care even back then. But she also knew when to even draw her own boundaries even though she made me. She still would not allow me to take advantage of any situation..

And so she said if you don't go to school, you have to go get a job and your own apartment.. And so I did.. And then I became a nanny later on.

But I ABSOLUTELY needed to do everything myself..

And I did..

I know there's no one size fits all.. The world has changed.. How much suffering is too much and how much is not enough.. I don't know...

But you can see the extremes.. You don't want to ever get in a position where you will have that story follow you forever. Especially with these websites.. Like only fans instagram..

But I'll tell you suffering.. Suffering.. Is what makes a person.. Suffering through school.. suffering through life.. Suffering to survive.. Suffering is the power.. Suffering is what builds character.. Suffering is the superpower..

Because when the frequencies turn up.. People will be suffering.. Look around you.. People are suffering exponentially and they are drug addicted and under the influence.. Highly distracted.. And they are using their friends and family to distract them from the reality of the pain and suffering, they don't want to face.

Now look at your facebook.. How many people can not handle the suffering of their own Immune system..

Because they weren't conditioned to..

Suffering is not bad.. But there is a way to do it without dying from it, especially in the hands of somebody else..

But I love to suffer.. Because I know it needs to happen or it wouldn't happen.. I love learning the lessons.. I love building my capacity..

It's hell to suffer.. But when the suffering stops.. And the clouds part.. And you're in a peaceful place in your life. Regardless of the war, that's raging around you.

You know you did your job..

You deserve the place you're in.. You deserve not to suffer as much.. You earned your place in this world.. You fought for your position.. Nobody gave you anything.. And what they did give you wasn't going to do it for you anyways.. There was so much more that needed to be done..

You provided for yourself.. And you suffered for it..

Some of you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.. But you can't escape genetics.. You have predisposed issues.. Will you have it within you to survive your immune system.. Especially when it gets triggered through climate change..????

I will say most people will not have what it takes when it comes to their immune system while they're suffering.. Watch your facebook.. People are constantly going to the hospital and the doctor.. I mean constantly.. Spending months days years in the hospital. Who's to say they'll survive the next frequency change.

The system made sure you never understood the power of suffering..

Which is why the jay world is incremental suffering if you can handle it.. Without treating yourself..

That's why the j world is so unique.. It comes from suffering.. And then you become powerful.

You become so powerful That you don't need the constant company and validation.. You do what it takes to reach your goals.. And even if no one is proud of you .. You are proud of yourself ..

Because it was really you that needed YOU to keep you alive..

Whatever I accomplish now and in the future.. It came from the suffering from the last twelve years.

And I wouldn't trade it for the world.. Because that is my world.. That's my superpower.. In my opinion.. We don't need women supporting other women because what does that really mean.. Because you can't force place friendships and relationships..

We need women to set each other free from relationships with each other.. We need women to support working on ourselves by ourselves..

We need to release women from the entanglements of somebody else's needs and wants and desires..

We need to release the women from trying to fit in to something that is not them, because they don't even know who they are.. They only know who they are by the people they hang out with..

Women need to know who they are. And that does not require other women to tell them who they are... Especially their mothers.

We need women to expose other women to my information without passing judgment..

That seems so self serving..

It's a win win situation.. They get the option.. Most women out there are representation of the same thing dressed up in a different culture..

Most women out there have a hard time with my information.. Even most men..

You wann to give a gift to humanity.. Give them the option to make their own choices..

Because when all they have to choose from is to be a wife mother baby maker or an Instagram celebrity eventually going into only fans with a little bit of academics behind them. What kind of world did you just give her..

You gave her a curse to be exploited..

We need not only strong men out there.. But we need very strong women..

And not women who man hate..

Women who know their own power and boundaries.. And they released their demons..

And they finally realized they don't have to die someday. And be the sacrificial lamb..

That's giving your women a chance for survival.. Without forcing her into slavery. the torture of women is in their teenage years with raging hormones or forced abstinence because of religious puritanical reason are so susceptible to the draw of drugs, alcohol, sex and rock and roll and fast predatory older men..

that is what these teenage girls are facing, even if you think you raised your girls right, their hormones are raging from all the damage in their genes from medical/holistic/energy healing/herbs/surgeries and diets..

mothers will be the ones to enslave their daughters or set them free.. assuming the mother has even faced her own demons of her childhood and past and YOU know very well most mothers out there, if not all of them are still suffering..

this is why it is imperative mothers not only release her own demons of inferiority and less than feelings but also allow her daughters to, as well..

now look at your facebook.. how many mothers are believing food is poison or too concerned about her look and social capital and sexiness while worshipping a god .. whomever it is..

these children will have a hard time adapting when this is the world they are being groomed for..

then the catch all is Instagram, religion and ONLY fans.. with a few youtube channels, to boot. anger: misplaced emotions based upon unresolved issues..

when will you release your demons which do trigger the demons of anger?

angry at the people of the past, present and future and yet you have your whole world to control and never be put in a position again or in the position to be angry about..

angry at the "elite", who may or may not have done horrible things.. what will anger serve you? there is no justice when in the next 50 years or less, they die from disease..

maybe you don't die from disease and not repeat history..

this is why it is so imperative women/mothers release her anger from past, present and future event or else her offspring will be ticking time bombs.. this is why mothers/women release her demons of sexually enslaving her daughters into marriage, only fans or using her body to get ahead..

mothers.. it was always you..

your sons depend on you to help them release their demons so they do not get ensnared into succubus ...

your sons need you to release your demons.. smart cities need whole people.. or else we will be reinventing the wheel..

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