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The Male and Female Oedipus Complex Destroys the Future

The male and female Oedipus complex will destroy the family

When people marry a person and that person is attached to a large family or group of friends you're basically marrying that family and that group of friends and your marriage is in contract only but it's not in lifestyle. You married into religion and into a cult

 a culture

The future belongs to people who can separate themselves from the cult or culture they came from.. and you can see most people cannot and so they die with the family and the friends and they go back home to die at home

And if you're in the spiritual movement selling people supplements and yeah you have kids sons and daughters and you haven't either shown contrition if it's even your purview and you're not talking about pain and suffering and you're all about spirituality selling spirituality to everybody please do not comment I don't want to hear from you.

 Your life exemplifies more than what you say.. and I'm not interested in deciphering spiritual riddles

I'm not looking for agreement or even an argument. Read my information consider it and move on and do what you need to do to live. But you don't need any validation from me and I don't need any validation from you

SOOO.. if you do not talk to your family, consider yourself lucky and set free from slavery, guilt and obligation..

boom and thank them silently for giving YOU the reason to leave because they gave you the ultimate gift, your life.

Which is why love and kindness is so deceptive they're like tractor beams of manipulation and vampirism

So when it's the holidays and you see 911 calls creep up because family is at each other's throats destroying each other through alcohol and drugs and whatever else be thankful you're on your own with your husband or wife and you're away from that b******* and that false front and that deadly tradition called family


Mothers will make a break their daughters and sons. Sometimes it's their last dance

It's everyone's Last Dance when mothers have their fangs in everyone and fathers are gaslit to destroy what they think is hurting someone or something.

The best lessons hurt the worst!!

And you never get retribution for lessons that you learned AND you learn from them and you don't put yourself in that position ever again and you take accountability.

Mama's Boys and Daddy's Girls and Daddy's boys and Mama's girls don't ever take f****** accountability cuz Mommy is always bailing them out of everything and so is Daddy so no wonder our society's f***** up

 You don't SIC your family or friends on anyone or anything 

if you witness wrong doing I understand Crimes of Passion but if you take somebody's word you have been just used as a tool

That's why you don't want to marry a daddy's girl because she will Gaslight her own father to destroy her husband if her husband doesn't fall in line

And Mama's Boys will run to Mommy and say how his wife is not falling in line and then the Mother-in-law comes in and takes over and becomes the new wife

And that's why marriages have 50% divorce rate because of mothers have their Hooks and their fangs in everything because she was taken from when she was a child and told to get married and dilute herself and she's suffering and so if she's suffering so will everybody else

Don't let their false fronts fool you into thinking they're happy because if they were happy they wouldn't have so many children and family and friends. They need their friends and family and children to be happy or else they're nothing without them

Again it's very dangerous marrying into a very close-knit family because you will be destroyed if you don't fit in

It's always the person marrying into the family who is sacrificed first and demonized first

Which is why boys end up with their mothers and girls end up with her father at some point down the road or someone like him/her..

However, it is not all the time because some mothers are demonized because the father demonizes the mother.. but he also had every bit to do with why s*** didn't work out but you know how people are they will take a side based upon their issue with the other parent and then they become messed up parents themselves to their own children

Yeah that's why the system is stepping in because you guys are f***** up your kids royally

And yeah the system made the problem because they sexualized everyone to become weapons of war to each other

And so while the family made America the family will also Break Up America and that's what you're witnessing right now

When Adam and Eve Surpasses the Hayflick Limit

They might actually end up helping each other or hindering each other and end up apart wondering how they're going to survive the world out there

and yes, it is "funny" watching single mothers and her single sons "end" up together..

Oedipus complex..

Concept of psychoanalytic theory; a child's unconscious sexual desire for the opposite-sex parent and hatred for the same-sex parent

family will make you or break you, but will break you, more than make you..

like i said.. be careful marrying into a family full of momma's boys and daddy's girls.. the parents become weaponized and major weapons of war and will destroy any kind of future you will ever have

both sides will annihilate each other like Romeo and Juliet.. Romeo and Juliet did not stand a chance when both families had their hooks in each of them..

adam and eve might actually be the allegory when adam finally left his mother and eve finally flew the nest and they both set out to gain control of their humanity..

well.. what happened to their parents? well.. their parents had to set themselves up correctly to make sure they were taken care of regardless if they deteriorated or regained another lifeline..aka indefinite life..

granted eve may not even end up with Adam because adam turned gay or cheated on her or beat her up, so Eve had to lick her wounds, NOT go back to her family and set out to heal herself, by herself and then get up and try again in different ways without repeating the same mistakes..

and Vice Versa, Adam may not end up with eve, but he surely will not end up with Mary, his mother, he will set out again on the journey of life, and not burn through women, but sit back and reflect what he could do differently and then find a different way to live his life without destroying another..

And with what I'm introducing, such as indefinite life, both men and women have to figure out how to survive each other

 and sometimes it needs to be apart or men and women end up playing the archetypes that are so predictable in psychoanalytical Theory

And so in the J World if the mother has children she needs to get herself figured out to give her kids an opportunity to spread their wings not have her fangs in her ADULT children,

 and she needs to push them out of the nest or make sure she stays alive or else her kids will feel obligated to take care of her and there is the end of his life and her life because the parents could not get their hooks out of their children

their adult children

And in the J World the mother might end up taking care of her elderly son because he will die before her if she doesn't even die at all

I can only imagine how hard it is for an adult who wants to get their life back taken care of someone who is dying on a day-to-day basis. Everyone then dies together

In my world somebody has to be the one to regain their life their second chance at life so they have the strength to take care of a person they are committed to, who chooses not to regain the next 50 somatic cells redoubling itself..

the system did NOT break up the family, as I once thought..

new evolution: family breaks up themselves

family is the reason why family does not survive each other.

Men like my husband are f****** amazing. I don't worship anyone but I give him so much credit. I chose correctly for myself. I never had to refer to anyone for approval of my choices.

My husband and I built our life we have together and it was difficult in the beginning but once we were on our own finally on our own we f****** made it happen in our life is great. And I'm feeling good today.

We have helped family in the past and have had family helped us in the beginning and then we had to do it on her own. We had to do it on our own.

Or any marriage will not last when you have everybody intruding.

But I've seen a lot of situations of only children, who are also Mama's Boys completely ruin their marriage in CA

It is very difficult for any new wife to have an amazing future if the past keeps creeping in and becoming another the past

When my husband I finally were on our own we had a chance. Nothing is ever 100% but you have a better chance when you are on your own without any family interference

And then you have to allow a relationship to flourish without any other outside interference. That right there is a hard pill to swallow. From what I seen in the world people do allow their friends to get in the way of their relationships, as well.

You don't want to marry Norman Bates because you will never ever come first. You will always be second fiddle to his brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and his parents. Especially if he comes from a large family. And if the daughter is daddy's girl the mother is just chopped liver because Daddy's girl will manipulate and twist daddy around her finger and become the new wife for all intents and purposes. That's some crazy s*** but I've seen that.

Daddy's Girls will always need daddy in the picture to even control her husband if she's lucky enough to find one

When everybody gets along even the wife it means not only does she know her place but she's not very evolutionary because she will fit in with his past versus be something of the future. Women who know their place will will die with that family.

Biologically, innovationally and even physically men can be evolutionary but women have the intellectual evolutionary potential if she's not being taken from in her uterus and in her daily life.

What stops women from being intellectually amazing if she has to take care of kids grandkids and she has a slew of lovers she must attend to and then she takes care of everybody else

What stops women from being physically evolutionary is the fact that she's had so many kids sucking the life out of her as well as her husband and lovers on the side

And then on top of all of that she then has to treat her disease which takes her down several biological and intellectual notches to the point where it will be very difficult to catch up if she gets the time to do that. It will be a f****** battle and of course people who depend on her will stop her

Well it is truth in advertising. I'm always applauding someone speaking the truth

Life is all about balance and Lucifer is innovation and bringer of light and he shines so brightly and people worship Him. His mother worships him. His girlfriend worships him. His wife worships him. The world worships him and his innovation. And then sometimes his light is so bright he dims other lights and so balance must be restored

Abomination is based upon perception.. all of us could be characterized as an abomination given our indulgences

And all of us started out making some really atrocious mistakes when we were younger all of us have. Some just hide it better than others

All of us has caused hatred as well as hated it been hated by someone or something.

And then at some point we're given the option to repent for our sins at the beginning of our lives when we didn't know any better..

And then we're giving the option to become the better version of ourselves or we have kids and hope they become a better version but that isn't always the case. Some genetic lines keep repeating the same mistakes until all out genetic annihilation

Do you know what those rubbery blood clots rubbery things that morticians are pulling out of people's veins. It's the same consistency as an octopus or calamari or Hydra. You are like an octopus or a squid and trillions a little colonies of Hydra. And when the environment is so aggressive causing such excessive growth and people's blood vessels are full so much diversity that they can't push through because they're afraid to feel the pain of release then they are growing their own little octopuses in their veins and that's why it has a rubbery consistency

I mean you are a compilation of a colony of so much diverse microbes that developed the infrastructure called your 11 12 different systems. But you also have hitchhikers that are hitchhiking inside your blood vessels and when they grow so astronomically and you don't release they become things that are like stuffing sausages in your veins and that's why people die from blood clots

Yes men can build great cities and they can also destroy Humanity

Women and children also become slaves to a society run by men

And then women become dangerous as she guards her investment

All patriarchal religions in Society are symbols of wealth and war and collecting women and children

Which is why they're saying in the future wealth will not be the thing people worship because men are a symbol of wealth and when you have so many boys in Society yes it's wealthy but it will also Doom Society

 it's not sustainable

Wealthy societies force everyone to become disposable

Which is also why women compete with each other because they're trying to find the man that has the wealth and that's why women destroy each other because of competition for resources and men are a hot commodity..

Now you know why certain Societies, such as the old world of kings and queens and Asian countries must go through their own great resets because of their reverence for the male and the power he holds and The Innovation he sustains when the system has to keep resetting Society

And so if you want to sustainable future and world both men and women must learn how to control their aggressive sexual urges as well as their consumption and pursuance of wealth or else we will go down these roads of predatory behaviors because people are competing to be rich and famous and always trying to have the biggest and better toys than everybody else on the block

The '80s was about screwing people out of their money in the bedroom and the boardroom

You got to give me some latitude and not take me so personally because I have to make fun of everything right now because you have to understand the cycle of what's going on.

This world is not what you think and there is a reason why the patterns are all over the Earth and in every single culture and in every single religion and political science and science. There was always a point where the system had to go and reset because we were using certain genetics to build things and then destroy things and everyone has a place and if you can survive your place and survive the next transition to the new culture the new world you'll understand why the system had to do what it's doing and why I'm having to be really f****** cynical about everything and everyone.

Because if you want to survive this you cannot take what's going on so seriously to the point were you resist because some of you might have a chance to save yourself regardless of gender and others of you you already know you already believe people should die someday just let people go but find a way to save yourself if you can.

And I have to go through this process so I keep reminding myself there was always a bigger picture bigger than me and so I will find ways to look for the patterns and connect the dots and then I understand why which is why I'm warning everyone if you can find a way to get out of the fixed positions you're in and you have room to change

I hope you can do it I hope you have the latitude

What do Mary Jane Mary Magdalene and Mary Mother of God all have in common

The kind of Sons Or Offspring she gives off

She has Sons everyone must worship

I know I seem like I'm very negative and I'm making fun of everything and yeah because I have to so I understand the cycle of what's going on so you know there is a possibility to survive it. I don't know how many times HUMANS have gone through the cycle

 I would imagine thousands and thousands of times but there was always a great reset and men will always the builders and then they had to destroy and rebuild again

When Hollywood stars conjure up Marilyn Monroe by wearing her dress and her wig they are indicators that some people are forced into a lifestyle because they're born into a family who performs for the world

All of us are performing for somebody else and we are Hollywood forced to play a part

And hopefully you survive the part that you're being forced to play

Raggedy AnnABELLE

I had one as a child oh my gosh

Annabelle is an allegedly-haunted Raggedy Ann doll, housed in the now closed occult museum of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle was moved there after supposed hauntings in 1970. A character based on the doll is one of the antagonists that appear in The Conjuring Universe.

I finally saw it the little hump on my back in my video towards the end of my video but you should watch my current video today. It's very informative

The upside to that little hump on my back is that it is not getting any bigger. And that's a good thing.

Because that is my immune system going through a currency exchange or a gene editing Exchange

All of us are going to have to deal with something like that and we're going to have to figure out how to release it progressively through every single climate change

or get everything treated to death..

I will sit and pay pennance for whatever microbial exposure I exposed myself to or inherited from my mother country


It's true the children do pay for the sins of the father and some don't survive the sins of their fathers and mothers

again, please do not direct your hate towards me.

I, too, was also born into a society that was and is actively in transition.. I was brought over here as a BABY during the Vietnam War..

like you, I am ALSO trying to survive..

I was allowed to have a platform so as long as I abided by the rules of our society to give myself and you an access to some kind of change and Hope.

 And there's no guarantee any outcome. But at least you get another argument to consider

Magazines in the '80s

And I read them too..

the 80's were all about normalizing phucking people for money in the boardroom and bedroom

family was the byproduct and even the vehicle

Why do you think Chinese families wanted the boy babies versus the girl babies cuz the men made the money and made the family wealthy and the women were just used as tools developing boys.. basically a broodmare

And look at the Royal Family.

And even look at your society as boys are far more revered than girls

Many single mothers out there with boys will develop destroyers of our society as her boys will impregnate the single mothers with the girls and even her girls. Or they become a serial killer

And then in turn the girls will be also be destroyers as she develops children who probably won't survive climate change

Women were just to be used and abused and disposed of and we have families who still dispose of their women today and abuse them and they even abuse themselves because they were programmed and conditioned to do that

Why do you think Asian families revered the boy babies and that's why there's going to be a population crisis in China

 Magazines in the '80s

Glamour Cosmopolitan Redbook even young and modern and young miss all conditioned women to be sex toys and to be abused to develop men who build societies and then destroy them when given the opportunity

this flirt variant woke up some aggressive viral demons that I had to face and release, no different than when men/women/children get therapies or raped by someone, the spike protiens/hyperdermic needles woke up the beasts within and the beasts are on the move..

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