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The Masses are Oversexed, Gender Obsessed and Ashamed of their Body Parts

Great comment: "the masses are over sexed and obsessed with sex, sexual orientation and their own gender.... none of this matters. Its so weird. Human body is amazing technology we need to know how to use it and look after it. Thats it."

S. Hennessey

My thoughts: When you're so preoccupied with having babies and chasing pleasure then you only know how to make life not sustain life and so you give your kids and yourself a way to others who will take away your life systematically while developing New Life but not keeping you alive.

We can we can safely blame the 1970 sexual Revolution and the Kinsey Institute for using sex as a weapon against our knowledge and promoting ignorance. They may have had a place at one point but we have taken it too far to the point where people are only worried about their sexual body parts and that's it. We have mothers promoting their children to get surgical disfigurements so they can fit in to whatever they think they are based upon social constructs..

I remember only worried about Planned Parenthood in California but I never had anything else checked out. and that was in my twenties. which is why I never really understood the need for health insurance until my 30s but even then I wasn't really into health insurance.. waste of money, imo..

I never had high blood pressure or any other health issues and so the only thing I was worried about was making sure my body parts sexual body parts were intact.. That was all I knew at the time because of the sexual revolution.. Getting aid's test using condoms and foam..

That was the 1980s the 1990s..

We let other people control our body mind and spirit and that's why we are in the pickle we're in and why people are dying suddenly and/or managing aggressive diseases and systematically destroying themselves and it's so hard to watch.

And it's not just the left and it's not just the right both sides of the aisle are so preoccupied with sex that we have congressmen who are showing body parts through virtual reality..

Sex has a place yes but it has been abused and used as a weapon against the culture of people..

written by S. Hennessey:

Exactly. The desires are so low… just pleasure. If humans can lift their desires and ambition to a higher vibration… gender has no place in what you can actually achieve in life through your body.

Male and female is just for attraction and procreation, which is fine, but even that is totally messed up with all this gender rubbish and sexual focus. Men becoming women women becoming men… men transgenders having babies ‘seahorse’ Who cares what gender you are…. Just get on with life!

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