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The Media is Antibiotic

The surveillance society was all the way back in the 1920s With j Edgar hoover..

The start of the fbi..

J edgar hoover was born in 1895

The spying on americans is nothing new.. We are the last greatest experiment..

Hoover Files sexual blackmail in fear of the sex/drug revolution and shaping peoples opinions about the FBI Epstein Maxwell History repeats

J edgar hoover started the FBI in 1924

The OSS or operation of strategic services started in 1942 General douglas mccarthur..

Donovan for truman.. O s s to CIA started in 1947 with donovan for truman..

J f k died 1963 J edgar hoover was surveiling him.. Joe kennedy tried to keep things under wraps with hoover..

J edgar hoover died in 1972

George bush senior became ahead of the CIA in 1976. Gerald ford..

If any reporter/journalist out there thinks that they can do another hit piece about me trying to top buzzfeed from several years ago..

Because vultures always look for ways to destroy a new idea life.. Because when people are dying.. They do nothing to help them live.. They pick away at their f****** soul until there's nothing left..

If you are reporter/journalist and that's your intention in my world..

It will bite you i* t** a**..

You are the enemy of humanity.. And I don't look for the enemy.. But I know when i've dealt with them.. And I know people's intentions and I am not naive to think that the media today will be balanced.. They were never used to balance the population.. They were used as a tool against the population..

Readers need to be smarter.. But in this environment.. People cannot even read two words without being distracted.. Or scared..

So the media.. You have one of two choices.. 1.You either help people get destroyed..

2.Or you transition a new idea that is based in physics chemistry and the food supply..

The media makes or breaks people.. And in this environment your intention is to break people if you're looking to hang them in the media...

And it will be very obvious if you do..

And I and others will see right through your b*******..

Don't be another f****** clone of buzzfeed news week daily mail or any others..

Because we're in a new world now.. Your tactics are transparent.. And they've been done before and you're not doing anything new..

And if you use the death of my dog as the center point, the HOOK capitalizing on emotions..

Then we know your intention is destroy humanity.. Using my dog the death of my dog as a tool..

To all reporters with nefarious intentions..

People are dropping like flies from starvation and lack of conditioning for an aggressive environment like climate change..

Why don't you focus on the starvation aspect of it..

Why don't you focus on all the diets and fasting and gurus who are all about using aggressive elements against people's bodies..

There is so much material out there..

We have cannabis being proliferated all over the u s.. Whereas before it was just say no to drugs in the 80s..

Now the system can't wait to get drugs in you..

Why don't you f****** focus on that..

The media... They are antibiotic.. they are anti life

They could give a f*** about saving humanity.. They are a tool for the depopulation agenda..

Because I have yet to see any media outlet take a risk.. Especially around the j world and the evolution of it..

That says everything..

Because when you have advocated people starve themselves..

Never get to the root of why there's so much food intolerance..

But there's always a new f****** drug or operation to go and proliferate and promote..

Or people having fifty million babies.. On top of bodies with issues..

Yeah the media is antibiotic.. There are the antibodies.. And people lick that s*** up hookline and sinker..

That says a lot about humanity as well which is why we're in a great reset..

So I will not invite anymore vampire media people in my world unless I have an iron clad contract that I control the information.. And if I am painted in any bad light with the intention to scare people from life.. I would win in a court of law because the contract would be black and white..

Because the outcome.. Would be the intention..

You can make people respect the f*** out of someone or you can make people hate someone..

It's all in the words.. It's not what you say, it's how you say it..

That's the magic of the media..

The outcome is the intention and they do it deliberately..

Because humans have not learned.. They are easily manipulated when they have so much trauma..

When health professionals have issues with my information it's because their bottom line is in question..

toppling an industry..

Because you can be honest about symptoms and people don't have to die from them..

But if your intention is a scare people away from symptoms because you're intention is for them to die from lack of dealing with them.. You will paint anyone who says symptoms are not the enemy, as the enemy..

And that's in politics religion and science.. Is using god and whatever else as absolution.

And we know some people are too far gone and so they won't be able to do this because they're too scared and I understand..

But why should we let that get in the way of getting the information out there..

Evolution means CHANGE

If you can't change it's not my fault..

But your grand kids deserve new information..

I've seen people react to Netflix documentaries thinking they would be cast in good light only to find out netflix made them out to be a demon..

They trusted reporters reporters journalists and documentarists..

Time will tell with the jay world..

There is no reason to sell anything about the j world..

You are the proof.. You exemplify your own belief system..

And again time will tell..

Here are some things to write about!! Read posts about cardiac Just fyi, please do not be sympathetic to me or feel I am suffering.. lol, so far from it.. I totally figured it out and I am beyond all the suffering people who are perceivably projecting onto me..

I figured out immortality, or lack of dying from natural causes..

there is nothing to feel sorry for me about.. If anything, I am suffering for all of you, but I will not let it destroy me..

You choose or chose your own path now that you are aware of how to release the automatic responses and the programming..

If you are in fear of symptoms.. well.. talk to your doctor on how to eat all food in the food supply without turning to their remedies when symptoms come up.. and if they cannot because their licenses tell them otherwise..

good luck


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