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The Medical/Holistic Energy Healing World violates the Laws of Nature

The Medical/Holistic Energy Healing World violates the Laws of Nature Many people are paying the price.

(I tried to warn you, 3 books ago, and almost everyday for the last 6 years, but hey, it is more important to save everyone else out there, not yourself or your kids). Judgment day is here and I am NOT religious.

People do not need compassion or "kindness", they need someone to tell them they are worth it and they can handle it and it wont be forever..

Kindness, compassion and "sympathy" developed generations of "pansies" who cannot handle pain and changes.

People need people who believe in them.. who don't give up on them and who do NOT encourage them to pass away..

People need people who represent strength and resilience, not love, endless suffering and compassion turning into death. People need people who advocate fighting for their own lives, not someone else's..

Now you know why I was and am a hard ass and now I know why my mom was a hard ass. It was the only way to save me from the monster inside. It is not about caring/love or compassion, now, it is about survival and those who are hard ass parents and people will survive because you have the energy and means to.

I made my peace with my mom in my book.. I did not forgive her, because she did nothing wrong, at the time, and even today. You only forgive people who you want to blame, but also want to escape personal accountability.

The love love love world means to destroy you.. and it is ironic many religions and beliefs reside in love and compassion and then self euthanasia..

Anyone aging/disease/starving themselves who also went under countless surgeries using countless remedies and plastic surgery will suffer metabolic disorders that this environment will punish you for violating the laws of nature/your body.

If you finally choose to become whole again, the pain of release is your judgment day that you can't escape unless it is death/or being reduced down to a single celled memory called your spirit, will be so great, and some of you will survive it.. others will choose to go silently or become an activist and blame everyone but themselves.

Those who never went under the knife, most likely will have an "easier" time because you won't have the demon/scar tissue/keloid/tumor/growths to contend with.

Those who went under the knife or used botox, and other plastic surgery or any surgery, you will end up like my dog, dragging around a large growth until you learn how to deal with hardships without committing violence against yourself via surgeries.

Now you see where my disgust for the medical/plastic surgery/holistic system comes from.

Now, you know why..

Now you know why I chased away all licensed health practitioners in my group..

They were/are setting you up to fail when the climate changes and it is changing..

Now you know why I do not advocate pain killers in this environment.. You are just trapping the beast in your body..and that beast will destroy you, and using JJ all the time for all pain/cleanses will trap the beast in you too. the world is changing..

and just because you are unvaccinated or vaccinated, it will NOT help you if you still turn to pain killers/cleanses of all types, even the JJ juice to stop the pain of release.

if you have a strong immune system, you can survive all voluntary/required therapies and the frequencies.

If you have a weak immune system.. it won't matter what you do/don't do.. you cannot handle pain of release or retention and so you are left be metabolized out of existence from the high frequency environment you refuse to acknowledge..

The heat is actively being turned up by climate change, which means the energetic pain of release will be more intense.

Do you finally get the picture? Or do you need more examples of what not to do if you want to survive.

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