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The Micro-Macro Reincarnation By The Rosicrucian Order of Magnitude Requires a Purge

The Micro-Macro Reincarnation by the Rosicrucian Order of Magnitude Requires a Purge

The reason why the conspiracy world the herbal medical holistic religious spiritual world exist.. Because people cannot handle the actual truth around physics and why people die.. They cannot handle the truth around chemistry and biology.. And so they get lost in the stories.. False protection.. False awakening..

And they still die anyways..

If you can't face the pain.. If you can't suffer even a little bit..

You will have your story of absolution.. The system gave you that..

But those who choose not to feel anything.. They still keep commerce going.. They still keep the infrastructure going.. They still keep going to work every single day.. You don't have to work as hard.. But if you're greedy you'll work yourself to death.

We thank you for your service.. We thank you for giving us the option to stay home and take care of ourselves.

We honor you.

The reason why they're going to artificial intelligence doing most of the menial labor and even the intellectual labor.. So humans DONT HAVE TO work more than three point five days..

When artificial intelligence is doing most of the work.. Humans can finally live the life they love.. They don't have to die to live.. They don't have to be enslaved..

Imagine working half a work week..

That's the new world.. But you must earn your place in this world.. No fucking shortcuts.

That's why artificial intelligence was invented.. Now you have a choice.

In order to evolve and reincarnate into the best human race, there must be an aggressive purge.. You're living these times right now..

We are now living in the purge.. Allegorically literally and figuratively.. Yep my neighbors are fighting fist fighting.. Right on their front porch. The frequencies are scrambling people's brains..

Be very wary of people

Food Vs Remedies In a high frequency environment..

Rules for Multiplying Integers

A positive number times a positive number equals a positive number. A positive number times a negative number equals a negative number. A negative number times a positive number equals a negative number. A negative number times a negative number equals a positive number.

Are you going to multiply children/offspring who cannibalize you using all the remedies.. And every immune system activation will multiply the children in your body if you don't release them.

Or you can multiply you as an adult and strengthen your parent cells. And become stronger and stronger.

The choice is yours now.. Everything that I felt the last 3 years with heart palpitations and hunger, fatigue and disorientation, vertigo and dizziness and anger and irritability, hives, mucus, the shits, headaches, many people also felt yesterday, even the last month..

Pain in the arms and back.. Was a major indicator my immune system was activated.. Tears in tendons cartilage breakages and bone breaking down is another indicator..

You're so afraid of immune system activation.. You will treat yourself to death.. And the system is tired of people staying cured and not learning their lessons.

Did they have to crank up the energy so high so some of you could actually fucking feel it.. I guess they did..

Yesterday was a wake up call..

What is the zombie apocalypse..

When people are so unaware they don't even know how unaware they are.. And they make fun of people who are aware.. Even those who claim to be awake.. Still do not understand how unaware they truly are.. There's nothing to protect yourself from. Shutting your phone off didnt do a damn thing.. Putting your phone into microwave but not turning it on didn't do a damn thing.. You can't even measure the effectiveness properly.

Pain felt or not felt correlation does not equal causation. Running to the mountains.. To the caves.. You can't run away from life.. From the environment..

As you can see, those who are the mainstreamers are observing the conspiracy world and all of their different factions.. And you don't even know what to believe.. The illuminati.. Free masonry.. Blaming it on the v's.. The gmo The water.. The lines in the skies.. Frequencies.. and your mind is going like what the hell is going on..

We're entering into a new world.. A very aggressive new world.. Only the strong will survive.. When I feel my heart beating so rapidly. I know I will survive because i've been conditioning for the heart beating rapidly. Some people have already been conditioned in their genetic line.. But all the different treatments they are under.. Will slowly if not accelerate the ouroboros.

Because the offspring have been activated.

Just like the movie the purge. The offspring have been activated in the microbial world.. People are feeling everything under the sun.

But all the treatments regardless of what it is. Will only compound your issue.

In my world.. You don't have to do the jj any more because the environment is ionic enough. Now it's feeding the energy. Now it's resting.. Now it's releasing demons without doing anything in the j juice. Because you don't need it..

There is a method in my book that is sure fire for me.. If you can handle it.

Some people need to talk to their doctor..

Because they have not been conditioned to activate their immune system.. Especially at the level of my world.

You will need animal protein. You will need animal milk.. You will need fat. You will need sugar. You will need gluten.. You will need electrolytes like salt and water.

Food rest and proper effective release will be the only thing that will save you.

And you have to face the pain and the demons..

If you cannot.. You will find your absolution masked as redemption.

The government will give you a way out.. As humanly as possible..

Even in the conspiracy world other people I used to hang out with.. People don't even know.. Or it's too scary for them.. The truth is way too scary.. So they live in their fantasy world. That's the rapture to some people.

People not only don't know what's happening to them, they don't even know that they don't know. Noam Chomsky Finally, a little respite..

I noticed the more stressful the energy the day before.. And the more I eat the day before, the more aggressive the release process.. Even my lymph nodes in my armpits are open. Which means the body must release and it did.. If you want to know what happened today.. The frequencies went up another notch..

If you're under the influence you won't feel it.. Some people are dealing with tachycardia and heart palpitations

The zombie apocalypse are those not even aware.. Nothing has changed as far as that.. It was a test.. If you survive the last month since nine eleven.. Welcome to the next world.. Did you learn your lesson from the last world.. Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes. Wikipedia

If you believe everybody.. Then you will find a way to protect yourself..

If you believe nobody.. You will find a way to protect yourself.. I might be judge and jury.. But I am nobody's executioner..

You're choosing that for yourself..

Absolutely i'm judgmental.. Because we all are.. If you go down your timeline.. What kind of judgments have you made about other people..

Nobody is perfect.. That's why we judge and discuss.. If you can handle the discussion

If you post nothing on your facebook and everything's about hearts and flowers.. Maybe you're too afraid to be judged.. Because you can't handle the truth.. Somebody else's truth..

I am a caretaker of judging..

That's how we discuss how we all want to live together in relative harmony.. We bring everything forth for discussion..

google the word judgment and look for the definition

And this is for both the left right center and all conspiracy theorists who make fun of what's going on..

People not only don't know what's happening to them, they don't even know that they don't know. Noam Chomsky I can't tell the difference anymore between the people I used to know and my world..

Now they are two sides of the same coin.. Just like I knew they were.

When I see the conspiracy people I used to hang out with.. And mainstreamers post the same post..

The system got to both of them..

I'm so laughing at all the conspiracy world laughing at what's going on.. Wow.. They turned into mainstreamers.. Making fun of their own kind..

People are only conspiracy theorist when it's convenient for them.. When it's comfortable and fits their narrative..

I know immune system activation.. And there are so many catalysts to it..

And I see everything..

But the irony right now does not escape me.. Nobody is safe if they don't even know what's going on.. Relative ignorance is bliss..

Thank you for your service.. Yep it hurts to hold my phone. Especially in the afternoon. And I feel lots of energy and heart palpitations..

I'm not under the influence of anything.. It's like i'm working out not having to do anything.. I'm in conditioning..

Even my biceps are strong Those who are making fun that nothing happened.. Remember how they didn't believe your chemtrail activism..

Interesting to see the shoe is on the other foot.. Why do you think people deny information..

Because they are scared of the truth.. It is hitting a little too close to home..

When you can't see the enemy.. That's when people get scared.. Even when you can't feel it.. Until it happens..

Now you know why people are afraid of all different conspiracies..

Ironic some people in the conspiracy world deny anything going on even with the weather alert system.. Because they didn't see something going on.. Maybe they didn't even feel anything..

See how that stuff works..

I choose to suffer with knowledge.. And i'm getting stronger for it. I will say.. Relative ignorance is bliss..

Once you pick the fruit from the tree of knowledge.. Now you are burdened with a suffering of knowing.. And that suffering will make you stronger..

And the ones that choose not to pick the fruit from the tree of knowledge.. Let them have their world.. They might make fun of you because you have the knowledge..

And they are acknowledging they will have a hard time with the knowledge..

Not many people survive the knowledge of the reality of the world they live in.. That's why you must allow them to have their storyline.. That's the backbone of your society..

Their storyline keeps the infrastructure going..

And so while I get annoyed with people making fun of me..

I also appreciate them.. High frequencies like today.. Plus a higher than normal decibel level for a minute.. Thirty four percent increase in heart attacks..After adjusting for other factors that contribute to cardiovascular risk (including air pollution), they found that every 5-decibel increase in the average 24-hour noise level was associated with a 34% increase in heart attacks, strokes, and other serious heart-related problems.

Once I figured out nothing was poison or dangerous out there.. But some people will not fare very well anyway.. Even within an acceptable decibel range.'re%20watching&text=After%20adjusting%20for%20other%20factors,other%20serious%20heart%2Drelated%20problems So the system can't keep catering to the weaknesses of society.. Now the system is holding everyone accountable to become stronger for society.. Not weaker.. People with heart issues.. They need to prepare for that weather alert. It could really surprise someone.. Especially if they have forgotten. Any sudden noises such as something like what they will be blaring could send somebody into heart attack or stroke..

Be mindful.

Remember nothing is poison.. Fcc approved devices are not harmful to the general population..

Do you think the elderly are prepared to hear that sound?? Remember they warned you ahead of time.. Ever since august twenty third. The perfect hybridized title of my next book:

The Micro-Macro Reincarnation By the Rosicrucian Order of Magnitude SCIENCE has always been behind ALL religions, relative to intention and purpose.. Your job is to find out what the intention and purpose is.. but even more so, what YOUR intention and purpose in life?

if it is just to consume and die.. stop resisting.. you already accepted that life.. You already lived that lifestyle.. You already paid money for that lifestyle..

if there is more to life than that.. maybe look deeper, if you can.. Micro and Macro Reincarnation By orders of Magnitude

Reincarnation can happen in real time.. I have reincarnated into the person I chose to be with all the memories from my genes of past life experiences on top of 49 years of experiences..

However, in order to get a second chance at life, one must learn all the hard lessons of their current life.. if they can face the devil of accountability...

evolution is using the past as a platform and evolving the intention and purpose..

death and dying comes from lack of evolution and refusing to face the devil of accountability.. and sadly, many parents are setting up their offspring to never face the devil of accountability until it is too late..

that is why it is so sad to watch humans, today..

Reincarnation, also known as rebirth, transmigration, or in Ancient Greek-inspired texts metempsychosis, is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. Wikipedia

living being does not mention orders of magnitude.. particles of energy can be NON physical essence of a living being beginning a new life in a "different" physical form or body after a microbial biological death.. aka EVOLUTION

Reincarnation is evolution by orders of magnitude.

or·der of mag·ni·tude "values might be compared by order of magnitude, a staple in making ballpark estimates" relative size, quantity, quality, etc. SLAVERY IS BUILT INTO THE LANGUAGE




you say you are tired of slavery.. do you take care of yourself, or do you own yourself..


NOW you see who the overseers are in the land of slavery.. those who are dying to be free, but still own their shit..

lol, i even used the world own.. NOT anymore..

i take care of myself.. i don't owe/or own myself at all.. therefore, no one else owns/owes me anything

I don't own or owe anyone else.. I only owe the government student loans..

So what are you taking care of.. And what do you enslave.. Some people are enslaving the things they take care of. And that's why they are suffering. And they can't handle suffering.. Because they own everything.. But they don't take care of themselves. And most of all they don't take care of their dependents..

Just another entertainment piece

And I now see the distinction.. Some people take care of their animals.. Other people own them. And then dispose of them. Thx John Oakes Gemma Hargreaves

Some people take care of their children.. Other people own them and dispose of them..

That's why humanity is very immature.. They learned from their parents.. Their creators..

gemma and john both exemplify people who take care of their children/animals, NOT own them.. none of their animals and children are disposable.. they are the distinctions I was missing.. but knew in my heart, but could not articulate them until Gemma posted something.. thank YOU gemma.

On another note.. Some people had to walk away from their children.. Because they would have been destroyed by the other parent.. They wouldn't have the power to raise their kid, the way it need to be raised based upon whatever conditions were going on... And so if you're going to raise a fucking child.. If you're going to step up.. And brag about it.. Like you see so many people do..

Set the kids up correctly.. Set up your animal correctly as well.. Sometimes one must walk away when you know you have no power.. Because the way some people raise their children and animals.. They probably should have walked away a long time ago.. That child or animal would have had a better chance.

And so those of you, who are so high and mighty saying you should raise your kids.. Did you raise exemplary children. Or are they gonna die someday.. And who's to say that your children are the end all be all.. Those in glass houses shall not cast stones..

What kind of kids did you raise in this world..? What kind of children are you raising in this world..?

We are at a point of transition.. You have the power now to choose.

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