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"The Midas Touch"

Right now everyone is making their wishes and they're coming true and they're over inundated with having every wish granted..

Remember the JJ is not supposed to be used as a cure..

I understand why people have dealt with topical symptoms with the jj.. They did find relief.. However... It is temporary.. And you don't know what kind of monster You are keeping inside.. Even those using remedies inside their body for topical issues..

As far as the jj soaking the areas..

All you did was soak the area with ionic electron on electron freezing the assets.. But during climate change.. When the energy shifts aggressively.. Cell replication happens..

The body will want to push that out.. If you keep freezing them and pushing them back in.. They will mutate and turn into something else..

You can only get away with being cured for so long.. You trap that monstrosity inside of you they will cannibalize you from the inside..

That's why you must not even use to jj j as a cure.. Salt and water can be used as a cure.. And when you're using jj against your symptoms you have abused salt and water.. No different than taking all the remedies and surgeries, So you can be pain free..

It was not earned..

In this environment you can't get away with cures.. Unless you want to rest in peace..

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