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The Never-Ending Storyline

The never-ending story.. But first know your history before you make assumptions.. And it's not always the history that was taught to you, a slice out of a time line of events..

Intend to understand the full story.. And even then there's always more to the story..

Difficulty and a suffering wakes up the genius.."evil" or non evil geniuses

But there is a balance between so difficult and not difficult enough.. And so the system is giving you a little bit difficulty for those who have made it so easy..

The government is your balancing force for those who are very spoiled.. And then you watch other societies act out their entitlement because they are so wealthy.. And you watch them have outburst on these reality shows..

The system wants you to see what happens when people get lost in wealth and excess..

But you can't be too brutal or too soft on anyone.. You make it easy for people they'll destroy people.. Because they want it easy.. Entitlement comes from somebody who had everything basically given to them.. And they become monsters.. Just look at some of the rich women out there.. Bad attitudes.. Treating people like shit.

spoiled women make horrific people to hang out with.. Because they will treat other people like shit when given the opportunity..

And I'm watching people spoil their girls and boys. And yeah they turn into monsters..

Now you wonder why the system does what it does . When you have parents who don't really understand what it means to survive.. Because they've had everything given to them.. And when the system takes away the "good life", they become fucking monsters.

And that's why you have such intolerance in our society.. People were given their life their belief their family and friends and jobs and food.. And when it became difficult . They became monsters.. Because they weren't conditioned to deal with difficulty.. So it's everybody else's fault.

That's why you had hitler.. Now look at your facebook. . Sumer 241 k years ago GODS GIANTS NEPHILIM Crazy crazy garden of eden and monsters and crazy animals.. Eating humans giants eating humans.. HUMAN SEXUAL SLAVERY via the family, harems, etc

BRONZE AGE 5300 YEARS AGO OR 3300 -1200 BCE In deuteronomy, the last giant o g was destroyed by the israelite..

Noah's flood.. Noah's ark.. 4, 359 years ago 2348 bce

4k years ago or 2700 bce imhotep gilgamesh

3k years or 957 bc Solomon's temple..

Jesus christ 4 bc to ad 30

Islam 610 ad Early to late medieval days..

So if you truly want to understand humanity.. Please understand your history.. Not just one segment of the bible that you were taught.. But please understand all the way back to sumer.. And understand why part of history was kept from you. Because some people would not understand how crazy it was.. And we might even see how crazy it will be under controlled circumstances.

We might get to see history in the future under controlled circumstances.. That's called diversity.. That's going to be literally. The garden of eden with so many different types of people with different characteristics.. And sexual orientation and relationships..

WHICH IS why biotech is trying to perfect the most perfect peaceful human, but they had to develop so much procreation after the last great resets and instill even more ways to develop kinder and gentler people but we have so much intolerance and diversity, kind people must also be STRONG AND sometimes must be brutal to save itself..

now look at the mean bullies and intolerant people all over facebook, but then also the love love love love people, too..

there is a method to the madness.. just stay alive and.. well.. my info is a method to release the demons.. however, what am I evolving into.. so far.. i feel clear headed amazing and productive..

herd immunity and when you are trying to develop the perfect human, one must "kiss" alot of frogs to finally reach the goal..

no, THE system is NOT trying to harm you with the air food and water.. some of you, many of you bred intolerance in your family's politics, religions and science.. Ohio and Massachusetts spreading White lung outbreak in kids Frequencies The system wants to engineer the best human because we've had issues for many, many, many years..

Remember we came from some pretty atrocious ancestors way back in antiquity..

The system is trying to keep the human race going.. Without repeating some of the most horrible parts of history.. #herdimmunity #animalhumanhybrids #antiquity #OG #gardenofthegods Herd immunity When people hang out together, keeping the herd of humans relatively uniform without too many anomalies and inconsistencies in the population..

And that includes just going to crowds out there and taking on the dna..

I depend on my community to give me a herd immunity.. I get a lot of diversity. So my body has to assimilate to the other humans that are like me..

But what if I was around a bunch of animals... Then it's a microbial fight to the death

(specie vs specie)..

And that's the problem.. People are so full diversity, they don't even know what fight and battle they are in..

And if you don't know how to defend yourself. It's not going to matter what kind of defense you get from other places..

And the issue is with so much diversity. Even in the herd you still have to find a way to release those demons..

Even the animal demons..

Now you know why some people look like different types of animals and insects.. Go look at different people in the population.. They remind you of certain things.. some are more obvious than others..

Mister snoop dogg looks like a doberman pincher.. And i'm not saying anything he doesn't know already.. It's quite interesting..

Nothing is coincidental...

Everything is a part of us..

And it is always a fight for the king the mountain and the most influential.

Just remember jeff goldblum and the fly..

And then all the different hybrid humans out there in the movies..

Oh my god.

Maybe eventually I will get my vaccine.. Laugh out loud.. If I really have to.. I'm around people who are around vaccinated people.. I'm not too worried about my herd immunity..

I have plenty of time to see what my protocol can do for me without any medical intervention.. Even the therapies..

I just release my demons... Will that be enough in the future.. Releasing my demons and eating food..

We'll find out..

So far I don't have any wings or paws.. I'll let you know if I do.. The system plays both sides of the fence. So you always have choices.. That's the Rosicrucians..

They know people will do what they do based upon their hormones and the social constructs of their time and geographical location and religion and politics and science.. And so when you give people options.. You can choose which side you want to stand on without attacking somebody else.. Let the justice system deal with those who are breaking the law..

But every culture has a good side and bad side. And you have to choose which side you want to be on and still tolerate so as long as its legal.. And I can't tell you what is good or bad because it's all relative..

But every culture has their good points and bad points..

But at least you get a choice.. And when you point out one culture is doing one thing.. That you don't agree with.. Then you have to realize all the cultures DO the same stuff..

You can't just point out one culture.. And say it's all their fault.. Or only they do this..

Oh no honey all cultures do stuff..

recognize it is not the one culture you want a point out and discriminate against..

There are sides to even the cultures i have belonged to that i'm not thrilled with certain aspects of it.. like the worship of money wealth power and a billion kids..

However.. Everybody has choices.. I will let the system regulate people..

I stay out of other people's business.. And the only way to stop the ghosts of war activating themselves to destroy mankind was to unplug the power source that gave them the energy to attack..

Once the soldiers unplugged the power source, the ghost didn't have the power to be activated and destroy living man. And so they were just floating around like before..

The ghosts have been deactivated..

When the machine was plugged in the ghost were activated.. When he unplugged all those connectors, he deactivated these source of energy, causing those ghosts to destroy the humans..

Right now you're living in an activated universe and the ghosts are destroying people..

climate change is an activated universe.. And the ghost are destroying people.. Unless you're strong enough.. And you learn how to release those demons.. And you still need to eat food to support your immune system

Oh yeah the system is telling you..

If you're not strong enough for the ghosts of the past, the ghost in this activated environment will destroy you..

If you watch my Facebook lives. I don't have the orbs so much circling around me like a swarm of infection.. Ectoplasmic infection..

I have a forcefield of hormones and energy protecting me from the ghosts of the past present and even the future.. I will not be run by ghosts.. I will learn from them..

But they don't control me..

Which is why women look more manlier as they get older because their hormones are depleting.. They're starving..

At some point when women decide to get their life back. They will have a good balance between estrogen. And testosterone.. And they can still be a "woman" by all intents purposes..

And they don't have to die after menopause.. Or during menopause.. She doesn't have to be used as a farm animal anymore.. Making babies or being somebody's sex toy..

She's free so as long as she survives her community.. So as long as she survives the world that she lives in.. Because there will be somebody who will try to treat her to death. Her friends her family her husband. Even her wife is she's an l g b t q GEN X X MEN?

red bull.. Bull semen testosterone..

(Taurine, also known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is a conditional amino acid that is found in natural dietary sources, biosynthesized in the body and produced by chemical synthesis for commercial purposes. It was first isolated in 1827 by two German scientists, Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelin, who discovered the presence of the substance in the bile of an ox. The name, taurine, is derived from the Latin term taurus, which means bull or ox.

Delta force football. Olympians.. Cage fighting.. Humans today.. super soldiers.. They are telling you...

When did humans domesticate dogs.. Some research suggests that dogs were domesticated between 12,500 and 15,000 years ago. Other research suggests that dogs were domesticated in Asia at least 14,000 years ago.

The earliest undisputed dog on record is a 14,000-year-old specimen from Bonn-Oberkassel in Germany. This specimen shows a much more affectionate bond between humans and canines.

Researchers believe that dogs were domesticated from now-extinct wolves. Some wolves remained wild, while others chose to associate more closely with humans.

BIOGRAPHY A Long History

His healing abilities drove trauma from his memories, leaving him partially amnesiac.

He and Rose found refuge at a British Columbia stone quarry, where Rose, claiming James was her cousin, gave his name as “Logan.” Within months, Logan’s powers were heightening due to the environment around him. He became healthier and gained senses to rival those of an animal, but also became more violent. To divert some of this pent-up rage, Logan partook in cage fights where his prowess earned him the nickname “Wolverine.”

After accidentally killing Rose with his claws, Logan retreated into the woods where he lived as a feral beast, losing all of his former memories.

He would later reenter society and travel the world, partaking in every major conflict of the 20th century (WWI, WWII, the Spanish Civil War, the Vietnam War) as a soldier, criminal, or mercenary for hire. This caused him to coin the phrase "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.”

Timeline of the Periods in History Stone Age: 3.3 million to 5,000 years ago. Bronze Age: 5,000 to 1,400 years ago (1,200 BC) DEUTERONOMY (OG WAS DEFEATED BY THE ISRAELITES) Iron Age: 1,200 BC to 500 BC. Classical Era: 500 BC to 500 AD. Medieval Era: 500 AD to 1500 AD. Early Modern Era: 1500 AD to 1800 AD. Modern Era: 1800 AD to present.

Once the main giants that were so destructive were defeated before the iron age into the classical era.. Then you had the dark ages..

The Dark Ages is a categorization commonly used to describe the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Italian Renaissance and the Age of Exploration. Roughly speaking, the Dark Ages corresponds to the Middle Ages, or from 500 to 1500 AD.

then it was the renaissance. The age of discovery...

During the Renaissance, extending from 1450 to 1650, every continent was visited and mostly mapped by Europeans, except the south polar continent now known as Antarctica.

Today we still have some humans who practice the dark ages medieval ways of torturing each other virtually as well as physically..

And we learned that from the giant's we destroyed way back when..

It takes many generations to breed out violence and brutality.. The nephelim

this is the old testament

Human animal hybrids.. Humans with superpowers. 'He died doing what he loved' RIP

It’s very sad but I don’t like why they (the media ) always say he or she died doing what they loved cause I’m pretty sure given the choice they would rather still be alive ! over doing something they loved .

This is why we all need to consider options.. And reconsider our belief systems.. So our friends and family don't say he or she died. Doing that they love to do.. Because if given another option.. They would rather not die.

Shannon Doherty at stage four cancer doesn't want to die.. And she probably was not given any other option but to die, but before that get treated..

She had the time to redirect..

This kid just died suddenly..

You see the difference.. Some people get the choices.. Others just die suddenly.. No matter what happened in Vietnam. Back in the 1960s and 70s. I am very thankful. I wound up here in america..

The system had to do what it had to do back then and even now all over the world..

If you're in a first world, even in a third world country and you're given opportunity and options.. Be thankful and listen to indicators..

And do everything you can to evolve.. Because if you are that intolerant to everything.. Everyone will be the enemy..

And then we have to protect ourselves from you.. it is the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, that will govern the conduct of nations or else you get werewolves

lol thank you George Herbert Walker Bush Israel defeated the Giants...

And the fight between the giants and humans were the Inspirations.. behind the grimm's fairy tales..

And we do have humans who taken on some of these characteristics of a giants. And that's why it's so scary out there.. And since we can't legislate morals, we can only control people's demons, but for only so long before they become out of control..

Then you have a great reset.. But first you get to watch yourself on facebook and the movies.. And face what you've done to yourself and your children And maybe attempt to change if you can.

But if you don't want to face the error of your ways and belief systems... The environment will regulate you and so with the government if you step out of line

That's why you're in a surveillance society.. People's demons are rearing their ugly heads..

now you know why "life" starts out in Genesis (raped by giants) in the Hebrew Bible because it then became our exodus from the brutal giants...and the jewish people's exodus from the brutal sympathizers, the pharaohs and their followers, etc.. all the religious offshoots from judaism and christianity islam against their own people the jews is what has caused people to be so brutal to each others and people have died and reproduced so much they have NO memory of anything, always repeating history.. repeating what their parents have done to themselves and others.. hunting those who were and are different..

From the Bronze age defeating OG to now, was how humans were and are trying to breed out the brutality out of themselves... which is why all the rising and falling of civilizations... and yes, great resets and biotechnology to control your demons..

which is why they want 500m in perpetual balance with the future..


good luck surviving your own beliefs.. but if you are brutal against anyone in body, mind, spirit and politically... aka as intolerant.. maybe that is why you are under the influence of something.. controlling your own demons.. and I am sorry you are suffering.. Sumer 241k years ago

OG/deuteronomy the Bronze age 3300-1200 BC

Genesis: the beginning of human sexual slavery via the giants

Deuteronomy is the fifth and final book of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament. the ending of the giants enslaving and trafficking the women/men

and now we must breed out these horrific behaviors from the humans, descendants of these giants trapping/trafficking their own sons and daughters...equally, all over the world


i told you.. i knew something was wrong with society ever since i was a kid..

i knew.. but i had to be tortured by my own peers and survive it to articulate it..

which is why we are in a great reset...

the 5th industrial revolution..

i hope you survive it.. but not only survive, it.. evolve into the best human being ever.. Genesis: the beginning of human sexual slavery via the giants

Deuteronomy is the fifth and final book of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament. the ending of the giants enslaving and trafficking the women/men

and now we must breed out these horrific behaviors from the humans, descendants of these giants trapping/trafficking their own sons and daughters...equally, all over the world


i told you.. i knew something was wrong with society ever since i was a kid..

i knew.. but i had to be tortured by my own peers and survive it to articulate it..

which is why we are in a great reset...

the 5th industrial revolution..

i hope you survive it.. but not only survive, it.. evolve into the best human being ever.. OG (original gangster/original giant) and israel defeated him, but the giants trafficked humans.. etc and we are in the process of releasing those who traffic themselves and other humans, etc..

Deuteronomy 3 recalls the tradition of Og in order to underscore the military power of the Israelite army. Both the size of his bed as well as the description of Og as the last of the Rephaʾim serve to heighten this dramatic narrative: Og is part of the mythic past, a mighty foe, one of the giants of old, but Israel defeated him nonetheless.

who was the last giant on earth (israel saved us from the giant race)

and those who are against israel do NOT know your history, even human history.. and I cannot stand to watch people spew hatred from their hearts.. and raising/teaching kids at the same time.. it is DISGUSTING.. AS YOU sit in the comfort of your own home developed by the judeo Christian people of your society.. are you phucking serious.. that is why we are in a great reset because of intolerant people such as YOURSELVES.. taking on characteristics of giants/gangsters.. and there are some JEWISH PEOPLE WHO hate israel because of their own lack of understanding the big picture..

hate.. is what drive cancer, disease, wealth and intolerance.. HATE. DOES.. and the system knew how to draw out those with hate in their heart.. just give them every opportunity to hate/blame and they will.

In the Bible, Og is called the last of the Rephaim, a Hebrew word for giants. Og was the king of Bashan who fought with Israel in Deuteronomy 3. The Rephaites were an ancient race of giants in Canaan from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

j world ask yourself this? 1 human surrounded by wolves for approx. 500 year might turn into a human/wolf hybrid

1 wolf surrounded by humans for approx. 500 years would the wolf take on aspects of human characteristics wolf/human hybrid

and they never treated diseases.. they were allowed to evolve and eat all food safe for both..

that is the J world..

who you surround yourself with, you will become.. and who you will evolve into over time, a long time..

(we already know that in society right now, hence all the divisive groups)

but the Jworld.. even more so.. (no pets for me, at all)

which is why it is important for BIOTECH TO KEEP A BLUE PRINT OF SAFE HUMAN DNA PROTOTYPES IN CLOSED SOCIETIES SO we do not have werewolves and cyclops/minotaur..

all of you have been human experiments ever since 6 thousand years ago... now .. now... you see the science behind the stories

and now, we are in a great reset because if we do NOT control reproduction wisely, hence the GG or Georgia guidestones.. we will get Greek mythology happen in modern day society or the serial killers hunting humans... cannibalizing their flesh..

now watch the angry/love people of our society blaming.. that is the past manifesting itself via nature/nurture.. but you let that get out of hand.. not only ww2 but greeek mythology.. the monsters

the system knows.. yes they do.. so now.. when you go out in public around large diverse groups of people.. what kind of animal/human dna are you incubating??

will it become so influential the growth causes a died suddenly or specific painful characteristics like animal behaviors..

even I must be aware of that and make sure I can release the demons.. but.. what will I develop over time releasing the demons and assimilating to my environment.. what is in my predominant environment influential enough to cause me to develop characteristics??

if you treat yourself then died suddenly one day..

but if you do not treat yourself, what is the system wanting me to evolve into?

i am already extremely evolved in just taking on new information and organized in my thinking, etc.. but what physical characteristics will I exhibit over time in my world..

my arms are more muscular after those arm pains the last 3 weeks..

we shall see... and that is why the system is trying to get away from the farms/PETS.. and develop lab created meat.. because it is the animals fighting the human microbes and vice versa and then over time...

hybrids and serial killers.. and love demons..

omg, omg omg.. i get it... omg

microbial fornication of animals/humans/humans/animal/animal develops cancer, disease, growths, chronic illness and then died suddenly.. too much diversity and not enough release

omg which is why pets may not survive the new world because the system cannot repeat the past of chaos...

AND THE SUFFERING of both the human and animals fighting the internal wars and constantly being treated and bred to death...



and that is why you get so many types of sexual orientations.. OMG if we do not allow those to employ the wars, i can see a repeat of history of all the giants, minotaurs, werewolves, and vampires develop, again... terrorizing villages...and they could be your peers..

how do we control evolution and reproductions.. we let those who have a bird's eye view of history do what they need to do because if we allowed those to evolve into the animals we must protect ourselves from.. the world would descend into chaos.. yet again..

and it is already pretty bad out there..

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