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The NFL and Cardiac Arrests in the Lay/Professional Sports Industry

Why is it that they're putting so much emphasis on this athlete in the NFL experiencing a cardiac arrest but they have ignored countless athletes past and present retired and working or going to school either suffering or succumbing to heart disease.

I mean you've seen all the died suddenly or those who have experienced cardiac arrest or heart attacks on the field. And if you haven't seen the reports, it's because the MSM didn't cover it but another outlet covered it and then you called it a conspiracy theory or fringe news because you chose to ignore another part of the world because OF tunnel vision.

It's OK to watch both CNN Fox and info wars and MSNBC and even fringe news that will give you another side to the story to consider..

Nobody is lying.. People just omit the other truth, Because everyone has their opinion about what goes on even if they embellish the truth.. And that could be construed as lying but to them that's the truth even if it never happened..

Because in their world it happened.. And if that's what they want to believe you can't prove them wrong or right because no one was there to witnesses and even then can you trust witnesses and their version of the truth.. ? NO, So then you provide another truth to consider..

And so when they don't tell you everything and they show you one thing: then you think that's the ONLY reality because they messenger blinded you to another REALITY..

You don't have to lie to people you can just omit the truth.. Is that called LYING, no that's called purposeful ignorance on your end and their end.

Sometimes you have to listen to what's not being said not just what's being said and that's the problem with most people is they only listen to what's being said..

Some people are purposely ignorant and they pride themselves in it. Purposely ignoring another truth is like saying you don't want to evolve and you'd rather listen to a fantasy world and that's OK too.. But as long as you're aware of it..

But even if you don't want to be aware of it then that's fine then you have no room to complain about the world you live in because you have contributed to the ignorance in the world..

Then you also shouldn't vote because it's not an educated vote it's an emotional vote that is reminiscent of the days of the past.. When one person had complete control over many people..

Educated voters don't vote because they know there's no f****** difference between the 2 parties or 3 parties.. Needy people need different things and they fight over the resources.

Why is it that the athletes in the NFL get that kind of press and thoughts and prayers but all these died suddenly or cardiac arrest victims on the field all of the world do not get any press?

Is it because it happened in front of a mainstream audience watching the football game and they are explaining away the situation, especially if your friends have been following the died suddenly groups, making you think that a 24 year old athlete experiencing a cardiac arrest was a one time only type of thing.

A rare occurrence..

Come on!! The NFL medically screens their players and they go through many physical checks and they would have found out long time ago if he had some kind of heart condition..

Or is the NFL slipping up and allowing compromised players to play in a very aggressive violent game called football..

Or are the frequencies more intense and he didn't have what it takes to deal with it.. And the violence on him during a game?

So why don't you consider all different truths.. This is not a rare occurrence.. Maybe in the NFL.. Well look around at your friend's and family and even in the colleges and high schools and elementary schools when they have the defibrillator kits all over the halls..

Because kids are even suffering strokes and heart attacks and aneurysms when they did not before. But nobody wants to look at that, remember everybody likes to stick their head in the sand and pretend everything is great.

Sorry now your precious football is tainted with reality, while contrived for fantasy.

Pretty soon all the distractions to keep you from facing reality will be tainted by reality.. Until you are forced to face your own f****** purposeful ignorance.

Sorry but heart attacks and strokes regardless of age is not rare occurrence.. It's happening more frequently, In all age groups. And the way the media is spinning this s*** is really pissing me off.. I mean I'm not really p***** but you know what I mean.. i mean i don't invest too much emotions from the media given I know what their intention are.. They are like the orchestra on the deck of a Titanic keep people calm during a sinking s***.

Why are cardiac arrests happening more frequently when people were also vaccinated prior to it happening frequently.

Since vaccines aren't poison.. Because they are FDA approved, the only difference is the climate change the frequencies are a lot more aggressive bringing everyone's predisposed issues, triggering prostaglandins to push out the weaknesses and the damaged cells in the body, that would have happened maybe later on in your evolution, but since people are starving and have anomalies in their genetic line and the environment is way more aggressive because the frequencies are higher, people are experiencing their predisposed issue sooner.. And the body is being forced to evolve. Which means they are triggering the changes that would have happened sooner or later, much sooner..

And I don't imagine the vaccines are helping people manage what the diseases they already have but most likely compounding the issues they already have and some people are over capacity..

So, another therapy injecting bacteria into a body probably contributes to a lot of the last straw that broke the camel's back type of situations. There is such thing as too much life in your body or incorrigible life in your body..

And many people are not releasing at the level they need to survive climate change and cell replication.

Which is why children are maturing faster and you can't tell what age they are anymore.. The downside, children will develop predisposed issues sooner in the future right now because the frequencies are faster.. And, the predators will be out in force hunting naive souls who have oblivious parents.

Even your animals will experience predisposed issues sooner in a very aggressive climate unless you are willing to feed them during their evolutionary responses and not drug them and compound the issue.. But if you choose to drug them then that's your choice.

And of course I'm assuming animals like cats and dogs need to have their anal glands expressed and I couldn't tell you how to do that to a cat..

Adults will experience their predisposed issues sooner now in a higher frequency environment versus later in a slower frequency environment.

My muscle pains are not from getting old, because I'm not starving I am well fed it's that I am evolving and the body is pushing out the old world from the frequencies and the energy that's being used is pushing out damaged cells from repetitive use, which is why my hands hurt because I am using my hands a lot more cleaning the carpets and other stuff and picking up my dog and helping her around..

My muscle pains are due to new daily movements. And so mischaracterizing your body pushing out the weakness is not getting old it's your body trying to evolve and some people are starving which is why they are aging..

You see anyone can take a story and spin it relative to their intention and the medical and the holistic system spins stories relative to their intention.. Rockefeller medicine and the holistic world are also their population control mechanisms.

And they don't have to do anything to you that you haven't already agreed to and signed on the dotted line.

All War is different when you have to keep reinventing war. WAR MUST become more intelligent because every single war develops more intelligence. Until they breed out the ignorance..

So when you think about it no one is lying they are just omitting another truth.. Educated people know many truths.. They get to know diverse truths..

Uneducated people only know a few truths and some of those truths are the same truth said differently..

Education does not mean that you have a law degree or any kind of degree because you could be receiving one homogenized truth..

Educated people purposely take themselves out of their comfort zone and understand another truth another reality another argument.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy a star quality like the next person.. The only difference between me and some other people out there is they worship emotional attractions and I refuse to worship a person, place or thing... I can appreciate charisma and star quality without blurring the lines And allowing them to influence me in any kind of decision..

Stars and celebrities. Royalty, have been used to influence people out of existence for centuries even in Greek mythology..

Maybe it's time to understand the difference between worship a charismatic, Or admiring their talented abilities that were groomed within them at a very young age..

Once you understand that you could be just like them if you put in the time even as an adult.. Some people get an earlier exposure to being groomed for some kind of star quality..

You just have to stop listening to those who are trying to destroy you internally and externally.. Because when they advocate people die someday then it won't matter when they die, it could be sooner than later..

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