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The Pandemic and Climate Change Will End When All of the Suffering and Activism Ends..

you are in for a wild ride.

Main Takeaway: I would not want to leave the fate of the human race to anyone on facebook, esp my facebook or to any MOTHERS OUT THERE!!!!!!! Or even me for that matter. And especially not any licensed professional out there

All of you are active human experiments and you are part of a huge petri dish that will get annihilated if you don't learn how to survive your environment

Now you know why I walked away. Because I saw the writing on the wall 3 years ago when the climate change so aggressively called covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic will end when there's enough death and no more suffering

All of you with your good intentions would completely extinct and annihilate the human race. Because you don't have enough life experience or knowledge of the bigger picture to carry Humanity forward and your family will not carry Humanity forward

So no I'm not impressed with anything that you're putting out there. That's why I left Society. I'm not taking part in any more of the damn Wars and I won't be your human sacrifice

And I would rather prefer you hate me than love me so that way I don't get addicted to your validation or be negatively reinforced to tow the line based upon your perception. I want to live I don't want to die for you

What your witnessing today is what probably happened for thousands and thousands of years as civilizations Rose and fell

At some point we will witness the kangaroo court with Dr fauci but it'll be another Shakespearean episode of something potentially televised and then the vaccine injured have their Satan their demon to blame

and maybe Dr fauci was apprised that one day the tables were going to turn

But how could he know how the tables were going to turn?

I don't know what people knew when they knew it.

And so I think he actually thought he was doing something good because people don't want to feel pain and suffering

they don't want to get cancer and they're always trying to remedy away disease and so yeah he probably thought he was in the right and he was I guess for all intents and purposes.

Even though the whistleblowers in biotech were talking about Spike proteins and trying to say the system was covering things up. They had to have known if antibodies became out of control they would turn into a cancer. Isn't that basic knowledge around cancer and antibodies. They are one of the same thing and based upon their influence could be a categorized as disease infection sepsis or cancer

Well the vaccination campaigns was all about playing with Spike proteins that could potentially turn into cancer because it is a foreign entity that must fornicate with the cells in the body and develop antibodies

which are offspring.

It wasn't like the system was nefarious

it was already known that you were supposed to develop antibodies which is basically a type of cancer if it's allowed to get out of control based upon the person's immune system

What everyone didn't bank on was that climate change was going to accelerate the growth turning antibodies into turbo cancers

and yeah causing neurological diseases and conditions like autism and other issues and even died suddenly or sudden infant death. The vaccines just clued the system on the tolerance level of certain babies and families when it came to neonatal survivability

Dr fauci

What the good doctor didn't bank on was how aggressive climate change was going to cause immune system activation and aggressive replication to the point of Turbo cancers and aggressive diagnosable conditions and even sudden death. Most doctors didn't even Bank on that and that's why they were used as a tool

even the nurses

And when you have climate change deniers the only thing left to blame is the food air water and the vaccines and the system knew exactly what they were doing when they inserted the deniers of climate change. And it's not a surprise that a lot of Republicans don't believe that we are in climate change even though it is geoengineered it's still climate change

Did the good doctor know that particle acceleration and climate change was going to make the perception of vaccines become the complete opposite of what they were purported to be the last 50 years?

Just like Alex Jones. Did he know the system was going to throw the book at him regarding Sandy Hook. Did he know his followers were going to be that aggressive to the point of a federal investigation.

Did both gentlemen know that the tables were going to turn one day and the legal system was going to use them as an example as well as a tool?

Part of me wants to to believe they knew everything ahead of time but I think there's always a limit to how much conspiracy is out there and sometimes people are used as a tool. Just like the Boston bombing.

When did Crisis acting turn live?

That's why I don't volunteer for anything in the government and I paid my dues to society as far as the military and working for the man and woman..

Presidential candidates. Politicians

Does Trump know he's being used as a tool?

I don't think he would consider himself a tool for the system. He considers himself a savior of America just like all of his followers and there's a lot of money in playing savior to people who lost hope in themselves. So if he's not part of the power elite taking America down then he is under the impression he's doing good and right by the people of his political party.

So you must give him credit for that. As far as his treatment of women and his wives well he's no different than any red blooded American male who burns through women like a house on fire. I mean we have so many families breeding girls that are made to be somebody's plaything that you can't expect men not to take part when mothers put their girls out there for them to be used and abused by everybody who looks good on paper

We raised so many little Donald Trump's all over the world in America. I don't even hold that against him

So Alex Jones Donald Trump and Dr fauci all have great intentions and they all were pitted against each other on some level though I think Donald Trump and Alex Jones are more aligned than Dr fauci. But again these gentlemen were used as tools. Gentlemen will be the protectors and the Predators relative to how the system wants to use their gifts of Gab and innovation. And they will think they're doing good until the system finds a way to turn them into a demon

I thought I was doing right 7 years ago until I had to evolve

As far as Donald j Trump, we can't stop that's already set in motion

he's trapped

Unless he chooses to walk away. And I don't think he's going to do that. But if he does walk away he would have really thrown a wrench in the system.

What did people know and when did they know it and when did crisis acting turn live

and that's when you have to be very careful of volunteering for anything in the government or going up against the government. They are the masters of perception.

That's why I changed my tune very quickly and decided to understand where they were coming from and I experienced everything that they were developing campaigns against such as intolerance and understanding diversity and all of that stuff

Yeah you don't mess with the rulers of the world. You don't mess with them at all. The reason why the human race has not been extinct is because they knew what the f*** they were doing.

Or we wouldn't be here today

Yeah you are currency and the world will find a way to spend you out of existence. Until you figure out how to balance your own checkbook.

And when you are having children you are giving currency to the system so they can exploit your genes

The birth of a tumor cancer disease a person or a baby and then death

Your exposure to aggressive biodiversity during climate change speeds up all of these processes

Some people get Public Health therapies or personalized vaccines and other people have sex with people and other people go and have a bunch of parties with people and the warm air and the nonchalant behaviors about mixing microbes is what causes them aggressive variants to metastasize and turn to the next pandemic

And you will also see aggressive aging as people Harbor and metastasize the enemy within their immune system and then of course to keep going they have to take drugs to stop the body from releasing because it is painful

There are several types of antigens, categorized by where they come from. These include exogenous antigens, endogenous antigens, autoantigens and tumor antigens.

Everything starts from the outside in and then people invite the dance within into the world.

If you want to survive climate change you're going to have to figure out how to release from inside out and sometimes you have to release people in your world so you can manage releasing from the inside out

So I had to cut out situations from the outside in so I can save myself from the inside out.

And I don't put myself in positions to where I have to keep releasing from the inside out so aggressively..

That is literally taking into account everything and being accountable for the transactions of life

I learned how to balance my checkbook a long time ago

Symptoms are like balancing your checkbook of your immune system. I'm not writing checks my body cannot cash

1. Exogenous external

2. Endogenous internal

3 . Autoantigen self-replicating programming

4. Tumor antigen the newest disease or potentially the newest prototype of a person

Protection was always predatory

The fallacy of protection. Oh my God

Because you truly cannot fight anyone else's battles

And so when you're selling people a fallacy of protection regardless of what it is you're trying to protect people from you're actually becoming the predator.

That's why people in the schoolyard need to learn how to defend themselves without destroying somebody else.

Because there's no such thing as protection really.

If you can't defend yourself in Body Mind and Spirit there's no amount of protection in the universe that will be so effective to keep you alive if anything the protections will destroy you and that's what's going on

People's protection and their drugs alcohol and therapies are destroying them as well as their own friends and family.

Again when you realize the fallacy of protection how could you possibly go and sell protection to people.

Yeah I understand wearing a helmet and a seatbelt. That gives you some protection but there is nothing 100%.

Because even the Trojan condoms break and birth control isn't always 100%. The more you have sex the more propensity you could potentially have a baby when all the conditions are right

You have to be strong enough not to make the wrong choices requiring so much protection. Cuz statistically you put yourself in a position needing all that protection

you won't survive..

Antibodies were always the predator.

And you had to release them not harbor them and cultivate them

Remember antibodies turn into cancer disease chronic illness and even children and spiritual possession

Antibodies also turned into large families and even small families

Now you see why Lt. Dan was SO pissed off at Forest Gump for saving him in Vietnam.

His legacy was supposed to end up dead, dying for his country, just like his ancestors...


So trade the Vietnam War for your politics your religion and your science and your activism and you're acting just like Lieutenant Dan dying to be free and die for everything you hold dear and believe in and that's exactly what the system wants you to do and you're doing exactly what they intended and you think you're winning. No you're dying you're dying for your country

we thank you for your service

developing a race of humans with 5 heads would require the five heads born in the womb/woman and then cultivated to survive assuming the organs can handle the 5 heads..

an adult would not be able to sustain a tumor/cancer ending up in 5 heads.. the potential for that type of spiritual possession in a fully formed adult would kill the host immediately..

Now watch people come up together and family friends and religions and watch the fight to the death between the humans and animals and their community

like a puppy and a child growing up together.. two separate entities sharing the same organs would have to come up together and "die" together and the fight of the strongest spirit would be a lifelong battle to the death.. which is why dogs do not outlive their humans if the human and dog grew up together since child/puppy..

the human cannibalized the animal at the microbial level..

just like family and high school classmates still hanging out and partying together, having kids together, screwing each other together and dying together..

a houseful of pets and family, it is a fight to the death..

when twins grow up together.. one twin is weaker..

When couples get together regardless of sexual orientation you will see who the strongest person is and you'll also see the microbial fight to the death. The system is watching you. That's why you be very careful who you get with

you better be strong enough to defend yourself against their immune system

And if you're not strong enough to defend yourself against other people's immune systems the system is watching who survives who in any given relationship.

Because your whole lifestyle is one huge petri dish. What you do in reaction to disease is very f****** predictable. And they're watching to see who will succumb to their Partners immune system as well as their lifestyle and community and Therapies

if you do not release and open up your immune system, the excessive growth of cancers which is just influential viruses keeping you alive, then potentially a person could grow and intelligent appendage like a third intelligent head that would be competing for resources..

three headed people had a relatively closed immune system and all the conditions were "right" to develop three heads that could survive for a certain amount of time..

my world.. i do not have to treat disease to be in fear of a spiritual possession called cancer or children...

Politics religion and science all worship the antibody that is programmed to go after whatever antigen it needs to get rid of

Mutually assured destruction implies that there will be a constant war until the system has the perfect Society. The family is where it all begins.

The group think and all the friends are where the same ideology extends beyond the family


Antibodies are protective proteins produced by your immune system. They attach to antigens (foreign substances) — such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and toxins — and remove them from your body.

What is an antigen in simple terms?

(AN-tih-jen) Any substance that causes the body to make an immune response against that substance. Antigens include toxins, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, or other substances that come from outside the body. Body tissues and cells, including cancer cells, also have antigens on them that can cause an immune response.

You can program antibiotics to develop certain programs antibodies to go after anything it wants to. Naturally when you're in the environment your body will produce antibodies to protect you from foreign particles but you have to release.

People employ biotech to insert and inject a therapy programming antibodies to go after your next evolution even your next of kin.

Yes all the samples you gave up during the covid-19 testing era the system purified and separated what they needed to to develop the public health therapy vaccines. The only way your immune system was going to get a dose of the (evil) virus was to employ the public antibodies purified from biotech into a therapy

Public Health therapies give you a dose of your community and cause an immunological response or a type of microbial fornication and then you're producing antibodies that have to release but people don't they remedy away their release process so they trap those beasts inside. The cancer vaccines are a more tailored version that will be specific to their genome and so their whole family will be under Fire Friendly Fire

People weaponize antibodies against themselves when they take medication to eradicate symptoms.

People vasoconstrict and vasodilate their blood vessels and then they disable their prostaglandins and pain receptors to tell them they need to allow the body to express.

They take creams they take lotions to push the antibodies back into the body. They take supplements to speed up the hormones they want to produce and deplete themselves. They also get operations to remove aspects and large portions of their immune system

They even starved their body from foods which are supposed to allow them to release and remove waste material from the body. So of course the enemy stays within the body . That's cultivating demons and then people become intolerant to diversity and change because the Demons inside their body don't want to leave. They have a nice little life that you've given them as a g/host.

Kind of like they guest who doesn't want to leave your house until you kick that f****** guest out

The only times they allow their body to remove waste is through the pee and poo and maybe sweat through exercise. As you can see people over exercise and they tax their vital organs to the point of breakage because of resistance through their practices in the medical holistic industry..

which is why you're seeing athletes die on the field or after they have retired from their occupation of a professional athlete

But peeing and pooing is not enough. People get diarrhea and they take Imodium to trap the poop inside their body and then they don't eat enough of the foods to replace the nutrients lost during that release process.

And so they are sleeping literally and living with the enemy inside their body

And when they have an autoimmune disorder they're literally reproducing the enemy inside their body to attack themself and that's why people are a mess because they don't know how to release and there's not enough substance to try to replace the energy fast enough for the release process

Especially when you hold on to so many antigen antibody which is another logical fallacy of protection.

You can only protect yourself if you allow your immune system to work properly without starving it or using remedies and surgeries and disfiguring yourself so you can fit in and look like some sexually desirable creature

So yeah Americans are probably 30 times bigger than they were 50 to 100 years ago because they were part of a vast immunological and reproductive experimentation and you can't fault them for it and you can't blame them and you can't tell them they shouldn't eat food.

And Americans are also extremely skinny and starving because they can't handle immune system activation and so they are given the gift of aggressive sexuality being skinny so they can leave this earth as happy as they need to be until it's the end of the road. But through aggressive emaciation they will have enough energy to be happy until the supernova. That's also a defense mechanism is aggressive energy to give them that last little push to achieve whatever superficial goal Society has told them to achieve until they can't

And it's really not their fault because they were conditioned to behave and embrace a belief and it has given them some kind of manageable stability until it becomes out of control.

Maybe they should stop taking your stupid remedies and surgeries maybe you should stop telling them they shouldn't feel pain and suffering. And maybe and maybe we need to stop reproducing so many children that will suffer because of the lack of Education in our society. Not just lack of education but lack of introducing another argument that is just as credible as the ones they grew up with.

Lack of Tolerance!!

Children and animals will suffer the most from the ignorance in our society because it is perpetrated by their caregivers and parents and they don't have a voice. They're not allowed to have a voice. Unless it's following what the caregiver and their parents expect them to do..

And so if children survive their family their Community their friends the schoolyard and even the government they might have a fighting chance especially during climate change..

but they are up against a whole lot especially the eder family members under cancer vaccines and other therapies attacking their own immune system and by proxy attacking everyone's immune system within that family .

Mutually assured destruction happens when people don't understand the war and so instead of walking away, they fight to the death and they surround themselves with people they will not win a microbial war with.

That's why I don't hang out with too many people because I know a lot of people have a lot more influential microbes that I will eventually have to spit out poop out cough and sneeze out and even experience hives and I can only handle really my husband and a few people out there through conversation and shopping for food.

I don't voluntarily enter into Wars I know I will not be able to win in Body Mind and Spirit.

And so when you have a bunch of people who are evenly matched as far as strength and immune system then you will watch them fight to the death through the cures Market because inevitably they will have to be on some kind of therapy to be social and extend their partying until they can't anymore

Which is why Christmas and Easter are the times when diseases resurrect. That's called cold and flu season or spring allergy season

The birthday of Jesus and then of course celebrating his resurrection. Oh my gosh. I can't make this up

Polio never left it was just put to sleep and then resurrected when the climate changed

Developing EXCESSIVE antibodies was never your friend. Releasing them without destroying yourself was always the answer if you could handle pain suffering and not investing in Children and Family to the point of Destruction

The only reason why you developed antibodies was because you were around diverse biodiversity and so you had to have some sort of immune system working for you but you were never supposed to Harbor children and family and friends and antibodies in your body because eventually they will work against you and they are and they will and they are doing that. Families are working against their own family and friends

By the way when the system said they eradicated polio yeah the people who had Polio died and then the virus shapeshifted into something different

When you eradicate a disease you eradicate people who hold a specific genome causing influential disease in themselves and the people around them

So the marketing that the therapies eradicated all the childhood illnesses and everything else yeah the kids who had those diseases died or they developed another disease that wasn't as influential but still just as deadly later on.

So death is the ultimate cure and it eradicates pandemics

Sudden infant death was the eradication of childhood diseases

How did they eradicate polio? Implementing aggressive hygiene standards and of course an aggressive Public Health Therapy campaign. Causing aggressive immune system replication and aggressive antibodies.. and so the person would die or they wouldn't be born or they would get another type of disease you couldn't pinpoint was connected to the therapies.

Two types of vaccines are used to help prevent global polio: oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) and inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), which is given as an injection. OPV is the vaccine used globally to eradicate polio, which can spread in areas with poor access to clean water, handwashing, and good sanitation.May 16, 2024

Controlling antibodies is the Silver Bullet of the system and then controlling climate change to cause aggressive immune system activation and replication.

And then the cures market commandeered your immune system and even constricted your blood vessels and your immune system from releasing the deadly antibodies. That's why you have so much diversity in the population and why Americans are a bit bigger than they were 50 years ago.. and why women and men starve themselves because they can only go from one extreme to the other

Why are childhood diseases that were eradicated so many years ago coming back?

Because the system woke up their immune system and caused those microbes to become influential and fornicate with other microbes and then now you have that disease plus the person carrying that disease holding on to that infection causing polio in the fffspring or themselves and then they're coughing all over their friends and family passing on that disease until that disease resurrects and that was the whole point of the Jesus resurrection.

Old diseases resurrecting themselves later on..

Which is why Christmas and Easter are the times when diseases resurrect.

That's called cold and flu season and spring allergy season. Diseases never really leave they just are not as influential until the system makes him/them influential.

Eradication is very misleading because there is percentages of eradication and you're just eradicating the influence not the actual disease.

Which is why HIV is not as influential as the AIDS virus

different levels of influence

Yeah f****** crazy. Again don't blame me

I just figured it out

I'm not here to be the target of any hate because I was born into the same system you were born into and I was supposed to die for America

Prevention and protection especially in biotech was another logical fallacy that people got lost in and under a false sense of security to justify them doing exactly what they intended to do and never change the way they do stuff

So the whole point of the vaccination campaign was to see who could survive their community before their Community came in/to them


Basically vaccinations are payload of everyone you've been ever exposed to or anyone you haven't been exposed to

right in your arm straight to your immune system. Basically getting penetrated by everyone at once.

Almost like a public orgy.. as if you went to a brothel or hung out in a concert during particle acceleration

And even those who were against the vaccinations still got together with their friends and family and had lots of sex with lots of people and developed babies and still developed diseases and remedied them away with all their herbs and extracts and supplements and drugs and alcohol and operations and so there was no prevention of any kind of harm because they bring harm to themselves

The irony is people bring harm to themselves and expect protection and prevention

And of course there is a slush fund that if you can prove correlation equals causation then yeah you'd win money but there's no guarantee you'll be able to enjoy the money if climate change is accelerating

Winning any kind of money in a lawsuit just keeps people from taking things further and it is closure and sometimes people love feeling vindicated and the value of vindication is based upon the winnings if they can get the system to give them some kind of winnings.

But you see in this environment, if the vaccinated takes biotech to court they might win some money if they can prove correlation equals causation because there's always the inserts and the back of the bottle to tell you all the different side effects and things you could potentially experience and die from. And even on top of potentially winning money if you can prove correlation equals causation turbo cancers will take out plaintiffs and the defendants and so who's left holding a bag and the bag of money it's your bloody government laugh out loud

But if your doctor recommends something that you can prove was negligence then yeah his malpractice insurance could kick in but you'd have to really prove that he did not make a sound judgment as far as your preventative measures. If anything in this environment you can't prevent s***.

There's no such thing as preventative measures when you live in a world full of people and diversity and entrenched lifestyles of people who intend to get together with people sexually socially and even familially.

People are not going to stop getting together so there is no such thing as prevention. And you can't prevent the outside from getting into your house because you still have to breathe the air and get food and water and pay your damn bills and potentially go to work and go shopping for food

So why did they make it a vaccine mandate at some point early on in the pandemic. Because they wanted to see who could handle the aggressive climate change plus a dose of their community and see what the death rate and infection rate would be so they can figure out the future when the climate turned the heat up what they'll have to deal with because people are not going to change.

And they fully expected all of you to resist them and so they warned you and when you resisted them you gave them the data they were looking for to destroy yourself at your own hand

And so it was not only data management but it was Data Gathering and statistically projecting what kind of death rate will happen the next however many years we are in this climate change until 2030 and even beyond

Unless you try to do a class action lawsuit against any Hospital company or any company which mandated the vaccines.

By the time any money gets awarded most people who've taken the vaccines and have an immunocompromised body anyways probably won't survive enjoying the few thousand dollars they could potentially get if they even get that.

You know how much people get when they go and take part in a class action lawsuit against Google because of data breaches or Walmart maybe you get 10 or 20 bucks if they do develop a class action lawsuit, which is cheaper than taking a personal lawsuit and then going through that process if you even have the funds to and if there's any lawyer who is willing to do it pro bono or contingency

Suing independently allows you to maintain control over your case and potentially secure a higher payout. However, if many people have been affected by the same issue, a class action lawsuit may be more appropriate. Class actions offer strength in numbers and can be more cost-effective.

Cost effective for who?

The ones you're suing against. But you can't sue the government because it's an at-will organization and they have requirements especially the covid-19 vaccination.

As far as private institutions and those who were fired because they didn't get the jab well this will be interesting to see how people will bankrupt companies and cities just so they can get vindication

The takedown of America will be based upon the greed and vindication and it doesn't matter people are going to die anyways and climate change isn't going away.. but you'll see people will spend everything they have to get Vindication and a sum of money to prove to everyone how right they were

And so what do I do I just stay home and stay safe because that's probably the safest bet to lessen the aggressive microbes and people but I'm not fooled into thinking I can prevent the world from coming to me because I still have to go and insert myself into a grocery stores and buy food and sometimes get a little bit social interaction to build up my immunity and my husband is a great vaccination. He's a strong man and respectable and I cherish him

givers and receivers are now competing on a level playing field..

if you are a giver or receiver in relationships, your DNA and lifestyle will determine if you survive your orientation of giving and receiving immunologically, sexually, even family/pets.

Occupationally, greedy people will die for the cash and standing in their industry.. they will give so much the people around them will take and take and take until all parties cannot afford to give and take and all parties both annihilate one another..

the system banks on you keeping people hooked into their addictions and social standings.

And when people keep you enslaved through their compliments and recognition yeah you're a slave and you are addicted to validation and people are dying for freedom that's called the morgue

rest in peace

That's why you want to be hated. And then be left alone so you're not stuck on the addiction of validation.

And then you have one person you can rely on until you have to rely on yourself

One day that will happen where you will only be responsible for yourself and that's assimilating to life. But you don't want freedom because that's called rest in peace.

People are dying for freedom..

Which is why the poles have flipped and those that walk away are not only saving themselves but potentially stopped enslaving people through financial and social obligation and expectation.

What's crazy is friends and family are going to become the worst enemies to each other at the micro level and even at the habitual level.

All of them are yoked to each other through obligation and social constructs and then they will destroy each other

Now put that into your pipe and smoke it..

Everything has flipped. The poles have literally flipped..

i told you, ANTI BODIES WERE anti your body, your mind and your spirit..

protection from others and a therapy does not exist..

If you put yourself in situations requiring so much protection, you will die from the lifestyle and even the protection

Just ask those who are in jail allegedly protecting society from them

people don't survive protective custody regardless of who it is they're protecting

That's why you stay away from the court system and you don't become a criminal because you will not survive the predators in jail..

people can barely survive their own family and friends much less a jail full of criminals and guards who have to be the protection

but they can't stop everything obviously

That's why there is jail reform because the guards are even being destroyed by the predators in society and people's need to be Big Man on Campus

And so I appreciate the police force and the Corrections Officers because they're putting themselves In Harm's Way and in danger every single f****** day. That's why I learned how to protect myself because you can't trust anyone to protect you.

If you have to commission protection you're screwed

That's why those in the medical holistic energy healing world of family and friends are screwed literally and figuratively

That's why I walked away from society and I have no pets and I barely have any friends just acquaintances that I am polite to and also cherish.

And that's why I don't break the law. And that's why I don't mix in with diverse company who potentially could be breaking the law. I know who it is I surround myself with.

That's why I cultivate intellectual capacity because that is a solitary Venture that doesn't require addiction or friends and family and greed

That's why I cultivate just one life partner. Because that's all I can handle in this f***** up world

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