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The Phlegmatic People Might Actually Rule the World Now and in the Future

The Phlegmatic People Might Actually Rule the World Now and in the World.

I did a self analyzation on this video.. I don't need validation.. I don't need you to validate yourself through me. I don't want the faucet of love and hate turned on here.. I don't live from oxytocin .. When I say, just chill out on the back-and-forth, please just stop..

And i'm focusing on coming from pain and suffering.. I'm focusing on the freedom to be in pain and suffer to live and eat food..

The j world is about embracing the pain and suffering and sometimes it'll be more than eighty paid six days..

You're not allowed to be sick working for the government or any institution.. You won't be paid for it and eventually you might get fired or have to get it treated .

This video was a test for myself.. To analyze why some people trigger annoyances..

I can feel the oxytocin..

I resist anyone forcing oxytocin to come out of me.

And when you are in resistance that's war and annihilation , I have to leave..

So I block and delete.

Just so you know I don't have the oxytocin coming out of me like a faucet.. I have no animals. I have no children.. And I don't engage in so much aggressive sexuality so much of the time..

I'm not addicted to love and light.. And I don't clasp my hands together and play the energy healing love world..

And I don't work for the government.. I work for my husband who gives me the freedom to be as sick as i need to be and eat when I need to..

I have no constraints on my purpose.. When you work for the government or even an institution you're not allowed to be sick.. You can only be sick for so long.. Until they force you to get treated.. Or you treat yourself or starve your sickness.

So please don't assume i will validate your life style because you think you're doing everything that i'm doing.. I just speak on my page.. I don't go on anyone's pages and force myself on anyone.. I don't kiss people's asses either.. Occasionally, I'll be nice and kind for a minute ... And release those demons of kindness..

And then I go back.

To reality.

When you have no kids. No animals. And no job.. You'll see what i'm talking about.. You'll see you'll have to get sick and be sick to potentially surpass the hay flick limit.. And you can't let anyone put a time frame on your sickness..

Every job will put a time frame on sickness even your friends and family.. Your friends and family and children will not allow you to be sick.. And they will say food is poison.. Your friends and fanily will try to with hold food from you..

No , you haven't realized where i'm coming from..

That's why I don't go back and forth with people.. Don't look to me for validation...

YOU Probably should watch this video..

I would recommend you watch a lot of my videos.. It's coming closer to.. And i'm telling you the pain and suffering is CRAZY.. And it is a conditioning process..

I woke up this morning with my nose like a faucet. And I have to take breaks in between making breakfast to blow my nose blow my nose blow my nose blow my nose. I was also EXTREMELY ENERGETIC!!

And then it leveraged everything in my lower immune system and boy did both my husband and I have to release demons.

And so I had to work it out through my upper immune system. His body was strong enough to release the demons he needed to.

I think that's associated with the Rh factor of plus and minus.

Other than that things are great I'm just relaxing after doing so much this morning.

Weather change is pretty insane..

50 degrees yesterday and then today 20..

Climate change will kick people's asses and it is..

And once all of the facade is melted away people will see what I've been seeing for years

saving oneself=being sick without time limits and without remedies supported with all food pain and balanced release.

most people do not have unlimited time to be sick, like my world.

i detect aspects of the four humors within people and even more so to those who are NOT phlegmatic..

when those faucets of colors other than white get turned on excessively, I turn off the faucets by first voicing my boundaries and then applying them, as well.

Many people trigger that faucet in me that I must walk away from.. which is why you see me get triggered on Facebook Live when those faucets are forced to be turned on via the back and forth on the live or in pm or on posts..

which is also why I limit social interaction and I do not spend any more time than I need to triggering those excessive emotions.

sanguine: toxic positives (love love love)

melancholic: depression (sad all the time)

choleric: angry (activism)

phlegmatic: neutral (me) i stay away from toxic positive and turn off the faucet when it gets turned "on".. i am not sad and I stay away from sad people and i stay away from angry activists.

longevity and physical immortality might actually stem from phlegmatic personalities.

the richest man has the unlimited time to be sick and release and regain their life back..

the richest man has no food intolerances.. rich men can adapt to climate change, even if they do not believe climate change exists..

the richest man does not have the big houses and cars and social capital/family..

the richest man has eliminated all competition in their body, mind and spirit.. the richest man has no pets...

poor men acquire baubles, gadgets, friends, family and animals developing into distractions, microbial competition and the need for treatments..

rich men nowadays, eliminate all competition.. they are not a cancer on this earth and they leave room for nature..

every time I am sick, I am eliminating the competition out of my body, mind and spirit and I do not entertain excessive sanguine, melancholics or choleric spirits...

then I realized how important it is to stay home, stay safe, eat all food and release the competition out of my body and sickness should never ever have a time limit..

cash is not king..

food and tolerance to climate change is king..

this last week I could not live on cash releasing the competition I acquired last weekend..

i needed the meat, milk, cheese, eggs, cabbage, salt, water fruits and rest and unlimited time to be sick, sleep and eat..

you can't eat cash.

slaves are intolerant to food air and water and they are sanguine, melancholic and choleric and they are not allowed to be sick, ever.. and if they are sicker longer than their master wants, they are forced to get treated..

slaves need their village to survive..

rich men stay away from the slave mentality ...

I am a rich man/woman.. i can eliminate the competition without picking up a remedy, petition, surgery or gun..

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