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The Physics Behind Biological Work and Economical Work and Climate Change Working People to Death

Biological and physical work develops entropy.

You must physically feed your body all food. Especially Appalachian food.. To pay your body for that work, so they can go and replace the energy that was used..

You must stay away from spicy food.. Because that's too much energy conversion for people who are very skinny... Who are immunocompromised.

Everyone out there needs the substantial Appalachian food.. If you can't handle the food regardless.. You need a doctor to help you feed yourself. And get on the lifeline not the death line..

Why do I want refeeding clinics.. Because doctors have to account for that if they believe in evolution.. They must change the way they do medicine.. Which means make it the last thing you recommend to anyone..

And if someone comes to you and says, help me get back on to the food supply, and don't let me die.. And they are prepared to feel the internal pain and the psychological pain.. And they know what they're in for.. And you have a whole program set up for them.. And a support service.. You will never deny someone asking for their life back..

Stand in the shoes.. Evolution and maturity, You are standing in the shoes of your body, your mind, your spirit, and everyone else, and even your children and animals..

Which is why surgeries will never be something you recommend to anyone.. Even your animal..

The work done on a system by a constant force is the product of the component of the force in the direction of motion times the distance through which the force acts. For one-way motion in one dimension, this is expressed in equation form as: w=Fd cos0

where is work, is the magnitude of the force on the system, is the magnitude of the displacement of the system, and is the angle between the force vector and the displacement vector,the%20joule%20(J)%2C%20where If you cannot stand in the shoes of your children and pets and you turn a blind eye to how destructive oncology, surgeries and antibiotics, this is why we are in a great reset...

if you are in pain leaving the medical/holistic system..

imagine the pain your pet is in leaving the vet system..

once you stand in the shoes of other sentient beings.. you will understand humans are far from being fully civilized..

which is why we are in a great reset..

Testimony.. She is in the jay world.. And she's understanding the premise.. No it's not the j juice that took away her asthma.. It's the fact she's eating food and releasing demons.. There is no panacea.. You have to sit with all the fucked up feelings until you get to be relatively acclimated to your environment.. Without turning to remedies..

I haven't had to used my inhaler for years.. Since what little Jj I was able to take.. At the first sign of breathing problems I do not exert myself at all, I just lay down and rest for 1/2-1 hr and the constriction's gone.. attacks are less and less all the time too.. and I'm eating All foods.. even dairy which used to bother me.. I took very small amounts of dairy daily then slowly increased the amount.. I have not problems with dairy now and no attacks

Climate Change Deniers

The irony is.. The system is telling you we are in climate change.. They've been telling us for years the climate is going to change..

Climate activists are pointing up to the skies.. Yelling about man made storms.. Climate change..

And climate activist deny climate change.. They say it's fake news..

You can't make this shit up..

That's why we're in a great reset

It's mind boggling..

And these activists claim they know about..HAARP AND CERN

And this climate changing.. Is causing everyone's cancer.. You don't live in a vacuum..

Life will grow regardless.. People are resisting their bodies immune system..

That's why all that died suddenly.. But when people are looking for A scape goat.. They will never ever take personal responsibility..

And they will deny climate change.. And deny they ever had any responsibility in their own health and wellness. And releasing their own demons..

And they've been around my world FOR 7 years. And they still listen to mainstream media..

That's how fucked up it is out there.. These activists Don't even know what the hell are we rebelling against..

When it's all said and done.. Activists are still part of the mainstream..

It's come full circle..

And i'm still the fucking minority and i'm happy about that..

The j juice weeded out all of the trendy people..

Now we will see who's really pro life.. Not fake pro life..

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