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The Problem with Universe 25 and the Experiments done by John B Calhoun

Higher forms of intelligence.. Does not even enslave animals.. I don't care if it's a gentleman farm or a factory farm.. Or a hunter or gatherer.

When you can recreate the nutrition you need in a lab without Being cruel to animals.. And enslaving them, you will get Extremely higher form of intelligent society.. And society will not be built on predation.. And of course you won't have victims..

We're still kind of in cave man's status..

It will be a process but now you must understand the process..

By the way you can't get all your nutrition from your organic garden.. You need the meat. You need the milk.. You need the cream.. You need the fat..

Really spicy food develops more demons..

Religion = you only have one life, and that is it..


that is brainwashing.. exotic food = nutritionally deficient

trendy death process the tardigrades and hydra are a marriage of life.. and biodiversity

You are 69 trillion hydra/tardigrade marriages and attacking them with oncology tinctures starvation and herbs is the destruction of YOU.

You have been poorly misinformed about what YOU are comprised of.. you were fed stories and fear to depopulation you at your own hand as you sign on the dotted line against your life. Modern day human sacrifice.. Programming people a specific way.. Punishing them for acting out their programming..

Even deadly punishments when they can't control their demons that were given to them at birth or even in utero.. Or even during state sanctioned human sacrificing..

You must understand the games that are being played.. You must beat the game in a legal way..

The system desires to have deadly entertainment for the masses who are blood thirsty.. to satisfy the blood lust they must program people in a specific way.. And then you must understand the game.. And if you can't get your demons under control.

You will be the subject of the game.

Be careful out there.. They turned up the heat.. And the game is on. What if there are real life actors.. Pretending to have a meltdown.. To plant seeds of aliens and shapeshifters..

The whole world is a stage now..

It's not hard to have coordinated outbursts.. You don't know who people are..

Remember.. You don't know what people see or do not see.. Even what you see you have no idea what you saw.. So unless you are in danger..

Control your reactions and emotions..

Have discernment.. The issue with #Universe25 why it ended up in extinction, They kept reproducing so many bodies in deficit. Even though predation was bred out of the population.. sexually reproducing continuously weakens the genetic line. And just by the very nature of deficit makes you a predator trying to become whole again..

This is why they are trying to control reproduction wisely.. Reproducing deficient people turns them into predatory people when all the conditions are right..

Utopia without extinction.. When you get all your needs met.. And you can handle evolution and adaptation when the seasons change. You're not constantly causing trauma to your body.. Developing deficits.. That's a utopian society.. Without extinction..

With no danger of predators.. That's a peaceful functioning society.. You can still have fun. Create develop learn. But you won't have to be in fear walking down the street Women and men don't turn into predators and prey.. However children.. Would be the danger.. Because they are in deficit..

In a traumatized society... Using surgical medical holistic protocols on bodies in deficit.. You get a society at war with itself and suffering astronomically.. You get a society at each other's throats..

Children would be the wild card in any peaceful society.. Wild cards don't have to be dangerous.. But you don't know what people are facing in utero and while they grow up. You don't know what will trigger. Parents can be an indicator but not all the time.

Now I get it.. I understand the movies.. I understand the georgia guidestones.. I understand everything.

Once you understand.. You can't go back.. And you know many are gonna suffer trying to resist what's going on..

But you see.. Somebody has to do something.. Or else there will be all out human extinction.

And you see the government has to understand both sides predator and prey.. And there is a fine line between understanding predators and their victims and then becoming a predator and a victim.. Which is why when you resist you turn into the very thing you're resisting.. Watch your friends and family resist death.. they end up passing away.. They don't want to understand death.. To save themselves.. All they were taught was to resist and cause more trauma to their body.

This is why law enforcement has a challenge because they have to understand the mentality of the population.. Which is why you get rogue officials occasionally..

Even to protect yourself one must understand the mentality of who you're protecting yourself from. But you don't want to turn into them.. Which is why I do not socialize much..

I know how powerful and influential I can be.. And in this environment.. causing so much destructive change in people. The energy will encourage your intentions.. I'm not trying to be a savior to anyone. I'm not trying to save anyone to death. If i'm around people I think are destroying themselves I will try to save them.. That's me

so that's why I don't socialize much.. When you care so much.. You then have to not care anymore.. Because you have no control over the situation. It's a fucked up situation to be in, in this society.. a society bred on self destruction..

Which is why we need to do a great reset.. And it's happening.. You don't have to be the one to be recycled. But now it's your choice..

You have most of the information to make an educated decision..

But I will tell you this.. The hospital system and the remedy holistic alchemy system develops predators in our society because of all the trauma.... Because once you get used to one trauma... Then you will induce more trauma without blinking an eye.. then it becomes a runaway train..

Which is why we must have lab created meat.. Not plant based me.. lab created meat..

Eventually war must end..

Eventually sexual reproduction will be controlled.

This will be interesting to watch..

Humans you're not an animal.. But you have been treated as such.. You have the capability to have far more intelligence than the animal kingdom . But once you become an animal to somebody else under their enslavement.. You will breed to enslave animals..

It is a vicious cycle most people cannot get out of.. Because the hormones.. The hormones of love.. The destructive hormones of love keep that cycle in place..


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