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The Satanists of Our Society

Satanists will purposefully euthanize something and say, "Look, everything is supposed to die someday"...

First they medicate, use remedies on themselves/other people, starve life and then destroy their own life/kids/animal's lives and say, everything is supposed "die" someday...

hahahahah ok... yeah, when you intend to kill it with medicine, remedies and lack of diverse food..

Satanism does NOT discriminate: the death culture is in all politics, all religions and scientific dogmas..

the word "suffering" is their justification to destroy a perfectly good life because the life trying desperately to evolve is "inconveniencing" the observer.. even if the observer is 6k miles away..

Ahahahah so you can imagine those with so many friends/family and animals how much death and destruction is in their past/present/future.

People who use authority to scare others into using the medical/holistic system are exploiting others trying to achieve absolution for their misdeeds of practicing a disposable lifestyle within the medical/vet/holistic system of remedies/surgeries and therapies..

Misery loves company... and those are the satanists of our society.. but they do not know it because of how indoctrinated they have been in the remedies/medical/vet holistic system..

death is big business...

When you destroy your family at your own hand due to your belief system, you cannot blame H!tl#r anymore.. you did it your kids, family, friends and animals...

That is how the system evolved population control.. you did it to yourself and you employ minions to convert others into your religions...

EVERYONE means well.. but if you do not know the laws of life and death, you will be indoctrinated into all the stories...

I see you and I will provide yet another truth for you to consider...

and so I cannot even get mad at the professionals, unless they are marketing their services to others.. however, if you do not market your services, then you are just providing a service to those who want to do themselves in systematically and they have made that choice to do that to themselves, personally.. and that is the proper way of euthanasia..

You are just providing a service, a death service, so it is deceptive advertising saying that your remedies and surgeries, regardless of industry are "saving" lives (exception: triage accidents), because you cannot see the future enough to say you are saving someone else's life.

Even the holistic industry must change the way they do things.. but death merchants are all over the world and the system will not do anything to stop them due to the depop agenda..

so, I know when I am outnumbered.. and that is ok.. that was the intent of the Georgia guidestones..

at your own hand.. guiding reproduction carefully means also your friends and family will have a hand in your short life because of how much money is in the death industry..

Good luck.

btw: oncology NEVER saved anyone who was already going to survive their diagnosis to begin with.. The death merchants influenced you and your deterioration will be blamed on the "cancer" not the cures in the medical/holistic world.

Oncology and the holistic world destroys animals and humans.. But now that you know.. you have no one to blame but yourself..

So I get emailed by satanists almost every other day And it's the same person under so many different profiles.. She definitely wants me to say her name so she can get fame and fortune but I'm not saying her name.. She can get her own likes and views and following through her own hard work not through me..

Just so you understand we are developing and have been sustaining a satanic society of disposable people children and animals because they cannot handle hardship or change or evolution.. I don't care about your politics religion or scientific dogmas if you cannot handle change and you promote death to those around you.

I don't care what you do with yourself but when you start promoting a religion of death to other people which is the medical holistic veterinary system, you are practicing satanism.

Because you're trying to convert people into a religion instead of just taking care of yourself..

I don't care what people do to themselves I really don't but when you start converting other people into destroying themselves medically professionally and even personally using natural remedies, then you are practicing a Satanic religion.. and

All religion serve to convert people by using fear/authority and then try to scare you into belonging to their cult even it means that they lie about you..

And so when you think about it the medical holistic and the veterinary system is a cult a powerful religion of death and that is part of the depopulation agenda, And that is who I am responding to are those who serve to convert people into death by using a nurse a doctor or or even a veterinarian..

I don't care if that's your job because the satanists will use your services therefore you do serve a purpose but those that convert people into the medical holistic veterinary system are the ones that are the satanists..

When you scare people into the medical holistic veterinary system that's what a cult does a very extreme cult that you see on Netflix.. And when you use authority to scare people into destroying themselves and their animals that shows how desperate you are to destroy life..

When you scared people into taking a therapy such as an injection that's also very satanic..

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