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The Sex Demons Turn into Vampire Bloodline Families

Now I understand why the left wing politicians need to control reproduction.. You will understand it from a scientific point of view.. And then look at the jails and then look at everybody on Facebook suffering astronomically.. Blaming everybody and their mother..

Everybody all over the world has suffered from m k ultra trauma based programming.. Not only in their genetic line.. But from politics.. Religions all religions.. Spirituality all spirituality.. And science experiments.. Nobody is escaping the trauma based programming and now you must release those demons.. Kids won't survive.. And neither will some parents.. Because those demons are destroying them from the inside.. And the outside.. Just look at your facebook.. Look at all the suffering..

The medical holistic energy healing world's surgical system is a major Is culprit of trauma based programming. And selling children the need for family.. Another trauma based programming.. As you can see families can be very deadly. We are reenacting the Manson families.. Blind worship.. And shoving religion and politics and science experiments down your children's throats.. That's the ultimate suffering..

It is up to the mothers to protect their children from being leveraged by hypersexuality.. Because right now that's all being recorded.. Rapist and rape victims are the evidence that mothers never prepared their children for the world.. their own sex demons jaded their own ways of raising their children.

Single motherhood.. Alcohol drugs.. All are evidence of the suffering..

The j world.. Not just the j juice.. Is about purging all types of demons out of your body.. And if you choose to have a baby who could be like a demon, they won't have too far to come back from.. Right now, we have people developing children who have so many demons in their body, mind and spirit. And they don't understand why they're suffering so much... And the mother will never take personal responsibility and she will blame everybody of why her child is suffering from so many demons.. Or why her child ended up to be a serial killer..

That's the world you live in.. That's why the system wants to guide reproduction very carefully.. What are we producing for people to deal with out there in the world..

Producing women who ride on their looks.. Even if they go to college.. You're giving food for the vampires . Because college is not enough to override the mothers riding on sexuality.. How many girls that go to college don't survive their experience. Or then turn to something else. Like a boyfriend and family and maybe even be sexually trafficked.. Remember she still has your demons.. Your sons have your demons as well.

That's why it's so important to have kids become whole again and release those demons.. Because they do rear their ugly head at the most inopportune times.. If you don't understand where i'm coming from scientifically . You will believe all the stories all over internet. To give you absolution ...

As far as melanin.. It's all based on geography. And when you are allowed to evolve.. White people can become black . And black people can become white. If they are allowed to evolve in the geography they are in from another geography..

And yeah.. It's painful to adapt to your environment without dying and reproducing.. It's fucking painful.. And then you see the war.. The racial wars..

Don't let phenotypical characteristics turn you into an intolerant person.. You're supposed to evolve and you're not better than anyone else..

Black is not better than white and white is not better than black.. But you allow the system to divide you and conquer you.. Because you lack evolution and adaptation.. Disney has messed up a lot of women and families.. Selling the dream.. Selling the dream of prince charming and motherhood.. That's why there's so much cancer disease chronic illness auto immune disorders.. Disabilities.. Crime.. Punishment.. And bullies Along with art entertainment And innovation.. Click on link below to see thread Everyone in the thread says that friends and family are so important... She gave up her friend and family for money wealth and power.. Not everybody values having friends and family...

And so how do you reach someone who doesn't find close relationships important because of independence and maybe being burned.. As well as potential other issues around that?

In my opinion.. The real issue is...

All those entities she allowed in her body.. Condom or not.. The strangers She allowed in her space.. They will come back to haunt her..

That's a lot of demons she invited into her world.. I mean that allegorically.. I also mean that biophysically...

What I have found is when you have so many demons you become very lonely.. And then what do people do when they are lonely..

They are under the influence.. Because they can't look at themselves in the mirror for whatever reason.. It's not even about what she thinks she feels.. It's easy to cover up feelings and thoughts temporarily with drugs and alcohol..

She knows what society thinks.. Or she wouldn't have said this.. At some point she will be ashamed because of what society thinks.. Prostitution is very difficult to come back from.. Especially when you admit and you are proud of it.

At some point.. Everyone pays for these types of choices.. Those sex demons destroy people..

Sex demons are extremely strong... The last three years I purged out so many demons of the past.. I never was in prostitution, But I had my fair share of fun in my youth.. Like many people.

And yes sex demons do exist... They do turn into cancer and disease. Especially down there.. Look at the porn industry.. What many of them died from..

During the day she can enjoy her riches.. But at night she's fighting those battles..

Not everybody survives the night over time... That's a lot of spirits to release.. If it even happens at all..

Money is not the key to happiness.. It's a means to an end.. At the end of the day.. What society feels about you.. What you feel about yourself.. And your overall biophysical health.. That's the most important..

People say you shouldn't care what society thinks about you.. On some level I would agree.. Given my position in the world.. But I WILL EVENTUALLY prove to everyone I was right about everything..

Or I wouldn't be doing what i'm doing.. I would have disappeared a long time ago.. But I see the proof everyday.. And I see the proof of my thought process all over Facebook.

As far as prostitution..

It's VERY hard to prove to the world that it's okay to have so many men in your bed for money.. Hey they gotta make a living too.. But at what cost..

That's a lot of spirits to release.. Taking on other peoples trauma.. When people pay you to take their trauma, their frustration directly into your soul.... Adult videos is also like taking men's frustrations directly into your soul.. She did both..

I don't care how much she might be a free wheeling feminist.

It hurts at the end.. And people don't survive that kind of shame.. Spiritually Physically Intellectually

What kind of job in the future will be there.. If she decides to do something different..

Prostitution is a double edge sword.. Only fans is a double edge sword.. And it seems to be the go to for many women out there.. What does that tell you about society and the mothers out there... Granted motherhood is difficult.. But it's even more difficult when you have demons..

Our women are much more than that... It's too bad she doesn't know her worth as far as her brain.. Maybe she didn't have a role model.. Maybe she did..

But she exemplifies society so focused on the body.. That, to her was probably natural that she uses her body in that way...

Mothers.. What are we teaching our girls.. Look at Facebook.. That should tell you everything..

That's why many of these girls end up in porn.. Or prostitution..

I won't even say it looks fade because people use filters all the time.

It is those spiritual sex demons.. They are aggressive.. Especially at night..

Incubus succubus..

The night is the loneliest of all when people have so many demons.

When you don't release demons.. They turn into cancer and disease and age people out. And then those diseases become compounded with all the remedies..

The spirits have their last laugh..

Note: The only demons men have to deal with is cancer disease and chronic illness.. And potential stalker ex girlfriends.. some men thinks it's easy being a woman.. Some men think that they would be rich from sex if they were a woman.. Yeah right. Women are under so many different expectations.. If a man changes into a woman today.. He would not like the power dynamic .. He would be on the receiving end of so much violence. He wouldn't like it..

Women take on the world's problems in bed.. And if you don't release those demons.. Those problems of the world in bed become your child...all that trauma is wrapped up in that child.. And what will that child do to the world.. Ending up from so much trauma..

That's the Madonna whore syndrome.. That's also Hollywood.. Politics.. Religion.. All science dogmas..

That's the issue baby mama's have right now... Single mothers are fighting this.. They are fighting that pull to be the all loving mother and the sex bomb.. I'm sure it's exhausting.

Looking for prince charming with a baby.. And I know they meant well in the beginning..

No one really chooses to be a single mother in this world unless she has a lot of money..

So the mother is suffering.. I'm sure the kids are suffering. It's a no win situation when people don't release their trauma..

What's done is done for some people.. But your children might have a chance.. If they see what it's like to focus on family and then end up becoming a single mother or a single father. Both men and women and non binaries are a crap shoot when it comes to relationships..

My advice.. Become whole again.. Release those trauma demons even from your mother.. And then decide what to do for the rest of your life..

You have so many options.. Don't limit yourself by focusing on family.. Because there's so much suffering.. Unneeded suffering..

Focus on yourself. Get yourself strong.. Get some kind of education or certification.. Then look for prince charming.. You'll find out he doesn't exist.. It was a fantasy.. Turned nightmare..

Gen X might be the last greatest generation..

All the generations after us seemed to have other issues going on.. Repeating the boomer mistakes..

Nothing is across the board.. I do paint broad strokes.. But there is definitely many kernels of truth in this post..

Article blurb.. "She had a friend who was active on the X-rated website OnlyFans and she asked her if it was worth doing - the answer was yes and Ms Banks found a 'not always sexual' service that pays very well.

This is allegory.. Don't take anything literally this is all metaphorical..

Eden.. The place where the deadly vampires and benevolent vampire humans live together.. But the contract is.. Women breed children to give to the deadly vampires.. To keep the peace.. And produce a steady flow of food for the deadly vampires..

If you don't become whole.. And allow your children to become whole.. Your children become sacrificial lambs to the system..

The veil has lifted..

This is the other side you never heard of

There's many ways to look at immortality.. Virtual.. Physical.. And Spiritual.

I rather like the physical terrestrial immortality..

But that requires tolerance.. And evolution..

And that requires that you don't think you're better than anyone else.. You are equal to everyone else.. And everyone deserves all the information and a choice..

Because people who are equal to other people.. Have no issue sharing all information.. Giving people the choice..

If they don't have all the information.. They don't have a choice.. And then you think you're superior..

That doesn't fly.. In my world.. I noticed.. After eating I have to take a nap.. My heart beats faster.. And for the last couple weeks, it's been like this... Yes there are frequency shifts.. But eating also is a frequency shift within my immune system. Activating my immune system... That's why the high blood pressure or the heart beating faster.. This is why you must understand your body. And deal with the energy.. Because all of us... Came in with trauma.. And we must release those demons.. Some of us came in with less trauma.. Others more trauma... And some sustained trauma..

After the nap.. I wake up hot and sweaty and thirsty hungry

Eat rest

Next morning eat release demons

I'm sure it'll be like this until the growth on the back of my neck is gone..

This is how you release the demon in ya body.. Face pain eat release demons..nap

It's a fucking long process.. But it's worth it.. It takes time..

Your immune system is not magic.. It must use fuel like a car.. It also needs to rest.. Oil changes or releasing demons is it must.. Without taking away substance..

And you can't abuse your body.. Because it will rebel against you.. And it must be highly adaptable to all seasons.. All types of climate change.. It must be able to evolve.. Cancer= Your juvenile cells taking over you..

Release the demons and build up your parent cells

Allegorically.. parents maybe left to only save themselves because their children cannot survive.

It's a mad mad world... Everything in the movies told you what was going on. Hyponatremia.. not enough sodium, too much water..

This was around july fourth weekend the crazy energy shift..

Her body triggered extreme thirst..

And her system accelerated.. She was probably lacking water.. But her system did not know how to regulate her intake..

These frequencies are going to fuck people up..

They are fucking people up.. And I bet you she was low sodium.. Because everyone's afraid of fucking salt

The laws of motion.. What's in motion stays in motion.. What's at rest stays at rest..

Force equals matter times acceleration..

For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction..

She got an opposite reaction.. And she couldn't survive the laws of motion.. Her body was in too much deficit..

You can't ALWAYS blame IT on the vaccines people .

Climate change is kicking everyone's ass..

Ashley Summers, 35, died from water toxicity shortly after spending a leisurely day at Lake Freeman over the long fourth of July weekend. On the last day of her trip, she had felt lightheaded and had a headache, symptoms of dehydration, but no amount of water could satiate her thirst. She drank the equivalent of four 16oz (500ml) bottles.

The ultimate goal is to strike an equilibrium between water and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride, which ensures proper cell function. Sodium is particularly crucial for its ability to maintain communication between cells via electrical impulses. Sodium also aids in the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system and the kidneys, which adjusts the amount of water and electrolytes reabsorbed into the bloodstream or excreted through urine.

All the public body mind and spirit trauma based programming..

All the trauma.. Charles Manson was the barometer of the worst trauma done to a person radicalizing not only himself but followers.. He was the mainstream example..

And then we see what parents do to their children. Radicalizing them. Turning them into something like that. Or to a lesser degree..

That's why we're in a great reset ...

Too many traumatized people who refused to release their demons. Their personal demons.. And their kids are not old enough to understand yet.. And so we get to experience them while they are under their search for awareness...

Some don't search for that awareness.. And so they pass away in that programming that was forced on them.

We thank them for their service.

Rest in peace.

I knew this my whole life.. Something was wrong. Very wrong.. I couldn't put my finger on it.

I didn't have that generational trauma based programming forced on me..

That's what probably saved me.. My biological parents were probably pretty pure. And I had a relatively healthy body.. I was still starving.. But I didn't have too much invasive surgeries.. If at all..

And so I knew that programming here was very aggressive.

And antibiotic..

That's why I rebelled so much as a kid.. To save my own life.. unbiased=no politics, no religion/spirituality, no science dogmas, totally tolerant with boundaries.

having boundaries does NOT make you biased... it means you have personal self respect and freedom to be allowing others the freedom to be, so as long as the freedom to be follows the laws of the society.

Everyone will have their own personal self respect.. and it is NOT up to anyone to define what someone else should be..

You can be critical and "disagree", but still have tolerance..

But remember: What are you supporting? Indefinite physical life/metaphysical life or Indefinite physical death/metaphysical death..

It is pretty complicated trying to acknowledge all beliefs.. and I am trying..

What it comes down to in my world is: indefinite physical terrestrial life totally tolerant to everything..

I may come off "intolerant". But I am not really. Trying to develop yet another truth will conflict with current truths out there, but eventually, I will write ANOTHER book and explain everything more than what I have in my current book.

Then, I will watch the world burn and see who gives up and see who fights for their own life.. I will be tolerant..

but you all deserve another truth NO ONE in your world will ever give you because they fear your reactions..

I really don't care what you do.. But then on the other side.. I would miss seeing your face.

questioning motherhood aint gonna win me great reviews..

but hell.. someone must question EVERYTHING.. because most people never question anything..

If I make you mad.. sorry, but not sorry..

I am NOT putting my hands on you.

I am not taking away your phone or special treats and

I am NOT sending you to bed without dessert..

I am ONLY giving you a truth NO ONE in your world will EVER EVER give you, because they are desperate for you love and acceptance and would k!ll for you, if you asked them.. Manson..

Now you see the predicament the GOVT IS IN

Anti government people . Fail to see anything but their own point of view..

That's why we're in climate change.. I hope you fucking survive. I hope your kids survive.. I hope they survive your intolerances and predisposed issues.. I really hope you wake up mothers.. Grandmothers.. Because if you don't survive.. Your kids don't stand a chance.

And from the looks of it.. There will be very aggressive suffering in the future if not now..

Friends come and go.. Money comes and goes.. You could be forever.. Your kids depend on you.. Don't let them down.. That includes the kids in your body, your juvenile cells.. Not just your children.. Or grandchildren..

Grandmothers.. You have the power.. You have the power to save not only yourself but potentially your offspring.. And grandchildren..

It just takes one person.. To develop a domino effect in a family..

The matriarchs make or break their own family..

When the Matriarchs die in a family.. The rest of the family is not too far behind.. It's already been proven.. It's right in your face..

Watch people resist this information.. Watch people ignore me.. I told you so.. Now you see why the Matrix is all around you... It is an aggressive radicalized programming which has always been destructive, but was tolerated, until now.. the next Industrial Revolution..

So all those crunchy mommas and squares attacking the electrolytes and me.. shoving herbs and extracts and tinctures in your kids' food is NOT a good look.. starving your kid with all types of intolerances and major biases will weaponize them against society later...

realize that..

I was never the enemy..

but your lack of evolution will destroy your family..

That's why we're in nineteen eighty four. You will be producing very intolerant ADULTS in the future.. Because look at you today parents.

That's why we're in a surveillance society again..

And you can't even see it because of your politics. your VERY aggressive religions and your science dogmas..

That's why i'm saying save yourself.. You can't save anyone but yourself.. "A mother without trauma is like soap without water" The question is: How much trauma does that Mother sustain and should she be having children with that much trauma in her body, mind and spirit? Does her biases and intolerances indicate the kind of child she will release onto an unsuspecting society?

We will see. That is why the surveillance society..

What are ALL the Mothers unleashing into this world??

So yes.. it takes a person who has NO children to know how hard it is to raise BALANCED children.. Because we get to experience and suffer from adults who were once children.. and it is HELL right now..

In today's society, current Mothers are NOT objective..even in the J world..

Once the mother becomes objective.. She will realize how hard it is to raise a child..

And she will also realize it is probably too late to save her child..

She must save herself..

And then she disappears from all the Crunchy mommy mommy and me groups.. Because it's hell watching mothers destroy their own children.. Through all the fda approved drugs surgeries and herbs.

And she will suffer.. Oh yes she will suffer..

That was the old world.. If you can survive the old world and want to experience the new world.. You must face your own pain.. And face what you have also contributed to this world. The pain the suffering.. The ignorance.. The intolerances.. The biases.. The destruction..

Like a vampire getting his humanity back..

Can a mother get her humanity back..??

Will her child be able to survive a very aggressive world.. Who won't be as accomodating as she was.. Because once that mother dies.. That child is not far behind.. If they even survive..

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