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The Slavery of Women and Mothers

Main take away.. Mother's will make or break her children..

Women will make or break her world she lives in.. Women hold all the power.. And they've also been programmed..

The common theme going.. Women and mothers are destroying the world.. Unless they wake the fuck up.. Just look at the family.. The mother is suffering.. She's on her way out the door.. She's taking her kids with her.. Until somebody wakes up and breaks the habit. Like I said.. The matriarch will make a break the world.. The matriarch makes or breaks her family..

The patriarch is a figure head.. He really has no power.. It's the matriarch who has the power.

And right now she is fucking destructive. If the matriarch is your mother in law.. You're just a slave You are her slave.. She owns your kids .. And she owns you.. And she owns your husband or wife..

That's where you rank.. You're just the baby maker.

Princess diana was the baby maker... And she knew it..

So now you know the role of women.. They are slaves.. They are still slaves..

She has been given a chance to be set free. But watch who will stop her.. Her own family.

That was intentional.. The family will be the destruction of the women.. Remember women are loved and hated by their family.. And that means they are influential.

Men follow the women they respect the most.. Even if she is destroying him. Again that is a matter of perception.. The outcome is the intention..

Hurricane harold or tropical storm harold is on its way to the coast of texas in the gulf..

Frequencies are up.. I had hives today and my husband had back pain.. At the same time. And we both slept in the same bed.

The frequencies hit us both very differently.. Given our biochemistry.

The Current Roles of Alkaline Women and Girls today..

hot girl was bred into the population to destroy society.. And make men extremely weak.. And these hot girls are selling death to everyone.

Now look at your facebook.. Women are selling family.. Or they are selling you antibiotics..

Women become very depressed when they become extremely acidic . With no way of balancing their acids out wthout developing more demons in the medical holistic energy healing world

When their programming starts breaking down... They resist it by doing harm to themselves in the medical holistic surgical system.. Or they just let themselves go..

Either way it is self destruct.. look where their parents are ending up.

That's what women are teaching girls right now... Watch your facebook.

Observe women in their twenties.. They're all over youtube and instagram.. And then look at women in their fifties.. You can see them accepting the change. Or resisting it.. When they accept it, they allowed themselves to get so big.. When they resist it, they will do everything they can to look like someone in her 20s..

I'm neither accepting or resisting... I'm evolving to my conditions in my environment... Doesn't mean I accept the changes.. It just means I evolve.. And I won't do any more harm to myself. To look like something that is unrealistic.

What it comes down to.. It's about my brain.. And a well functioning body.. Not predominantly used for sex or anything else. Everything works on my body.. I'm married.. But even if I wasn't..

But i'm not using my body or my face to sell anything.. I show you all the evolutionary change is based upon the conditions of the Environment..

.The role of women have changed in my world.. Look in the mirror women.. Look in the mirror girls.. This could be your future.

What's a hot girl to do.. Mine as well get so much mileage out of it right.. And you know she is suffering.

So you see.. Success is only fun for a minute... But you will have to pay the price.. Especially when you use your looks to do it.. Especially when you use your body... Especially when you s*** on evolution And you let your friends and family drug you to keep you going..

So you have two choices hot girls.. If it isn't about academics and expanding your tolerance and education.. And i'm not talking about just getting a degree..

You can either end up like Britney Spears... Having several husbands.. Gyrating in front of facebook.. or you end up like anna nicole smith..


Or you end up with groupies... Selling sex drugs rock and roll and supplements And of course religion and spirituality.... Because you can't handle the breakdown process..

When will the women start evolving.. It's your time women.. Mothers will make or break her daughters.

It was always the mother....

Always. WOMEN today are groomed to sell:

1. sex 2. religion 3. antibiotics/supplements

men eat it up and girls bow down to those who have sexual power hoping they become the next Marilyn Monroe..

Now look at your facebook, Instagram, Youtube..

women are groomed to be the piece/eye candy and the sidekick to a man.. she has not been groomed to be independent.. she has been groomed to be a baby maker, a groupie and a consumer of antibiotics It is not feminist anymore.. They lost their power a long time ago when they used sex as a weapon.. To determine their own independence.. When men programmed them to be a feminist.. Hugh hefner..

It's fem bot.. Austin powers..

Now you see the programming..

Even the family the conservatives.. Is still programming women to be less than what they are capable of..

So how does a woman break free from those roles given to them by the men and the women in their society..

They must recognize they were programmed to be feminist and to be anti feminist..

Hugh hefner was laughing.. Because Gloria steinemm worked as a playboy bunny.. Oh the irony..

The arguments of why she was a playboy bunny was for pure research.. But she still advocated women be sexually free..

The issue with taking a side for or against feminism.. Is you're still advocating women to still submit.. Even if it's to their own gender or non binary.. Or to some strange man.. Or a bunch of them..

When you still promote sex.. It doesn't matter how you promote it... The programming of women and families.. Is all about the sex.. No matter how you spin it.. No matter how much you put god into it.. And put in righteousness.. It still all comes down to desires and sexuality.. And preferences.. And potentially even deviations..

That's what diversity actually means..

That's the diversity symbol.. I get it.. I don't love it or hate it.. I acknowledge it.. I understand why that symbol exists... There's so much intolerance all over the place...

But that's why these symbols exist. People will be people.. They will change if they want to change..

And when people are programmed for sex... It will come out in so many different ways.. No matter how much you wanna spin it..

..The architects wanted to nationbuild... And that requires the family.. And when nation-building is not necessary.. The family will destroy itself.

Watch your facebook.

Steinem wrote that the issue was at minimum "a diversion from the widespread problems of sexual inequality." She also wrote that, while she supported the right of individuals to identify as they choose, she believed some transsexuals "surgically mutilate their own bodies" in order to conform to a gender role that is ...

Steinem became a Bunny when she was 28 and held the job for three weeks. Her article about the realities of life in the Playboy realm were published in Show magazine in 1963. I Was a Playboy Bunny

Men and boys are more frequently diagnosed with autism than women and girls. It is debated whether this is due to a sex difference in rates of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or whether females are underdiagnosed. The prevalence ratio is often cited as about 4 males for every 1 female diagnosed.

The taming of women.. Then you have the anti stepford wife..

The term "Stepford wife" entered common use in the English language after the publication of Levin's book. It is generally used as a derogatory term for a submissive and docile wife who seems to conform blindly to the stereotype of an old-fashioned subservient role in relationship to her husband. The Stepford Wives - Wikipedia

She was wild... Had a sex tape.. And now she's a mother.. To be revered..

That was the feminist anti feminist dichotomy binary argument..

How many nineties and two thousand stars are mothers now.. After being a wild child..

That was the sex programming working against itself at some point. All types of acids make up your food supply.. All types of acids are balanced out based upon the biochemistry and the blueprint of your dna..

Because you are fatty acid.. You are amino acid.. You are prohormones.. And you are minerals..

Stop destroying yourself because you don't understand your biochemistry or physics or chemistry. And you refuse to learn.

If you have an allergy you are over abundant.. And you used food as medicine.. So you either weaponize food against you. Or you're not releasing.. The way you should.. Or you're doing both.. You're weaponizing food against you using food as medicine.. In the tinctures and supplements.. When acids from the food are matched with highly aggressive acids with an intention to stop the pain or release.. You have just developed a food allergy.. That's what these tinctures do and essential oils.. And people using capsacin as a remedy.. And they wonder why they have allergies to peppers and night shades..

And it's not enough to stay away from the holistic world.. It is not enough to stay away from herbalists..

Now you have to release the demons they developed in you because you did not know any better.. You're full of that acid that's working against you..

And you're also using supplements to stop your body from releasing. That's another no no if you want to take your life back, instead of giving your body mind and spirit and your bank account to some herbalist.. who will keep you hooked..literally..

It's not the food's fault.. The person is deficient. They don't understand their immune system.. And they keep disabling it with a medical holistic industry. And they can't ever seem to stop blaming anything..

Everything below is naturally occurring.. Organic whatever the fuck you want to call it.. Everything below belongs in your food supply.. If you have an issue with everything below.. You are the one that has the problem..

Starvation is not the answer.. But I guess if you want to grow old and die and become so deficient and decrepit.. I guess it's easier to blame something than to fix yourself.

When people blame things and not fix their own child. Not Giving them the foods to release the demons..

Their children are starving growing up deficient. And they fall apart just like their parents.

That's the depopulation agenda..

All pesticides are fda approved.. In the manner that it's been used in.. No you're not going to drink straight fucking pesticide.. As people have claimed is going on.. But the way its used is perfectly safe..

And supposedly you have an immune system right..

People claim they have an immune system..

But god damn they don't know how to use it.. Or they have disabled it.

So when you finally feel something.. You just turned on your immune system on..

Don't switch it off.. Like people do..

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