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The Strategy of the Energetic Med Bed Called Earth

The Strategy of the Energetic Med Bed Called Earth

Let's pretend a med bed has all the different acids and fats and minerals you need to repair every single damage in your body.. When you run out of fuel it must be replaced.. Because that med bed is releasing demons and taking on substance and rebuilding..

However.. If the person watching that situation is not refilling those fuel cells.. That energetic med bed would cause the person to cannibilize itself.. Because the energy would activate the microbes to actually eat itself alive..

You're in a type of allegorical med bed.. You're either going to feed yourself and feel the pain and suffering of release and retention..

Or you'll let those fuel cells be depleted and you will cannibalize yourself to death..

That's judgment day.. When you purposely starve yourself of information.. You won't survive.

All food.. Even processed food is information.

And you know how many people are starving out there.. The med bed of the environment is depleting their resources.. Since they can't feel pain and suffering. The microbes are cannibalizing them to death.. To the point that even the food is not doing anything for them except feeding the enemy..

Those are the turbo cancers. People not releasing the demons properly and effectively.. So they foster the opposing forces until they can't survive anymore hosting that demon.

And then every single time their immune system tries to activate they slam their immune system with drugs and prescription remedies. Until the body gives out..

That's why people become bigger and bigger and bigger... Or lose so much weight.. Or age aggressively.. But if they have money , they can deceive you with plastic surgery and creams..

They have not figured out the happy medium between retention and release..

Biological Judgment Day..

We are living those times.

Sometimes the best things come from the most darkest times..

Relative to what we know.. We are living in dark times.. WW2 Was another example of a dark time..

Do you know why there was so much evil in this world.. So you understood what was good..

Your had to have a juxtaposition.. You had to see the comparisons.. You had to see the worst in people so you can get the best out of other people..

When there is a death out there it motivates me to live.. To live sometimes you have to see death. You have to choose to live.

Knowledge mitigates fear.. Which is why it's so important to become knowledgeable and to read everything.. Without taking a side.. Because once you understand the intentions.. And you understand the back story.. And you realize you can't change people.. You will understand why things are what they are.. You will understand why wars happen.. You will understand why wars are different in every society.. Just like how you treat your children.. You don't treat them all the same.. Each one gets treated differently based upon the situation..

And people refuse to evolve.. And they keep creating more reasons to hate you or love you.. The system must do what it must do..And I will say authority has the best intention for you. Even if you can't even see it. They do the best they can to make sure you understand things in its proper context.. They give you every way out possible.. And they don't let you harm people because of your faith and religion.

I have been given so many chances to understand things.. And so I took advantage of those chances.. And I intended to take the devil's advocate.. And then realize not everything is within my control.. Sometimes you have to let everything play out.

All of us have been given chances to figure some shit out.. Now we are approaching what it is called judgment day.. And that's different for everybody.. That's why you can't afford to be ignorant in an extremely educated society..

Judgment day is when everything that you've done against your body mind and spirit will come to surface..

And it will be hell for many people..

It was hell for me the last three years . That's why kept talking about every time I got sick.. I was reaping what I sowed from using all the remedies, harboring diverse company within.. Attempting to disable my immune system with medicine and pills and supplements.. Trying to escape payment.. painment..

Judgment day is not just a theological theory.. It's also very appropriate in the sciences.. And of course biology and social constructs..

Judgment day caught up with me the last three years.. I literally had to pay for all the sins I committed against myself within the last three years.. Because I basically cured myself with the jj.. But I was so skinny and starving.. So when I finally ate that's when my immune system kicked in and I had to pay for everything i've done to myself.. You've been watching it the last three years.

Some people know how painful judment day will be because they've seen what people have gone through the last three years..

It's only going to get worse.

 This is the time to start understanding the other side of the story.. If you have the capacity to.

Now that you have access to information you have no reason to deny information presented to you.. The internet is at your finger tips..

Read everything.. Or read nothing.. But then can you afford to have an opinion..? I understand both sides so I dont vote.. Which means I can afford to have an opinion..

When you don't read everything.. What's the basis of your opinion. Because if you actually understood the other side of the story.. You might not have the opinion you have right now..

Ignorance is the basis of fear, intolerance and hate.

just fyi, I was baptized at the 7th day Adventist orphanage as a baby before arriving in America.. I am covered on all sides.. no "purgatory" for me.. (in case anyone was wondering)

In Catholic theology, Limbo was suggested to be a permanent place where the souls of the infants who died without baptism ended. Limbo is derived from the Latin word ‘Limbus,’ which means a boundary or the edge.


I know science has everything to do with religion especially the catholic church. Why do you think so many hospitals are run by the catholic faith..

America is run by a judeo christian society.. And both have excellent merits far as life and death and managing the death process during life.

One has evolution.. The other one has creation.. Both are interchangeable relative to what perspective you come from..

Both religions are necessary.. But I want to learn the religions based upon science..

 So that way , I understand both sides of the story..

Science is so important to understand... So that way you don't get lost in dogmatic principles of faith and religion.. You understand why certain things exist..

Knowledge mitigates fear..

Ignorance is the basis of fear..

I choose to feel the pain of whatever I have done to myself.. Others choose not to feel the pain because it's so great..

At least I get the choice.. No one is forcing me to take away my pain.. No one is forcing you to feel pain..

That's why the system works for everyone..

Which is why I don't get caught up in all the love love emotion.. Because that's used as a painkiller.. And I recognize that.. I don't subscribe to it. Eventually painkillers turn into deadly addictions..

The basis of all adddiction.. Running away from your own self inflicted pain..

People who are addicted to painkillers of love and Drugs and distractions.. And massive amounts of sex.. They are in so much pain..

That's why people who are all about love dont understand why some people stay away from the aggressive emotions..

Because that's a sign you're in so much pain.. Looking for another painkiller..

That science.. That's dopamine effects..

When you're in so much pain you can't see it.. Because you're under the influence of the dopamine effect.. People who are in so much pains constantly are under the dopamine effect. That's the only way they can survive..

When your sober , you can see it all over the place.. And then people call you crazy when you call it out.. They call you cold.. No I understand what's going on more than you'll ever know.. Because you'd have to feel pain to understand with clarity..

And when you run away from pain you won't have the clarity.. How can you. You're under the influence.

Now you know why everyone is under the influence of something.. I even have to straddle both worlds.. I am married..

Which is also why cannabis has been legalized in most places in america.. Which is also why they have pets..

Pets bring out the dopamine effect.. They are pure oxytocin.. Which is why the other side of love and cuteness is hate and ugly. People do breed animals to be hateful, too..

Which is also why people are taking supplements to feel so good.. Because they feel so bad..

People are suffering astronomically.. And they hide behind the dopamine effect..

Read everything.

You can't afford to be ignorant in the age of information.

People will always put a spin and their opinion on the information.. And then you can learn how to look at both sides of the problem. And then learn how to look at all sides of the problem. For every negative there's a positive. And intend to find the other argument to support the positive or negative in any situation..

And then choose for yourself.. And anyone else's perception is not right or wrong.

But if you don't read.. You are disabling every single choice you could possibly have..

And people do that purposely to themselves. They give themselves no choice. And then they claim victim.

If you choose not to read everything you can't afford to claim ignorance.

It's not even about what you're reading.. You are allowed to entertain every single story line presented to you..

Because every single story line is relevant to what's going on..

If you choose to close your ears to information.. You can't afford to claim victim..

You can't..

And no one needs to say I told you so.. Because it won't matter..

People choose ignorance in the age of all types of information..

Every piece of information is credible relative to the perspective.

It's so much.. I know.. But when someone tells you all food is poison.. And there are a hundred people telling you all food is poisoned.. Each with their own representation of what food is poison. And you choose to believe it..

You chose.

You chose starvation.. You choose ignorance.

When someone says you probably should stay home around the apocalypse and you decide to go out.. The eclipse..

You chose.. Despite all the warnings.. You chose.

In the age of information.. It seems people can afford to be ignorant..

Pain is knowledge. Symptoms are knowledge.. Food is knowledge.. Reading is knowledge.. Listening to warnings is knowledge..

Knowledge is wealth.. And when people are so wealthy.. And so spoiled with information.. They don't see the value.. They can't see the forest for the trees.. And so they relish their own ignorance.. People are proud to be ignorant and very discriminatory on what they read..

 They choose not to make the connections.. They choose not to understand the other point of view..

 They choose to go to a very baser level instinct of resistance.. Denial.. Distraction..

That's why we're in the great reset.. Because humans must evolve from that lower baser level instinct..

Because it's obviously destructive..

Why do I give a shit.. It's not that I want you to change because you will or will not.. Some of you can't read very well.. Some of you can't comprehend information very well.. And it's not your fault..

I just remember how discriminatory I was about what I read.. And how we fall into those paradigms of oh my gosh you should only feed your brain one thing or another.. And someone would always have some kind of characterization on what you should feed your brain..

It's called diversity.. Feed your brain everything.. And maybe one day it will all make sense.. I don't love violence but occasionally I will read it and I will watch it.. Sometimes I look away.. Because the story line is so good..

If you don't eat all food in the food supply.. How could you possibly capitalize on the nutrition available to you if you don't make it available to you.. But if you think food is poison.. It's like saying words are the devil.. Don't read those words because they are the devil, according to many people. . Or only come from love, love, love and never from sadness.Or anger.. And so you become so discriminatory on words and lack of feelings and everything else.

You turned food into a religion.. You turned your feelings into a religion .. Something to worship..

And then people become intolerant.. Oh my god I see it all over facebook.. Then I become intolerant because i'm dripping with all of your goo.. You see how that works.. Which is why it's difficult to have relationships with people who are aggressive.

Which is why i stay on my own.. Or unfollow..

 We're all connected.. There is no doubt about that.. I know how I'm aggressive because I react to the world.. I am a product of my environment..

 Which is why I can't wait for the great reset.. So people understand what i'm talking about..

 Because I feel like people don't even understand what the hell is going on.. And I can't make them until they feel it.. Once they feel it then they'll understand.. I hope they survive it..

But I digress..

Not everybody will understand this information.. And I don't expect everyone to..

But I remember how discriminatory I was around reading certain things.. I used to only listen and read right wing information or left wing information. I finally read both. And then anything else that was available. All religions.. All different politics. All the different science principles. Even googled new ones.

Because I can't afford to be ignorant in a world full of information..

It seems some people think they can afford to be ignorant.. Not realizing it will work against them..

But to them they are wealthy.. More power to you..

Just like people can't wait for the rapture and go to heaven.. I can't wait to just relax and let people finally see what i've been seeing for the last twenty years.

Just a reminder I very rarely if at all use private messenger.. It's pretty much reserved for my husband and that's about it.. And may be for the people that I interact with in my physical world.. But I don't trade anything back and forth through private messenger.. I pretty much know what's going on.. I even get warnings from Facebook.That there is missing information.. And so when I delete something it's because I got warned about it.. I don't need to keep reposting it..

So whatever's up.. Feel free to watch it.. But at this point I don't care to go through private messenger for that.. That's preaching to the choir..

If you see stuff on my facebook that you can add to as far as more information.. That's fine.. But at this point it's pretty much too late.. We are two weeks away from d day.. You can't stop what's coming it's here..

Buckle up..

No matter what you post.. No matter how many warnings you have given people..

It's not going to matter.. All of us are

doing the best we can to survive using whatever we think is necessary to survive.. Some of us will survive.. Others will not..

I hope you survive.. But you can't stop what's coming. I stay home and stay safe.. That's pretty much all I can do.. There's so many warnings on my facebook about what's going on.. At this point I think people are in automatic pilot.. They are automatically resisting what's going on.. Or they are so compelled to keep posting and posting and posting like it's going to change something.

I can only change myself.. I can only get out of harm's way. I can only eat food. I can only report on what I am feeling and thinking.

That's all I can do..

My left nostril was the predominant one that was going through the process of opening and releasing demons.. Now it's my right nostril.. It's very fascinating.

Which is why I am so much more relaxed when I go to sleep at night.. I see a marked difference..

You see how the system turns everything around based upon the perspective..

According to this meme, those who fear monger about the eclipse are the ones who will "end themselves contributing to the end times".. Because if they survive it , then they are left in "hell" called earth.. While those who are raptured.. Allegedly, are going to heaven.

The fact that this meme exists says even the ones who are raptured have a fear of being raptured.. I think they must remind everyone not to be in fear of what is inevitable for them...

Self fulfilling prophecies need all kinds of reassurance..

I just say stay home and stay safe.. Get out of the melee..

And that's it.. There is no fear mongering.. It's just warrning you those who are being raptured "don't care" or not aware how many people they take down with them.. So they could be driving.. And doing who knows what.. And you don't want to be caught in that situation..

That's all i'm saying...

"End times" is all relative to whatever perspective you stand on..

In my world.. It is the end of the world as we know it.. Entering into a very new world.. New expectations.. New economy.. New earth..

Some people who expect to be raptured might live in that loop that zach bagan keeps trying to free the ghost from..

 I'm just guessing that's their perspective..

It's gonna be pretty hot in hell.. Earth is warming up.. But you can survive it.. It's just going to be brutal surviving hell on earth..

Those who know they can't survive hell on earth.. They look forward to being raptured going to heaven..

So now I understand..

I understand dantes inferno.. Down to the microbial level..

So that is why this post exists.. To give comfort to those who know it is the end times for them.. But it's truly the end of the world as we know it for everybody.. Some will go off to another world.. The unknown.. Others will write/ride it out here..

The only way a legitimate med bed would work is if the person could stay asleep long enough to deal with the aggressive pain and suffering of release and rebuild with all the right fluids in the different injection points..

Because you could not get rebuild and release through osmosis..

The body would have to go through major energy conversion.. And if they didn't want to feel pain , they would have to be asleep long enough to withstand to that process.. And survive it.

And you could also see a digital point of power left before the person had to refill the fluid levels in that machine to make sure they never ran out.. Or else the process would go in reverse.. and the med bed would take away life not gain life for that person.

How 3D bioprinting works. Multilayered skin, bones, muscle structures, blood vessels, retinal tissue and even mini-organs all have been 3D printed. None are approved for human use yet.Feb 15, 2023

To rebuild a human heart must still feel pain when it gets implanted back into your body.. the pain of assimilation








you cannot feel pain for other people and expect them to survive

you cannot take away pain from people and expect them to survive

you cannot take food away from people and expect them to survive

And you should never put your hands-on someone else to take away their pain.

Or give them pain.

Unless you intend for them not to survive.

The road to hell has been paved by good intentions..

We are in hell right now. Definitely in limbo.

What you might face.. will the death of someone you are so close to prompt you to live and choose life or will you choose die with them at some point, even faster during climate change?

People are getting used to this.. You will deplete yourself of thoughts and prayers.. It won't mean anything anymore..

This is part of the landscape.. You're must get used to this..

I see so many people posting how they need to pray for people out there.. What's the point now?

It's not for the other people, it is for yourself and your absolution.. The people already had so much energy coming their way they couldn't handle it.. They could not handle the energy they had..

 So they died suddenly.

 Do you really think all of your thoughts and prayers are going to make it right for them ...

I've already found my own penance. I can't repent for other people..

I was watching grey's anatomy.. And one of the characters knew that the young teenage drug addict would have to deal with the suffering of her boyfriend dying from an overdose.. The parents wanted to protect the daughter from that knowledge..

 But the doctor said she has to be able to deal with that suffering and survive it and choose to live..

 She had to suffer from the knowledge that her boyfriend died from an overdose.

Maybe that will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and maybe she will choose to live .. Maybe that death will give her her life back .

Maybe that must happen to people.. There will be a straw that will break your back and will you choose to live or die from it ?

That's why I can't pay penance for anyone else . The survivors have to choose to live .

People are choosing today they don't want to live..

And you can't protect them from that....

And so to protect your own heart.. You must be desensitized to all the death around you.. Because as soon as you become emotionally involved in every one's situation.. It will destroy you

Why do you think certain professions people are so cold and they're used to the death..

When you've seen so much death in your life.. You have to be desensitized to it.. Or it will destroy you.

Are you ready for the great fall in springtime..

Africa will go through their own Babylonian fall when all the conditions are right.. They are repeating the same mistakes the west did.. tantalized by the pleasure and paradise, large families, and love love love and remedies and surgeries..


unconditional love implies no boundaries..

when people have no boundaries, hate is also part of the unconditional love because love was never unconditional, it was conditional upon many factors..

unconditional love can be extremely dangerous.. just ask the Manson clan back in the 60s.. their love had no boundaries.. and you had to prove loyalty via k ill ing infidels.

people who live from unconditional love constantly need reassurance and proof you love them unconditionally..

Love is a painkiller.. Hence killer.

I treat love like a drug.. I don't abuse it.

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