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The System Draws Out What Already Exists in you to Begin with from the Accumulation of Your Choices

The system draws out what already exists in you to begin with, from the accumulation of your choices.

They did nothing to you that you have not already done to yourself even six thousand years ago.

As far as monetary value and gold back securities and currency..

That's all changing too.. You don't have to have gold to back up your currency..

You can develop wealth and debt out of thin air based upon the needs of society and the needs a person and what they can afford to pay back..

You can develop a perception around gambling..

Banking is understanding how to manage risk reward and resources..

That's why the rothchilds are so famous..

Do you qualify for money and do you have the means to pay for it . Do you qualify for money at front.. Can you pay it back.

Currency is perception..

And are you incentivised to contribute to society.. Or are you just a greedy consumerist


I challenge all the skinny caucasian soy boys selling supplements who are anarchists to go to an actual anarchy area called haiti..

YOU wouldn't survive a fucking day.. so privileged to say whatever they want.. They would not last a day in haiti.

Because it is the law the jungle.. It's kill or be killed over there.. You seriously want your society to turn into that..

I dare all of you anti govt people to go live in haiti..

You would not last a day.. You're too privileged.. And too fucking entitled. And that includes all the girls out there who think the government is destroying them.. Go live in haiti.. See how far you'll get.. You'll become somebody's sex thing if you are not already. So afraid of the therapies and the food.. While haiti is starving..

But you are so privilege enough to diet and to demonize food.. You are an embarrassment to the first world.

Now you see who the cry babies are.. Who have been too privileged.. Resisting everything..

You have been given the choice to understand your gut is the first brain controlling the brain and both your heads or one head.

When your gut is fucked up with conflicting software you will act out the conflicts.. Afraid of everything.. Completely one sided.. And full of shit.. And even when you empty your colon through artificial means.. You still have residual programming. That still will guide your actions until you learn how to systematically evolve.

You can't change overnight.. But you can start the process of change overnight.

And if you hold intolerances and get easily triggered by a frequency or even by a headline.. You already hold that intolerance and that behavior within.. The system is only going to draw it out and see who you are. Because frequencies will bring out every single intolerance in somebody..

Which is why you have to release those demons.. So you're not triggered by a frequency or a headline..

The system only draws out what you already hold inside.. And so if you can organically release and not react to any of the triggers out there And still stay whole and live indef You became the ultimate survivor..

Again, the system has done anything to you That you haven't already done to yourself or hold within.. They just draw out your intolerance.. So now look at your facebook and look at the intolerances.. And look at all the activists.

Your gut is the first brain And it will guide your actions

Every single one of you have been given a choice.. If you choose to pass away it's no one's fault by your own.. If you choose to manage disease and run away from it, it will only get worse and become more aggressive. The system will give you whatever you want.. Until you destroy yourself..

If the system offers you money to buy your land for whatever reason.. And you choose not to sell.. And be voluntarily relocated.. You might be subject to climate change..

There's nothing to resist when you're the one that made those choices..

What's the root of all predatory behavior.. What's the root of disease.. Aggressive sexuality.. Aggressive unchecked immature sexuality.

What is the root of death.. lack of evolution. Always in resistance.. Always buying into all the wars someone offers them..

Every single war you are fighting was a choice.. You entered into a war you had no business being in.. And you will suffer for your choices..

Denial is a war against reality.. Resistance is a war of ignorance..

Assimilation.. You ended the war.. There is no one to fight..

So if you still blame the government for whatever.. You might become a casualty of a war you have no business being in.. But you did it to yourself.

Now look at your facebook.. Look at all the activists..

Children.. All the activists out there are children who not only need to be fed but also to be released. The system is feeding you and you are releasing yourself..

Cancer.. is children needing to be fed and released.. Not attacked with antibiotics or oncology.. But fed and released..

How you will figure it out.. And learn the hard way.. Or you will take the option for the easy way out..

The system is giving you the easy way out .

My information you will learn the hard way how to survive.. System has given us so much rope.. Even the hollywood celebrities..

What will you do with that rope. Crab/Hydra What are the 4 types of cancer?

The main types of cancer carcinoma – this cancer begins in the skin or in tissues that line or cover internal organs. ... sarcoma – this cancer begins in the connective or supportive tissues such as bone, cartilage, fat, muscle or blood vessels. leukaemia – this is cancer of the white blood cells.

Origin of the word cancer

The disease was first called cancer by Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC). He is considered the “Father of Medicine.” Hippocrates used the terms carcinos and carcinoma to describe non-ulcer forming and ulcer-forming tumors. In Greek this means a crab.

The diagram below shows the network of lymph glands around the breast. The lymph glands in the armpit are called the axillary lymph glands. There are also lymph nodes in the centre of the chest, close to the breastbone. These are called the internal mammary chain. Just google the diagrams of the breast lymph nodes

Youve been outwitted by gov Now outlast your peers

The Bachmann Books Interesting psychoanalysis Regarding trump.

Might save your life October fourth alarm bells.. Have some discernment

It's a special kind of freedom where I can still give you guys warnings and choices and still have fun worth all the activism.. It's fun to play both sides and knowing I am not harming anyone. I'm in the trenches with all yall.. And i'm strategizing my survival.. Just think of your brain as the state.. When you try to erase the state.. You erase your brain.. You erase your gut.. You erase the hormone regulation.. One fine day.. many will find love and return to the sea.. the soundtrack to the movie splash.. many will find love and return to the sea....

Music and lyrics influences behavior.. And yes music sexualizes men and women.. Movies music and literature influence behavior.

The olympics opening ceremony shows you the build up.. Shows you the different historical inventions over the years and the growth and development of society in the western world.

And now the great reset.. Remember the opening ceremonies with the grim reaper and the kids in beds and the hospital and the dancing nurses remember: we are heading into sustainability.. which is why my info is extremely timely.. and i do hammer the points home..

and i still respect you.. ok lol but i must stay what i need to say..

many of you are redundant.. will you be the best copy? government corruption still give you the chance to opt in or opt out

you chose to take that remedy, surgery, therapy, ARM (mortgage) or invest in crypto to be shorted later..

You were already greedy and you couldn't afford to be.

you chose to gamble on your family.. yourselves and your community..

you chose to believe in the fear of food, gmo and mrna. you chose to believe in all the gods and gurus who are a dime a dozen.

You chose..

how does a govt change society

they must break society to build it back better

survive it.. and live to tell about it.. attempt to avoid resistance as it is futile

and you always have the choice to clean up your image and take personal accountability..

if you choose not to.. again that was your choice failing to understand the why the system does what it does..

nothing stays the same forever.. but you can survive evolution and change..

you do not have to die.., unless that is also your choice.. entitlement: when you think the govt owes you an explanation..

just find ways to survive the changes.. because you paid money in a society does not mean you will get exactly the monetary return on investment. It just means they will help you transition to the new world.. and yes.. it is painful..

change is painful.. it is when you have NO access to food and water is when you revolt.. and people purposely starve themselves and think all food is poison..

all psychological..

you all have access to food and water.. it is your choice whether or not you eat it...

the system is not doing anything to you warranting any sort of revolt.

you all are in a psychological war and weather war and given plenty of warning what to expect..

you choose to stay stuck and resist..

unfuck yourself and believe it or not, there is a logic and an order to our society. It is up to you to learn what the logic and order they are developing and planning.. You have been part of the development process but did not know the full big picture.. and now you do..

survive it...

And I know my parents don't owe me any explanation.. I don't expect it.. I don't expect the government give me any explanation of why it does what it does.. I just have to survive it.. And understand the best way I can why things are the way they are..

It is now up to you to try to understand why stuff is the way it is.. I did resist so much and I could have died many years ago.. But I had it in me to survive..

Some of you will have it in you to survive..

Others will not..

But they have been telling you.. They've been telling you for many years the last twenty years..

Be lucky you are the ones that survived.. Thus far..

And now you're in a new game.. Now you know..

And I feel so lucky living during these times.. And i'm so lucky knowing all of you..

Have an awesome day..

Remember to eat food. I'm eating the penny burger. And I don't care.. cruelty free meat is the future.. I will not starve myself for politics.. Regardless of which side you stand on..

I'm eating it.. And when they raise the frequencies.. And people get affected.. Now you have something else to blame. On top of the public health therapies..

I have had no 1c hamburgers and no recent public health therapy (23 years ago in the military)... I've had no remedies..

But I have had to deal with the damage within during these aggressive frequency shifts.. and my healing process is very short and efficient. And relatively painfree

But now you'll have a way out and blame something.. And you still won't help yourself.

Fucking genius..

The system always looks for a patsy.. That's the nature of war.. They don't want you to know who the enemy is.. And if the enemy is far away they'll make you think they're near.. When the enemy is near they want you think they are far away..

The art of war is to engage people who don't know what they're being engaged into.. The art of war is selling people into a war..

The art of war is making people think their whole world is tainted and polluted.. And so they purify themselves to death.. That's psychological operations.. And the kicker is they tell you you're adaptable. But they don't tell you how to adapt to stay alive to adapt.. They tell you you can only adapt for so long.. But what they failed to tell you pain and all food, regardless of where it comes from is the key to adaptation..

And you'll only hear biological immortality from someone who is not professional because you've already been trained to listen to only the professionals.. But not realizing the professionals only teach you how to pass away after being cured for only so long.

That's some high level psychological operations i've ever seen. And i've witnessed and seen some pretty fascinating psychological operations. Some basic ones are reverse psychology.. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. This system also sexualized your bung hole.. So you're afraid of it and it's stigmatized.. And you will never understand it unless somebody else is messing with it..

Your sex partner or your doctor.. And at this point they are one of the same because they both penetrate you. In more ways than one

Wow.. Fucking awesome. That's genius

And so the only people left standing are those strong enough for the war.. And it doesn't even matter if you have knowledge of it.. you survived it

When the oblivious man and the aware man can still win a war.. And they don't even have to be on the same team... They could take completely opposing viewpoints and still win the war.. Because they were strong enough.. They had what it takes to deal with a psychological and an environmental weather war. Everyone has to write/right to their opinion on their page.. But not on other people's page. Because no matter what.. Sometimes when you hear what someone thinks about what you do.. What it could lead to.. Now you know..

Own your shit.

If you don't like someone else's opinion on their page.. Mind your business.


We all are subject to other people's opinions.. And we must be strong enough for them..

If you're not strong enough for other people's thoughts.. Don't post anything.. Because every single picture and video and post will be subject to somebody else's opinion..

That's called life..

And by the way.. It does take a village.. But not in the context you think.. When they say it takes a village to raise a child.. It doesn't mean you take advantage of people and have them watch your kid because you want to go party. It means that your community can nurture you into making choices.. Who you follow who you hang out with influences everything you do..

It does take a village to raise a kid.. Or destroy a kid.. It's who you follow. And then who you ultimately copy.. I definitely have been eating a lot today.. Feeling the hunger.. A few hives but nothing crazy.. A few heartbeats but no sleepiness.. But I had spaghetti around eleven with cheese. I had a bunch of rice pudding.. And I had a bag of onion and sour cream potato chips. The rice pudding is perfect.. And a thick slice of chocolate banana bread.

But I definitely felt the familiar hunger pangs Which means my parents cells need the food.. But no pain. My jaw feels great..

See you're supposed to get sick.. How long you get sick is based upon how much accumulation of antigen you hold in your body. And so when the frequency does change.. And you get a few growths.. And little skirmishes here and there.. Your body is well armed to deal with them correctly. And you are not maimed in the process. And you do feel the heat and you do sweat.. Because your body does go through an energy conversion.. But it is short lived and a temperature rise does not warrant treatment.

That's the key thing about battling these internal battles.. You are not a casualty of the war inside.

The aging process is the specific measurable result that you are a casualty of the war inside your body.

This is why you have to allow the battle to be waged inside and feed it and release systematically. Because over time the war won't be as aggressive..

And then it's not a war it's just Evolution

And you don't have to die from it.. Sirens at four twenty five am. I'm up. And I dreamt about being very skinny.. Too skinny.. And i'm waking up hungry.. Time for some oatmeal. Someone could ask me aren't you afraid of revealing so much about the system?

I already went through the bullshit of the articles.. I already put myself out there on mainstream media. I took my licks. I fought a great battle.. And I won.

Not only could I see my side, at the time.. I could also see what points the system was also arguing and I understood their argument.

And so now I understand both sides. And i'm also able to play both points.. And people still don't like that because they want me to stay on one side or the other..

No matter how much I understand the other side, some don't want me to change my thought process..

That's how entrenched many people are.. Even when you see their point of view, they still want you to be the demon and play the part..

Because once you see their point of view, the war is over and they want to keep waging that war. And they need you to be that enemy.. They need an enemy. Somebody tangible.. Somebody real.. And they need you to react and resist or the plan won't work.. Your resistance is giving them the win.. Because you're getting weaker and weaker.. And you're fighting against machines you have absolutely no chance of winning against.. That was terminator..

That's what Arnold schwarzenegger was representing.. You are resisting machines that are a billion times more powerful than you will ever be

People don't know this..

That's why you step out of the war.. Because no matter what, people are at war with themselves and they project out there.

And so no matter what I say.. Everything is speculation and I can't prove a damn thing.. Just remember correlations does not equal causation.. Because there are so many factors involved. And you don't know all the factors.. You can only speculate.

I can only represent and offer you clues on how things work but there's no one to blame, aside from themselves.. And those who think they know what's going on.. They will either be silent.. Speak out.. But no matter what will they survive it.. And the law says you cannot convict someone unless you have hard proof and evidence and it's gone through due process. Such as the court system..

So the only thing left for you to do is just speak out.. And represent the world we live in according to us. And we get to watch all of us together do what we do.

Last man standing..

Every single channel on youtube and facebook is someone's representation of their life.. You could be a clone and redundant.. Or you can find a different path and represent ..

That's the art of war.. While also being a petri dsh at the same time.

And even fifty years from now.. What we say today will not matter.. What we say today will be buried under fifty years of evolutuon or you wont exist. And so it doesn't matter anyways..

Be the ultimate survivor.

You might have a g/n.. But they have the world.

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