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The women will make or break the men and the children

The women will make or break the men and the children..

This women train both men women and children how to disrespect her.. How to use her.. How to keep her confined and enslaved.. And the mothers train the men how to keep their daughters stuck in the role of hot girl or govt drone wife material.. Very little emphasis on the brain and independent from all social capital family and friends.... Unless she is an anomaly.. And anomalies in the population are very few and far between..

And it will take a scientist and a behavioral psychologist to develop the best of both worlds until even that becomes burdensome..

The women have the power to enslave their daughters and sons or set them free without rest in peace..

The women will make or break the men and the children..

The women have the power to enslave their daughters and sons or set them free without rest in peace.. Women.. You will make or break your family.. And it's time for men to redefine who they are in this world.. Because many of you will be infertile, in pain, and suffering from autism or aspergers in the boys.. How will you evolve to this new world.. And no you're not going to become a woman.. At least I don't think. Men and women live and die by the hopes and dreams.. You can't just live on hope alone.. Because when you die by hope it means you have emptied your fuel tanks.. Now you must understand your intentions.. Not your parents intentions.. Not the man or the woman's intentions.. Not the gender roll intentions.. What's your intention.. If you don't know your intention.. I hope you have people in your world.. I hope you have people in your world to give you the opportunity to explore everything out there. Without falling into the same gender roles.. What are the gender roles Hot girl Self sacrificing mother Groupy party girl Man.. Party boy or father.. forcing boys girls women and men to stay traditional.. Men never had to evolve because they were given their position.. They were given the power.. They were given the wealth.. Assuming their body mind and spirit could handle the stress of blue collar and white collar work..

And the mother's will destroy her sons.. Because she will keep him traditional.. She won't let him go outside the lines . Her politics her religion and her science won't let her. She will cater to her son.. And he will feel entitled.. And you know many mothers are like that.. They worship their sons. And their sons don't survive .. Or they get bitten by the sex demon and they're gone.. They have to raise a family and are slave to everything.. And then they fall apart.. And they feel depressed because they are trapped.... And when men are trapped... They leave or they do drugs and alcohol.. It's the women.. Who have the power to destroy or set free without rest in peace.. It's the mothers.. Climate change Aggressive storms Fifteen minutes cities Direct energy The role of men and women And the role of sexuality. Just fyi women You are the powerful neck who turn's the man's head.. The system gave the men the world to control because the system needed the strength the brawn and organstation. They needed a power of men to build the cities.. The system needed their seeds.. The system has plenty of eggs.. And it's very difficult to procreate through asexuality.. Because it's not just nature.. It's how that child is nurtured.. It's how the parents are nurtured.. They want to see what kind of environment develops a type of child.. And what that child will turn into as far as an adult.. Now look at your facebook.. Look at what each family has produced as a child and as an adult.. Now you understand what the system is doing.. And has been doing for centuries. They needed the men to develop the family unit to see how nature and nurture interact. Now that science can develop babies in a lab as well as in a surrogate mother.... And we have artificial intelligence and robots.. Men will have to redefine who they are.. Not just a women I studied socrates and wondered who taught him. It was the woman.. And according to the tradition, Aspasia was such a compellingly persuasive speaker that she taught both Pericles the great military general, and Socrates …Nov 4, 2020 Medium Aspasia. The woman who taught Socrates the art of debate - Medium

Socrates says that in his youth he was taught "the philosophy of love" by Diotima, a prophetess who successfully postponed the Plague of Athens. Wikipedia Diotima of Mantinea,Beauty%20from%20a%20woman%2C%20Diotima. Women must follow the guidelines of being a whore in the sheets and a lady in the streets. That's how women have been pigeonhold into.. That's how these families are going to raise their girls to be. Especially when they promote family. That's the enslavement of women. The notion that you don't have to die someday will set the women free from that enslavement. Once she finishes up her duties in the old world... If she survives transitioning from the old world to the new world.. She can finally redefine herself.. You see the enslavement of women in Hollywood when Kanye's wife, Bianca, is expected to walk around naked in Italy as per her husband, just short of a collar and leash You see the enslavement of women when Kris Kardashian pimps out her daughters to the world..and mothers, today, are copying what the matriarch of the Kardashian family is doing..

You see the Hiltons also do the same thing.. the stepford wife community.. programing women to be sexual slaves and influencers for young girls to model after...

You also see the enslavement in women promoting some kind of religion and family to compare against the single sexually free women of the 1960s..

The kicker is.. both types of women have been royally enslaved by their mothers and fathers.. And by the family.. Just FYI, I am NOT knocking anyone out there.. We all were and have been trained by the system of professionals to self destruct..

Not everyone is going to make it 2045.. but please give yourselves and families half a chance..

We already observed girls hitting puberty younger and younger and some girls at 16 look 30. The environment is accelerating and men will also become not viable at some point.. You must understand how detrimental it is to pursue the remedies market in this day and age.. Someone must break the cycle or else your whole family is gone by 2050.. You and your offspring must be the strongest because look at the future intentions:

The trend line of these statistics implies that human sperm will approaching zero by roughly 2045. Also, make no mistake: female fertility is being affected too. Girls are experiencing earlier puberty and women's eggs are losing viability at younger ages, Swan says.Nov 15, 2022 Women who are selling remedies: Not only are you disabling your daughters' from evolving and maturing properly, but you could also be causing infertility through aggressive deterioration in your sons.

Azoospermia means there's no sperm in a man's ejaculate. Its causes include a blockage along the reproductive tract, hormonal problems, ejaculation problems or issues with testicular structure or function.

And when you are so infertile, that also means you will not be able to keep yourself alive because you have failed to balance out your immune system properly.. You kept disabling your immune system through the cures/herbs/supplements/drug market.'s%20no%20sperm,and%20fertility%20can%20be%20restored When women have been programmed for sex and raising children and she finally is able to gain her autonomy and not be a slave to sex and family, the system will squelch her ability to redefine herself and bully her into accepting death, eventually, while she suffers on her way out the door: That is the danger of the family to women.. She is the human sacrifice to be replaced, when appropriate.

What are the greatest effects of infertility? Research on infertility has found that feelings of stress, anger, guilt, depression, grief, anxiety, withdrawal, decreased self-esteem, loss of relationships, and decreased financial security (e.g., perhaps as a result of paying for medical interventions) may result (2–5).Jan 1, 2019,result%20(2%E2%80%935) I used to think it was lucrative to be a male.. I did NOT have penis envy, but I liked the fact they had the ability to perform daily without dealing with evolution/fertility.

Now, I feel sorry for most men out there who are under the direction of women who have been trained to destroy through the medical/legal system. I feel sorry for the men who are under the spell of the sex of the woman.. That's the succubus.. As he becomes incubus. I would NOT want to be a man in this society, now.. The women hold all the power... Please do NOT mistaken me for being a "man hat3r".. If anything, it is quite the opposite. I really adore all the men out there and admire their power and strength.. I have an issue with the women training the man to self destruct and the man continually allowing her to self destruct.. I have an issue with one or both parties not wanting to evolve.. But that's the cross I must bear.. It's none of my business what you do in your family.. I can only raise awareness.. And that's it. This is why it is a grim time to be young and female as well as young and male.. Remember: the #metoomovement and #girlpower movement was not just for the women and girls "taking back their power".. but also misusing her power to destroy everyone through her wrath from being forced into victimhood developed in the 1950s/1960s. The system told her how to channel her anger.. and the women of Epstein still did not get money or "justice".. just used again, to titillate people and be used as an example.. While the trials against the r@pists men were titillating and opportunistic, the fact those crimes against women were allowed to happen for so long, takes the wind out of the sales of the equality for women. She was gaslit, yet again.. Unless women set themselves free.. They will continuously be enslaved by someone who serves to use their body, mind and spirit to destroy.. Because now we're in a scale down.. Nobody in their family will encourage them to use their mind.. Only their body. They will be pimped out to the nearest husband.. Or told to be a sexually free female and do everybody.. Because she can. Because now she's free allegedly.. When a sexually free female is legitimized through motherhood.. who's a slave here? When a mother must leave her abusive husband raising the kid by herself, who is the slave here? Women do get the short end of the stick and while the man may be admonished for not staying with the family, if he leaves, his reason might be he needed to save himself from the drama of the woman. He would not be wrong, as women have been victimized by family members, local boys and teens and then forced to still stay in the game because she has a child. It is a no win situation for any family members.. This is why it is incumbent upon the woman to finally evolve or else she will set up everyone to fail, even the men/boys. The American r(Evolution) Beyond the Feminine Mystique I am my Mother's daughter, with a twist. The people who you love the most and hate the most are the most influential people in your world. Now you see the power of women.. They have the power to destroy life.. They have the power to develop life. And whoever loves them or hates them the most will follow right in her footsteps. Or do the exact opposite. And if moms are teaching death, their child will not do the exact opposite unless somebody else gets to them.. But if you mom want to be god you will not allow your child to evolve.. You will become the angel of death to your children and family. It's only the women who understand where I'm coming from, who might give their children and world 50% chance of surviving.. The rest of the women and mothers are the death angels.. We thank you for your service. The system thanks you for your contribution to mankind. When the school system teaches dying and reproducing and you at home are literally teaching saving her/his own life, it is a crapshoot how children will end up, someday. This is why parents must save themselves.. However, if the parents are all about dying and ascending using religion and spirituality to justify end up ascending, forget it.. that family is gone.. It will be just a matter of time.. watch your facebook.. the programming runs deep.. and it is hard to compete against socialized education and medicine. And I have found it is extremely difficult to compete against politics, religion, and science dogmas.. that programming is relatively impenetrable.. There have been generations of people raised on those thought processes and belief systems.. This is why I don't have much hope for most humans. They might kinda get where i'm coming from.. But biophysically they are heavily programmed. And their community reinforces that programming. Now you see why the hippies/squares still work off one another The Depopulation Agenda Through the Women of the (Manson) Family and the Squares Who Resist Them (religion/spirituality) have turned into organic herbalist religious communes.. Hope fuel's existence.. No matter what you hope for.. It fuels your existence and it gives you the energy to keep going.. Whether it's hoping for a peaceful time.. Hoping for mr right.. Hoping the world will get rid of the evil people... Hoping you accomplish whatever goals you have set out for.. Hope will always keep people alive... However, you can't live on hope alone.. It just to fuel your intentions.. It's gas.. It's power.. It's currency.. It's energy. Now you have to ask a question... What's your intention..?

You'll be surprised... What people say their intention is and how it translates in their daily life and their belief systems will surprise you.. When you understand the laws not believe all the stories.. You'll see people's hope and intention are severely misaligned.. Their intentions are actually somebody else's intentions. They never owned their own intention.. They just acted out the programming that was forced on them.. And they were given positive reinforcement if they stayed with that intention. If you want to align your intentions to what YOU TRULY intend as an outcome.. You first must develop hope.. Hope for yourself.. Hope for a better world.. Hope that you can survive.. Then you intend to understand every single story out there. You intend to be more than what someone has told you to be.. And that does take maturity.... When you lock up your body from releasing.. This is what happens.. Your bodiy is under pressure.. And that little bubble.. Starts taking over and weakening the parent. Fyi And all the barium and aluminum nano particles will conduct the atmosphere to not only be more aggressive with the weather, but also serve as a plasma tv screen. To develop the alien invasion.. And there will be real time direct energy types of weaponry.. Mars attacks Independence day The movies told you.. Do the best you can to survive whatever comes your way.. And you will be in a fifteen minute city.

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