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There is a Master Plan to it All

There really is a master plan..

Everything that is happening was meant to happen.. I hope you survive whatever's meant to happen in your world..

The outcome was always the intention even if it wasn't your intention.

There is nothing random in this world..

There's always some kind of order..

Climate Change

Smart Cities

Disease X Y Z

All truth passes through three stages.

First it is ridiculed.

Second it is violently opposed.

Third it is accepted as a self evident.

March will come in like a "lion" and end up like a sacrificial "lamb"..

Beware of the Ides of March..

From the context of the warning from the Butler County Sheriff and the Summit County Sheriff's Office, Northeast Ohio needs to be prepared

sirens: "invasion" or upturn of the climate/died suddenly/heart attacks

you will never know..

if you are home, you will be given a palatable storyline.

If you are stuck in traffic jams and people are dying suddenly behind the wheel, how will you know if it was from an "invasion" or people succumbing to climate change.. that is why YOU stay home.


On 4/08, stay home, if possible.. eclipse will cause traffic jams and highly unpredictable events that you will not know where it might of originated from..

If you are at home, you will hear sirens but not know why...

you will also be given a story like an invasion but heart attacks/died suddenlies might not be on your radar as an "invasion" but biologically, it is ...

see how that works??

Invasion could be died suddenly or an actual "immigration invasion".. You'll never know which one it is. And it could be both. Of course.

No matter what.. stay out of harm's way and listen to govt when they say, STAY HOME.

Which is why many schools are closed during that time.. The kids need to be at home.

HOW many of you hear sirens and you look to the crime watch groups, scanners or your friends posted something? Not everyone knows what causes so many sirens to happen..

but when you have so many events happening simultaneously.. you dont want to know where they originated and why all the sirens..

just believe the official narrative..even if you question it.. Because it doesn't matter if you believe it or not

it is the official narrative.

No point in resisting any official narrative.

be the one to survive..

this is when resistance will NOT serve you.. you could be caught in something you cannot get out of ..

And make sure you have at least three days supplies of food and water..

Always have gallons of water and canned foods on hand.. You need to be prepared..

Take care everyone...

I cannot afford to be cavalier.. I have to prepare for everything.. Especially when my own state is going through warnings from different sheriff's offices..

This is how they're going to get everybody on the same page.. Conspiracy theorist and mainstreamers alike.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe anything.. The choices you make reacting to warnings and situations will determine your outcome and longevity..

And you have no one to blame but yourself. Because you made the choices despite the warnings..

That's how the system will weed out those who don't understand the world they live in . And also give people a chance to change their minds about stuff.

Even at the eleventh hour.

you can turn into a mainstreamer anytime hahah and still save yourself.

the truther community did their job and prepared EVERYONE FOR THE CHANGE..

you can relax now.. your work is done.

Have at least three days of food and water prepared for every member of the family for any situation..

One gallon of water for each person for 3 days.

Can opener

Canned food

Eat through your perishables first..

Then go to the non perishables

I would not assume there'll be a total breakdown of society.. It will be a controlled demolition.. And it will look like many things..

Regardless, believe whatever official narrative that's out there. Because it doesn't matter if you don't believe it.. You'd better survive it.

You don't want to end up in jail or passed away because of a situation.

Remember what the summit county sheriff told you.. Stay home and stay safe April 8, 2024

The system must tear things down to build back up again..

No good crisis goes to waste..

Cleveland will be the first smart city. That is in Summit county..

In October 2022, Cleveland was one of five cities selected to participate in the Smart City Accelerator Program.

The program is a collaboration between Honeywell and Accelerator for America, and also includes Louisville, Kansas City, San Diego, and Waterloo, Iowa.

Cleveland's participation in the program will involve technical support to develop a Smart City Strategic Plan. The plan will help define priorities, align stakeholders, and identify initiatives that improve the quality of life for residents.

Cleveland is also working towards becoming the first city in North America to implement a 15-minute city planning framework. This concept involves designing cities where people can access essential services within a 15-minute walk, bike ride, or public transportation ride. Services include supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, leisure, and workplaces.

The lessons include a demolition of silos with strong leadership, consistently communicate with process owners and stakeholders, and getting as many citizens involved as possible. The strategic plan should be a dynamic, ever-improving vehicle to guide the city forward.

The strategic plan should be a dynamic, ever-improving vehicle to guide the city forward.

Whether it’s your first or 50th initiative, following these implementation steps will improve your success rate.

The hall of fame village is the first smart city in stark county

social security scams

Council on Foreign Relations

everyone is getting retrofitted for the New World.

You never were supposed to stop what is coming.. Now you must survive it..

Your resistance regardless, if you put your head in the sand or you punched air , will be your undoing .

Your ignorance or lack of ignorance.. Both extremes will destroy people.. You could be so full of knowledge you super nova.. You could be so ignorant of knowledge you supernova.

It's not what you know, it is who you know, who will destroy you or push you forward..

Some of you are so loyal to people places and things that are destroying you, it doesn't matter what you know..

And adopt any storyline you want.. Whatever helps you get through..

But the system knew what they had to do to get people prepared for the new world..

The key to gambling is quit when you're ahead . And finally acknowledged the house always wins..

You didn't build the house.. You were brought to the house. You didn't write the playbook.. You reacted to it..

Know your place.. Because the system will put you in your place..

They put me in my place and I understood exactly what I was dealing with

My advice to all the truthers out there.

Don't go broke being woke..

I mean that in body mind and spirit..

You could be making money and depleting yourself..

As you can see the energy in the environment catalyzes what people predominately focus on and also what kind of microbes are on the move in their immune system.

Why are some people not reacting to the environment like other, ie myself vs my husband?

Weight is a major factor.. when you weigh next to nothing with no extra reserve energy to convert, no "feelings" until died suddenly, and if you have "feelings" of sorts, they get remedied away almost immediately until the principle/your core lifelines, are used up.

When I was on the Jilly Juice and so skinny, I felt NOTHING.. and I was also AGING, working with hardly any fat. When I started gaining lifelines, it was then, my immune system became activated and the war was on. That was the last 4 years.

Many additional factors:

1. The age of the person and their innovation status. You or the other person won't even know innovation status because you or the other person might not even be aware that you or the other person was innovated at such a young age. My guess is, if one has been fighting auto-immune disorders and chronic conditions or drug addictions for many years, chances are the person was innovated very early on, unbeknownst to everyone, even the parents. Self medicating is an indicator of early aggressive innovation as well as current or past addictions.

2. Blood types have much to do with how the immune system reacts to the environment. Blood Type O+/- MEN seem to fare "better" and manage their conditions of food intolerance and/or weight gain better, but not all the time. Obesity might have a lot to do with Blood Type O+ and sometimes weight gain for an O- during a change in their lifestyle and geographical location.

Women with type O+/- will either starve themselves to stay relevant and unevolving or gain the weight relative to the kind of conditions she has/had and how she managed them in the past and how she manages them in the present.

3. Blood Types A/B and AB with RH +- have higher metabolisms, and also seem to be extremely easy to program at a younger age and fight diseases when they are older. The modern current/past eggheads in our society are those who have an rh negative like my husband, Jason, E. Musk and even Steve Jobs and they also happen have blood types O(?).

However, it is the Albert Einsteins and those extreme geniuses you find in the sciences who take on the blood type a/b AB with their rh factors.

The antigen is what causes the genius energy conversion, which is also why all of the current innovation and fast moving cancers in some blood types, and the development of antibodies in other blood types, which is the "balance".

Notwithstanding, it is the lack of antibody protection in some blood types, like AB or A B or +, which causes a person to go into their principle to gain lifelines and also feed (spaghetti/milk/meat) because those factors do not have antibodies readily at their disposal, which also explains the vaccines and monoclonal antibodies as a "helper" to those lacking readily available antibody protection. Not everyone is working with the same immune system capability.

RH Negative are HIGH energy and there are NO antibodies to match RH Negative, as you cannot make something out of nothing.

It is the ENERGY in the environment causing people to supernova in a hail of light or develop new genetic lines, innovation, and also inventions.

There are so many people managing conditions because the environment is so dynamic. Consequentially, if you had more weight on you, prior to climate change, you are "working" with reserves, which are types of life lines. However, if you came into climate change weighing less than the average human with a high metabolism, one could surmise they are burning through life lines faster.

Which is why fat or fatty acids and adipose tissues are extremely important to give your heart lungs and other vital organs protection against invaders plus give room for expansion and contraction during barometric pressure drops and increases.

As you can see on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram how people are using their energy to stay "relevant" even if it just family and friends.

To those who are "woke", the key thing is to survive your "wokeness".. I see people on YouTube using their energy to pick apart homicide cases of the past and they are burning through their lifelines/resources punching air or chasing justice for other people.

Yes, they are making money influencing people to stay distracted focusing on "dead" cases that won't make a difference in the scheme of things, but at what cost?

Moreover, Chemtrail Activists might have had a bone to pick with the govt and the impending changes they had no idea they could or could not prevent and in the past, they did make a valiant attempt trying to stop what is to come, however, at what cost? Their life?

Now, activists are helping the government get the word out and some will influence the system to resist and self annihilate, as you see that in the anti everything groups, and some activists are realizing their activism against change is not working and have said they are tired of trying to "wake up the world" and are just sticking to like minds.

Psychologically, the system knew how humans would react when they receive even a little bit of knowledge that might be more than the average person. In my experience, people become addicted to the feeling of power of being in the "know".. and the system used that to their advantage once the blue print was finalized.

Right now, all truthers and the world are experiencing the roll out of the blue prints we truthers have been squawking about for years and we have helped the world get ready for it.

We never could stop the changes because it was never meant to be stopped.. We were bred to lead activism against the changes, causing friction, resistance and then self annihilation or end up as someone's example of what not to do, if one resisted so hard inevitably breaking laws.

So, with that said, how will you "save" yourself through all of the changes??

Or are you too far gone and will you take your truthing and burn through your last lifeline?

Only you know.

When you die.. And you spent years in the truth community.. What was it all for..?

You worked for the government.. You were and ARE controlled opposition.

That's how the system got you . Because you did not know enough to understand resistance is futile.. You were just used as canon fodder..

That's why I was not programmed in anything specific. They were waiting for me to do what I would do later on..

That's why generation X is a crap shoot..

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